Your Secret Sauce: Mixing Mobile, Social and Email Marketing


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Your Secret Sauce: Mixing Mobile, Social and Email Marketing

  1. 1. Your Secret SauceMixing Mobile, Socialand Email Successfully Signal 1
  2. 2. How often do the following statements cross You are no doubt devoting an for determining how to create a your mind when you think about what it’s like increasing proportion of your comprehensive picture of your focus—and your budget—to customers using data about to be successful marketer today? digital marketing. But your them that is fragmented across business, as many do, may various databases, surveys and be struggling with how to social media. These challenges“It’s difficult to know my customers well enough integrate channels such as certainly make it difficult to since I don’t have one place where I can view email, social media and SMS determine true ROI of your my data on them (like purchase behavior, social in a coordinated way with your digital efforts. media conversations and demographics) and my other marketing efforts. Ditto marketing efforts (like email, mobile and social media campaigns) together.”“It’s much harder than it should be for me to have Finally, you’re probably tired of hearing buzz phrases meaningful conversations with customers and to like “cross-channel marketing,” “conversational marketing give them only the content that’s relevant to them.” platforms” and “marketing automation.” These terms do point to useful strategies and tools to help achieve them,“There’s a lot of talk about ‘cross-channel marketing,’ but frequently the “how” is far too vague. but I still really don’t know how that’s any different than what I’m doing already.” If you’ve had these thoughts, consider yourself among the majority.
  3. 3. IndexOur goal is to change that. social media marketing intoIn the following pages, the your marketing mix in a waybuzzwords will be demystified that gives customers what theyand you’ll learn strategies want, when they want it. You’lland tactics for improving see how some of the nation’s 1performance of your marketing most successful businessescampaigns by building your have cultivated and grown a The Recipecustomer knowledge and base of passionate customers Demystifying the Buzzwords into atranslating those insights into using a strategy based on Simple Framework for Marketing Successthe type of communications listening, empathy and targeted,your customers will be delighted personalized communicationsto receive. You’ll learn how designed to inspire loyalty and 2to weave email, mobile and repeat business. The Ingredients Turning Data Into Integrated Email, Mobile and Social CampaignsMost importantly, we promise all the “highlighter-worthy” data andtips you can handle. Whether it be convincing your boss to support 3a key initiative, or simply tweaking the timing of your Facebookposts to maximize comments and likes, you will walk away from this The Taste Testpaper with at least one actionable insight that will make you more Measuring Your Resultssuccessful today. Let’s dig in. 4 The Presentation Delighting Your Customers
  4. 4. 1 The RecipeDemystifying the Buzzwords Into a Simple Framework for Marketing Success “Cross-channel marketing” and “cross-channel campaign management” are often thrown around so vaguely that they may appear to be no more than meaningless jargon. But, when used correctly, these terms refer to critical and very real strategies that are important to understand. 7
  5. 5. They can be broken down into the following concepts: Throughout this piece, we will discuss each of these concepts and give you tips for executing them successfully. But first it might be worth discussing why marketing across the full array of digital• Using multiple marketing media to communicate with your channels is so important.customers. Most commonly, the media people are referring The reality is that some businesses still are not active in all of theseto are email marketing, mobile marketing (in particular textmessage marketing) and social media. channels, or may only have a minimal footprint through a basic website, a rarely updated Facebook page, or a minimal or nonexistent• Using all of your customer data to determine the media, timing SMS marketing plan. But the same can’t be said for their customers.and content you should use to reach specific customer segments To truly reach your customers most effectively, you need to reachand individual customers most effectively. them with the content they want over the channels they prefer. And there’s no escaping the fact that consumers today want to—and do—• Adding insights about how customers respond to you communicate with brands through multiple channels. These includemarketing to your database. This will allow you to continuously email, website, Twitter, Facebook and SMS as well as traditionalimprove the relevancy and effectiveness of your campaigns. face-to-face and voice interactions. And each and every one of these interactions contributes to their overall view of the brand.