The Enterprise App-Gap: Research on Slow Adoption of Mobile Content in the Enterprise


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The Enterprise App-Gap: Research on Slow Adoption of Mobile Content in the Enterprise

  1. 1. The Enterprise App-Gap Information Industry Summit, 26 Jan 2011 Presented by Robin Neidorf Director of Research, FreePint
  2. 2. The Enterprise App-Gap Overview of this briefing 1. Why research on enterprise mobile content? 2. Publisher surprises 3. Research results 4. Forecast of where opportunity may lie Request your complimentary copies of the FreePint Research Reports on mobile enterprise content:
  3. 3. The Enterprise App-Gap And now…. It’s MOBILE! So what?
  4. 4. The Enterprise App-Gap FreePint Research approach: •Phase 1: 27 in-depth interviews with information managers on enterprise mobile content •Phase 2: 150 survey responses from knowledge workers in the field about what they want and need for mobile content Published in FreePint Research Report: Enterprise Market for Mobile Content and FreePint Research Report: User Interest in Mobile Content (request your free copies)
  5. 5. The Enterprise App-Gap 3 Publisher Surprises.... •Security and authentication •Interoperability/support •Position of mobility in the
  6. 6. The Enterprise App-Gap ....and 2 Potential Prizes •Appetite for meaningful partnership •Sweet spots for mobile
  7. 7. The Enterprise App-Gap Insights from
  8. 8. The Enterprise App-Gap Surprises: Security and Authentication “When we look at the security of the data, we’re looking at where the data is actually managed. If the end result is download of the data to a mobile device, where is that data stored? Is the device capable of holding it, or is it held by a third- party?”
  9. 9. The Enterprise App-Gap Surprises: Security and Authentication “Our overriding challenge has always been seamless authentication. A user here never has to remember a user name and password to access content. It’s a real challenge to make that work with mobile devices and has demanded a lot of creativity to make a start on it.”
  10. 10. The Enterprise App-Gap Surprises: Interoperability/Support “While we are looking at iPads and iPhones for the next generation of our equipment, we’re currently BlackBerry-only and will be until the investment [in that system] has paid for itself.”
  11. 11. The Enterprise App-Gap Surprises: Position of Mobility in the Workflow “A mobile person is not the same thing as a mobile device. It’s the person who needs to be mobile, not necessarily the device or the content itself. Then the device and the content fit into that context.”
  12. 12. The Enterprise App-Gap Surprises: Position of Mobility in the Workflow “Generally our mobile workers don’t want to do their own searches. They want to send the request to a deskbound researcher and have the specific results emailed to them.”
  13. 13. The Enterprise App-Gap Results from
  14. 14. The Enterprise App-Gap Frequency of user
  15. 15. The Enterprise App-Gap Types of devices
  16. 16. The Enterprise App-Gap Barriers to more
  17. 17. The Enterprise App-Gap Desired
  18. 18. The Enterprise App-Gap Prizes: Meaningful Partnership •Industry standards •Authentication and security •Pilot
  19. 19. The Enterprise App-Gap Prizes: Content Sweet Spots When in the workflow?
  20. 20. The Enterprise App-Gap Further Follow‐up •Contact Robin Neidorf, Director of Research: • •+1‐612‐392‐2312 (US, direct) •+44 (0)1784 605000 (UK, main) •Custom versions of this research FreePint Research Report: Enterprise Market for Mobile Content and FreePint Research Report: User Interest in Mobile Content (request your free copies)