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Metro Mart Magazine- May 2013

  1. 1. May 2013 1www.metromartdaily.comMETROT H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartFabindia presentsBalladsDiningDining Divine at UDSCity Development ActivitiesWaste Disposal to Seaplanes“City to benefit from CSRinitiatives of UDS”A new home collectionavailable at the city store“Evaluate all aspects ofthe society”Faizal KhanManaging Director, NIMSShoppingNaz Home Space offers stylishand affordable furnitureBeautyDivya Spa bags GeoSpa AsiaSpa India AwardQuick Tips6 incredibly useful websitesproviding great servicesPrasad ManjaliVice President, UDS GroupVolume 2 Issue 10 & 11 May 2013 `40
  2. 2. METROMay 20132 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartMETROMETROMay 20132 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartmartMETROmartMETROMETROmartMETRO
  3. 3. May 2013 May 2013
  4. 4. METROMay 20134 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  5. 5. May 2013 May 2013 5www.metromartdaily.comDear Readers,Thiruvananthapuram was in the news of national media for agood reason. The credit goes to Haritha V Kumar, who topped theprestigious Civil Services Examinations this year from our city afteralmost twenty two years when Raju Narayanaswamy achievedthe feat way back in 1991. We share the moment of success andhappiness with Haritha and her family, and wish her all the best insteering the growth of our nation through better governance.Be it waste management, infrastructure, electricity, water supplyor other amenities, it’s common to hear our citizens blaming theauthorities for the drawbacks we face on a day to day basis. But is itreally the authorities who are solely responsible for such municipalmismanagement of our city? If not then why are they held singularlyresponsible?Accusing someone else is the easiest way of running away fromour own responsibilities. If you go through world history or epics,better country is built by its own people along with their rulers.Comparing to any developed country or developing country ofIndia’s stature, we are blessed to live with freedom to the most.Instead of respecting the responsibility of the freedom this countrybestowed upon us, we tend to misuse or abuse it time to time, tospoil its glory and pride.It’s each of our responsibility to keep our city developed. Theauthorities who rule our city are the ones whom we have chosenfrom ourselves, they are not different. They just represent us. Let’spledge ourselves to change for the betterment of the society, andcontribute to its lost glory. As committed, Metro Mart continues tofeature further in this edition about our city’s development.Metro Mart always believes in being part of the noble effortsinitiated by the cityites. With the support of Kalanidhi and FRAT,Metro Mart got the opportunity to be a helping hand of ManakattuVilakattu Veettil Sasidharan Assari’s family in Kadinamkulam whowere adopted by the trio. A carpenter, for the last seven yearsSasidharan Assari was suffering from urinary disease, but wascontinuing his work carrying a bag to collect urine. He was detectedwith cancer two months ago which brought the entire family intodistress. Assessing the situation, the trio were not only able to givetemporary relief to the family, but a hope to their future.In this edition of METRO, we are featuring Naz in shopping, DivyaSpa Leela in Beauty, Fab India in Home, UDS in Dining along withour other regular contents. It’s always encouraging to hear fromyou, the only medium for us to improve. You can write to me Let me take leave till we come out with thenext edition.Cheerz!ForewordHariShankerManag8ingEditor
  6. 6. METROMay 20136 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartPublished, Edited and Printed by Hari Shanker A G and Owned by Haritha Media Pvt Ltd and Printed byhim at SB Press Private Limited, Statue, Trivandrum 695001 and Published from Tharangam, KodunganoorPost, Trivandrum 695003Metro Mart is a monthly journal published from Trivandrum. Views and opinions expressed in the journalare not necessarily those of the Publishers.Metro Mart reserves the right to use the information published here in any manner whatsoever. Whileevery effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information published in this edition, neither thePublisher no any of its employees accept any responsibilities for any errors or omissions.© All Rights Reserved RNI No: KERENG/2011/40037Corporate Office:-Metro Mart ThiruvananthapuramJayaraj Plus Towers, Murinjapalam,Medical College PostTrivandrum - 695011Tel: +91 471 6065511/ 6065522Email: metromart.tvm@gmail.comBangalore Office:-No:217, 3B Main, OMBR LayoutBangalore – 560 043Tel: +91 85530 12371Email: info@martinfotech.inVolume 2 Issue 10&11 May 2013Annual Subscription `400Managing Editor Hari Shankerhari@martinfotech.inCEO & Managing Director Siji Nairsijicn@gmail.comSub Editor V ViswanathEditorial Assistant Pooja JayanArt & Creative Avijit KarGM Sales Sibu NairGM Administration Binoy KrishnaCirculation Manager Lalu PaulBusiness Executives Vishnu G AAnand ACity Development ActivitiesWaste Disposal to SeaplanesCover FeatureOur City to benefit from CSR initiativesof UDS - Leader Speak18242832343842465152545666Trivandrum to take a dip in ‘Mallculture’Thiruvananthapuram Development –Some IdeasGood LivingNaz Home Space offers stylish andaffordable furnitureEducationDining Divine at UDSTravelBeautyFair MartQuick TipsThe Last LeafMetro Update8
  7. 7. May 2013 May 2013
  8. 8. METROMay 20138 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartCity Development ActivitiesWaste Disposal to SeaplanesContinuing with our efforts to uphold the develop-ment process of Thiruvananthapuram, we had begun -in our last issue - to examine the various developmentactivities in the city. The responses we received for thefeature were amazing. Further significant suggestionshave been put forward to us by many, relating to ourcity and its development.V ViswanathCorporation Ltd (KMCL),the Special PurposeVehicle, will implement theMonorail project.Off-street parking facilitiesare the need of the hourin the city for reduction inturnkey contractor wasfinalized. The secondstretch involving theKesavadasapuram-Karyavattom routecould be taken up onlyafter widening of theroads. Kerala MonorailMoving on with thetopic Monorail fromTechnocity to Karamana- The first section of theelevated rail-based massrapid transit systemcould be commissionedin 30 months after theCOVER FEATUREMETROMay 20138 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  9. 9. May 2013 9www.metromartdaily.comtraffic congestion on theroads. Cutting of parkingat regular intervals,converting roads intoblocks, restricting entryand exit, encouragingdependence on publictransport vehicles andcycles, restricting speedand diverting traffic viaparallel roads have beensuggested for the arterialroads.Development of multi-levelparking at Thampanoorhas been finalized by thecity corporation. It has setaside Rs 50 lakh from thisyear’s plan fund for theproject. Another multi-level car park is plannedby the government nearthe new secretariatannex. Such multi-levelbuild-ups would not onlyreduce traffic but alsodrastically cut down on therequirement of land, whichis at a dearth in the city.Development of WaterwayTransport is beingconsidered in the city.With multi-modal hub plangearing up momentum,effective use of ParvathyPuthanar canal has come into focus. Union Minister ofState for Civil Aviation K.C.Venugopal has announcedto start cruise tourismfrom the airport side tothe famed beach resortof Kovalam. ParvathyPuthanar can connectto Killipalam, Jagathy,Pangode, Maruthankuzhiat Sasthamangalam,Vattiyoorkavu, Peroorkadaand Vazhayila. If waterMay 2013
  10. 10. METROMay 201310 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmarttransport is enabled in thiscanal it would become themost preferred mode oftransport in the city.Railways development inThiruvananthapuram hasbeen steady, even thoughin a slow pace. MainlineElectric Multiple Unitsservice has been startedbetween Kollam-Nagercoilin the last year. ACDuronto service to Chennaihas started from the city.With track doubling ofThiruvananthapuram-Kanyakumari sector andincreasing passenger trainsbetween these stationswould be a boon to thecommuters in the southernend of the city.Kochu Veli Terminusis being developed toease the congestion inThiruvananthapuramCentral Station. Basicamenities in this stationneeds to be improved tobe passenger-friendly.Remoteness of thestation is to be addressed.Connectivity to city centerhas to be improved. A footoverbridge connectingplatforms on easternand western side is longpending.Even though Nemomrailway station has beenconsidered as anotherterminal in the city,development worksare yet to take off. Thisstation is also consideredto become coachmaintenance hub of thedivision. At the recentlypresented Railway Budget,the city received a newweekly train from KochuVeli to Lokmanya Tilak.The Guwahati-Ernakulam Expresstrain was extended toThiruvananthapuram.In view of the growth invarious sectors in the cityconnectivity problemsacross the country isbound to rise. To preventthis frequency andnumber of trains has to beincreased sufficiently.For quite a long time therehave been demands for aHigh Court bench in thecity, although it has notmaterialized yet. UnionMinister Shashi Tharoorstated in a press note thatthe decades-old demandfor the setting up of ahigh court bench at thestate capital should beconsidered seriously.The Union power ministryhas decided to includeThiruvananthapuramin the RestructuredAccelerated PowerReforms & DevelopmentProgramme (R-APDRP)mooted by the Centre.The programme aims atbringing revolutionarychanges in powertransmission like layingunderground cables forelectric supply, formationof a common network thatestablishes connectivityamong all electricityoffices, a swift system toaddress the grievances ofthe consumers and online“Only when we create basic infrastructure facilitieswill we be able to invite more investment. Onlythen will we be able to provide more job opportuni-ties and thereby increase the purchasing power ofthe people.”Oommen ChandyChief MinisterMETROMay 201310 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  11. 11. May 2013
