Principal Speech - Shriutsav May 2010


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Principal Speech - Shriutsav May 2010

  1. 1. Report of the Institution For Academic year 2009-10 By Dr. M. A. Venkatesh - PrincipalSri Shridevi Charitable Trust was established in the year 1992 with a mission toimpart quality education to all sections of the society. The trust is renderingvaluable service in the field of education and health by establishing Hospital,Diagnostic Centre and a host of Educational Institutions such as ShrideviInstitute of Engineering & Technology, Shridevi Institute of Nursing, ShrideviCollege of Education, Shridevi Polytechnic, Shridevi Institute of ManagementStudies, Shridevi Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Shridevi Degree College,Shridevi PU College, Shridevi Distance Education Study Centre, Shridevi PGCentre, Shridevi Industrial Training Centre, Shridevi Vidya Mandir and Centrefor Shridevi Research Foundation.The Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology was established in the year2002 by the Trust and offers six Undergraduate courses and one Post Graduatecourse with an annual intake of 480 students.Post Graduate Courses: 1. Master of Business AdministrationUnder Graduate Course: 1. Electronics and Communication 2. Computer Science and Engineering 3. Bio-Technology 4. Mechanical Engineering 5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 6. Information Science and EngineeringCurrently a total of 1,480 students are studying in this institution. 1
  2. 2. The institute has excellent infrastructure. All the departments are well equippedwith good laboratories. The institute has very good academic ambience andstudents are punctual and regular in attending classes. Modern facilities are usedfor effective teaching such as LCD projectors, Over head Projectors andinteractive CD’s. The institution provided with EDUSAT, a VTU SatelliteCommunication which is an E-learning program with an interactive facility. SIETis one among the 30 institutes which have this facility out of 130 Engineeringinstitutions in the State. VTU also accorded the E-Vidya facility by setting upservers with learning materials a worth of Rs.1.5 lakhs ours is one among the fewof the colleges of the State. A central computing facility and internet with highspeed connectivity of 2 MBPS leased line which is kept open from 8:00 AM to 8:00PM daily are provided for students.The faculty of the institution are highly qualified and dedicated. Recently Dr. N.Chandrashekhar, HOD of Chemistry Department has been awarded DoctoralDegree from Bangalore University. Prof. H.K. Govindaraju has submitted hisDoctoral thesis for defence under VTU. Mr. T.S. Sadanand, Mr. C.P.Chandrappa, Mr. G. Erappa, Mr. Kishor Kumar, Mr. H.R. Ranganath haveregistered and pursuing their Doctoral Degrees. Few of other faculty membersare in process of registering their Doctoral degree under either VTU or otheruniversities. The institute has been recognized as R&D Centre by TumkurUniversity from the year 2009-10.Under DST SERC, Fast Track Young Scientist Project was awarded to Dr. G.Panduranga Murthy, amounting to Rs.7.19 Lakhs grants for the project entitledBiological approach for the degradation of Coir Industry waste throughSaprophytic fungi. 2
  3. 3. The staff members have been publishing technical papers, presenting papers inNational / International Conferences and attending workshops and seminarsregularly. Some of the noteworthy are as follows:Prof. H.K. Govindaraju, HOD, Mechanical Engineering Dept. presented a paperat International Conference on Material Characterization held at NITK Surathkal,Dr. M. Govindappa, BT Dept. presented a paper on DNA Discovery & Therapy at2nd International conference at Dubai, UAE, Dr. B. Nagaraj presented a paper onBioinformatics and System Biology at Anna University, Tamil Nadu. Mr.Sadananda T.S. was awarded best oral presentation at National Symposium atCoimbatore, best speech presentation on Elizyans – 2010, Coimbatore and BestPresentation in IEC – 2010 held at Thiruvananthapura, Kerala. Dr. G.Panduranga Murty delivered a talk at Wuhan University, China on 1st November2009 and also at Ubon Ratchatani University, Bangkok, Thailand, organized byChemical Society of Thailand on 23rd January 2010. Dr. N. Chandrashekhar,Dept. of Chemistry presented a paper at a conference conducted by BangaloreUniversity from 19th to 21st November 2009. Prof. G.S. Hebbar published paperin International Journal of Applied Engg. Research, Mr. Yoganand presented apaper at 32nd International Symposium on Biotechnology on 19th & 20th April2010 at USA and Prof. P.M. Chandrashekharaiah, Vice Principal published aBook on Transmission and Distribution for V Sem. E&E course.The Students are exposed to recent advances on current topics, frontiertechnologies through a total of 47 expert lecture by eminent personalities in theirfield apart from the university syllabus which is being regularly taught in all thedepartments. Some of such eminent personalities are Dr. Vasanth KumarThimkapur GLS Technology, Mysore, Dr. Prakash Halami, Senior Scientist,CFTRI, Mysore, Mr. Madhusudan Reddy Y.S., Senior Software Engineer, SDLC,Bangalore, Mr. Shyam Sundar E&R Manager .NET group, INFOSYS, Dr. Padma 3
