Netherlands alba, ayose, naroa eta alexandra.


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A power point presentation done by my students in 4.Dbh 2012 (Alba,Ayose,Naroa and Alexandra)

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Netherlands alba, ayose, naroa eta alexandra.

  1. 1. The NetherlandsThere are 15 million people. It consists of two provinces: South Holland and North Holland. The term “ Holland”comes from the words“Holt-land” and it means Wooden- land .
  2. 2. The official language is Dutch, and the currency is the euro.
  3. 3. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands (economicallyspeaking), and it takes part of Randstad (it’s the core of theconurbation in Europe). In Amsterdam there are 750000people.
  4. 4. The historical center of the city was built in the seventeenth century. At that time there were many semicircular canals.
  5. 5. Amsterdam is known as Venice of the North because it has a lot of water.
  6. 6. C li m a t eIn July the temperatures reach the 17 º C and in February it’s about 2º C. The average anual rainfall is about 700 mm.
  7. 7. R e li g i o n .Religion has little influence in its s ociety. The majority of the inhabitants belong to C atholicis m. (%36)
  8. 8. The Dutch love nature , Th e c i ty o f and they demonstrate it . The re flo w e r s . are cheerful coloured flowers growing everywhere in Holland .You can see tulips in all the streets of the city , and sceneries full of color all over the country.
  9. 9. In Holland, chees e is very G a s tro n o m y . famous . For example: Gouda and E dammer. A ls o, there are very famous Maatjes (famous Dutch fis h) and croquettes .The Dutc h cooking is very s imple: they eat a lot of potatoes and vegetables ;there are als o many types of fis h.
  10. 10. In Holland they eat and they produce a lot of chocolate . In Amsterdam there are a lot of factories of cocoa. Dutch people love "vla" ( creamy pudding) and "poffertjes"(omelettes with sugar).
  11. 11. B e ve ra g e s . For a long time the Dutch drank beer, but lately they have started to drink much wine. Mineral water is not as popular as in other countries, but milk is. For this reason the Dutch are the tallest people in the world.
  12. 12. Laws.Between all the laws of Holland the most striking one is the legality of drugs and prostitution. It is possible to buy marijuana, hallucinogenic fungi and hashish.
  13. 13. S om ec o n tro ve rs i a l issu e s. Pros titutes work in booths . They are dis played in cabins like mannequins and they are chos en by cus tomers . Both for this and for us ing drugs there are appropriate places in the Netherlands .