  12. 12. METROMay 201312 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmartbilling system.From Aruvikkara toPeroorkada Kerala WaterAuthority has been laying“unbreakable” ductile ironpipes, in place of the usualpre-stressed concretepipes to prevent pipebursts. Repeated pipebursts can be prevented bycomplete replacement ofold prestressed concretepipes with mild steelpipes. The ultimate waterdemand in the servicearea by 2031 is 410 mld atthe rate of 200lpcd forurban, domestic use alongwith a provision of non-domestic and industrialrequirements and 135lpcdfor peripheral areas.Augmentation ofwater supply schemein the city is of utmostimportance to meet thisrequirement. The stategovernment has decidedto set up Kerala DrinkingWater Supply CompanyLimited (KDWSCL) fordrinking water supplyin Thiruvananthapuram.The Water Supply projectassisted by JapaneseInternational CooperationAgency (JICA) currentlyunderway in the statecapital is to benefit around84,000 people. Out ofthis around 30% would behaving the facility of pipedwater for the first time.Rain water harvesting isa technique which shouldbe promoted for effectiveutilization of naturalresources. The presence ofa large number of pondsand water tanks is a boonto the people of the city.However, the lack ofmaintenance is a problemfaced. If cleaned upproperly and adequatelymaintained, these pondsand rivulets would reduceMETROMay 201312 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  13. 13. May 2013 13www.metromartdaily.comThiruvananthapuram too,it is creating difficulties tothe civic administration.It is seen from recordsthat Corporation gaveimportance to sanitationworks right from 1897when push carts wereused for cleaning duties.Plastic usage is a factor inincreasing waste disposalproblem.The city corporationhas started promotingvarious methods like pipecompost for managingthe waste at thesource. Small IndustriesDevelopment Corporationhad purchased a truck-(on the basis of hydro-graphic surveys, bothmanual and dredging),freshwater fisheriesdevelopment (scientificaquaculture, replenishingof disappearing species,releasing native fish etc.,),setting up a laboratoryfor water qualityassessment, weed control,conservation of flora andfauna, and awarenesscreation among user-groups and other socialactivities to protect thelake.Waste disposal is a majorproblem faced by almostall developing cities. Inthe dependence onKWA. One such initiativeis the restoration ofthe freshwater body ofVellayani Lake with anRs.26-crore project.The project plans toinclude activities suchas controlling theencroachment of thelake, compensation to‘kayal’ land owners, agro-forestry, soil and waterconservation, afforestationof adjoining areas,sustainable agriculturedevelopment, pollutionabatement (includingeffluent treatmentmethods), de-silting
  14. 14. METROMay 201314 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmartmounted garbage disposalsystem to deal with bothbio-degradable and plasticwastes. Solid wastemanagement has to beaddressed with greatimportance to preventoutbreak and spread ofdiseases.The city ofThiruvananthapuram hasbeen promoting Arts,Culture & Crafts throughvarious promotionalactivities. InternationalFilm Festival of Kerala isconducted annually atThiruvananthapuram. Thecity has been the centreof cultural activities fromearly days. Scope forinternational multiculturalactivity is accentuated bythe presence of GoetheZentrum – the Germanlanguage institution,Alliance Francaise –the French languageinstitution, and the RussianCultural Centre in the city.Kerala State ChalachitraAcademy is based in thecity. Renovation workis being carried out atTagore Theatre addinga total of 7000 sq.ft. tothe existing 32000 complex. Another3 cultural venues, includingtwo mini-auditoriums andan open-air amphitheatreis being added to thecomplex. The theatrewould be equipped withstate-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, acousticpanels, aircraft qualitysheets, projection facilitiesand reflective ceilings.Kerala Crafts Village atVellar near Kovalam iswitnessing renovationand expansion works. Thevillage aims to showcasethe traditional arts andcrafts of Kerala.The government hasbegun Capital RegionDevelopment ProgramPhase II this year. 10projects are envisioned.The fiscal year of 2013-14would see taking up offour projects.Health Minister V.S.Sivakumar said the fourprojects that were giventhe nod for initiation in theforthcoming fiscal werering and link roads for 42km of city roads that werebeing developed now;parking plazas; expansionof shopping centres andmarkets; and planting ofone lakh tree saplings as apart of green initiative.TRIDA chairman P.K.Venugopal said, “Asan immediate step,we are planning totake up the wideningof Maruthamkuzhi-Vattiyoorkavu-Nettayamstretch and improvementof Vattiyoorkavu junction.”He also stated cleaningwork of Parvathy Puthanarwill be taken up by waterresources department.The remaining projectsin this phase includeCleaning of waterwaysand water bodies,Connectivity improvement(Wi-Fi, Broadband, etc.),formation of Heritagecommission and buildingcentres of music andarts, alternative sourceof Energy development,ensuring Drinking waterfacility to all, and efficientSewerage treatmentsystem.Chief Town PlannerEappen Varughese,Additional Chief TownMETROMay 201314 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  15. 15. May 2013 15www.metromartdaily.comPlanner Jacob Easow,and Town Planners S.Ajayakumar and K. Baijuhave prepared a MasterPlan for the city dividingthe town in to four areas.Department of Town andCountry Planning hasprepared this as a masterplan for the city up to 2031.The guidelines in this planinclude connecting thewaterways of Kovalam-Thiruvallom and Veli-Akkulam to city center,Mobility hub at Veli, Courtcomplex at Kazhakkootam,Logistic hub at Vizhinjam,Kovalam-ThiruvallomTourist hub, Techno hubat Kazhakkootam, amongothers.Two intermediate ringroads, outer ring road,Parassala-Kazhakkootambypass, radial roads,development of majorjunctions and waterwaysare also included in theplan. Monorail fromTechnocity-Neyyatinkarais planned to becommissioned by 2018.Proposed 32 safe cyclingpaths connecting differentareas is a major boost inthe environmental aspect.In 2011,Thiruvananthapuramhad a population of3,307,284 of whichmale and female were1,584,200 and 1,723,084respectively. The rate ofgrowth in population is2.5% compared to 2001.The initial provisional datareleased by census India2011, shows that densityof Thiruvananthapuramdistrict for 2011 is 1,509people per sq. km.Population density per is 1509 compared to1476 in 2001. The increasein population leads toshortage of land. One ofthe main aspects whichhinder development is lackof vacant space and theincreasing value of land.An example of this is the120 acres that was requiredfor the construction ofan integrated terminalbuilding and associatedfacilities of the TrivandrumInternational Airport. Only38 acres could be handedover in phase I. Thegovernment will be ableto acquire the remaining82 acres only in a phasedmanner. Again at Vizhinjamit was a Herculean taskto acquire land. Thegovernment has acquiredthe land for Vizhinjamproject giving market valuefor the land, market valuefor houses if any, free landfor affected landownerand hardship allowance forsix months.The growth in populationhas lead to tremendouspressure on developmentinitiatives in the city.KPCC President Ramesh
  16. 16. METROMay 201316 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartChennithala had said ata function that the stateneeds to think aboutbringing a law which willcontrol the purchase ofland by non-natives of thestate.The spotlight hasbeen turned atThiruvananthapuramby a number ofcompanies. MicrosoftCorporation India PvtLtd, in conjunctionwith NGO partner Aideet Action, launched inThiruvananthapuramtheir second YouthSparkcenter in India. TheThiruvananthapuramcenter will focus onInformation Technologyenabled services (ITES),automobile, hospitalityand retail. There hasbeen many new privatetelevision channels startedin the state which hasestablished studios inThiruvananthapuram.The advancement ofMedical care facilities andmedical tourism is bringingin more visitors to the city.People wanting to settledown after retirementare also attracted toThiruvananthapuram dueto its laid-back and quiet-city nature.The tropical climateof the city due to itsproximity to sea and theweather being pleasantthroughout the yearworks magic on visitors.The strong connectionwith its traditional culturealso makes the cityfascinating. Low cost ofliving – yet another factor– leads people chooseThiruvananthapuram overother cities in India.It was the tertiarysector – employed inthe government offices– which formed around60% of the populationin Thiruvananthapuramin the beginning of thenew millennium. Withthe advent of IT parksand increasing numberof associated servicesthis has changed. Atpresent, professionals inthe field of construction,IT, Healthcare, Tourism,etc. are present in greaterproportions in the citywhen compared. However,basic infrastructurefacilities need to beboosted for all aroundprosperity.Any and all enterprisestaken up for the upliftmentof a city are interlinked.When an area is developedas a tourist centre, iteventually leads to theupliftment of peoplearound the area by meansof improved roads, bettersanitation, etc.For example thecompletion of Enchakkalnew bus terminal wouldincrease the land value ofthe area as well as bring onmany other developmentalinitiatives in the area.Mayor K. Chandrika,said the clean-up of theParvathy Puthanar isdirectly connected tothe completion of theMuttathara sewageMETROMay 201316 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  17. 17. May 2013 17www.metromartdaily.comtreatment plant, whichis being constructedat a cost of Rs 72 core.The interconnection ofdevelopment initiatives isevident from this too.The final goal of allplanning is development.Development shouldbe all around and foreveryone in a society. Thedevelopmental activitiestaken up should notreduce our resources.Conservation of resourcesshould be kept inmind while initiatingvarious programs fordevelopment. Growth-oriented programs shouldnot side-track issuesrelating to environment.However, long-term gainsand long-lasting returnsshould be uppermost inmind while deciding upondevelopmental schemes.Society as a whole shouldbe taken into account.Huge development inthe city would attractbig businesses and offerexpanded employmentopportunities. This wouldresult in people fromthe outskirts of the citymigrating to the city limits.Housing, transportation,piped water supply,waste disposal, healthinfrastructure, and othercivic services would behighly used up.Hence, the governmentshould foresee therequirements of the futureand take measures toaddress the necessitieswhich would arise. Thecity’s steady growth inthe commercial, tourismand other sectors wouldbenefit greatly if thesedevelopment initiativesare carried out in a timelyfashion.
