"Bang for Your Marketing Buck! Pushing the e-Envelope"


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Download the slides from our latest email marketing webinar and learn how to:

• Compose compelling email copy
• Write attention-grabbing subject lines
• Optimize email for mobile
• Integrate with social media
• Measure and benchmark results

WATCH the recorded webinar for this presentation: https://vimeo.com/69193585

10 easy ways to increase email open rates infographic: http://www.sikich.com/email-marketing

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  • For those of you that downloaded our 13 Marketing Trends for 2013 eBook, thanks! For those of you that somehow snuck in here, we recommend you download it still – because although email marketing is a very important marketing trend for 2013, there are 12 (and even more) hot topics you should be paying attention to. A few weeks ago, we sent out a survey to those of you that downloaded this eBook and the majority of you expressed interest in email marketing and social media marketing trends. This webinar will provide you with some quick and dirty tricks to excel in this arena. So, what’s ahead?
  • What if you played the same key on the piano throughout the entire song? Is anyone going to listen? Or buy your whole album? Using multiple notes allows you create a song with more range and interest that connects with listeners – and rearranging these notes creates other songs. What if you add more instruments? Marketing works the same way. Marketing using one channel is possible – but is it effective? …And if you’re half as passionate about marketing as this guy is about his piano, I’m confident you were born to do this. You’re not a one-hit wonder.
  • Out of all marketing channels out there – why utilize email marketing? Cost effective – low cost per leadVersatile – promotion, contest, newsletter, invitationPersonal – Not just greeting, but also message relevant to segmented audiencesActionable – Call to action, click through, download, buy/donate, etc.
  • Image sizes low because everything loads significantly slower on phone
  • Automation is key here. Also, segmentation. Then, you can create emails that not only are transactional, but are contextual as well. What can you automate that will allow you to stay in front of your audience?-Send when customer is at highest level of engagement -Don’t “set & forget” – review periodically-Lower volumes; higher open rates-Based on demographic info, activity or absence of activity
  • Repurpose and promote using multiple channels.Here’s an example of something you’re probably familiar with. Most, if not all of you, have downloaded our marketing eBook. This eBook begged to be distributed using multiple channels. We created four blog posts based on the eBook, numerous social media posts via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. In addition, we created an infographic with 10 easy ways to increase email open rates (which if you haven’t looked at yet, you should) – and this was distributed via the blog, social media and email as well. In July, we have a new issue of our firm’s magazine coming out where we showcase another infographicpretaining to our eBook as well as the link to download. And we’re still not done. Get MILEAGE out of your content. REPURPOSE. Think of what you have created already that you can leverage.-Video: the next new frontier for email marketers – 1/4 of marketing executives have used video in email marketing campaigns – increase CTR, increased time reading email, increased sharing/forwarding, increased conversion rates-Goal of dynamic content is to create a more engaging experience with your audience that keeps you top of mind. The more interesting your content is, the more likely it is to get more sets of eyes on it – think of how many times you’ve received an interesting graphic, whitepaper or blog post and passed it on to a friend or colleague. This widens your audience.
  • First things first. You have to have a great email to integrate.
  • Let’s start with the sender. The first thing people look at when they check their inbox is WHO sent them an email. Who are you? Are you a human being? DO I KNOW YOU? -No-reply addresses can’t be saved to recipients’ address books-Easy to delete without ever opening the email-Mind the preview pane
  • Don’t know how to create buyer personas? We’ll shoot you over an email after this webinar, including a handy blog post we have on creating buyer personas.
  • Now, to the body of your email. Good ratio of images to text – don’t want large images because they open slowly on mobile devices but.. according to research by 3M Corporation, our brains process visuals 60,000X faster than text. 
  • -Oftentimes this is our afterthought – we’ve spent all that time creating the email and the only thing that is preventing you from immediately hitting that send button is that subject lineThere are usually two reasons marketers write poor subject lines. 1) after exhausting yourself writing that perfect email, you are out of steam and out of time 2) you don’t know the anatomy of a great subject line. These tips will save you time and teach you what you need to know to get started on writing the most effective subject lines. If you get nothing else out of this webinar, make sure you take notes on this one.Be concise 50 characters or less – ideal range is 28-39 characters (think mobile-friendly!)Be direct: use our email subject line as an example – “10 easy ways to increase email open rates”Be urgentPull from the news or information that is top of mind for your recipientsCreate urgency for upcoming events – “Register for our annual summit” or “2 days left to register for our annual summit!”Be actionableBefore sending, decide what you want them to do and then tell themBe beneficial – provide benefits in subject lineSpam filter language examples - free, act now, cheap, win, cash, credit, deal, discounted, buy now
  • 3 things it does: call-to-action, intrigue, summary
  • Repeat yourself – this is support for your subject line not a different way of saying it
  • The notion of it’s either/or instead of leveraging both for maximum impact
  • Blue image – blog, gray image – email
  • Deliverability – is your email making it past spam filters? Bounce rate
  • Talk about how it all needs to connect together into an integrated campaign and how it all fits into the brand – goes back to your business goals and objectives and should fit into branding in terms of look and feel as well.
  • Mention something that relates to email – such as templates, etc. **Mike Dockum to provide more insight on this slide
  • Please make sure to take our quick 2-minute survey. It’ll be emailed to you in one hour directly from Go to Meeting. We value this feedback – and you should too because it helps shape future content and events – remember what we did with the eBook survey? Also, you’ll be hearing from us in the next 24 hours – you’ll receive a link to this recorded webinar to share with everyone you know. Also, possibly some other great things in there – but I can’t disclose what yet because I’m excited about the subject line and I can’t risk botching my results.
  • "Bang for Your Marketing Buck! Pushing the e-Envelope"