• Building your base of subscribers and social fans/followers.This can mean using media together to move customers For this reason, it’s important that marketers not only be active andup the commitment ladder (e.g., asking Twitter followers to effective in each of these channels, but also that they coordinatejoin your email newsletter list). Or it can mean using multiple their communications across them. Otherwise, customers may be hitmedia to increase the reach and effectiveness of promotions with inconsistent, conflicting messaging that lessens their confidenceor offers designed to generate lots of interest (e.g., running asweepstakes that people can enter via text message, web form, in the brand—and in its ability to meet their needs.Facebook page or tweet). This may jive with your current experiences and beliefs, or perhaps you’re not yet convinced that consumers care about• Accomplishing all of the above from a single platform or interacting with your brand on social networks or their mobileproduct that places all your customer data and campaign phone. We’ve got news for you: consumer expectations aboutinformation together at your fingertips to save time and money transparency, responsiveness and empathy have changed. Andand increase effectiveness. the digital media that have emerged are critical both to fueling and fulfilling these new expectations. 8 9
  6. 6. Need proof?A 2012 Aberdeen study found A 2012 study by American Express found of top-performing retail companies expanded their use75% Social media-savvy consumers spend more when they 3x of digital channels; get good customer service than the general population, tell three times as many people about their positive 52% of lower-performing companies expanded. experiences, and are more likely to ditch companies when they don’t get good service.A 2010 Accenture survey found79% of smartphone users would like to download money-off coupons to their phones; Another consumer survey found of consumers have a more positive impression of 57% companies they receive email from;73% would like to receive instant money-off coupons as they pass by an item in a store. 50% are more likely to buy—online or offline—from companies that send them email.A 2012 survey found Half of American consumers are open to receiving mobile offers, and a greater proportion would prefer to receive offers on their phone via text messaging over email, Once you’ve been convinced entered what many refer to as mobile applications or voicemail. to take the initial step of being the era of “Big Data.” A 2011 present and active across all the study by the McKinsey Global channels where your customers Institute projects that the totalA 2010 Yankee Group study found live, you still need to find out amount of data being generated of consumers want to interact with businesses using social more about them so you can will grow by 40 percent each70% media; reach them with more targeted, year. The same study estimates personalized messaging. that retailers harnessing this -1/3 but less than one-third of companies have the strategies, policies, and processes in place to meet that demand. data fully could increase their Thankfully, there aren’t many operating margins by 60 percent. marketers lacking for data these days. In fact, we have already 10 11
  7. 7. For marketers, the problem isn’t the amount of A 2011 eConsultancy survey Humans seek novelty and will indicated that more than half open their gates to many initialdata available, but instead finding a way to harvest of marketers store the data brand conversations, but theyit in one place to make effective use of it in your they gather their multi-channel are also pattern-recognizingmarketing efforts. How many of the following types marketing efforts in in separate, machines. Your initial marketingof data look familiar to you? siloed locations. strategy will work quite well as your customers open their While the term may not make hearts for the first time, butLead source data Social media brand mentions this clear, the fundamental afterwards, they will learn to and sentiment premise behind “cross-channelPurchase/transaction history filter your marketing efforts out marketing” is the ability to unify unless they remain consistently Customer conversations withSurvey data all this data to directly inform unique, useful and engaging. you over social media or all of your digital marketing, customer support touch pointsLoyalty program and coupon regardless of medium. While companies understandredemption history Marketing campaign history the value and cost-effectiveness But accumulating and unifying of engaging with customers (e.g., campaigns received, open this data alone is not enough. more directly through digital rate and click rate) Too often, digital or direct channels, too often they are marketing is read as “sending reaching their customers in communications to people who disjointed and repetitive ways. should be interested in them.” When brands don’t differentiate While that’s a start, you must content by channel, respect How many different databases, also consider how to get people a customer’s preference, or interested in listening to you to reports and tools do the data points produce new and useful content, begin with. And after you’ve got messaging fails. In a world you routinely work with live in? them listening, you need to keep where people receive as many If you’re like most marketers, finding new ways to provide as 5,000 ad messages a day, novel and wonderful content each communication must be the answer is too many. that reinforces why they chose channel-appropriate, thoughtful to listen in the first place. and engaging. 12 13