  18. 18. METROMay 201318 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart“Our City to benefit fromCSR initiatives of UDS”LEADER SPEAKWhat is your view ontourism in Kerala?Kerala is a beautiful place.We have a lot of resources.Considering tourism,we have ayurveda,backwaters, wildlife,beaches and others. Butthe nature that god hasgiven us is being spoiled.Thiruvananthapuram hasbeen witnessing variousdevelopment activities.Are there any areas wheremore focus is needed?When we speakof development inThiruvananthapuram,there are two areas whereimmediate attention isneeded. Many touristscomplain regarding this.They are cleanliness andinfrastructure. Foreignersand people from otherPrasad Manjali,Corporate Director ofUday Samudra LeisureBeach Hotel & Spa,has a vast experiencein the hospitality in-dustry. He is a personwho keeps track ofthe changing sce-narios in the hotel andtourism industry.As a person who hashad consistent contactwith the guests atUday Samudra andalso keeps an eye ontheir suggestions andviews online, PrasadManjali commentson the necessities offurther developmentactivities in Thiruvana-nthapuram.METROMay 201318 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  19. 19. May 2013 19www.metromartdaily.comstates alike think thatKerala is a very clean place.But the sight of garbagepiled up beside the roadsputs them off.Garbage heaped up highalong the roads makes thetourists wonder about thecivic sense or rather thelack of it in Kerala beingthe state with high literacyrate.The organization SouthKerala Hotelier’s Forum(SKHF) is actively involvedin sanitation drives, etc.We should have provisionfor effective garbagedisposal. Public andgovernment should notclose their eyes.A permanent solutionneed to be found for thisproblem or else imageof Kerala would takea beating. If a city likeChennai can get theirCoovum River cleared up,we should also be able toget our Parvathy Puthanarcleaned. We have beentaking a lot about ParvathyPuthanar, but nothingseems to get done.We know Uday Samudradoes certain programmesto promote cleanlinessand create awarenessamong public. Could youelaborate on them?UDS gets beach cleaningdone in Samudra beachby our gardeners everyday. Every morning andevening, our people cleanthe beach and the adjacentparts. Plastic bottles,papers, all that wasteitems are removed andbagged.Other than this, UdaySamudra on its own istaking a lot of initiativesin terms of cleaning upthe local area. To createawareness on cleanlinessand sanitation, we havesmall programmesconducted in variousjunctions. That is also notenough.Secondly, we are alsotrying to do cleaning onone side. Thirdly, we arecreating a mechanismwhere we have amonitoring system whichincludes SKHF members,municipality, corporation,and local police. Thatis also needed for along-lasting effect to ourcleanliness drive.We would be very activeon this programme by theend of June. Before therains we would clean upthe major part and thenit is only the maintenancepart remaining.In your opinion whatsort of infrastructure isrequired currently?International touristspanic at the sight of trafficcongestion and state ofroads. Connecting othertourist locations such asAlleppey and Thekkady toThiruvananthapuram tooneeds to be prioritized.If proper roads are built,the rest all will fall inplace. Some governmentsback there was a planfor express highway;however, it has not comeup. Express Highway isalso something which isvery critical for Kerala.Comparing other states,we are very muchbackward.Governments should comeup with bold decisions. Ifsuch an express highwaycomes up in the long runthere will be changesin the economy. Weshould be thinking of therequirements of 50 yearsfrom today.20 years before therewas nothing in Malaysia.First thing they did wasconstruct a highwayfrom one end ofMalaysia to the other. Alldevelopmental activitiesthere including flyovers,bylane developmentMay 2013
  20. 20. METROMay 201320 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmartand other infrastructurecame up once that roadwas built. Their touristinflow increased becauseof the infrastructuredevelopment.The proposed helicoptertourism will have a lot oftakers because peopleare scared to travel onthe roads that are therenow. If the governmenthas fund shortage,then they can make it aphase by phase process.ThiruvananthapuramAirport director Mr.Chandran is a very dynamicperson. He has come upwith a concept whereThiruvananthapuramAirport would have water,road, and railway alongwith air connectivity. Thisproposed multi-modal hubif executed is a beautifulplan.Would Vizhinjam Port bea fillip to development inThiruvananthapuram?The coming up ofVizhinjam Port willdefinitely be aneconomic boost toThiruvananthapuram.The hotels itself will bebenefiting, because therewill be a lot of gueststraveling in and out ofthe city. However, somehotels will be facing theproblem of acquisitionand demolitions. This is adirect effect. There is anindirect part to this. Today,Kovalam is one of the bestbeaches. The port comingup nearby will affect thebeach. This is proven in anumber of other places.The tourist inflow willgradually reduce. It is twosides of the coin.What are the CorporateSocial Responsibilityinitiatives by UdaySamudra?As part of UdaySamudra’s CSR initiatives,the roundabouts atVellayambalam, Chackai,METROMay 201320 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  21. 21. May 2013 May 2013 21www.metromartdaily.comKallumoodu, and AirportArrival are being sprucedup and maintained by us.Ponnara Sreedhar Park atThampanoor is also beingtaken care of by UdaySamudra.We have employed staffat each of these places forproper upkeep of theseparks. We would definitelylook in to maintenanceof further areas if thereis an initiative fromthe government orcorporation’s part.Uday Samudra has takenup several causes as partof our corporate socialresponsibility. We haveteams going about theVellar area who talk topeople on maintainingtheir places. We domedical camps. We tellthem that they shouldkeep their surroundingsclean and hygienic inorder to achieve goodhealth. In the entireThiruvananthapuramregion, we do marathons.Every year, we haveone marathon which isprimarily focused on cleanThiruvananthapuram.We have anti-tobaccocampaign in schools andcolleges, where we try andcreate as much awarenessas possible. We have propscreated for the anti-tobacco day. Last year wedid a skeleton with smokecoming out of the mouth,with a board saying thisis what smokers wouldeventually become.The campaigns aredesigned in such a waythat people are able tosee and understand theill-effects of tobacco.In the last one year, inassociation with RoundTable we have plantedmore than 800 trees invarious public places likeschool compounds. It hasbeen done continuouslyfor the last two years.May 2013
  22. 22. METROMay 201322 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart“Evaluate all aspects of the society”In the current scenario,we are unable to analyzewhat would happen inthe next two years. Wehave a large number ofprojects announced, butthe number of projectsimplemented is almost nil.There are contradictorystatements about projectsfor Thiruvananthapuram.This puts a dampeneron the programme‘Vision 2030’ projectedby the Chief Minister.Speaking aboutThiruvananthapuramdevelopment at thisjuncture is futile. Froman economic viewpoint,prices of all commoditieshave gone up and stillincreasing.Even though governmentintervention is seen toprevent this, there shouldbe a detailed study bythe government. Thesalary hike to nursingand other allied staff inhospitals declared byLabour Minister ShibuBaby John is a requisitefor the employees due tothe price rise. However,the standard of clients atprivate hospitals shouldbe considered while fixingsalaries.Mostly financially well-offpatients visit high-profilehospitals in the city,while hospitals in thepanchayats and talukswould have patients fromthe low-income group.Hospital running cost inall these is the same. Eventhough this is a charityhospital, government seesthe hospital as havinga commercial interest.They do not give valueto charitable hospitals.LEADER SPEAKFaizal Khan, Managing Director, NIMSMETROMay 201322 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  23. 23. May 2013“Waste Management should be decentralized”Common people’s life isnot given attention.To provide salaries to asection of society, anothersection of society wouldhave to be deprivedof treatment facilities.Low-income patientsin this area have to gettreatment here sincethere is no other betterfacility available nearby.The government has totake all this together.Coordination of differentministries is required andsuitable studies should beconducted. Classificationof hospitals must be aftertaking in to account of themultifarious aspects.In order to provide theannounced salary increase,the government needs totake appropriate measuressuch as supporting non-city hospitals.Government hospitalsin the rural areas do nothave neurosurgeon,cardiologist and at timesfull-time physicians. Thereis no dialysis facility or ICU.This makes the commonfolk to approach hospitalslike NIMS to get qualitytreatment.If the proposed salaryincrease is implemented,even hospitals in the ruralarea will have to increasethe cost of treatment.Either governmentshould provide completeinsurance coverage orprovide full-fledgedtreatment facilities ingovernment hospitals toreduce the hardships ofthe common man.Waste collectionshould be set up atvarious centres suchas Ulloor, Peroorkada,Pappanamcode, etc. Itshould be consolidated ina major collection centre.Scientific effectivenesstreatment should bebrought into wastedisposal. In Delhi, wastebins are automaticallyloaded on to lorries.Entrepreneurshipshould be promoted inproductive activities toincrease employmentopportunities. Parkingspace has to be designed.Dr. V. Santhosh, Chief - Perspective Planning DivisionKerala State Planning BoardIncrease fee for high-endcars with hourly payment.This would promote useof public conveyance.Pedestrians should begiven primary importance.Encourage cycling whichwould ensure decreasedenvironment pollution.Vision and goals canbe achieved withstrategic planning. Wehave to design smart,clean, green cities withEconomic activities,Strong infrastructure andsustainable transportsystems, Sustainableresource management,pollution prevention,environmental protection,Cultural facilities,community facilityfor aged population,good governancewith transparency andcommunity participationin decision making,Mixed zoning and verticalgrowth.May 2013
