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Charlie Oshman, Co-founder & CEO

Charlie Oshman, Co-founder & CEO

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  • 1. REONOMY SIIA PRESENTATION© 2010 REonomy All Rights Reserved. REonomyDecember 2010 2011 January 590 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor New York, NY 10022 212.521.4137
  • 2. Mission 2 REonomy’s mission is to revolutionize the  commercial real estate, related debt, and commercial  real estate backed securities investments industries  by providing industry professionals with easy to  access and actionable investment data and analytics  that are necessary to make accurate evaluation, loan,  trading and investment decisions.Confidential
  • 3. Target Markets 3 Collective CRE Market Covering >$11t in assets ~450k licensed commercial real estate brokers 280,000 mortgage bankers (The Mortgage Bankers Association) 9,757 RE focused institutional investment organizations Bond traders and analysts, investment banks & loan originators Private investors, developers, insurers, appraisers Raw Data Market: Securities Analytics Market: CRE brokerages currently paying $3k‐ CRE backed securities analytics and  ratings  $11k/broker/yr. for data  Institutional investors, investment  CRE brokerages, institutional  banks, loan originators & bond  investors, mortgage bankers, and loan  traders spend hundreds of thousands  originators currently spend $30k‐ of dollars on bond or securities  analytics and ratings $100k/analyst/Yr. for data Addressable Market Size: $2.5 BB Addressable Market Size:  > $1 BBConfidential
  • 4. MARKET CONTEXT 4 Market Challenges REonomy Solution Data availability, quality, latency,  Solve all data issues & structure issues Unified, single‐source reference Antiquated providers of single  raw data types Extrapolate new critical data Wild inaccuracies – garbage into  Streamlined & de‐specialized   models, garbage out research tools and analytics Cost‐prohibitive & inefficient Extremely cost effectiveConfidential
  • 5. Data Samples 5Confidential
  • 6. Data Samples 6Confidential
  • 7. Data Samples 7Confidential
  • 8. Data Samples 8Confidential
  • 9. SOLUTION OVERVIEW 9 Industry “fragmented” Raw Data Feeds  REonomy Proprietary Database Server  REonomy Self‐Service Reporting and  capturing National, State and Local  and Reporting and Analytics  Data Analysis User Interface. Data. Application Server. Data Category: Source(s):  REIT Properties & Mortgage Financials Division of Federal Government Parcel Data Division of Municipal Government REonomy  Entity Incorporation Filings Division of State Government REonomy  Proprietary  Securitized Mortgage Over 60 Banks Proprietary  Reporting and  Phone Numbers Phonebook Directories Database  Analytics App Server Rent Control Status Division of State Government Title Documents Division of Municipal Government Server Middle‐Market Mortgage Title Documents Middle‐Market Mortgage Purchase ‐ $0.23/record of 4 data points Building Permits & Violations Division of Municipal Government Cross Referenced Trend Analysis Property Taxes Division of Municipal Government Real Property Income & Expense Division of Municipal Government Unified Analytics Space Availability ‐ For Lease Hundreds of Websites & Companies Aggregated Historical Analysis Space Availability ‐ For Sale Hundreds of Websites & Companies Automated Market Analysis Rolling Sales Division of Municipal Government Categorized Correlation Analysis Tenant Information Phonebooks, Entity Search, Banks, Research Cleansed REonomy Index™ Current Sample Reports:  Repurposed Data Raw Data Intelligent Information Algorithm based Physical characteristics of building and lot, breakout of space  usage Itemized income and expense data, and comprehensive space  usage Owner information – LLC and Name Extensive Tax information, including city assessment values All title documents including land data Product demo and detailed data architecture available upon request Product demo and detailed data architecture available upon request Complete zoning, landmark and air rights information Debt performance, property occupancy, itemized income data,  effective gross income Securitized property’s operating expenses, net operating  income and the debt service coverage ration for each tranche of  debt Other….Confidential
  • 10. MARKET DATA ADVANTAGES 10 REonomy PropertyShark CoStar Trepp Loopnet Data Types Complete Property Data • • Commercial For‐Sale & For‐Lease Listings • 1       •₁ • • CMBS Data • • Property Performance Financials • Middle Market Mortgage Parties • • Middle Market Loan Maturity Date • Middle Market Mortgage Interest Rate • Middle Market Mortgage Loan Amount • • Owner Names & Contact Information • • • Entity Ownership • Building Permits₂ • • Property Taxes • • • Property Setups • • • Sales Comparables • • • • Retail Leasing Comparables • Commercial Lease Comps • • Integrated 3‐D Data‐Mapping • Property Photos • • • • • Major Tenant s/f • • • Lot Maps • • ₁ ‐ PropertyShark only provides limited data in NYC. ₂ ‐ Where available.Confidential
  • 11. FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGES 11 REonomy PropertyShark CoStar Trepp Loopnet Research & Analytical Tools Customizable Financial Models • Early Property Default Risk Identifier • Bank Loan Search • Market/Sub‐Market Status Analyses • Trend Identification • Trend Correlation Analyses • Investment Carrying Cost Analysis Tenant Placement Analysis Heuristic Analyses • Entity Portfolio Assembler • 1031 Exchange Property Identification • Generate Targeted Property Cold Call Lists • • 3‐D Bulk Study Rendering Analysis • Property Physical Health Grading • Mapping ‐ Exploratory & Plotting • Mobile Property Reports • White‐Label Data Integration Platform • APIs •Confidential
  • 12. BUSINESS MODEL 12 Pricing Model SaaS, Tiered data packages ‐ $140‐$250/seat/month Multi‐Tiered (Premium) data delivery packages Strictly company or division‐wide subscriptions Future Products CMBS & TLBS analytics Portfolio risk analysis CMBS & TLBS ratings as NRSRO Commercial REIT coverage REonomy Market Index™ Additional Revenue Streams Data services for investment advisory firmsConfidential
  • 13. Overview 13 Company Overview Self-service data solution & SaaS analytics platform Commercial real estate under increased regulation and market stress – strong need for better data and quality decision tools Strong customer value proposition with no switching costs What We Want Strategic Partners Investors Contact Charles Oshman Office: 212.521.4137 Co‐Founder & CEO 590 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor coshman@reonomy.com New York, NY 10022Confidential