  8. 8. The world’s best brands These companies haverecognize this and are discovered the very sticky 2starting to move beyond “secret sauce” that delightsthe multichannel “blast” customers: messages thatapproach. Using digital are targeted, personal andmarketing tools such asSignal, they can tie these relevant to each customer’s individual preferences. Instead The ingredientsmarketing channels together of creating the customerand evolve from multichannel distaste that can result from a Turning Data Intoto cross-channel marketing. steady diet of uncoordinated, Integrated Email , MobileInstead of uncoordinated, untargeted campaigns, these and Social Campaignssiloed communications for communications create aeach individual channel, competitive advantage andcompanies have the power whet customers’ appetites forto originate their email, SMS repeat business.and social media marketingcommunications from a singleplatform. They can developa universal profile of eachcustomer across every channelto learn which messages andcommunication media eachindividual customer prefers.And they can see how customerresponses to different messagesand tactics change over time.Once this is achieved, they cankeep these customers engagedover the long term by givingthem what they most desire. 14
  9. 9. Build a single database One Aberdeen Group study found that 47 percent of best-in-class companies integrate customer data across all marketing channels,A critical component of getting to determine what’s most versus 22 percent of average companies and 19 percent of laggards.the most ROI out of marketing effective. Moving to a cross- The same study found that companies that integrate data capturedinitiatives is to know what’s channel approach enables across all marketing channels achieve a 41 percent better companyworking and what isn’t. you to simplify campaign gross margin than those that don’t. rollout across all media andBut according to Forrester to automatically collect dataresearch, about 87 percent of from every campaign in onemarketers and 85 percent of place. It allows you to establishagencies misattribute credit: a consistent workflow acrossThey either attribute all credit channels to minimize theto the last touch point or have complexity of scheduling andno way of attributing the credit sending messages, and to 50% 47%in a meaningful manner. implement a reliable approvalUsing digital marketing tools process from headquarters 40%such as Signal, you can manage, for all digital communications.monitor and measure all of your At the customer level, it helps 30%customer relationships from you learn more about your 22%a single source. You can also 19% customers so that you can reach 20%create and track unique offers them more effectively.for each channel interaction 10% Best-in-Class Average Laggards 16 17
  10. 10. Even those companies that Ultimately, you’ll want to import Create communications that aredon’t currently integrate their all of your customer data into more relevant and personalizedmarketing data realize the your digital marketing platform.importance of doing so. A This should include all of your2011 IBM survey of nearly 300 internal customer database data, Right now, according to a 2011 McKinsey survey, 38 percent ofmarketers found that nearly which may contain information marketers say their companies have basic demographic information90 percent of respondents like purchase history or loyalty on each customer, while only 18 percent say their customer dataexpressed interest in an program participation, your includes detailed information such as interests or attitudes.integrated marketing suite, website or mobile apps, and Respondents also reported that marketing decisions were mostas the industry’s need for any CRM products you use likely to rely on internal sales data that has long been available totechnology grows and adoption to manage customer loyalty marketing departments.matures. By connecting with programs or offline marketingyour customers through efforts. If you have such an Marketing fails when companies ignore the expectations of theirsocial media, email, and SMS internal customer database, or customers and take these customer relationships for granted byusing one source—instead of a CRM marketing tool, be sure sending them too many untargeted messages. And today, manymaintaining separate, siloed to set up data syncing between marketers are not only sending messages that aren’t targeted, they’relists—you will eventually be these tools and your cross- throwing money away on messages that never even reach theirable to develop a universal channel marketing platform to intended audiences.profile of each customer across ensure that you have consistent,all digital channels. Using your up-to-the-minute data and According to a Forrester study, marketers will wastecross-channel platform, you can coordinated marketing activities. nearly $144 million in 2014 on marketing messages thatalso connect this information to never even get delivered.your point-of-sale and loyaltymarketing data to get a complete Signal gives you the tools to more effectively gather insights aboutview of your customers’ your customers from all of your customer touch points that you canpreferences and behaviors. then use to create more highly targeted and personalized messaging, while also flagging bad email addresses and mobile numbers for elimination from your lists. 18 19
