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Hospitality 2013 oct larc
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Hospitality 2013 oct larc


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Published in: Education

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  • Things get started on the wrong foot
  • No shushing. Ever. Never. Ever.Whensomeone thanks you for your help, what do you say?
  • Implies there is a problem or a worry!
  • Don’t make the customer be the first one to say thank you!
  • Never miss an opportunity to straighten up, pick up, clean up.Mallory, our favorite bartender, rules of wondering around. Never leave your station and return without making at least one thing neater.
  • Looks like sloppy leftovers.Want everyone to have the “this is set up perfectly for me” experience
  • If someone offers you a breath mint, ALWAYS SAY YES!
  • Everyone needs a work wife.Tells me when my hair is weird.Tells me when to go home if I’m sick.Has a great drawer of basic emergency supplies.Sets an awesome example of grace under pressure.
  • This is an easy one.People like to have a cup of coffee and a snack when they are working, we don't have a problem with that as long as they put their cups and wrappers in the trash.Greater chance of a book falling in a bathtub at home than having coffee spilled on it in the library.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hospitality in the Library No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Library Association of Rockland County October 4, 2013
    • 2. Darien Library
    • 3. Darien Library holds itself to the highest possible standard of customer service. We pride ourselves on providing a fulfilling and enriching experience to all who visit us either in person or on the web. We consider hospitality to be a core component in all we do and always look forward to seeing you at the library.
    • 4. Hospitality Role Models
    • 5. So How Does This Relate to Libraries? We have CUSTOMERS. We have PRODUCTS WE BELIEVE IN. We want REPEAT BUSINESS. We know our CUSTOMERS HAVE OTHER OPTIONS.
    • 6. Dewey on Hospitality... ...librarians are as pleased to see a reader come to ask for books or assistance as a merchant to welcome a new customer.
    • 7. At Darien Library we are all librarians! The public doesn’t know who has an MLS and who doesn’t. In their eyes, everyone who works at a library is a Librarian.
    • 8. Librarian stereotypes. It’s an uphill battle…
    • 9. Hospitality Begins at Home What is your professional outfit?
    • 10. The Welcome
    • 11. Nothing says welcome like the top of a head.
    • 12. Focus. Focus. Focus.
    • 13. The close up
    • 14. The long shot
    • 15. do not disturb
    • 16. definitely do not disturb
    • 17. Attitude Adjustment ~ a little smile goes a long way
    • 18. Warm and Welcoming
    • 19. Million dollar smile!
    • 20. eye contact
    • 21. Say hello
    • 22. So you’ve had a bad day.
    • 23. You so do not want to mess with me today. Really. Are you so stupid you can’t find it yourself?
    • 24. Okay. What’s so important that you had to interrupt me? It had better be good...
    • 25. Please, oh, pleas e let it be 5 p.m. soon. OMG. It’s only been 3 minutes since I last looked at the clock. Feels like an hour.
    • 26. Fake it till you make it?
    • 27. It’s in her eyes
    • 28. Which one is real?
    • 29. Happy HappyScary Happy
    • 30. @ +! &> *% Very bad words
    • 31. No worries! No problem!
    • 32. It’s my pleasure!
    • 33. Yes, you do get bonus points for neatness.
    • 34. Previously used desk space
    • 35. Now I can my move on
    • 36. Get to the point...
    • 37. What did I do wrong?
    • 38. Book in hand
    • 39. Nametags. They work. Don't leave home without it.
    • 40. What’s wrong with this picture?
    • 41. Sharing War Stories Save it for the back office. You never know who may be listening.
    • 42. Never dish about customers or coworkers.
    • 43. The Problem Patron: Unhappy Camper Empathize. Active listening. Is there anything you can do at that moment to make them happy? Let them know that you will follow up.
    • 44. The Problem Patron: You Can't Do That Here Know your patron behavior policy! Remain calm. Excuse yourself: "Let me get someone else to help you with this." Have difficult conversations out of the public eye. Never touch or restrain a customer.
    • 45. The Problem Patron: What’s That Smell? Lack of personal hygiene. It’s time to go now. And take a shower. Please. For all our sakes.
    • 46. How to Recover From a Bad Interaction Sometimes you do everything right and it’s hard to recover. Step away from the public service desk for a few minutes. Talk about it with other staff members (but not in public!).
    • 47. Hello, it's me again
    • 48. How do you answer the phone? Information desk. Good morning, Darien Library Information! Thank you for calling the Darien Library Information Desk! My name is Sally, how can I help you on this beautiful day?!
    • 49. Always answer the phone smiling. People can hear it on the other end.
    • 50. If someone makes the effort to come to the library, their question comes first.
    • 51. Desk texting: It just isn't pretty. Or nice. Not to mention unprofessional
    • 52. Gum or Tic Tacs?
    • 54. Meet Jen, my work wife
    • 55. Always Remember... You have control over every library experience. While you may not have control over the big decisions, you can impact specific moments.
    • 56. The Happy Recap Smile. Be sincere. No phones. No gum. Keep it clean. Make eye contact. Never point. Always hand deliver. Identify yourself. In person, no waiting. Some people are simply jerks (but we don’t talk about them in public).
    • 57. Extreme Customer Service
    • 58. Raise your hand.
    • 59. Darien Library: Extreme To think it all started with an overdue library book…
    • 60. Darien Library: Extreme Treat every person like a VIP. Make them feel special. Greet them by name. Put them at ease.
    • 61. Darien Library: Extreme If you get the question, you own it. If you promise something, follow up. Immediately. No excuses.
    • 62. Darien Library: Extreme When you have to say no, always say it with yes options.
    • 63. trash policy
    • 64. Darien Library: Extreme If you need it tomorrow, we will deliver it to your doorstep.
    • 65. Feedback Time Questions? Suggestions? Something you’d like to add?
    • 66. You are invited...
    • 67. Thank You! Sally Ijams @lilly_librarian
    • 68. Photo Credits No Service Hotel Staff Mickey Mouse Zappos Shake Shack Nordstrom Ritz Carlton Nancy Pearl Action Figure Paper mess Shh Silver Tea Pot Telephone All other photos taken by Sally Ijams or are from the Darien Library website.