    1. 1. Bang for Your Marketing Buck! Pushing the e-Envelope
    2. 2. Survey says… Top Trends • Email marketing • Social media marketing Top Challenges • Budget constraints • Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies www.sikich.com/marketing-ebook
    3. 3. You spoke, we listened! 70% of digital marketers rate email as the top medium for ROI Agenda • Email marketing forecast • Writing emails people want to read • Integrating email marketing with social • Measuring results … all without busting your marketing budget! Join the tweet chat now! #emailchatroom Source: EConsultancy
    4. 4. Email Marketing Forecast
    5. 5. Why email? • Cost-effective • Versatile • Immediate • Personal • Trackable • Actionable • Green
    6. 6. Top 4 email marketing trends Mobile email marketing Triggered campaigns Content marketing Social integration
    7. 7. Mobile email marketing • Short and simple • Larger text • Click space = 44 x 44 pixels • Prominent call-to-action • Small image sizes • Single-column design • Test in different platforms – iPhone, Android, etc. 38% of all emails are opened on a mobile device; 78% of U.S. email users will access their emails via mobile by 2017 Sources: Litmus, Forrester
    8. 8. Welcome Birthday Triggered campaigns
    9. 9. Abandoned cart Up-sell Triggered campaigns
    10. 10. Content marketing • Develop mission statement that ties back to business goals/objectives Strategize • Audit content • Target market research • Keyword research • Web analytics Create •Email •Social media •Blog •Direct mail •Events •And more! Promote • Web analytics • A/B testing • Email statistics • Gated content Convert
    11. 11. Content marketing
    12. 12. Social integration • Converting email subscribers into fans/followers (and vice versa!) • Stay tuned…
    13. 13. Writing Emails People Want to Read
    14. 14. From: • Do we know each other? • Avoid info@company.com • Your readers want to know that: a) You are human b) They can reply to you …or risk being dumped into the spam folder
    15. 15. To: • Do you really know who it’s to? • Slice & dice for max impact! • Buyer personas • Depending on the content of your email… - industry - job function - past purchases - buying frequency - content topic - interest level - change in buying behavior …and so on.
    16. 16. The pitch: • Consistent branding • Personalized greeting • Short and concise • CTA above “the fold” • Good ratio of text to images • HTML and text versions • Working links • Visible unsubscribe button and/or subscription center • Social sharing buttons
    17. 17. The subject line: 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line DO  Be concise  Be direct  Be urgent  Be actionable  Be beneficial  Test Source: blog.cmbinfo.com DON’T × Use spam filter language × Mislead × Use poor grammar and spelling × Yell!!!!!!!! × Use all caps × Be salesy
    18. 18. The Preheader: • Located above headline • First section subscribers see when opening your email… or before! • ~ 40-100 characters
    19. 19. Preheader dos and don’ts DO  Provide an incentive or summary of your offer  Display a link to forward to friend or share via social media  Use a CTA to increase urgency DON’T × Repeat yourself × Start with “view online” × Display your “unsubscribe” at the top
    20. 20. Integrating Email & Social
    21. 21. Why should I? • Offer email subscribers more avenues to connect with you • Extend the reach of your content • Seize the opportunity for list growth • Review metrics that provide insight into your customers Emails that include social sharing buttons have a click-through rate 115% higher than those that do not Source: GetResponse