  11. 11. FRIOne simple way to start personalizing your messaging is to transform Timing is another important aspect of your communications.your customer data into segments, which can be done in many Examples would be setting up automatic communications to go toways. For instance, you can segment by geography to increase your customers on milestones that matter to them, such as theirthe relevance of your offers, instead of sending your San Diego birthdays, or on shared milestones such as the anniversary of thecustomers deals on winter coats. Or by store location, so your date they joined your subscription list. You can also time yourcustomers get deals appropriate to the local store they shop at. You messages to create the greatest return for your business, such ascan even segment by store attribute (e.g., stores with a pharmacy offering enticing deals during low-traffic periods. And you canattached) to further increase the relevance of your communications. ensure that your email and SMS messages speak to your customers in a more personalized way by using dynamic data tags to address them by first name, their address, or any number of other attributes you select.Mining your purchase data, you can also segment by the kinds ofproducts purchased to let customers know about the new editionof a product they bought, or about a product recall. Or you cansegment by price of items purchased, so that you hit high spendersand budget shoppers with the right kinds of deals to maximizeconversions. Another way to segment is by deal interests, soyou’re not annoying gadget lovers with ads for jewelry. You canalso segment by customer demographics, such as age attributes,to ensure you strike the right tone in your messages to distinctcustomer groups, instead of trying to talk to college kids and over-60customers in the same way. 20 21
  12. 12. Reach customers across the email, Attract new audiences through social media. mobile and social channels Social media is the fastest- both Facebook and Twitter are growing channel and allows also undeniably scattershot asAccording to a 2011 Edison Research study, more than 51 percent you to reach an incredibly high marketing tools. It’s difficult toof Americans ages 12 and up have Facebook accounts, up from just volume of people. Facebook segment and personalize your8 percent in 2008. And a 2011 Pew Internet survey found that 70 is on track to have more than communications effectivelypercent of Americans are on email, while another found that 83 a billion users and Twitter is using either, and it’s also likelypercent of Americans own cell phones and 73 percent of cell phone expected to have over 250 that even your most dedicatedowners send and receive text messages. Since your best customers million active users by the end fans and followers will not readare likely active on all three channels, it’s important that you of 2012. Facebook and Twitter many of your messages.understand their communication preferences across them all to truly are great ways for marketers toreach your individual customers most effectively. The chronological layout of reach new audiences and have authentic two-way interactions Twitter timelines, coupled with with consumers. Social the sheer volume of tweets media is also a great tool for many users receive, make it facilitating conversations with almost inevitable that your customers and for customer followers will miss some of 51% have a Facebook account your tweets. And Facebook’s service, and because of its sharing capabilities that EdgeRank algorithm can increase the chances of your prevent your posts from messages going viral. appearing in your fans’ News 70% are on email Feeds at all if you’re not creating Getting someone to become content that’s consistently your fan or follower is also a interesting to them. relatively low commitment 83% own a cell phone for consumers compared to These facts make a good case 73% send and receive texts getting them to join your email for the need to write compelling or SMS lists, so it’s a great way social media content. They to connect with new potential also underscore the value in customers. Unfortunately, converting your social followers 22 23