  4. 4. Reddy A.M., Professor, Sai Vidya Engg. College, Bangalore, Dr. Vijaya, AssociateProfessor, SDM College, Dharwad, Shri Bhim Sen, CEO, Knowx Innovations Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore, Sri Shivananda, KPTCL, (Ex) Superintendent Engineer, Dr. M.R.Bhat, Department of Aeronautics, IISc., Bangalore, Dr. Somashekhar Hiremath,IIT, Chennai, Mr. Vishwanath S.J., Inano Fobs, Bangalore, Prof. PurushothamB.V., Technical Evaluator, Adobe Technologies, Bangalore, Mr. Satish G.,Technical Leader, St. Exicsson India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, Sri Shivanand,Managing Director, DBSON, Tumkur and the list continues.The Dept. of Biotechnology conducted a 2 day National level conference on“Recent Advances in Environmental Science and Engineering” on 16th & 17thOctober 2009. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg. conducted oneday Workshop on High Voltage Engineering, Applied Science Dept. conductedone day workshop on Application of Numerical Methods in Engineering on 06-03-2010. Information Science Dept. conducted one day Workshop on “ComputerGraphics applications in image processing”. Department of MechanicalEngineering conducted a 2 day Workshop on “FEM Applications”. Dept. ofM.B.A. conducted one day National conference on “Managing for tomorrow:emerging trends; issues and challenges”.World Water Day was celebrated on 22-04-2010 in which Dr. Hunase, Director,Central Ground Water Board, Bangalore and a host of eminent personalitiesparticipated.The department of Mechanical Engg. Established a new CAD/CAM Laboratoryfor imparting training programs on Advanced Softwares. The department ofCSE has became a partner for Microsoft MSDN Academic alliance. SatadruBhattacharjee and Pratik A.M. are student partners for MSDN. Under student 4
  5. 5. Technical Club Community, 80 students are active members of this club. They can availupto 40% discounts for Microsoft certification exams.The department of Mechanical Engineering has signed an MOU with Swamy DesignSolution Ltd., Bangalore for training students on Catia Software and one batch of 27students have already been trained.The department of E&C has signed an MOU with KNOWX innovations Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore for training students on project work and to establish project lab exclusively.We are happy to announce that the institute is hosting a prestigious 33rd series of KSCSTstudent project exhibition and a Seminar on 6th & 7th August 2010 comprising all theengineering colleges affiliated to VTU. We are happy to announce that KSCST hassponsored 14 student’s projects, for final year students of E&C, EEE, Mech. & BTdepartments stands 2 position among the 170 VTU colleges in terms of Nos. of projectssanctioned.All the departments have staff advisory committees drawn from academic institutes,Industries and Govt. organizations who conducted meetings in the months of Decemberand January on progress and overall development of the departments which helped usin moving forward in the right direction and with true spirit.To enhance academic ambience and to face university exams confidently & to boostresults, Internal tests & Unit tests are conducted on the similar lines of universityexamination pattern at the Institutional level to all the students as per the academiccalendar. Further, more attention is given to conduct tutorials & assignments in allsubjects. Lab journals and question & answer type inputs are given to 1st year studentsto cope with the engineering study standards & emphasized on teaching - learningaspects. The efforts were fruitful & shown 5
  6. 6. improvement in the results in terms of number of Distinctions and First Classes.The concept of weekly Unit Test is also implemented for effective learning &studies for further improvement of the results of University exams. In 2008-09overall percentage of I Sem. is 62% & in 2009-10 it has raised to 67% which is apositive progressive trend.The final year students are passing in First Class and Distinction with 100% resultconsecutively for the last 3 years. Therefore, my sincere thanks andcongratulations to all my teaching fraternity for putting their efforts in achievingthe goal.We are happy to announce that the college has instituted scholarship ofRs.1,000/- per month for students who have scored more than 85% in VTUexaminations. During this semester, 8 students are awarded and during lastsemester, 7 students were awarded. Our hearty