  24. 24. METROMay 201324 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartFEATURE ARTICLETrivandrum to take a dipin ‘Mall culture’The capital city of God’s own country is now on the verge of a quantum leap indevelopment, especially in the shopping arena. The good news is that Trivan-drum will soon become a shopper’s paradise as many new malls have geared uplure the shopaholics. From traditional to cosmopolitan, Trivandrum has some-thing for everyone, whether visitors are searching for a cultural experience orlavish city life Trivandrum has lots to offer.Trivandrum is at itsbest in infrastructuralfacilities which includean international airport,railway stations,super specialtyhospitals, excellenteducational facilitiesand entertainment andrecreational options.The rate of floatingpopulation is much higherin Trivandrum. Thereforethe biggies have roped inhot spots in Trivandrum, torise up grand malls.Currently the mainshopping centers inThiruvananthapuram areMG Road, Chalai, AttukalShopping Complex, PowerHouse Road, Saphalya(Palayam), NarmadaShopping Complex(Kowdiar), and Kedaram(Kesavadasapuram). Withthe coming of new malls,the Trivandrum is sure tobecome one of the mostsought after destinationsfor shopaholics.The first Green Mall, ‘BigI Mall’ is an upcomingshopping mall inThiruvananthapuram. Themall is built as per theguidelines of the IndianGreen Building Council. Itwill have a built up areaof 15,300 square metres(165,000 sq ft). Highspeed Schindler elevatorsfrom Switzerland and forthe first time in Kerala,Travelators will effortlesslytransport guest to everyfloor of the mall. TheBig I Mall is located onthe NH bypass oppositeTechnopark, close to theinternational airport.The biggest commercialshopping complex inThiruvananthapuram willcome up at Thampanooron land owned by theKerala State IndustrialEnterprises Limited(KSIE). The project isimplemented jointly byKSIE and InfrastructureKerala Limited (Inkel).The project envisages acommercial complex withshopping mall, food courtand premium office space.The mall will have elevenstorey and parking spaceof two lakh square feetwhich will accommodate175 cars in the first twofloors. The first ,secondand third floors will offershopping space, fourthfloor with dining andentertainment facilities,fifth to eleventh floor willbe for premium officespaces.One of the world’s largestowners and operators ofmall and office spaces,Plaza Centres is all setto start a massive mall inTrivandrum. This group is a
  25. 25. May 2013
  26. 26. METROMay 201326 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmartleading emerging marketsdeveloper of shopping andentertainment centers.This mall situated nearAkkulam , toll gate isspread over 2.1 millionsquare feet area.The massive 2.1 millionsquare feet complex willinclude over a millionsq. ft. of office spacein addition to a hugeshopping mall and luxuryhotel.Artech World mall is oneof the upcoming Shoppingmall in capital city. Thecentrally air conditionedshopping mall is located atPattoor ,Trivandrum. TheShopping mall is promotedby Artech Realtors.Nikunjam Saras Mall, isanother mall coming toTiruvananthapuram toentice the shoppers. Thelarge Shopping Mall ispromoted and designedby Nikunjam Builders. Theshopping mall is located atPattom, Trivandrum.NikunjamCity Squareis anotherventure ofNikunjamgroup.Nikunjam CitySquare spreadover 175000square feetarea. Theshopping mall is locatedat Paramount Junction,MG Road which is one ofthe hottest spots in capitalcity.Varkey Mall is the oneof the upcoming Mallin capital city. The Mallis located at MG Road,Trivandrum. The VarkeyMall is spread over 125000square feet area. The mallis by Iyer & Mahesh, whichhave made its mark overthe decades as Architects,Engineers& InteriorDesigners, by providinghigh quality, effectivedesign services to clients.Another shopping mallcoming up at Pattom is theCondor Mall .The shoppingmall is positioned on 2lakh square feet area.This project is takenup by Condor Builders,engaged in constructionand contracting inWest Asia. This grouphas finalised plans forfive major projects inThiruvananthapuramwith an outlay of aroundRs 200 crore. With thecoming of these malls,Trivandrum is sure to geta face-lift. These malls willsurely leave an indeliblemark of happiness onthe minds of personwho visits it. Shopping inTrivandrum truly will be animmensely delectable andunforgettable experiencein the coming years…..
  27. 27. May 2013 27www.metromartdaily.comTrivandrum City Connect: A new initiativetowards developmentCity Connect - Trivandrum (CC-TRV) is an industry initiative to improve city’sinfrastructure through sustainable development. This program brings variousurban stakeholders outside government together on a single platform.The sole aim of Trivandrumcity connect is to assistgovernmental agencies byproviding the knowledgebase and support tohelp the developmenton urban infrastructureand services. It assistsgovernment agencies byproviding knowledge,assistance and supportfor better planningand implementation ofurban infrastructure inTrivandrum. It will connectwith various governmentauthorities, local bodies,industry associations,citizens and agencies.This also helpsgovernment respond in aconstructive, collaborativemanner to the voicescoming from outsidegovernment, and createvalue-added partnerships.It will also act as anendorsing body that willhelp various agenciesdesign and implementreforms and changes forthe city.At a later stage, it isenvisioned to bring inelected representatives,resident associations,NGO’s, social groupsand other voluntaryorganizations as membersof CC-TRV.Various stakeholderslike residents of the city,employers, industryassociations, NGOs andcommunity organizationsare acutely aware of thechallenges that the cityfaces ,therefore theycan aid the governmentin decision making ,implementation etc.CC-TRV will be set up as aTrust on the lines of thoseestablished in other citiesof India. The membersof CC-TRV will compriseof members of majorindustry associations ofTrivandrum – TrivandrumAgenda Task Force (TATF),Confederation of IndianIndustry (CII), TrivandrumChamber of Commerce(TCoC), Confederation ofKerala Tourism Industries(CKTI), Confederation ofReal Estate DevelopersAssociation (CREDAI),Group of TechnologyCompanies (GTECH),Indian Institute ofArchitects (IIA), IndianMedical Association (IMA),Trivandrum DevelopmentFront (TDF), TrivandrumManagement Association(TMA), South KeralaHoteliers Forum (SKHF)and Institute of CharteredAccountants of India(ICAI). An ExecutiveCouncil will be chosenfrom among thesemembers and a full timeCEO will be appointed torun the CC-TRV Secretariat.May 2013
  28. 28. METROMay 201328 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartThiruvananthapuram Development – Some IdeasCaptain K A Pillai of National Club writes in detail how to make ourcity better. He was involved in preparing project report for Vallar-padam, Vizhinjam, Inland Water Transport Corporation, and SuperExpress Highway.Transportation is thegreatest challengeof a modern city.Communication hasbecome seamless and nomore a challenge. Growingcities such as Kolkatta,Mumbai, Bangkok, Jakarta,Manila and Beijing areclogged by traffic.Beijing recorded theworld’s highest level of airpollution and fog. If wewant to save Trivandrumfrom these futureproblems we have to actnow. Transportation is onesector in which the citizensare helpless and the stateaction is the only solution.Circular Outer RingSystemThis can be monorail ornormal railway system.Powering can be electricityor compressed air. Theroutes to be connectedare Airport, Anchuthengu,Varkala, Kallambalam,Kilimanoor, Palode,Nedumangad, Kattakkada,Neyyattinkara, Vizhinjam,Kovalam, and back toAirport.Radial Rail SystemThe centre of the systemis to be Thampanoor. Thecircular ring stations areto be connected by radialsystem to Thampanoor.Inter State Bus TerminalInterstate bus terminalis to be located near theAirport. Like in London, anair traveler must be ableto pick up his luggage in atrolley and walk down tothe interstate terminal.City Bus TerminalCity bus terminal locatedin Thampanoor is to beconnected with interstateterminal. Wide flyoversto be constructed fromcity terminal to rail stationso that passengers canwalk from bus terminal torailway station.Current Transport PolicyCurrent transportfacilities are designedfor the benefits of autodrivers, taxi drivers,KSRTC employees andporters. This policy is to bechanged to the benefit oftravelers.Taxi MetersAuto and taxi must chargeonly the metered charges.The rates if required canbe enhanced. But thepolice must strictly enforcepay by meter rule.FEATURE ARTICLE
  29. 29. May 2013 29www.metromartdaily.comPublic TransportBy improving the qualityof public transport system,the need for self-drivencars and two wheelerswill come down. This willreduce the number ofvehicles on the road andair pollution.City MapThe corporation andTourism department mustact together and producea city map like the one inSingapore. With the aidof this street map anytraveler can reach hisdestination.Time TableBEST the Mumbaitransport service printedand published a timetablein 1984. This is still validand strictly followed. Agood published timetablewill help reduce trafficproblems.Public ToiletsAt least 1000 publictoilets are required forTrivandrum city alone.Some can be free andsome can be pay and use.Private investment can beattracted to this sector.Cycle PathsAll the roads must beconverted to cycle path.This will reduce pollution.Cycling will help exerciseand healthy life.Coastal Cycle WayA coastal cycle path fromVizhinjam to Varkala willattract tourists.Kayaking & CanoeingCanal network fromVellayani to Varkala needto be dredged to facilitateKayaking, Canoeing andBoating.Clean up Parvathyputhanar- All canals and waterwaysneed to be cleaned anddredged.Chalai Shopping MallChalai is to be redesignedto accommodate all theexisting shops. The newmall is to be citizen-friendlyand clean.Garbage DisposalThe primary duty of CityCorporation is to collectand dispose garbagesafely. Distributed garbageprocessing will causepollution of groundwatertable. The entire processis to be centralized andautomated.Expatriate WorkersPhoto identity cards are tobe issued to all expatriateworkers.Pest ControlDogs, cats, rats andmosquitoes are to becontrolled as per existinglaw.Citizen PolicingPolice network is tobe increased throughvolunteers from ResidentsAssociations.Distributed DevelopmentDevelopment can bedistributed all over thedistrict. Concentrationwill lead to congestion,pollution and crime.