  13. 13. into SMS and email marketing then offering them deals they Build stronger connections through your subscription lists.subscribers. As people with a appreciate, you can help themgenuine, expressed interest in see the value in joining your While attracting fans and followers can gain you access to a wideryour products and services, your lists. array of customers, your email and SMS lists hold the key to buildingfans and followers are the perfect deeper connections with them through greater personalization andtargets for these efforts. And by To get them on your lists, invite segmentation of your communications.recruiting fans and followers to your Facebook fans or Twitter followers to text for a special Social media is unparalleled for social interactions, but email is moreyour email and SMS lists, you offer. Ask that they join your accepted as a transactional tool and is a place where people expectcan forge deeper relationships SMS or email list in return to receive business messages. It is the “tried and true” digital channelwith them by offering them while emphasizing their ability that businesses are most experienced with and use most. Comparedmore personalized and targeted to unsubscribe at any time. to SMS and social marketing, it offers marketers opportunities tocontent than you ever could Run social promotions and ask be more visual, content-rich, and nurturing. Its lack of characterthrough social media alone. entrants to opt in to your email limitations make it a low-cost way to deliver persuasive, more in-To accelerate your email and or SMS list as the price of entry. depth appeals. And since opting in to your email list requires moreSMS subscription lists using And reach new audiences using of a conscious decision than clicking “like” or “follow,” you can feelsocial media, first focus on referral bonuses that ask all confident that you are reaching people who want to receive yourattracting more fans and new subscribers to refer their marketing content.followers. Publicize your friends to also join, right from Email has another advantage over social media in its potential for greaterpresence on Facebook and the confirmation page they get bulk segmentation and personalization of communication. It additionallyTwitter in your stores, on after signing up using your Web offers sophisticated tracking potential when compared to social media,your website, and in your ads. form. Give each friend an offer where you can’t currently track who your message was delivered to, whoFacebook ads are another or coupon for joining, and give read it or who clicked on your links.cost-effective way to get more the referrer a special offer offans. Entice people to join by even greater value if they refer a SMS (text) marketing does not allow for the in-depth content possibleoffering fans and followers specified number of friends. over email or the web, but it offers simplicity, along with somethingexclusive content they won’t find no other medium can: an unparalleled way to reach your mostanywhere else, and emphasize dedicated customers anywhere, in real time. Eighty-three percent ofgiveaways and discounts. By texts are read within one hour, and mobile has three to five times theacquiring social followers and reported clickthrough rate of other media. This immediacy makes SMS the best medium for real-time offers and alerts. 24 25
  14. 14. Schedule your content in advance across channels. start. One analysis found that communication frequencies for Facebook pages updating with each channel, and that you’re notAs you build universal profiles Twitter has the highest activity this frequency had the most bombarding your subscribersof your customers by connecting at lunch and at 6 p.m. likes. Twitter accounts tend to with too much content overall.with them over social media and benefit from even more regular You can also save time andopting them in to your email When creating your digital updates. Try tweeting at least coordinate the approvals of yourand SMS subscriber lists, you communications plan, you once a day to start, and consider messaging more efficiently, andwill be able to undertake a more should also take message posting more often. And don’t also more easily test which timesintegrated approach in planning frequency into account. be afraid to repeat tweets, of day and days of the week areyour communications. In doing To prevent people from since Twitter dashboards are most effective in reaching yourso, you will learn that each unsubscribing to your SMS list, chronological and your followers customers across these media.medium demands a different you should reserve some of your are likely to see only your most While we’ve provided someapproach in terms of messaging most compelling and timely recent posts. basic guidelines for timing andand optimal timing. offers for your text subscribers frequency, you may find that and start out with one text a By scheduling your content in different approaches work best inFor instance, email open week or less. Restraint is also advance, you can make sure the execution of your campaigns.and click rates are highest in a plus when it comes to email: that you’re selecting the rightthe early morning, and also according to one study, theattractive in the mid-afternoon optimal frequency is one to four Communications Timingand early evening. Mobile emails a month. High-use rates for each mediummarketing’s immediacy andtimeliness make it a great choice In contrast, Facebook requires more frequent content, since Email Mobile Facebook Twitterfor midday communications,when email open rates are the site’s algorithm determineslowest. And when posting social whether your fans are clickingmedia messages, it’s worth on your posts regularly andconsidering that Facebook’s removes you from their Newshigh activity periods include Feeds if they don’t — evenlunch, early morning, late though they “like” you. Considerevening, and weekends, and that posting every other day to 6 A.M. Noon 6 P.M. 26 27
