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  • Have you ever had a doctor tell you that there is a chance you may never be able to use your hand again? That was my reality not too long ago, I was in a car accident in the summer of 2011, terrible mess luckily everyone involved walked away from it. While I did indeed walk away from the accident I still retained some damage, the impact of the accident shattered my right humerus, the bone between your elbow and shoulder, into seven fragments. When I arrived at the hospital the doctor had said it was the worst break he had ever seen, and was sure that I would require multiple surgeries. Five, it took five different surgeries, two different doctors, over a hundred screws, and more than ten titanium plates to put me back together again. While the experience may have been harrowing for some, I actually enjoyed certain aspects of it to some extent.
  • My favorite aspect of the whole situation was that while I was healing, I spent an abundance of time playing my beloved video games. Video games are an escape from the realm that is reality, they allow people to step outside of their skin and become someone who they’ve never even fathomed. During the time that I spent healing that is what I did, I dove into the digital world to forget about my problems in the real one for the time being. The game I played most was World of Warcraft by far, in WoW I have made friends who are closer to me than certain family members. Interesting fact, when I was in the hospital, after the original visit, the only friend who came to visit me was a friend I had met on WoW, who would’ve thought.
  • I feel privileged, to have had all that time to play WoW and to meet the people I had the pleasure of meeting, and some who were quite the opposite, because it conditioned me to sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end, and enjoy it. Honestly, my entire life has been conditioning to work at making video games, I have been playing them since I was a toddler, the first game I remember is Defender for the NES wherein you played as a small block that flew around and destroyed other small blocks, but in the eyes of a child I wasn’t some 8-bit square flying around a black screen, I was a spacecraft pilot sent to save the humans from the menacing aliens. Ever since then I have played all manner of video games, my love for them only growing with each new world I was allowed to step into.
  • I take the dedication I learned from WoW, and apply it to all my work. Meaning, I am able to buckle down and focus on one thing, and one thing only, for exceeded amounts of time. It has conditioned me to be able to sit in front of a computer for hours and enjoy it. Beyond that though the game taught me something else, How valuable an escape from everyday life can be for some people. I know personally it helped me through rough times, like I mentioned earlier. I want to give people that reason to escape for a few hours each day, and I want to give something for people to look forward to on an everyday basis.
  • When I was a bit younger living in central NJ, I would actually prefer to stay inside and play my video games, on occasion, as opposed to going to hang out with my friends, it got to the point where my friends actually started hiding my game discs from me.
  • Dedicated Technical Digital Artist
  • One of my strengths some would say is patience, patience I have learned from dealing with my family for one, raid leading for two, but mostly my family.
  • Some say that I make friends easily, and I enjoy nothing more then being able to help my friends in anyway I can.
  • I like to help anyone I can, it brightens up my day and their day, and really isn’t that why we are in this business. No matter what you do specifically, the greater goal is provide a happier moment in everyone’s life in some way or form
  • I keep a positive attitude even in darker times, also I try to keep those around me happy as well.
  • Tenacity, once I have my mind set to something, there is very little that can stop me from attaining my goal. This is by far my strongest strength listed, for I have been practicing it all my life.
  • I am told that I am a born leader, that fact I can’t agree with fully, but I do enjoy making sure everything that I know needs to get done, gets done.
  • I enjoy making people happy, whether that is through how the work is done or what the result of the work is. I try to make sure that everyone understands fully what they have to do, so we have no misunderstandings.
  •  I enjoy working with relaxed, laid-back people, which I try to exemplify whenever I can by keeping a cool demeanor is a bad situation.
  •  I want to work in the gaming industry, I want to give people something to look forward to on a daily basis, and I want to give people something to help them escape the worries of their everyday lives.
  • Playing video games was a way I practiced the motor skill of my right hand after the surgeries, after the first two I could barely move half of my hand, but through some time playing games the movement came back.
  • I keep mentioning wanting people to have an opportunity for an escape, some might be wondering what exactly I mean by this. I can’t quite talk for everyone when I say this but I know personally when I play a good game, or read a good book, watch a good movie, that is sometime I am not thinking about whatever worries I have in my life. I want to be able to give people that feeling, of forgetting their problems if only for a moment or two.
  • My other underlying reason for wanting to help make games is to give something for people to look forward to on a daily basis, while they are at work or school know that when they come home they can leave that behind for alittle while and become a warrior or a wizard of a forgotten realm.
  • Currently success for me is work at Blizzard Entertainment
  • As for the future, I can’t say for sure although what I can tell you is that it will always be about creating what I love, Video Games
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    1. 1. Have you ever bone? a
    2. 2. World of Warcraft has helped me in hard times.
    3. 3. My first game system was
    4. 4. Dedication is key.
    5. 5. I grew up in New Jersey
    6. 6. Dedicated Technical Digital Artist
    7. 7. Patience is a virtue.
    8. 8. Friendliness is a must
    9. 9. Helping others is a great way of learning .
    10. 10. A Positive attitude will find the world
    11. 11. Tenacity is a strength o mine.
    12. 12. Leadership is an
    13. 13. I enjoy making
    14. 14. Relaxation is needed for the body, mind, and soul.
    15. 15. I dream of working in the industry.
    16. 16. Video Games can really help people.
    17. 17. They allow a mental escape.
    18. 18. I want to give people something to look forward to Daily.
    19. 19. My Dream is to work at Blizzard Entertainment
    20. 20. As long as I am still making Video Games I will be happy.