  30. 30. METROMay 201330 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartThiruvananthapuram girl topsCivil Services examinationHaritha is the daughterof R. Vijayakumar,a businessman andChithra Vijayakumar,a homemaker. She iscurrently undergoingtraining for Indian RevenueService at Faridabad. Herfather R. Vijayakumar saidthat she worked very hardfor the examination. This isher fourth attempt for thecoveted examination.Ms. Kumar residingat Thycaud,In more than 20 years,Haritha V. Kumar hasbecome the first personfrom the state to top theprestigious Civil ServicesExamination. It is thethird time in a row awoman has topped theUPSC examination Thelast candidate to bagthe top rank was RajuNarayanaswamy in 1991.FEATURE ARTICLEThiruvananthapuram is anengineer by training andan ardent lover of Carnaticmusic, old Malayalammovie songs andMalayalam literature.She had done herschooling at St.Theresa’s ConventSchool in Neyyatinkaraand did Electronicsand Communicationprogramme atGovernmentEngineering College,Thiruvananthapuram. Shehad chosen Malayalamas one of her optionalsubjects. Her otheroptional subject wasEconomics.It is the third time in arow a woman has toppedthe UPSC examination. VSriram, an MBBS holderfrom Kerala Universityhas bagged the secondposition in the CivilServices examination. AlbyJohn Varghese from KeralaMETROMay 201330 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  31. 31. May 2013 31www.metromartdaily.comAwards make theirway to Keralagot the fourth place inthe examination. The civilservice toppers Haritha,Sriram and Alby werereceived as special guestsby Kerala Governor NikhilKumar at Raj Bhavan.When questioned by onenewspaper daily on theproblems faced by Kerala,she was of the view thatit cannot be generalizedand for each area there areindividual problems suchas Thiruvananthapuramhaving garbage issues,while other areas havingits own problems. Harithahad always set her sighton Indian AdministrativeService.She said that herdiscussions and debateswith her friends at theacademy had helped herin gaining confidencefor the examination. Sheattributes her success toher parents and familysaying that her parentsencouraged her to dreamand aim high.Her brother Sadharsh toois undergoing preparationto appear for the CivilServices examination.Hopefully, the state wouldhave more Civil Servicesexamination toppers in thecoming years.Metro MartThiruvananthapuramcongratulates Haritha onher success.Kerala Tourism has addedgolden feathers to its capby winning many awardsin 2012. The latest honourcomes in the form ofConde Nast Travel Award2012.In its efforts to put‘Brand India’ on the globalmap Kerala tourism wonthis award for the year2012.The ‘Brand India’ GlobalAward, instituted this year,was presented to RaniGeorge, Director of KeralaTourism, at a ceremonyin New Delhi .The awardis an appreciation to thesignificant contributionmade by Kerala Tourism tothe travel industry and itsefforts to showcase Indiato global audience.Aimed at recognizingand honouring the bestin the travel, tourismand hospitality industry,the awards are decidedby the global readers. InNovember, Kerala Tourismalso won the prestigiousCNBC Awaaz Travel Awardfor2012. It was conferredthe award in the ‘besttravel and tourism State’category. Kerala Tourismwas adjudged the bestfor constantly striving topush the boundaries ofexcellence.
  32. 32. METROMay 201332 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartGOOD LIVINGFabindia presents BalladsA new home collection available at Trivandrum storeThis summer turn your living space into a welcoming retreat with Fabindia’sBallads - a new home collection inspired by the beauty of flowers. The collectionbrings you an exclusive range of bed, bath and table linen, curtains and cushioncovers highlighting a medley of soothing floral motifs and colours that speak ofthe season.Capturing the essence ofsummers, cool shades ofpeach, sage green andsunshine yellow formthe colour palette of thecollection. Make yourbedrooms a relaxingsanctuary with bed sheets,throws, bed and cushioncovers highlighting handblock printed motifs onsoft breathable cottonwhites. Other than prints,you can pick from bedlinen in appliqué workwith contemporarylayouts, classic chikankariembroidery and cutwork.
  33. 33. May 2013 33www.metromartdaily.comAbsolute show stoppersfrom the collection includethe range of curtains,cushion covers and bedlinen that beautifullyuse two distinct crafttechniques of hand blockprinting and cutwork.Treat your eyes to a floralfiesta with the excitingvariety of table linen inprinted chanderi andfine cotton. Choose fromsubtle white on whiteprints, overall blockprinted floral expansesaccentuated with goldkhari in table covers andcomplementary plainsolid woven runners andnapkins.To help you extend thisrefreshing look into yourbathrooms, Ballads hasan interesting range ofbath linen that uses similarmotif language in itstowels, shower curtainsand bath mats.Complete the look withbreezy mull curtains inkantha embroidery andplain solids in cutwork tocomplete the look.With 169 stores across 74cities in India and eightinternational stores,Fabindia Overseas PrivateLimited is India’s largestretail platform for awide range of productsproduced by artisansliving largely in ruralareas. Our endeavouris to blend indigenouscraft techniques withcontemporary designsin order to presentaesthetic and affordablehand crafted products totoday’s consumers usingnatural materials andfibres.The product range extendsfrom a large varietyof garments for men,women, teens and childrento home furnishing, floorcovering, furniture, gift-ware, jewellery, organicfood and personal careproducts.Fabindia also providesonline B2C shoppingfacilities to supportcustomers across 33countries, including India.
  34. 34. METROMay 201334 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartLocated adjacent to theNational highway nearKaramana Junction, NazHome Space in its twofloors has a wide variety offurniture that are uniquein craftsmanship andeconomical.Naz Home Space isdedicated in furniturecreation with an honestapproach to customers.Right from the selection ofwood – whether it is Teak,Mahogany, Rosewoodor any other type - tofinishing the product,quality is ensured.Apart from the readymadefurniture available at theoutlet in Karamana, NazHome Space also offerscustom-made furniturefor living room, kitchen,bedroom, and office space.For customized furniture,designing is done based onthe area available, existinginterior pattern and theclient’s preference.The collection at Nazincludes traditional,modern, and space-savingfurniture. Any type ofwood the customer desiresis available at Naz - be itSHOPPINGNaz Home Space offers stylishand affordable furnitureLocated adjacent to the National highway near Karamana Junction, Naz HomeSpace in its two floors has a wide variety of furniture that are unique in crafts-manship and economical.
  35. 35. May 2013 35www.metromartdaily.comhardwood, softwood suchas pine or manufacturedwood such as MDF.Chairs, couches, designersofa sets such as Italianand Moghul, couches,study tables, wardrobes,dining tables, beds,bedroom sets, dressingroom sets, and otheraccessories are availableat Naz. Naz also offersmodular kitchens andkitchen accessories.Office furnishing includesexecutive chair, executivetable, 3-seaters, revolvingchair and visitor’s chair.Curtains and its accessoriesin different color schemesare available at Naz. Teamat Naz also undertakespartitioning of roomsand halls. Naz HomeSpace Sales ManagerBijukumar says “Specialtiesat Naz include custommade U-Cliner, Plushsofa sets, aestheticallydesigned Cook Spacemodular kitchen, and
  36. 36. METROMay 201336 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmartthe traditional furnitureAntq. The products areguaranteed and they offerthe customers after-salesservice for years”.“While some stores hidefacts when dealing withcustomers, we at Naz aretruthful about facts andreality when dealing withcustomers. The customers’product requirementsare met exactly”, saysNoushad of Naz HomeSpace. He also said thatplans are underway toproduce a low-budgetbedroom set including abed with mattress, twopillows, a side table, acupboard and a dressingtable.Furniture at Naz arecreated by renownedcraftsmen at their ownfactory, thereby ensuringquality monitoringand timely delivery ofproducts. Product designsare innovative. Wordof mouth publicity bycustomers has createda steady increase in newclients at the newly setupoutlet in Karamana.The deeply religiousManaging Director AbdulNazar’s motto is to provideaffordable and qualityfurniture without anycompromise in values. Theaffordability, high qualityand style quotient makesthe products at Naz standapart. The experiencedteam at Naz can be reliedto plan and model anefficient design for yourhome decor.Abdul NazarManaging DirectorNAZ Home Space
  37. 37. May 2013 May 2013
  38. 38. METROMay 201338 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart‘The Courtyard’ with itsmulti cuisine and seafoodgrill has a seating capacityof 90. Be sure to taste ‘Thecourtyard’ specials likeUDS Mixed Grill, MangalPandey Ki Pasand Kheema,Gilafi Naan, Warqi Paratha,Tiger Prawn Sizzler,Seafood Lasagne and ofcourse the Keralite dishAppam with Fish Molly.Grasshopper – the all-day buffet restaurantis spacious. It servesbreakfast, lunch anddinner. The culinarydelights at Grasshopperinclude internationalcuisine as well as from allparts of the country. Witha seating capacity of 150 itfaces the swimming pool,the garden and the beachbeyond.The specialties at‘Aquamarine’ are Italian,American and Tandoordishes. The choice ofItalian pastas is not tobe missed here; also theWith the close proximity to the sea at the famed Samudra beach of Kovalam, the diningexperience at Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel is something not to be missed. Themulti-cuisine restaurants at Uday Samudra offer a wide variety of seafood. The choiceof cuisine is varied such as Mughal, Chinese, Italian and Continental in addition toSouth Indian and other Indian cuisines.Dining Divine at UDSDINING
  39. 39. May 2013 39www.metromartdaily.comkebabs and Tikkas, UDSclub sandwich, JhingaJalpari, and SeafoodLasagne. They servedelicious eatables foraround 50 people at atime.The all-day dining ‘TheLounge’ has a juiceand snack parlour. Theassortment of ayurvedicand herbal juice availablehere gives a boost to yourhealth as well as spirits.Snacks such as fish’n chips,half and half burgers,crumb fried prawnstantalizes your taste buds.Make it a point to visit‘Waves’ at the beach.Seafood is the prominentfeature of Waves. Crabs,lobsters, delicacies madeof fresh small fishes areamong the variety cateredat Waves. Entertainment isalso provided here. It couldbe anything from watchingKathakali to listening tolive bands.The type of clientele atUday Samudra rangesfrom local tourists toEuropeans and Russians.Seasonally there is achange in the inflow ofguests.Uday Samudra LeisureBeach Hotel has expertcooks with Rhynold asthe Executive Chef. Thepreferences of guestsare given top priority.Comments from eachguest is collectedregarding service and thevariety of food. Guests areguided to all the outletsat Uday Samudra andgiven a taste of special
  40. 40. METROMay 201340 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmartservings of the day. Theingredients for the cuisinesare imported. Fishes forseafood varieties aresourced locally.A number of conferencesand high-profile meetingsare conducted at UdaySamudra for whichcatering is done by thehotel itself. Demands bycustomers to be cateredat other locations arealso taken up. Rhynoldsaid that there are manycompanies which conducttheir annual meetingsregularly at Uday Samudra.The vast experience ofChef Rhynold includesworking as a chef in oceanliners where over 15,000meals are catered per day.He says a lot of hard workis put in to create the widevariety of food stuff ingood quality. Comparinghis days onboard, he saidin a hotel the chefs needto be flexible whereasonboard everything goeson mechanically. ChefRhynold said extremehygiene is maintained inthe restaurant. He alsosaid it is ensured thatonly authentic and freshingredients are used forpreparing the dishes.Chef Rhynold has alreadystarted on his plans toconduct a ‘Food fest.’This year it is his intentionto showcase a variety ofMexican delights at thefest.This calm retreat offersyou a stimulating fusionof cuisine and décor. Beit an informal lunch or aformal event, the hotelprovides a wide choicefrom individual menu to anelaborate buffet. The foodhere does justice to thetaste buds. Uday SamudraLeisure Beach Hotel hasalways been a cut abovethe rest.