  15. 15. Give people a reason to stay engaged. additional coupons will be sent to participants. And you can export coupon codes from your point-of-sale system to track redemptionOnce you’ve got subscribers, fans and followers, retaining them is as rates. You can even choose to create public coupons that yourimportant as attracting new ones. And the key to both acquiring and subscribers can share with their friends across channels.retaining your digital subscribers is to offer them added value thatthey won’t get anywhere else in the form of exclusive news and offers. Whatever strategy you choose, be sure to mix it up and test differentHere are a few ways our customers have done this successfully. options. A couponing strategy is only successful if the coupons are being redeemed, and certain customers may redeem one type of offer more than another. Appeal to their walletsCoupons are a great way to get people to join your lists and to keeppeople engaged after they’ve become subscribers. To encourage Declare a winnersubscriptions, use your cross-channel platform to add a web form In our experience, digital sweepstakes are one of the most effectiveas a tab on your Facebook account, or send a tweet with a link to ways to draw people into your brand. For example, Memphisyour form on Twitter. Offering incentives for opting in by filling out Car Audio worked with DDC Marketing to develop an integratedthe form is a good way to spur your lists’ growth. The fast-food chain sweepstakes campaign tied the release of the movie Fast Five, withCulver’s, for instance, offers new subscribers a free value meal for a trip for two to the movie’s Brazil premiere as the grand prize. Thejoining its eClub on Facebook and a free scoop of frozen custard for sweepstakes was promoted on multiple channels, including the webjoining its Text Club. and Facebook, and people could enter via mobile, web, or Facebook. DDC Marketing used the Signal platform to develop, launch,Another approach is to get people to text in to receive a coupon and manage the sweepstakes across the mobile, social, and webor offer. Ask your Facebook fans or Twitter followers to text to join channels. By running the sweepstakes and adding entrants to theiryour SMS or email list in return for a special offer. The movie and email list as the price of entry, the company successfully reinforcedgame rental company Redbox has had success doing this by offering its brand, drove in-store traffic, and added more than 93,000customers a free rental in return for joining its email list. Using your subscribers to its email list.cross-channel platform, you can create plain text or web-basedcoupons for insertion in SMS, email or social messages, and trackhow many coupons were delivered through each marketing channel.You can also make these coupons finite in number so when yourcampaign has sent the total number of coupons in the group, no 28 29
  16. 16. Get them in the game Provide updates, news and exclusive content.Engaging people through polls, trivia and fun surveys can be a good Another way to keep your subscribers engaged is by giving them theway to keep people interested. They can also help you grow your key information they want. Let them know about the opening of newsubscriber, fan and follower base. Whether it be a prize, coupon or stores near them, about changes to the hours of the store they shopsimply the fun of sharing their opinion or trivia knowledge, people in, and about new products they might be interested in. Also be sureget value out of participating in promotions. Given that, what better to offer them exclusive content they won’t find anywhere else, withway to give people a compelling reason to opt-in to your list or “like” an emphasis on special deals and offers. One study found that 37you on Facebook than to run a promotion? “Give, then get” is the percent of Facebook users “like” fan pages just to receive couponsfoundation of all great marketing. and deals. Reward your email and SMS subscribers with even more appealing offers than you give your social followers for joining andThese promotions can also help you grow your database of customer remaining on your lists.insights. You can learn about your customers through the actualpoll answers and survey responses they give as well as by seeingwhat prizes motivate them, what kinds of trivia they know, and whatcoupons they respond to. The data from every promotion you run issaved with that person’s profile in your Signal database. Armed withthis data, you can create more meaningful customer segments tobetter target your emails, texts and social posts. Liked that coupon?Here’s another just like it. Picked pizza in that last poll? Did you NEWknow we just added pizzas to our menu? Sorry you didn’t win thatholiday sweater shopping spree, but we’re having a sale on them now— you should check it out. 30 31
  17. 17. 3The taste testMeasuring Your Results Once you’ve gotten your cross-channel marketing plan underway, it’s integral that you measure its effectiveness. You should do this both by taking a big-picture view of your list growth and by analyzing the detailed results of your individual campaigns. 33
