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Social Media For Aitp Mar 2010

Social Media For Aitp Mar 2010



Social Media overview - what's there and why to use it.

Social Media overview - what's there and why to use it.



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    Social Media For Aitp Mar 2010 Social Media For Aitp Mar 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • Understanding and Using Social Media
      Remember when
      Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
      were new?
      Sigmund Fidyke III
      March 2010
    • What I Will Cover
      What is Social Media?
      New way(s) to communicate
      Types of Social Media
      How do I use Social Media?
      View, participate, contribute
      Stay in character & be ONE person
      Expect no privacy
      How do I get started?
      6 stages of using social media
    • What is Social Media?
      Online content created by people
      A shift in how people discover, read, and share news, information and content
      Moving from monologue (one to many) to dialogue (many to many)
      Changing people from content readers into contributors and publishers
      Does not require expensive equipment or a government-granted license
    • Types of Social Media
      A blog (or 100) on every subject
      Now considered the foundation of your online presence
      Twitter (micro-blogging)
      Social Networking
      Facebook, Buzz, MySpace, Wave, Friendster, Bebo, Orkut, Hi5
      LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing, cofoundr, naymes
      GeoLocation Networking
      Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, (Buzz)
      Del.icio.us, blogmarks, dogear
      Photo / Video sites
      YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket
      Google, Yahoo!, etc.
    • The Numbers
      Facebook 400 (2010)
      YouTube 260 (Jul 07)
      LinkedIn 45 (2008)
      Twitter 50M/day (Feb 2010)
      MySpace 125 (2010)
      Friendster 75
      Orkut (India/Brazil) 125 (2008)
      Hi5 (Latin Am/Asia/Africa) 56 (2008)
    • Facebook
      Where you spend time with people you know
      Part blog / part community – much of what’s on your ‘wall’ is contributed by friends
      Schedule events, send invitations, control access
      Join groups (visit) and fan pages (push)
      Play games, take/share surveys
      Share what you’re doing and post examples of what you’ve done
      Businesses – fan sites where people to learn about the company, follow announcements & get links to a store site
    • Facebook – Personal Page
    • Facebook – Fan Site
    • YouTube
      Where you watch & upload videos
      14 hours uploaded every 60 seconds
      YouTube has become an important place for both people and businesses
      Share videos of personal interest (vacation, pets…)
      Share newsworthy videos (events, news, politics)
      Share videos of personal talents (music, interviews)
      Share business videos (product demos, pretest ads)
      Find videos about companies, products, people
    • YouTube Search Example
    • LinkedIn
      Where you make business contacts
      For professionals only – don’t expect anyone who isn’t in (or wants to be in) the workforce
      Start with your work history and add info so others can find you. Apps allow sharing books, PowerPoint, etc.
      Find people who know people you want to meet
      Find companies to learn about them & people there
      Special interest groups add community feel
      Create/promote events & invite others to join
      Different attitudes on who can connect to you
    • LinkedIn Profile
    • Twitter
      Where you follow people you want to know
      For the ADD in you – microblogging
      A growing area where new things are happening
      Create your personal (or business) brand
      Advertising is out, unless it’s interesting, fun, & expected
      Opt-in connections – choose who you want to follow
      Can be trivial or useful
      If you don’t like what you see, follow someone else
      Google now searches Twitter, Bing very connected
      iPhone & Android apps
    • Twitter – Using TweetDeck
    • MySpace
      Where you find people & bands and share interests
      Similar to Facebook: blog & online community
      Unique focus on music industry
      Buy tickets to performances, track show dates
      Focus on being found & seen – and finding & seeing
      Customize look of your profile pages
      Beyond music, has a younger crowd than Facebook
      Businesses can display products and link to store sites for orders
    • MySpace Home Page
    • Foursquare
      A friend-finder, social city-guide, a game
      Help you keep up with the places your friends go
      Encourage you to discover new places and challenge you to explore your neighborhood in new ways
      Check-in so your friends know where to find you
      Points and badges based on your adventurousness
      They’re still experimenting with what points could translate into. (It’s that new)
      Works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre
    • Foursquare page
    • Blogging (Web Log)
      Where you define who you are (online)
      Old idea: Part diary, part commentary, part journalism
      New idea: Who you are / who you want to be
      Your resume is an obituary, your blog is who you are now
      Don’t do it to make money (though it’s possible)
      Do it to find a career – establish your expertise
      I blog, therefore I work (Ryon Harms)
      Do it to share a passion – cars, sports, …
      Do it to make a difference
      Do it for fun
    • Chris Brogan’s Blog
    • How Do I Use Social Media?
      Show what you know and what you can do
      Social Networking
      Connect & stay connected with others
      Personal interest (music, shopping, sports, travel)
      Bookmarking sites
      Share web finds
      Become trusted source of information
      Photo / Video sites
      Share pictures and videos (and search)
      Business, personal, special purpose
    • How Do I Use Social Media? (2)
      Regardless of where you go, remember:
      Be Interesting!
      Expect no privacy (fatty paycheck)
      Stay in character - ALWAYS
      Watch first and follow the form
      Do not advertise or ask for help immediately
      Give first, receive later
      Alliance partners for viral growth
    • Using Facebook
      Public or Private? (sorry, not a choice)
      More personal – not direct job search, but a way to build deeper relationships
      Promote yourself and promote others
      Post recommendations and thank-yous
      Create fan page to broadcast thoughts & events
      Stay on topic
      Be careful! Especially with photos
    • Using YouTube
      What happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube
      Be careful with your image or name!
      Great for research
      Companies: CEO interviews & product demos
      People: learn from their videos
      Post your own success stories
      Proof of success
      Your product demos
    • Using LinkedIn
      Spend more time on profile than resume
      Include buzz words for searching recruiters
      Open your connections to others
      Try for 360 degree recommendations
      Keep active!
      Change status, join groups, answer questions
      Connect and re-connect (emails)
      Look for jobs and connections
      Use social media features
    • Using Twitter
      Know why you are on Twitter (your brand)
      Speak to that topic (and keep on topic!)
      Set expectations, then meet them
      Create interesting content
      Expertise, trends, informed opinions, etc.
      Keep active
      Help with viral growth (re-tweet)
      Follow others, many will follow you back
    • How Do I Get Started?
      No classes, no books, just do it
      6 stages of using social media
      Inactive – sign up, do nothing
      Spectator – watch only (lurking)
      Joiner – join some groups, still read only
      Collector – have favorites that you follow
      Critic – comment on what you read
      Creator – create original content
    • What’s Next?
      20 years ago – no Web
      10 years ago – no Facebook
      Today – Web 2.0 and Social Media
      2010 and beyond – find new things to do with this new media
    • References
      This PowerPoint: my website (www.octechexec.com) or my LinkedIn page (www.linkedin.com/in/sigmundfidyke)
      Recommended Blogs on Social Media (they all have Twitter feeds)
      Guy Kawasaki: http://alltop.com
      Chris Brogan: www.chrisbrogan.com
      Peter Cashmore: http://mashable.com/
      Ryon Harms: www.thesocialexec.com
      Tim Tyrell-Smith: www.spinstrategy.com/
      Check out www.blogworldexpo.com if you want to write your own
      Lists of Social Media Sites: