ADA Signage: Custom & Professional Solutions - A Signs By Tomorrow Whitepaper


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In this month's white paper we take a look inside how business and brands can leverage an ADA signage as a powerful marketing and advertising tool.

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ADA Signage: Custom & Professional Solutions - A Signs By Tomorrow Whitepaper

  1. 1. ADA SignageCustom, Professional Solutions Signs By Tomorrow USA, Inc. 877-728-7446
  2. 2. What is ADA? If you own or operate a business, you are probably aware that you need to post ADA signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, commonly referred to as ADA, put into motion government regulations requiring all public businesses to display ADA signage. The success of your business is ensured by your ADA compliance and also reflects sensitivity toward the needs of handicapped and disabled people. Signs By Tomorrow (SBT) signage and graphics experts are on hand to assist with ADA signage solutions. Since ADA covers a wide rangeof civil rights that prohibit, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability, yourbuilding, facility or school is most likely affected by ADA’s requirements for proper signage. It’scrucial for your business to comply with ADA rules and regulations. It’s the law and theprofessionals at Signs By Tomorrow signage centers across the nation are available to assist withall of your custom ADA signage needs.How Can Businesses Comply with ADA? Navigating through ADA handicap signagerequirements can be tricky, but the knowledgeablestaff at your local Signs By Tomorrow signagecenter is experienced and ready to help. For instance, Signs By Tomorrow HoustonSouth senior project manager Amber Erskine isconsidered a specialist in ADA and how the lawpertains to your business’ signage. She says thatADA guidelines require a sign to be placed on everydoor one can walk through in a building. Erskinementions that the exact quantity of signs for doorsis carefully considered for this ADA specification. “The height requirement of ADA signs from the ground has recently been lowered,”Erskine reveals. “In addition, it’s important to note that all signage on doors or within hallwaysmust be 48 inches above the floor or ground to accommodate people using wheelchairs andpeople who are blind.” __________________ Did You Know? All ADA signage on doors or in hallways must be 48 inches above the floor or ground. __________________ 2
  3. 3. Benefits of Custom ADA Signage Just because ADA signage is required, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The reasons to design custom ADA signs that match your brand and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy are numerous. Signs By Tomorrow goes the extra mile to ensure that your ADA signs not only meet federal government regulations but also reflect your logo and corporate branding -- much more than just placing a handicapped sign or symbol for each piece of ADA signage. In the process of ADA signage preparation, youreceive custom consultation with Signs By Tomorrow custom sign making experts and directlybenefit from excellent customer service and the friendly, knowledgeable staff. Working withSigns By Tomorrow signage experts on custom ADA signage means that you receive all of thegreat benefits associated with a nationwide sign company.How to Attract Business with ADA Signs It’s easier than ever to transform your existing directional and wayfinding signs into ADAsignage that attracts attention and complies with federal regulations. In fact, most companiesare not aware that ADA signs can incorporate company logos, brand ascetic, designs and remaincompletely in compliance with ADA standards. Remember, all of your branding and marketing efforts will not be lost in the shuffle ofthe production of custom ADA signage. In fact, SBT will ensure that ADA compliant signs includeall of the appropriate information, while highlighting your logos or photos in the designs. __________________ 7 Examples of Custom ADA Signage You See Everyday 1. ADA Bathroom Signage 2. ADA Parking Signs 3. ADA Exit Signs 4. Branded Suite and Room Numbers 5. ADA Handicap Parking Signs 6. ADA Elevator Signs 7. ADA Stairwell Signs __________________ 3
