SIFE BCIT General Meeting #7 - 2010 10-26


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  • SIFE BCIT General Meeting #7 - 2010 10-26

    1. 1. DISCOVER. GROW. SUCCEED. SIFE BCIT “Considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors, which SIFE team most effectively empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living?” SIFE CRITERIA
    2. 2. “I am a platoon commander with The Royal Westminster Regiment in New West and I wanted to thank you for the help you have given to my troops with business planning and marketing strategy. They have told me that it is great to have such knowledgeable people to depend on for help. It is because of the great things that I have heard from my soldiers that has caused me to approach SIFE myself to seek help in preparing a business plan and marketing strategy for my new business. Keep up the great work and please make sure that your club understands how impactful their seemingly small contribution has been to my men and their futures.” Ricardo Manmohan - 2LtThe Royal Westminster Regiment A Coy 1 Platoon Comd
    3. 3. Birthday’s LAST Week Sharon Loh & Breanne Riley - Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 Breanne Riley - Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 Birthday’s This Week Dan Smith - Thursday, October 28th, 2010
    4. 4. MoVEMBER SIFE General Meeting # 7 – 2010 Link to Video BCITSA
    5. 5. Movember • This Movember we are calling all Mo’ Bro’s and Mo’ Sista’s to support the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER! • Fella’s: Grow a Mo! Participate in Fundraising! • Ladies: Support your Men!! Fundraising!!
    6. 6. Movember Monday, November 1st 10:30 – 2:30 Clean shaven registration & photo op in Great Hall We need volunteers to help work the both for single-hour shifts Tuesday, November 30th 4:30 – 7:30 Party in the Pub! Contest for Best Mo’! and other give-aways!
    7. 7. Halloween Bar Party @ Library Square $10.00 Tickets Laura Chow & Tara Johnson Updates Dress up – get there before 10pm
    8. 8. Whistler Trip November 5 - 7th 2010 • HI Hostel – 30 Spots • $65 • Talk to Breanne if you can drive there or need a ride • Includes 3 meals - Breakfast x 2 - Dinner on Saturday
    9. 9. Speed Dating • Listen to BATMAN • What’s your Name? • Program? • What did you do before or plan on doing after BCIT • Something interesting about yourself
    10. 10. Recap & Next Week “Anything you want for yourself is Possible – it starts with participation” • BOOK NOW for WHISTLER! • Tara & Laura have tickets for HALLOWEEN! • Sponsorship Team Opportunities • Project Updates
    11. 11. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Time 7:30am 7am 7:30am 7:30am 7:30am Project Mindworks General Meeting Lion’s Lair Spring Living Fair Fuse Afternoon Campus Investors & Go Jill Go (2:30 PM) Meeting Times Locations > SE 6 - 205