Italy (2) maria aner ivan paula


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A presentation on Italy done by my students in 3.DBH (Maria,Aner,Ivan and Paula) 2012

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Italy (2) maria aner ivan paula

  1. 1. ITALYAner , Maria , Paula and Iván
  2. 2. GEOGRAPHYItaly is situated in the southeast ofEurope , in the south of Italy is theMediterranean sea , in the east is theTyrrhenian and in the west theAdriatic. In the north of Italy are theAlps. Italy has two islands : Sardinia andSicily. Italy has a very peculiar form ,because it looks like a boot.
  3. 3. INTERESTING DETAILSThe capital of Italy is Rome . In Italythere are 58.093.000 inhabitants. The official language is Italian. Theofficial currency is the euro .Italy is301.227 sq km big.
  4. 4. THE FLAGThe Italian flag is green , white and red.
  5. 5. HISTORYThe state of Italy was founded in 1861by King Victor Emmanuel II.Inside Italy , there is a city-state called``Vatican city´´ . The Pope lives inVatican city .
  6. 6. POLITICSItaly is a democratic Republic , so ithasn´t got a king, it has got apresident . Last year the presidentwas Silvio Berlusconi and now it isMario Monti.
  7. 7. SPORTSFootball is the most popular sport in Italy , Italyhas been 4 times World Champion , in 1934, in1938, in 1982, and in 2006.Formula 1 is popular too ,because there is avery famous Italian team called Ferrari . Ferrarihas 16 constructors´ championships and 15drivers’ championships.
  8. 8. CLIMATEIn most parts of Italy the climate isMediterranean , except in the Alps.
  9. 9. NATIONAL ANTHEMThe Italian national anthem is called “Il canto degli Italiani”.
  10. 10. FOODIn Italy the most popular food are pizza and pastalike : macaroni , spaghetti , lasagna or cannelloni.
  11. 11. VENICE
  12. 12. • This town is characterized by the canals surrounding the entire city.• Venice is composed of 120 little islands connected by 455 bridges and 177 rivers.
  13. 13. The city has got 412 km²and 271.009 residents
  14. 14. Since the city was constructed, it has had a lot offloods. In springs and autum, the disaster calledaqua alta takes place. Twice a day San Marcossquare is flooded.
  15. 15. The famous publictransportation isthe gondolas, littlerowboats.
  16. 16. The popular festival inVenice is the Carnival.
  17. 17. These are some of thelandmarks in Venice
  18. 18. San Marcos square
  19. 19. Ducal Palace
  20. 20. Palazzo Dolfin Mannin
  21. 21. Palazzo Grassi
  22. 22. Constitution bridge
  23. 23. San Rocco church
  24. 24. Rome
  25. 25. Fontana di Trevi It is situated in the middle of three streets, where the water of the Tiber river passes. People took a lot of water from there and because of that Pope Nicolas V reappeared in 1453. It was designed by Leon Battista Alberti, to announce the coming of the water. A legend says that the people who go to the Fontana de Trevi and throw one coin, will come back to Rome. If you throw two coins, you’ll have a romance, and if you throw three coins, there will be a marriage or a divorce. Another legend says that if you throw the coin with the right hand over your left shoulder, you will have luck.
  26. 26. Piazza di SpagnaIt is one of the most famoussquares in Rome. It has this namebecause, it was given by Fernandothe Catholic. When you go up onthe stairs you, find the Trinita DeiMonti.In the middle of the square it is thefamous Fontana della Barcaccia.The staircase has 135 steps, PopeBenedicto XIII inaugurated it.
  27. 27. ColiseumIt is an amphitheater of the season of theRoman, Empire it was constructed in thefirst century. It is one of the most famousmonuments of the classic antiquity. Itcan accommodate about 50.000 people.The people that were in the first row werethe important ones, and the people thatwere at the back, weren’t as important asthe others. In the Coliseum there werefights of gladiators and public spectacles.In 64 A.D. the Coliseum was destructedby the Big fire of Rome.
  28. 28. Piazza Del PopoloIt is one of the most famoussquares in Roma. The architectwho designed it was GiuseppeValadier in the years 1811-1822.
  29. 29. Vatican City It is an independent country that is inside Rome. When you visit Rome, it is typical to visit the Vatican too. The Vatican is the only country where the first language is Latin. The Swiss Guard is in charge of the Vatican security. They wear unusual clothes. In this country they have their football team.
  30. 30. Location ● Toscana is a region of Italy. ● It is in the centre. ● It has 22.994 km2.
  31. 31. Geography ● It has got a lot of mountains there are 25,1%. The highest mountain is Monte Prado. It also has volcanoes, for example Monte Amiata.Forests are the 8,4% of the geography.
  32. 32. Climate ● The climate is very rainy and it has sharp changes of temperature between summer and winter.
  33. 33. Provinces ● Arezzo,Florencia, Grosseto,Livorno, Lucca, Massa- Carrara,Pisa ,Pistoia,Prato and Siena. ● The capital city is Florence. ● There are 3.734.355 inhabitants
  34. 34. Places to visit ● There are a lot of cities to visit Florence,Pisa,Sien a,Pienza ,The valley of Orcia.
  35. 35. Economy ● The agriculture has importance in the economy.They produce a lot of wine. ● Industry has importance because they have minerals.