  18. 18. Evaluate the growth of your database. It’s critical to retain subscribers how successful you’ve been in and maintain valuable touch retaining subscribers over theTo analyze the success of your cross-channel marketing, first take a points with your guests. To long term.look at the growth of your number of social fans and followers as well ensure subscriber retention,as the growth of your email and SMS subscriber lists. While the size or “stickiness,” your calls to Another metric to consider is theof your lists is important, so is their net growth. If your lists aren’t action when asking for the depth of customer insight yougrowing over a period of time, it means you’re not doing enough to initial subscription should have gathered for your individualpromote your lists and their value. clearly and honestly state the subscribers. Have you succeeded content people will receive in developing a universalEvery opt-in or new follower is a win. By reviewing the volume of profile of your subscribers that when they join your list. Ifpermission-based opt-ins over time, you can interpret your success includes their social, email your attrition rate (rate ofoverall, and on a campaign-by-campaign basis. For example, and SMS touch points? Have people unsubscribing) is overthe Signal platform shows how easily you can track which ads or you continued to gain more 10 percent, then you’re doingpromotions in an enrollment campaign led to new subscribers, which insights into their demographics, something key to determining ROI — and to determining which tactics you communication preferences,should focus on in future campaigns. In addition, you should get product preferences, where they comfortable with doing cohort are in the customer life cycle, analyses to help track stickiness. and the types of offers they Simply put, cohort analysis respond to? It is this information means dividing your subscribers that will enable you to better into groups to better profile your personalize your offers and build list. For example, by dividing customer loyalty. your list into groups based on length of subscriptions, you can see if most of your customers have been subscribers for one to three months, three to six months, six to nine months, or up to a year or more. This serves as a useful indicator of 34 35
  19. 19. Analyze the performance of your campaignsUsing the analytics capabilities of your cross-channel platform, SMSyou can diagnose how each of your campaigns performed For SMS marketing, the key benchmarks to consider are deliveryby comparing the results to past campaigns and to overall rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate. Open rate is not as much of anbenchmarks for each digital medium. issue given that recipients have little choice but to see their messages upon receipt. Instead, click rate is a critical gauge of whether your offers are working. A recent Signal review of large-scale messaging campaigns found an average click rate of 6.16 percent for texts containing a URL. You must also carefully monitor your unsubscribe rate, since consumers have little patience for receiving content that is not of value to them over SMS. A high unsubscribe rate is a clear indication that you need to enhance your SMS offers. EmailThe key benchmarks to consider for emails are delivery rate, open Socialrate, click rate and unsubscribe rate. Recent industry averages for For social media campaigns, click rate is important, just as it is withNorth America are delivery rates of 96.3 percent, open rates of SMS and email. But it differs in that its other key metric is engagement.24.8 percent and click rates of 5.2 percent. Your delivery rate is a And to truly judge the effectiveness of the social content you create,reflection of the accuracy of your email list. If your open rate is poor, you have to look at all of the different actions people take with it,you might try to tweak your subject line. If people are opening your from retweets to likes to forwards to comments. Your cross-channelemails but not redeeming your offers, it means you might need to platform allows you to get a consolidated view of your social fans andrethink your offer strategy. And if your unsubscribe rate is high, you followers and their activities in one place. You can see trending statsknow that you’re not offering compelling enough content to keep your for fans, likes, comments and wall posts on Facebook. You can viewsubscribers interested — so you might want to continue experimenting trends for followers gained and lost, mentions, messages and retweetsand to also include a greater proportion of your most successful offer on Twitter. And you can—and should—also track the performance oftactics in your communication mix. individual campaigns by creating unique coupon codes for your social campaigns and by creating distinct URLs for each campaign to track the source of your clickthroughs. 36 37