congratulations to all of them.Apart from this, the students are encouraged by giving cash prizes for classtoppers. The staff members are also motivated by instituting cash prizes forachieving more than 90% results in the concerned subjects. We are thankful tothe Management for the magnanimity and the good gesture shown towards thestudents, faculty and staff.The institution has got ISO certification in Dec. 2008 & further it has upgradedto 9001-2008 during the year 2009-10 from BSI Management Systems, U.K.To knit and enhance the bond between the Institution and Alumni, the institutehas successfully celebrated the 3rd Alumni function on 26th of January 2010 andmore than 150 alumni from 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th batches have participated. The 6
  7. 7. Guests & and industry personnel appreciated the efforts taken by the Institution.The 3rd Alumni News letter was released during the function. It was overwhelming response by the Alumni.The Library is fully equipped with latest books and has got best volumes with acollection of 23,636 Nos. The Library database is centrally computerized foraccession and renewals with smartcard for the students and bar codes for thebooks for the easy, secure and quick separation. Students can reserve the booksthrough the OPAC/Web OPAC. It has subscribed to 94 Nos. of National andInternational Journals. It also has E-Journal facility, under INDEST-AICTEconsortium which provides ocean of information for project works & seminars.Institution is a member of British Council library, American information resourcecentre, Delnet, Central manufacturing Technology Institute, Bangalore IndianInstitute of Management, Bangalore, Institute for Social and Economic change,Bangalore for classic information.Students are encouraged to use library which is kept open from 8.00 am to 8.00pm & the timings will be extended during examination period. The libraryprovides Book bank scheme and SC/ST Book Bank scheme for students.Each department has it’s own student’s association in the institute. Under theseassociations, students organize various activities like GD, debate, technical quiz,extempore talks, seminars, paper presentation etc. The literary forum is formedat college level to conduct these events periodically and to send teams toparticipate in intercollegiate competitions.A separate technical paper presentation cell is started at the institute level to trainstudents to prepare & present on advanced topics and to participate in various 7
  8. 8. symposiums, seminars & conferences. The students are encouraged & motivatedto present papers by inviting experts from outside and students are providedTraveling allowance and other facilities. The No. of students enrolled in thisyear are about 110 students from different branches BT-26 Nos., CSE-13 Nos., EC-17 Nos., EE-21 Nos., ME-15 Nos., IS-14. The number of National conferencesattended by the students is 29 and State level/workshops is 17. The number ofstudent teams won the prizes at various levels in different events are 10. Amongthem, the note worthy is Ms. Harini S. Kumar and team, participated in NationalConference held at Sahyadri College, Shimogga on 25th & 26th March 2010 andwere awarded with First Best Presentation. Ms. Shilpa C. and team from EEEDept. were participated in the National Conference held at MVJ College,Bangalore and were awarded First Prize for their presentation. Mr. Prakash B.Ramana Bandi and team from Mechanical Engg. Dept. were participated in theNational Conference held at JSSSIETW, Mysore and won the Second Prize fortheir presentation, Jyothi T.L. of MBA department has got First Prize, a cashaward of Rs.2,000/- for the Best Paper Presentation in “National Technical PaperPresentation” held at HMSIT recently.The institute is an institutional member of ISTE. Under ISTE chapter, staffinduction programes are conducted regularly during the academic year. Thefaculty development programme was conducted under Mission 10x WiproTechnologies wherein 15 faculties are trained for higher teaching-learning skills.Faculties from KIT, HMSIT, SJMIT participated in this programme. A two dayworkshop was conducted by Globarena Technologies, Hyderabad on 10th & 11thApril 2010. On 4th & 5th August 2009, Mr. Ajit Kaikini of Buoyancy, Bangalore,also imparted training programme for a batch of 45 faculty members. 8
