Birth order


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Birth order

  1. 1. Birth OrderWhy You Are The Way You Are
  2. 2. How Can three or four or even eight little cubs be so different and yet come from the very same den? Yes, there are exceptions to the standard birth order rules but the exceptions are explainable when you understand how birth order works. Birth Order is the science of understanding your place in the family line. Wherever you landed, it has affected your life in countless ways.
  3. 3. Birds of a Feather Flock Together!The first 23 American astronauts sent into outer space, 21 were first borns and the other two were only children.A great number of presidents and pastors are first borns. All presidents have been first born males in their family. (Excellent chances of developing first born traits and functioning as first borns, which undoubtedly helped them be effective in their role of president and leader.
  4. 4. 1992 Presidential CampaignClinton (first born)- suave, confident, loaded with answers, and projected strong leadership ablitiesBush (middle child)- used a mediating negotiating style, even while in debatePerot (last born)- hard hitting, outspoken, asked lots of embarrassing questions of his opponents, and often has the audience is stitches
  5. 5. Babies of the family who are knownand loved by millions of movie and TV fans Eddie Murphey Goldie Hawn Exceptions! Billy Crystal Jay Leno is a baby, but both Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers David Letterman are middle children, born Leslie Nielson second of three. Danny DeVito Bill Cosby, one of the great comedians of all time, is a first born. Cosby holds a doctorate Drew Carey degree, is a perfectionist. He named all of his Jim Carey children with names beginning with “E” –to remind them to always seek excellence. Steve Martin Chevy Chase Charlie Chaplin
  6. 6. Final Examples Newscasters and talk-show hosts on television are often first borns and only children Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Friedman, Geraldo Rivera, Arsenio Hall, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Rush Limbaugh Rosie O’Donnell Walter Cronkhite, Peter Jennings,Ted Koppel, and Dan Rather
  7. 7. Which Traits Fit You Best A- Very good bet you are a first born in your family. B- Chances are you are a middle child C- Likely you are the Baby in the family D- The only child
  8. 8. Variables Spacing- the number of years between children Spacing- the number of years between children Sex of the child- and in what sequence males and females are born Physical, mental or emotional differences Sibling deaths- which, if occurring early, cause the child below to be “bumped up” to the next birth order Adoption- which, may or may not have an effect on birth order, depending on how old the child is when adopted. Birth order positions of parents- first born parents usually run a much different ship than later borns Relationship between parents- parenting style, and personal values they pass on to their children “critical eye”- constant criticism takes it toll Blending of families- in a step family certain birth orders often get stepped on
  9. 9. 14 13 7 5The Smith Family
  10. 10. 14 13 3The Stein Family
  11. 11. The Spencer Family 16 14 12 11 When sex differences create someone“special,” it can put pressure on the child immediately above or below that special person
  12. 12. The Jones FamilyM 14 12 10
  13. 13. 12 10 7 7The Massey Family 3
  14. 14. The Bryon Family Dad- first born perfectionist dentist Mom- first born PTA president, known for getting people organized 16 14 12
  15. 15. Personality and birth orderare set after age 5 or 6
  16. 16. First Borns Tend to be conscientious, well organized, serious, goal oriented, achieving, people pleasers, believers in authority Others signs include; perfectionist, reliable, list maker, critical, scholarly, self- sacrificing, conservative, supporter of law and order, legalistic, and self reliant
  17. 17. Two Kinds Of First BornsCompliant Nurtures and The Movers and Shakers Caregivers  Assertive Please others  Strong willed Very reliable  High achiever Conscientious  Hard driver How-can-I-please-you  Set high goals Good students  Badgerlike qualities Needs Mom & Dads approval  The very traits and abilities Attract the great white sharks that enable you to succeed at of life work, at church, or in other organizations will often work against you in your close personal relationships
  18. 18. Only Child Confident Articulate Seemingly on top of things Self-centered The key to understanding an only child is knowing why he or she is an only. Excellent candidates for growing up to be ultra perfectionists
  19. 19. Middle ChildFeeling left outIgnoredInsultedBranching off effectSqueezed from above and belowImportance of peer groupGood mediatorSecretiveMentally tough, independent
  20. 20. The BabyOutgoing charmersPersonable manipulatorsUncomplicatedAbsent mindedCarefreeAffectionateTemperamentalSpoiledImpatientNot taken seriously by family
  21. 21. The EndQuestions?