  41. 41. May 2013 May 2013
  42. 42. METROMay 201342 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartIt is an amazingexperience. The cross-cultural communicationskills you will gain whilestudying abroad will beincredibly valuable andwill help you to become aglobal citizen.While at first you may feela little uncomfortable andinsecure, usually studentsare more eager andsurprised when they haveto choose one destinationfor their Study Abroadprogram.When choosing a country,bear in mind that the styleof teaching and flexibilityof programmes variesacross the continent. It isgenerally accepted thatthe further north in Europeyou are, the more you willbe left to your own devicesin terms of planningand carrying out yourcourse, while the furthersouth you are, the moretraditional and structuredthe learning. This aspectis often overlooked,potentially leaving youwith a nasty shock onarrival.Here are few favoritedestinations for ourstudents.Canada is one ofthe world’s mostdeveloped nations,with the sixth rankingin human development.Subsequently, CanadaThinking of studying abroad but are not sure whether it is something for you? Studying ina foreign country will be a fun opportunity, not only to learn about people and culturesfrom all over the world but also to gain greater insight into your own skills, strength, andaspirations.Glimpses of Studies Abroad,for Indian choice…EDUCATIONMETROMay 201342 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  43. 43. May 2013 43www.metromartdaily.comhas excellent educationnetwork consistingcommunity colleges anduniversities. Most collegesand universities provideco-op term for studentswith placement and workfor full time in betweentheir studies. Cost-effectiveeducation with a pack of 11lakhs including your studyand living for one year.Universities in America areextremely competitive. Aminimum GPA of a 2:2 isusually expected. Like allother countries, they willalso take other factorsinto consideration suchas sufficient financialresources, proficiencyin the English languageand other academicand extracurricularachievements.It is a good idea to apply tomore than one university,as you may not beaccepted on to your firstchoice. Scholarships andgrants are available in theUS, although competitionfor them may be high.As an internationalstudent, you shouldbe prepared to pay upto $13,000 a year at astate university and upto $35,000 for a privateuniversity. If you live oncampus, as most studentsin North America do,you will probably haveliving expenses of $3,000to $5,000 per annum inaddition to your fees.A real benefit to studyingin Europe is that thetuition fees can be a lotlower than in any othercountry. It starts from 4.5lakhs. Quite a number ofuniversities offer educationfree of cost. A potentialworry when consideringstudying in Europe may bethe language barrier, butdon’t let a lack of languagehold you back.An ever-increasingnumber of Europe’s highereducation institutionsoffer international studyprogrammes with Englishas the main language.Many students use theirfree time to take up a newlanguage while they’reabroad, and you’ll pick itup from daily life anyway.If you are going to applyto a course taught ina language other thanEnglish, be prepared topresent some kind ofproof of ability such as abasic language test.New Zealand offers arange of internationallyrecognised degreecourses and it’s becomingincreasingly popular withstudents. It boasts someof the most beautifullandscapes on earth, andwith a population of onlyfour million it remainsnatural and unspoilt.New Zealand is oneof the recommendeddestinations specificallyfor students who wants topursue there PHD Degree.Tuition fees of PHD levelcourses is now cut downto domestic level coursefee and it costs a studentapproximately NZ$ 4275.The Australian educationsystem has a stronginternational reputation.Australia is also one of thebest places to live. It is aMay 2013
  44. 44. METROMay 201344 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmartyoung, vibrant and friendlycountry in which studentscan live, learn and grow.So if you want a qualityeducation and a goodlifestyle, choose Australia.Australia is to streamlinethe process of obtaining astudent visa for universityas part of new measuresto boost internationaleducation. Under thesystem overseas students– regardless of theircountry of origin – visa willbe treated as of low risk,and will need to submitless evidence in support oftheir application.Instead, they willhave to give evidenceof their finances,English languageskills and academicqualifications directto universities, whichwill in turn vouchfor their credibility.Students can takeEnglish program withtheir major subject inAustralia, which releasesthe pressure of takingthe language proficiencyprogram in the homecountry.The world is looking atAsia – its strong economicgains and growingaffluence alongside rapidmodernisation. To stayahead in a landscape filledwith a multitude of cultureand heritage, one needsto take a fresh look at theregion with the peoplewho know it best.As the bridge betweenthe East and West,Singapore, Malaysia andBangkok will be your idealstarting ground. BesidesMasters and Research,course available after10th without IELTS andwith guaranteed workplacements.There are so manyamazing things toexperience around theworld. See the world andbroaden your experience,gain new perspectiveon your own country.Improve your professionaland financial potential,outlooks through newrelationships and becomea full-time learner.For further details writeto Natasha Kombara,Director, ICCA-EducationConsultancy Pvt Ltd Tel:+91 471 406 4673 Visit:www.icca.inMETROMay 201344 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  45. 45. May 2013
  46. 46. METROMay 201346 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartIn this fast-paced worldof technology, travelbusinesses have to keepabreast of the changeshappening with regardto softwares, mobileapplications, and webspaces. Companiesthat are online give stiffcompetition to traditionaltravel and tour operators.International Conferenceon Travel Technology(ICTT) comes at the righttime.It would play a big partin enlightening all thosehotel and tour operatorswho want to expandtheir businesses online.ICTT will be beneficial forHotels and Resorts whowants to build new clientpartnerships with touroperators and developstrategies for doingbusiness with direct clientsand the corporate.Delegates – Indian andinternational - wouldinclude travel and touroperators, hotel and resortowners, tourism marketingprofessionals, researchers,and academics.The organizers of ICTTIndia are Association ofInternational Conference on TravelTechnology – the first of its kind inthe country is set to be held at ‘TheLeela’ Kovalam from June 7th to9th, 2013. It aims to assist the traveland tourism industry to leveragethe full potential of the internet.ICTT India would have talks givenby 17 eminent international and do-mestic speakers such as Sheila Scar-borough, Philip Calvert, AvijitArya,Adam Franklin, KarthickPrabu, andChad Wiebesick.Bringing Technology into Travel & TourismInternational Conference on Travel TechnologyTRAVEL
  47. 47. May 2013