  20. 20. Determine which channels yield the best results When it comes to coupons, containing a call to action to get redemption rate is the true people to join your SMS list, and metric of how compelling are told you would get 500,000 your offers are. If people are impressions, that’s roughly $.02 opening but not redeeming per impression. If 10 percent vs vs them, it’s a sign that you need of people opt in, you’ve paid to rethink your offer strategy. $10,000 for 50,000 subscribers, If a third or more of your offers or roughly $.20 for eachBy measuring the results of your campaign initiatives in the email, sent are being redeemed, converted subscriber. FiguresSMS and social channels, you can learn which content works best you’re doing something right. like these should go into youron each channel for each person. You’ll be able to see what kinds By subsequently looking at projections and calculationsof deals each likes, and whether they respond more favorably to an ticket totals when a purchase to help you understand if yourafternoon tweet, an early-morning email, or a midday text. is made with a marketing offer program and its elements redeemed, you can start to see if are profitable. You can learnUsing this information, you will be able to continually improve your you are getting true ROI out of how much it cost you to addmarketing communications to make your messages more targeted these offers. Compare this figure a subscriber using in-storeand personalized for each of your customers. In the process of to non-offer ticket totals. How signage versus a newspaper adyour campaigns, you can also test which individual elements of does it stack up? Sometimes a versus QSR codes on producta communication work better by using A/B testing. For instance, small discount on an item can packaging, for instance. Andyou can test the relative strengths of two email subject lines by be the nudge to drive store by looking at redemptions, thesending each version to a portion of a target audience with separate traffic and additional purchases. average number of digital offer-redemption codes and tracking which gets the best results. You can based visits each month, anddo the same for different channels by attaching a different code to Over time, you will also get a your subscribers’ average ticketeach campaign element to learn whether your email, social or SMS sense of how much it costs you total, you can also start to putcommunications were most effective in spurring responses. And you to acquire a subscriber. For together the average monthlycan see whether different segments of your audience respond better example, if you run a billboard value of a certain approaches. For example, you may find that social coupons advertisement for $10,000are more effective with younger customers and that email worksbetter with your older customers. 38 39
  21. 21. Monitor the conversation.While tracking your campaigns is integral, it’s also essential to have 4a big-picture understanding of how people are talking about yourbusiness or brand. Whether your goal is to collect all of your praise The presentationor to support customers having issues, you can use your cross-channel platform to track sentiment and recent messages. You canalso scan popular content filters and easily categorize content sothat you can act quickly to resolve problems related to conversations Delighting Your Customersabout your brand on social media. 40
  22. 22. Transitioning to a cross-channel A cross-channel approachapproach takes time, effort and helps you efficiently collectdetermination. And if you’re not and act upon extensivethere yet, you can take comfort customer insight. It enablesin the fact that you’re not alone. you to more effectively manageAccording to one Aberdeen your marketing resources and better understand where About Signalstudy, just 54 percent of best-in-class companies do business- you’re money’s working andactionable analysis of mobile where it isn’t. It crashes down Signal develops and provides marketing solutionsmarketing campaign results and the silos that separate your designed to help companies acquire, retain and developover 60 percent of the best-in- digital marketing channels customer relationships via mobile, social, web and email.class aren’t yet using customer and gives you the ability The company’s easy-to-use software-as-a-service cross-behavior information to target to truly create a coherent, channel campaign management platform (Signal) enablesand segment their messaging streamlined and consistent marketers to rapidly develop, execute, and analyzethrough the mobile channel. brand presence across channels. Most importantly, it allows campaigns using multiple channels, all feeding a commonBut it’s also clear that times are you to communicate with your customer database embracing the concept of a universalchanging — and that those who customers in a more targeted, profile. Used by many leading brands, retailers, onlinedon’t change with them will be more personal way. In a world services, agencies, and broadcast media, Signal processesleft behind. A 2011 McKinsey where mass marketing is losingglobal survey of marketers millions of customer interactions each month. its effectiveness, cross-channelfound that the most important marketing gives you the abilitydigital-related challenge for to engage customers on theirmarketers and business leaders terms with the content andis that “the ability to generate offers they want. It’s the “secretand leverage deep customer sauce” that keeps them coming hello@signalhq.cominsights is becoming a necessity back for compete effectively.” 877–450–0075 42 43