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Technology Alliance Partner

  1. 1. Technology Alliance Partner for a global player in Channel Visibility Management, Headquartered in California
  2. 2. The Client is a global player in the Channel Visibility Management segment and offers outsourced analytical services to cleanse, validate, mine, model data, and transform it into meaningful information. The company specializes in delivering high quality results into mission-relevant, daily-decision environments across a number of industries and problem areas. Headquartered in California, it services a host of international clients online. The Client Considering that most of Clients' business was online, active and required constant updates, Client was keen on creating an online platform such that their clients could upload data. Uploaded data would then be analysed by the company, and generate intelligence reports that clients would benefit from to manage their business with rigour and efficiency. Sigma sought a techno-answer that streamlined interactions for both the company and its clients, by providing online data update, thus ensuring the ease of access and assured security. Ultimately faster updates meant greater customer satisfaction for Client Business Case Solution After analysing Clients critical business needs Sigma Infosolutions identified Liferay as the appropriate tool. A suitable portal was then designed to cater to all of Client’s needs such that most applications were accessible with a single sign on and integrated with the LDAP server. In parallel, Sigma Infosolutions also created a set of portlets to benefit Client’s clients. “40% cost savings on functionality development Sigma Infosolutions Technology Partner Sigma Infosolutions is a technology enabler operating from Irvine, California and Bangalore, India. The company innovates technology to enable any business/organization to perform better and maximise output. Backed by exemplary project and product innovation experience, Zyme chose Sigma Infosolutions to customise and provide technology solutions that helped the company deliver satisfaction to its clients. Sigma provides end-to-end solutions; this has proved to be one of the company’s biggest strengths. Key Strengths  Reinforced Clients’ belief in the power of open source community: the portal developed on open source technologies (Liferay) achieved impeccable results  Capitalised on prior knowledge and experience in open source technologies  Delivered on technology customisation: Sigma’s core strength Custom built open source enterprise portal - Liferay customisation
  3. 3. Technology  Grails 1.2.1  MySQL 5.1  Jasper Intelligence  Liferay  Jboss Application Server Business Benefits  Monthly technical availability is more than 98%  An empowered solution to optimize processes across the retail supply chain  40% cost savings on functionality development  Complete set of data, functioning alarms in real-time  Ongoing operating costs at or better than budget  Low system Overhead and lower Most of Client’s operations depended on reporting and delivering analysed data to its clients. Quality reporting back-boned the company. Client had been using commercial reports tools to generate and deliver reports. However, hooked onto the open source community, Client was eager to open source this process. This would imply cost-efficiency and fortify the reporting process, a step towards incorporating online business intelligence tools. Business Case Solution Acquainted with the needs, Sigma identified and implemented ‘Jasper Intelligence’ – an open source tool in Linux environment on JBoss Application Server. Currently, migration of existing reports to this new platform is in progress. Key Strengths  Provided cost-effective solution by implementing an open source technology  Partnered for future technology – enabled Client take the first step towards offering online Business Intelligence for their clients  Validated Sigma’s proficiency in technology customisation Reporting Redefined – Implementing open source reporting and Business Intelligence tools
  4. 4. As part of overhaul for growth, Client decided to upgrade its existing solution. A part of this included making multiple changes in the schema of the existing database, reorganising data types, and moving onto a higher version of MySQL. Business Case Solution Competent and at- home with MySQL, Sigma’s expertise built considerable confidence for Client to outsource the complete assignment. Sigma’s prior experience in data migration, MySQL and management of large databases comes handy as Sigma now prepares a detailed upgrade plan, identifies SQL’s, migrates data to stored procedures wherever possible, writes manuscripts, finally migrates and tests the application with the new database. The process was challenged with aspects of reverse engineering required to figure out the right fields, creating documents to plug missing information and adequately validate information unearthed through multiple methods before it is assumed correct. “Technical availability more than 98% Sigma Infosolutions – the chosen partner The Client envisioned a versatile, dynamic and an interactive portal for their service space. Against this dynamic profile, the company partnered with Sigma Infosolutions to provide suited and tailored technology. Key Strengths  Utilised prior experience with MySQL and understanding of Client’s operations  Offered single vendor service: complete end-to-end upgrade  Technology know-how and expertise – a huge advantage Data Migration – Critical Restructuring for Growth
  5. 5. Built a frictionless process for creating, delivering and consuming real time data About Sigma Infosolutions “  Sigma Group, an Indian conglomerate has more than 4 decades of experience in Mining, Chemicals Manufacturing & Export, Handicrafts Manufacturing & Exports, and Software Development  Sigma Infosolutions is a TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 company  Headquartered in US with development center in India  Some of our esteemed customers include Airtel, Zyme Solutions, Yodlee, Celerity Consulting, Resolution Economics, Birla Global Asset Finance, Fosroc Chemicals, Surgery Planet etc.  Sigma Infosolutions’ services comprises of application development, application management, IT Consulting, Offshore testing, and Website and Portal Development Sigma Infosolutions, Sigma Towers, #66/A, 13th Cross 6th Main, JP Nagar, 3rd Phase, Bangalore- 560078 Telephone: +91-80-40865100 Sigma Infosolutions, 2082 Michelson Dr. Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92612 Telephone: +1-714-717-1826 Fax: +1-866-405-6750, Toll Free: 1-888-861-7360 Website: E-mail: Toll Free: 1-888-861-7360