  48. 48. METROMay 201348 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartTravel Trade Organisations,India (ATTOI).ATTOI works in associationwith Kerala Departmentof Tourism to promoteresponsible travel andsustainable tourism.ICTT would also providean avenue for the traveltechnology companies toshowcase new softwares,mobile applications andonline resources. Anexhibition is also to beconducted along with theconference.Technology andcommunications servicesproviders, nationaland state tourismdepartments, internationaland domestic tourism“Around 52% of potential travelers depend oninternet for booking their tours. Earlier, foreigntourists would contact a tour operator at theirbase place who will in turn contact their Indiancounterpart and then arrange the tour – it wasa time-consuming process. The current trend isfinding and direct booking of tours through online.This necessitates the need to educate thedomestic tourism stakeholders on web marketingand how online resources can be used to furthertheir businesses. ICTT would fulfill this necessity.We are expecting around 400 delegates tobe present at ICTT. On the sidelines of theconference, there would be an exhibition witharound 60-70 stalls.”Anish Kumar P KSecretary, ATTOIMETROMay 201348 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  49. 49. May 2013
  50. 50. METROMay 201350 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart“There are IT companies in Technopark whichdeal with travel software; however, they arenot linked to tour operators in the state. ICTTwould provide that connection. The best onlinetourism marketing agencies are being broughtto ICTT. This would help in promoting Kerala asa tourist destination.The speakers at ICTT would be able to guidethe delegates on promoting their businessesthrough social media. June-July beingEuropean vacation season, ICTT would alsopave the way for bringing in more Europeantourists.”V Sreekumara MenonPresident, ATTOIorganisations, travel andtour operators, hotels,resorts, spas and medicaltourism businesses, ITcompanies, financialservice providers, airlines,education institutes andtourism publications wouldbe among the exhibitors.Understanding theimportance and power ofinternet, ways to use theresources available onlineto drive business, gettinginputs in adapting to thechanging technology andacquiring skills to beatthe competition are thekey takeaways of theconference. With about 23topics being taken up, theconference would providea complete analysis ontravel technology.METROMay 201350 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  51. 51. May 2013 51www.metromartdaily.comThe ‘Divya Spa’ at TheLeela Kovalam wasawarded second time theprestigious Asia Spa Award(first in 2008 and againin 2012) for the categoryof “Best Ayurvedic Spa& Wellness Center’. TheGeoSpa Asia Spa Awardswas instituted in 2005in order to recognizeexceptional sensationalspas in Asia.Divya Spa featuresAyurveda, an age oldIndian science of life incontemporary settingswhich offers ancientremedies to today’sneeds. The signaturetreatments of the spainclude Udvarthanam,Shiodhara, Elakkizhi andNavarakkizhi. A team ofsixteen highly trainedDivya Spa bags GeoSpa AsiaSpa India Awardtherapists and dedicatedAyurvedic doctors worktowards offering a retreatto every guest who seekssolace from the rigorouscomplexities of their dailylives.Divya Spa at Leela KovalamKovalam, cradled betweentwo sweeping beacheson a rocky outcrop andoffering panoramic viewsof the famed Kovalamshoreline, the inspiringLeela Kempinski KovalamBeach is a lush retreatin the greenest heart ofKerala.The Divya Spa is anextraordinary buildingoccupying 8000 squarefeet right on the cliff top.Divya itself means “light”and it light that definesand inspires everythinghere from the rooftopyoga pavilion to theviews from the treatmentrooms. The primary focusof the spa is on Ayurvedatreatments with 3 doctorsand 20 therapists. Theexperience is personal andunique. Medicinal plantscome fresh from the spagreenhouse. Amenities areworld class and the rangeof treatments extensive.The Leela Kovalam awarded second time Best Ayurvedic Spa & Wellness CenterBEAUTY
  52. 52. METROMay 201352 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartThe event was presidedby One Roof India MD, SijiNair. ThiruvananthapuramCorporation DeputyMayor G. Happy Kumar,FRAT president PattomSasidharan Nair, SecretaryMaruthamkuzhi Satheesh,Treasurer C. ManoharanNair, Rakshadhikari Adv.Vennikulam GeorgeVarghese, Nazir Salam,Sreevidya Santhosh,Kalanidhi GeneralSecretary GeethaRajendran, and KalanidhiChairman ParvathipuramPadmanabha Iyer wereat the event. BharatiyaVichara Kendram DirectorP. Parameshwaran wasfelicitated at the event.This year the event isbeing expanded to coverother cities in Kerala suchas Punalur, Tiruvalla,Thrissur, and Malappuram.At Punalur the eventwas inaugurated on April21st by Chairperson ofPunalur Municipality GracyJohn. Binoy Krishna gaveThe third edition of Gurukul expo was inaugurated by Bharathiya Vichara KendramAcademic Director Dr. K.N. Madhusoodhanan Pillai at Kanakakunnu on April 19th,2013. More than 30 establishments had put up their stalls at the expo. Educational andcareer guidance services were carried out at the event. The expo in Thiruvanantha-puram concluded on April 20th.Gurukul 2013- Wings Expanded!FAIR MARTwelcome note at theoccasion.Punalur MunicipalVice Chairman S.Biju, Former PunalurMunicipal ChairmanM.A. Rajagopal, FormerPunalur Vice ChairmanV.P. Unnikrishnan, PunalurMunicipality OppositionLeader Abraham George,Punalur MunicipalityEducation StandingCommittee ChairpersonMini Madhukumar,Punalur Town WardCounselor Valsa J.P. John,Janakiya Suraksha VediChairman Adv. RaghunathKamukumchery,Bharathiya Mahila MorchaState General SecretaryB. Radhamoni, Recipientof National Teacher’sAward U. NoorunnisaBegum were at the event.In Punalur, the expo wasconducted at PunalurGovt. Higher SecondarySchool. U. NoorunnisaBegum was felicitated atGurukul for being awardedNational Teacher’s Award.Like in the previouseditions of Gurukul in 2011and 2012, this year too theexpo was a resoundingsuccess making it the
  53. 53. May 2013 53www.metromartdaily.combiggest education andplacement event in Kerala.The expo witnessed a hugeturnout of professionals;leading companies, HRconsultancies, parents andcollege students.The students looking outto further their educationhad the chance to getfirsthand information fromthe colleges present atthe event. Employmentseekers made use of theHR consultancies thathad put up their stalls inGurukul at Kanakakunnu.Representatives ofvarious institutes andacademics from acrossthe country and also fromabroad were present atGurukul 2013 providinginformation on thecourses available at theirinstitutions. A job-seekerPramila Shyamkumarfrom Nedumangaudexpressed that ‘I camehere looking out for therecruiting organizations. Inaddition to that I found apart-time software coursewhich would increase myemployment potential.’The stalls put up includedthat of Kodai InternationalBusiness School, ICCAEducation Consultancy,A.R. College of Engineering& Technology, GlobalEducation Consultants,Career World, EuropeStudy Centre, TamizhanCollege of Engineering &Technology, Karavali Groupof Colleges, WonderfulTimes, Mathrubhumi,Deccan Chronicle, CentralCoir Research Institute,Business Boom, Star Card,IELT Kerala, DC Media, OneRoof Placements, TubeBinding Machines, EnergyManagement Centre, ShineCollege, Edroof EducationalConsultancy, MS RamaiahHarsha Hospital, andPasumpon MuthuramalingaThevar College.At Kanakakunnu, paintingcompetitions and quizcompetitions were heldduring the expo. InPunalur, along withthe painting andquiz competitions, aseminar on ‘HigherEducation and increasedemployment potential’was also organized onthe sidelines of GurukulExpo. Team Gurukul issure that the successof ‘Gurukul Educationand Career Expo 2013’ atThiruvananthapuram andPunalur in providing aplatform for educationalinstitutions, HRorganizations, studentsand employment seekersto meet up will berepeated at the expo tobe conducted at Tiruvalla,Thrissur and Malappuram.