  4. 4. Creating Graphics for ADA Signs Creating high-quality graphics for your ADAsignage is both affordable and convenient. Signs ByTomorrow develops custom graphics available atthe best quality with high resolutions, making itpossible for the ADA signage and graphics tofeature printed images including: photos, logosand marketing messages. Erskine also points out that SBT has to bevery firm about the text used on ADA signs andgraphics and says, “Signs are limited to onlyprinting non-serif fonts. Serif fonts are too thickand will not print well.” Many businesses may need to replace oldsigns with new ADA-compliant signage since themost recent update to the law went into effect inFeb. 2011, leaving many old ADA signs incorrectand outdated. “We suggest that clients update alltheir signs and use their logo or emblem to makethe signage unique but still legal,” Erskine states. In an article in American Libraries Magazinetitled New ADA Signage Standards Take Effect,author Liz Humrickhouse explains that ADA signagein bathrooms, stairwells, hallways, etc. must bevery clear. “New [ADA signage] must now include large, bolded characters in both upper- andlowercase (for those who read visually) and thin, beveled, and widely spaced lettering (fortactile readers). Additionally, legally blind visual readers benefit greatly from no-glare, high-contrast signage,” Humrickhouse says. Signs By Tomorrow sign centers across the country are fully equipped to meet all of yourADA graphics needs in a cost effective, creative manner. Case Study: Wellness Clinic Signs By Tomorrow Houston South recently completed the logo and decals for a wellness clinic (see photo left). The wellness clinic required custom made wayfinding signs to guide patients through the facility that incorporated the clinic’s leaf logo while meeting ADA regulations. The wellness clinic was so pleased with the results that they increased their order to include the purchase of new custom signage for every room in the facility. The double-panel signage SBT delivered not only met the wellness clinic’s unique needs and all ADA 4
  5. 5. regulations but also presented a clean, professional design that conveyed high-endprofessionalism for the client.Case Study: Property Management Firm When property managers Thomas Properties Group/ABMneeded ADA signage, the company’s security/fire life safetydirector David Brown contacted Signs By Tomorrow forassistance. The property management firm ordered 18 stairwellfloor level ADA signs, sized 18 by 12 inches (see photos right). Although a proof of the ADA signs was mistakenlyapproved with an error in the order, SBT responded quickly witha resolution of removing the incorrect letter. The quickresponse and solution made everyone involved very happy.Signs By Tomorrow signage centers in Santa Clarita, CA andSunrise, FL worked hand-in-hand to complete this project,proving that the far-reaching nationwide network of SBTsignage centers directly benefits firms such as ThomasProperties Group.ADA Signage FAQ’sQ: What does ADA compliance mean?A: In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal anti-discrimination statute, was enacted by the U.S. Congress to ensure equal access to people withdisabilities. ADA Accessibility Guidelines are specific about how and where special needs signsare displayed. ADA ensures that people with special needs are not excluded from the sameexperiences as other non-disabled people. Some examples of signs that provide guidance andassistance to people with special needs are Braille or Tactile signage.Q: What types of ADA signs are readily available?A. There are many types of ADA signs that are compliant with federal regulations, including ADAcompliant International Symbol of Accessibility, Braille signs, Tactile signs, restroom signs,entrance and exit signs, wayfinding signs and more.Q: Do custom ADA signs and graphics cost a lot?A: At Signs By Tomorrow, custom does not mean costly! Our advanced digital printing andengraving technologies allow us to create cost effective sophisticated custom ADA signage andgraphics for your business.Q. What do ADA signs typically look like?A: ADA signage incorporates various shapes, colors, sizes and textures and can even display yourcompany, school or organization’s logo. Don’t just default to the typical ADA handicapped sign,your design can include what is specific and unique to your marketing plan and remain true toyour brand identity.Q: What are some of the ADA rules and regulations and how can we comply?A: Signs By Tomorrow experts are on hand to navigate through the various rules and regulations 5
  6. 6. associated with ADA. Since the guidelines are too numerous to list, consult a SBT professional orvisit the website for more information.Full-Service Standard and Custom ADA Signage Solutions Signs By Tomorrow offers high-quality, custom ADA signage and provides a plethora ofdigital printing services. Whether we design your signage or bring your design to life, Signs ByTomorrow’s solutions allow you to build awareness and further brand recognition as well ascomply with specific ADA guidelines. Be sure to maximize your marketing budget and Integrated Marketing Communicationsstrategies with custom sign solutions by Signs By Tomorrow. From custom ADA signs to vehiclewraps, tradeshow booth designs and both indoor and outdoor signs, SBT is truly an advertisingresource. With cost-effective ways to promote your business, around town and across thecountry, Signs By Tomorrow is the leading custom sign company. Works CitedAmericans with Disabilities Act website: www.ada.govAmerican Libraries Magazine. April 25, 2012. New ADA Signage Standards Take Effect,Humrickhouse, Liz. By Tomorrow website: Signs By Tomorrow, 8681 Fulton Dr., Columbia, MD 21046 877-728-7446, 6