    22. 22. Making the connection • Include social sharing buttons in emails • Ask email subscribers to share and connect • Send a dedicated email campaign • Provide incentive • Promote email sign-up via social channels • Email opt-in form on Facebook • Live feeds in email (and online) • Include “re-tweet this” buttons in your emails
    23. 23. Measuring Results
    24. 24. What to measure • Deliverability • Open rate • CTR • CTR on social media buttons in email • Website traffic from email • Conversion rate • Unsubscribe rate • Split test preferences
    25. 25. How do I benchmark my rates? • Open rate: % of received messages that were opened by one recipient = ~19.7% (15-20%) • Click-through rate (CTR): % of delivered email messages that drew at least one click = ~3.6% (3-5%) • Unsubscribe rate: % of delivered email messages that generated unsubscribe requests =~.25% (0-.5%) Source: 2013 Silverpop Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study
    26. 26. Tying it all together Now that you have all of the content pieces – make sure they connect back to your brand.
    27. 27. What we offer • Consulting • Identity & Branding • Creative design • Print • Digital • Video • Photography • Public Relations
    28. 28. What we do Securities are offered through Sikich Corporate Finance LLC, a registered broker dealer with the Securities Exchange Commission and a member of FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Sikich Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. General securities offered through Triad Advisors, Member FINRA/SIPC. Accounting, Audit & Tax Financial Reporting Employee Benefit Plan Audit Accounting Services Tax Planning Advisory Business Valuation Dispute Advisory Financial Advisory Flex-Staff Solutions Human Resources Marketing & Public Relations Supply Chain Investment Banking Acquisitions Advisory Sales Advisory Capital Raises Strategic Advisory Technology Accounting & ERP Software CRM Software IT Infrastructure Cloud & Hosting Solutions Strategic IT Planning Communication & Collaboration IT Consulting Managed Services Outsourced Accounting Managed IT Outsourced Human Resources Outsourced Marketing & Public Relations
    29. 29. Who we help » Agriculture » Manufacturing & Distribution » Construction » Professional Services » Real Estate » Retail » Government » Non Profit » Healthcare » Higher Education Deep industry experience and longevity. Cross sectional teams with a depth and breadth of experience to handle the complete solution. Solution centric and product agnostic.
    30. 30. $76M in revenue in 2012 6,776 public and private sector clients 7,364 individual clients 153,882 square feet to serve clients 400+ total personnel 72 partners 1 collaborative and positive culture Who we are » Multi-disciplinary: An accounting, advisory, investment banking, technology and managed services firm with clients in the U.S. and internationally. » Excellent reputation: With a reputation for professional excellence, Sikich provides unsurpassed client service as well as timely and cost effective services. » Strong talent: We employ more than 400 talented people including 72 partners, all of whom devote their careers to a focused area. » Award winning: Accounting Today ranks the Firm 40th nationally among the top 100 accounting firms and 12th in the top 100 VARs.
    31. 31. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/sikich Facebook: www.facebook.com/sikichllp Twitter: www.twitter.com/sikichllp Blog: www.sikich.com/blog Michael Dockum Account Executive Marketing & PR 630.210.3058 mdockum@sikich.com www.sikich.com Let’s chat