  54. 54. METROMay 201354 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartP a y -tm is atrusted prepaidrecharge portalthat offers you a very easy and secureway to recharge your mobile anytime fromanywhere. They offer mobile top-ups and re-charge, post-paid bill payments, internet datacard recharge, DTH recharge and bus ticketbookings. All the major mobile operators aresupported by Paytm. You can also loadyour Paytm account with prepaid Pay-tm Cash and recharge by simplysending a is youonline digary. Ohlife is really simwill send you friendly emsimple questions like “Hday go?”. All you need to dto those mails and eventuend up with a neat coyour life stories. Onlyread what you wrR e d -Bus is an on-line travel agencyoffering bus tickin India. They have associatedover 700 bus travel operators afer bus tickets to more than 10000across the country. You can book ytickets online, by phone, or inYou can also choose from buseson boarding points, timing andtype. RedBus also allows theers to choose their seat.Drop-box isan online file hosting service thatoffers cloud storage. With Dropbox youcan bring all your files such as photos, docs,and videos anywhere. You can use this serviceto backup your precious data from your desktopor laptop and none of your data will ever be lost.You can access your dropbox account from any-where. With the free package you will get 2GB ofonline storage. You can install free Dropboxsoftware on Windows, Mac, Linux, andMobile. Dropbox works on Android,iOS, Blackberry and Kindle Fireplatforms.6 incredibly useful websites providing great servicesCompiled by Amal BabuMETROMay 201354 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  55. 55. May 2013 is youronline digital di-is really simple. Theyu friendly emails askingions like “How’d yourou need to do is to replys and eventually you willh a neat collection oftories. Only you canwhat you write.Issuu.comIssuu is the world’s largestdigital publishing platform with 52 mil-lion monthly readers. There are more than210,000 new publications per month. They of-fer magazines, catalogs and newspapers. Millionsof people have uploaded their best publicationsto create beautiful digital editions. Issuu is free andanyone can publish their content in the site. Accord-ing to Adam Fisher of the titles that arearchived on the site comes so close to the feelof the actual thing. Issuu is also crafted formobile. Grab your iPad or mobile andenjoy the perfect reading expe-rience on the move.B o o k -MyShow is a web-site which fulfils all your tick-eting needs. You can book ticketsfor Movies, Plays, Concerts, NewYear parties, Sports, and Other events. WithTicket Buddy, you can pre-book your tickets inadvance. You can cancel any time prior to finalconfirmation and get your full refund. The tick-ets can be booked from your mobile usingthe BookMyShow mobile app. The app isavailable in iPhone, Android, BlackBer-ry, Windows Phone, Nokia OVIStore and Ticket Buddy.d -an on-avel agencyng bus ticketsassociated withoperators and of-e than 10000 routesu can book your busone, or in person.from buses based, timing and buso allows the us-their seat.Internet has become muchmore useful and practicalover the past 15 years.Here is a list of entertain-ing and useful websitesthat might come in handy.These all have simple webaddresses that you canmemorize thus saving youa trip to Google.ets can be booked from your mobile usingMay 2013
  56. 56. METROMay 201356 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartUnion Tourism Ministrysanctioned a package ofRs. 13.60 crore for thefinancial year 2013-14 todevelop Kovalam tourismhub. Minister of Statefor Human ResourceDevelopment ShashiTharoor has said that thepackage is intended tomake this internationally-renowned locality moreThe Thiruvananthapuramand Kochi hospitalsof KIMS have beenempaneled under themedical reimbursementscheme of thegovernment. Nephrology,Neurosurgery, Criticalillnesses such as cancerand cardiac are among theDepartment of Prisons inassociation with KeralaSocial Security Mission willbe providing free lunchon a daily basis to around2,500 patients in MedicalCollege Hospital and SATHospital.NGOs, NSS volunteers andstudent police cadets willbe assisting in transportingKovalam beach tourism to get Rs. 13.60 crore packageTreat�ent at KIMS to be reimbursed for StateGovernment employeesThiruvananthapuram to be hunger-free citytourist-friendly andenvisages comprehensivedevelopment of touristamenities, includingconstruction of walkways,landscaping and lighting.Union Tourism MinisterChiranjeevi wouldbe inaugurating thedevelopment project nextmonth. Developmentof Kovalam bus stand,construction of anamenity block, a park nearthe harbour, sidewallsfor the road leading tothe fisheries harbour,walkways linking variousbeaches, and synchronizedlighting system at thebeach are some of theactivities that are to betaken up with the package.specialties in KIMS.Government employeescan avail these treatmentfacilities at KIMS from nowon using the governmentempanelment. The helplinenumber 9747009166 canbe contacted for furtherdetails.the food to the hospitalsand health officials wouldbe involved in distributingthe food. A new kitchenhas beenset up atCentraljail for theprojectwitharound 100inmatesinvolved in the preparationof food. The estimatedexpenditure per day isabout Rs. 50,000.METRO UPDATE
  57. 57. May 2013 May 2013
  58. 58. METROMay 201358 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartMetroMart in associationwith Kalanidhi Centre forArts Culture and Researchand Federation ofResidents’ AssociationsThiruvananthapuramhave adopted a familywhich is financiallybackward.Manakattu VilakattuVeettil SasidharanAssari’s family inKadinamkulam is thefamily that is adopted.The other members inthe family include hiswife Susheela, 57, sonAnil Kumar, 46, daughterSheela, 33, and ninthstandard student Shyam,14. The wife and bothchildren are physicallychallenged.Sasidharan suffers fromurinary disease for thelast seven years. Hewas continuing with hiscarpentry work to lookafter the five-memberfamily, even though he hasto carry a bag to collecturine during work. He wasdetected as having cancertwo months ago and hecould not continue hiswork and he was unable toMetroMart’s part in Corporate Social ResponsibilityFamily adopted by MetroMart, FRAT and Kalanidhipay rent for the last coupleof months.When this incident came tolight, MetroMart managingdirector Siji Nair, Kalanidhigeneral secretary GeethaRajendran, and FRATtreasurer C ManoharanNair visited the house ofSasidharan Assari andassessed the situation.After the visits to hishouse, they promised totake care of SasidharanAssari’s treatment,education for thechildren, daily needsand rent for the house.Kesavadasapuram HolysticMedicine director Dr K BPillai donated medicinesworth Rs 6,000 anda month’s essentialcommodities were handedover to the family. Astudent of KadinamkulamMuslim High School,Shyam was assured tobe provided uniform andstudy materials.Anil Kumar who can repairelectronic equipmentswill be given a wheel-chair and a tailoringmachine to Susheela.She will be supported tobuy hen, goat and cow.If the panchayat or anyvoluntary organisationtook the initiative toprovide land, the memberswho visited the house alsoassured to build a housefor Sasidharan Assari andfamily.METRO UPDATE
  59. 59. May 2013 59www.metromartdaily.comTrivandrum emerges winner in Housingand Transport categoryPioneer in the mediaindustry, India todaygroup has published ‘bestcities’ survey results tohighlight the liveability ofour cities. In the “Housingand Transport” categoryThiruvananthapuramemerged as the BestCity and Rajkot as theEmerging City.The report says, “2% ofThiruvananthapuram’stotal population lives inslums, the lowest amongthe 50 cities in India; 44%of the city’s residents usepublic transport and 49%residents take less thanfive minutes to cover 5kmin their neighbourhood,only 13% can do the samein Mumbai”. Also, inthe overall category,Thiruvananthapuramis positioned at 15th,whereas Chennai is placedat first position followedby Chandigarh, Mumbaiand Hyderabad.The survey assesseseach cities under ninecategories-housing andtransport, education,entertainment,environment, crime andsafety, public services,healthcare, investmentand economy. In additionto these categories, thesurvey also compiles allinto an overall category.The survey resultsgive a glimpse of theperformance of variouscities and its stategovernments. The futureof India, in many ways,depends on the prosperityof its cities, therefore IndiaToday have chosen toassess the performance of50 cities, all of which havea population of around1 million people. India isurbanizing rapidly.In 2001, around 270 millionIndians lived in cities. By2012, that number hadgrown to almost 370million, which is one thirdof India’s total population.It is estimated that by2020, there will be morethan 500 million peopleliving in urban areas.Therefore it is necessaryto periodically identify theliveability of cities.On May 20, 2013, S.Harikishore took charge asthe director of the KeralaState Tourism Department.He is a 2008-batchIAS officer. He is alsoserving as the directorof Scheduled TribesDevelopment Department.S Harikishore new Tourism DirectorHe had an earlier stint asDistrict Tourism PromotionCouncil Secretary inWayanad.He considers improvingthe marketing of Keralatourism as his primeagenda. He looks forwardto develop new productsin order to drive theindustry.
  60. 60. METROMay 201360 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartAt a function in Durbar Hallwhile presenting ‘SwatiPuraskar’ to carnaticmusician and composerV. Dakshinamoorthy,Chief Minister OommenChandy welcomed theinterest of Ace musicmaestro and Sarod playerUstad Amjad Ali Khan tobegin an internationalschool of music inThiruvananthapuram.Culture Minister K.C.Joseph said that the acemusician has expressed hisinterest to start the schoolin Thiruvananthapuramif the state governmentprovides land. Three acresof land is to be offered.Ustad said, “In my musicschool, there will bestudents from all overthe world and it wouldfunction in the lines of agurukul model.”International school of music by UstadAmjad Ali KhanThe Securities andExchange Board of India(SEBI) in associationwith National SecuritiesDepository Limited(NSDL), organized anInvestor AwarenessProgramme on “SecuritiesInvestor Awareness Programme by SEBI & NSDLMarket & Common Man”at Thiruvanathapuram.Investor education oncapital markets was theobjective of the seminar.Senior SEBI and NSDLofficials spoke at theevent. Holding andhandling of securitiesin electronic form witha Demat Account wasexplained. Tax benefitof ‘Rajiv Gandhi EquityScheme’ was detailed atthe event.METROMay 201360 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  61. 61. May 2013 61www.metromartdaily.comKallingal Bajaj inassociation with NIMSMedicity and VasanEyecare conducted amedical camp at LMSPalayam. The camp wasattended by over threethousand people. At theauto expo, the Bajaj three-Kallingal Bajaj Medical Camp andAuto Expo conductedwheeler dealers Kallingalhad provided a free serviceoffer of Rupees fourthousand to its customers.Kallingal Shafeeq said thattreatment worth Rupeestwo thousand five hundredwas offered free of costto customers of KallingalBajaj.He also said that themedical camp helped thedrivers to test and becomeaware of their healthconditions in terms ofdiabetes, cholesterol, etc.
  62. 62. METROMay 201362 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  63. 63. May 2013
  64. 64. METROMay 201364 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart
  65. 65. May 2013
  66. 66. METROMay 201366 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A MmartTHE LAST LEAFIt is good to note that Thiruvananthapuram is on its fast track for develop-ment, achieving new milestones with a number of initiatives.Thiruvananthapuram Technopark grows by 4,000,000 square feet with acapacity to accommodate over 40,000 technology professionals. It wouldprobably result in about Rs. 4,000 crores of annual IT exports and bring inmore than Rs. 1,200 crores to the local economy as disposable income andtaxes.City Connect is another notable development initiative to improve city’s in-frastructure through sustainable development. This program brings variousurban stakeholders outside the government together on a single platform.In tourism sector, the Union Tourism Ministry has sanctioned Rs. 13.60crores for development of common amenities at the famous coastal tour-ism spot Kovalam. It will change the face of Kovalam and should attractmore tourists to the destination. DTPC has started its project for developingShangumugham as one of the best tourist spots in Kerala.Infrastructure development is another highlighted area on developmentalprocess. The widening of the existing 29 km of two lanes to four lanes fromKaramana to Kaliyikkavila would be of international standard.Thiruvananthapuram development initiatives will be accompanied by de-tailed and continuous interfacing with various development stakeholders- citizens’ groups, business community and Government - to discuss, debateand to develop new ideas and initiatives to transform Thiruvananthapuraminto a Metropolis of the 21st Century along with constant monitoring toensure that development does not falter.Development is the need of the hour!Siji Nairfollow me
  67. 67. May 2013
  68. 68. METROMay 201368 T H I R U VA N A N T H A P U R A Mmart