Custom Navigation Flow for Jasper Server Reporting Platform


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Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its expertise on Jasper BI Suite and Reporting technologies to develop application along with its web engine for a healthcare solution provider company in North America. The web application is an automated reporting engine which allows the users to monitor, analyze and manage, forecast and report the performance of various high-level business objectives. The automated engine leverages Jasper Reporting, Dashboards and Analyzer tools for additional analysis and visualization. Built on Jasper BI Suite, the application extends numerous customization capabilities to users with analytical front-end.

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Custom Navigation Flow for Jasper Server Reporting Platform

  1. 1. Custom Navigation Flow forJasperServer Reporting
  2. 2. The Client provides web based solutions for EMS providers. Its acomprehensive solution for patient claims and billing process.The ClientThe Client’s portal provides EMS departments a cost-effective means toaccess an integrated processing system that contains all the tools andinformation necessary to manage the complete patient cycle, fromemergency response to claims reimbursement. The Client was in need ofreports, dashboards to organize patient data seemingly endless redundancyfor better application usage and visual reports for their clients. Therefore,the Client wanted to partner with a team who could help them quicklydevelop, test, and integrate these reporting features with their coreapplication. Sigma Infosolutions proposed to use Open Source Jasper BI Suiteto build core reporting functionalities.Business Casesales@sigmainfo.netChallengesBI projects are extremely dynamic & demanding; with a change in projectscope brings its own challenge in terms of the technical complexities. Therewere slight tweaking needed in terms of making the Role basedauthentication/authorization to work according to the Client’s expectationwhich is not usually the general way preferred, but we could do it.“40% cost savingson functionalitydevelopmentExecutive SummarySigma Infosolutions leveraged itsexpertise on Jasper BI Suite andReporting technologies to developapplication along with its web engine fora healthcare solution provider companyin North America. The web application isan automated reporting engine whichallows the users to monitor, analyze andmanage, forecast and report theperformance of various high-levelbusiness objectives. The automatedengine leverages Jasper Reporting,Dashboards and Analyzer tools foradditional analysis and visualization.Built on Jasper BI Suite, the applicationextends numerous customizationcapabilities to users with analyticalfront-end.Successes Established a agile driven development framework with continuousintegrations and nightly builds Developed a SaaS based solution for the client and its vendors to monitortheir respective collection of reports and dashboards
  3. 3. Technology Jasper BI Suite MySQLBusiness Benefits Monthly technical availability ismore than 98% An empowered solution to optimizeprocesses across the retail supplychain 40% cost savings on functionalitydevelopment Complete set of data, functioningalarms in real-time Ongoing operating costs at or betterthan budget Low system Overhead and lowersupport costsSolutionSigma Infosolutions’ BI team successfully compiled BI architecture required for theproject which was then used by all other different vendors/teams working on theproject including Sigma. We were able to successfully set up a template for thereporting structure across all different teams onboard. Effectively setup thecontinuous integration infrastructure along with periodic checkouts with GITHUB(repository used) and pushing them onto the staging environment. The solution had 3organizations in the suite consisting mainly of admin, manager and users.Key Modules Developedo Developed charts, management dashboards,Automatic data loading scriptso After login, Reports, Dashboards andAd hoc reports appearsSome other set of report group developedo Current month - claim types mix ~ dashboard pie charto Invoiced/paid/posted/unpaid(balance) amount by payer (user-defined daterange)o Payment posting report (user-defined date range)o Credits report - total credits by type, by payer (user-defined date range)o Debits report - total debits by type, by payer (user-defined date range)o Electronic submission - summary report (user-defined date range)o Incident/call report - including patient name, claim (invoice(s)) status, totalinvoiced, total paid, balance.o Charge detail report - report details charges for each invoice procedure for eachclaim with a date of service within the range selected by the user using a date control.o Payer collections report by payer - details charges, insurance receipts, co-pay,deductions, write off ,balance, payer’s mix % and collections% against claims originalinvoiced amount.www.sigmainfo.netNext PhaseThe next phase includes creating morereports and generating cubes for varioussub organizations
  4. 4. Built a frictionless process for creating, delivering and consumingreal time data for emergency medical services (EMS Providers)About Sigma Infosolutions“ Sigma Group, an Indian conglomerate has more than 4 decades of experience in Mining, Chemicals Manufacturing & Export,Handicrafts Manufacturing & Exports, and Software Development Sigma Infosolutions is a TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 company Headquartered in US with development center in India Some of our esteemed customers include Airtel, Zyme Solutions, Yodlee, Celerity Consulting, Resolution Economics, BirlaGlobal Asset Finance, Fosroc Chemicals, Surgery Planet etc. Sigma Infosolutions’ services comprises of application development, application management, IT Consulting, Offshore testing,and Website and Portal DevelopmentSigma Infosolutions, Sigma Towers, #66/A, 13th Cross6th Main, JP Nagar, 3rd Phase, Bangalore- 560078Telephone: +91-80-40865100Sigma Infosolutions, 2082 Michelson Dr.Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92612Telephone: +1-714-717-1826Fax: +1-866-405-6750, Toll Free: 1-888-861-7360Website: www.sigmainfo.netE-mail: sales@sigmainfo.netToll Free: 1-888-861-7360