  9. 9. The institution has a separate T&P cell headed by Training & placement officer.The cell conducts regularly training programs to the students. The institution hassigned an MOU with Globerena Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad to train ourstudents in softskills aptitude like Body language, communication skills,interview facing techniques and so on to enhance their employability. Thestudents are trained regularly right from first year to final year every month &every semester. To augment this, a separate language lab & career lab havinginteractive software is established for further practicing. The lab is kept openfrom 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.Especially, the newly inducted First year students are given more attention.Apart from regular training, Mr. Arjun Devaiah a well known personalityconducted the 2 days workshop focusing on confidence through physical fitness& Goal setting and Dr. Chaitanya Vardhan, a known Hypnotherapist has trainedstudents in the areas of stress management, negative self talk, Memoryimprovement, etc. in order to infuse more confidence, and to cope up withEngineering standards. Also sessions were conducted on social and ethicalvalues by Sri Veereshananda Swamiji & Mr. Santosh G.M., GlobarenaTechnologies, etc.Under Placement activity 68 students are placed in this semester so far in reputedcompanies like: Dazco India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, Merchant Navy – PheonixMaritime Servo Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur, True Vission Info System Pvt. Ltd., SartoriousStadium India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd., T.D. Power SystemsPvt. Ltd., Keane Software, Tayana Software Solutions, Comsom BiotechnologyLtd., Bangalore. 9
  10. 10. Not only employability but also to employ people is important, keeping this inview, an Entrepreneurship development programme was conducted from 27th to29th March 2010 with the help of VTU. About 70 students from Mech, E&C &BT, ISE, CSE, E&E, MBA departments were trained. Ajax & ASP.NET trainingprogramme was arranged for 3 days by Indian Institute of Bright Careers, 18students of CS & IS got benefited. The students are encouraged to undergoinplant training & visited reputed Industries, R&D establishments etc.In this year, for industrial exposures students visited industries like ParleInternational Ltd., Asma India Pvt. Ltd., Triveni Aeronautics, Tumkur, WiproLtd., Tumkur, CM Environ Systems, Dobaspet, 220 KV Receiving station atNelamangala, Fitwell & Forging Pvt. Ltd., Mysore Paper Mill, Bhadravathi,Infosys under spark programme, Tayana Software and many more by the variousdepartments.Under T&P cell a Passport Mela was organized for the benefit of the students inassociation with department of postal services on 14th October 2009. About 200students utilized the services.A separate NRI Hostel is made available for about 300 students in addition to theexisting hostel facility.The Institution is promoting the talent in sports by providing good infrastructureand facilities with qualified Physical Education Directors and supporting staff forboth men and women section. Regularly students are participating in thetournaments conducted by the VTU & performed effectively to reach differentstages in each discipline. 10
  11. 11. This year, Men and Women section won Yoga Championship on 2nd October 2009held at SIET, Tumkur. Women section won Runner up in Ball Badmintontournament held at Nitte Engineering College, Sulya. The institute also hostedVTU Hockey Tournament and University coaching camp. Kumari Chaitra, E&EDept. represented VTU team in intervarsity Hockey tournament held at Gwaliar,Kumari Priyashri, IV Sem. IS Dept. represented VTU team in intervarsity VolleyBall tournament held at Salem, Tamilnadu. Kumari Namratha, IV Sem. E&CDept., Kumari Kavya S. II Sem. IS Dept. were selected for VTU Ball Badmintonteam, Kumari Shruthi, IV Sem. BT Dept. was awarded VTU Best Player for 2009-10. She has represented the VTU team continuously for 3 years, 3 cheers to her.Kumari Manjula, IS Dept., Kumari Banumathi, VI Sem. Mech. Dept., KumariShilpa N.B., VI Sem. E&C Dept. were selected for VTU Khokho team. Theinstitute stands at 25th position at VTU with 156 points among 170 colleges.The SIET has started Adventure Club which was inaugurated on 16th Feb. 08.The institute is also registered as a member to General Thimmaiah Academy ofAdventure Club, Bangalore. Under this club, the students went for Trekking &Rappling at Chitradurga, Artificial Wall Climbing, trekking to Savanadurga andShivaganga Hills. Water rafting was conducted at Burpule & Dumbar inn,Madikeri for staff & students.To enhance flexibility, concentration & fitness of students, Yoga club was formed.For management students yoga classes are included as a part of the curriculum.“SINCHANA”, the cultural forum has provided a platform for the students toexhibit their talents, where the students put up articles, paintings, poetry, 11
  12. 12. photo’s, etc., on the SINCHANA board regularly. A trophy is instituted for thebest display of the department.The students participated in VTU fests and intercollegiate fests conducted byvarious college & won prizes. The cultural mela is organized by the forum inevery month to identify the talent on various art forms like singing, dancing,dramatics, etc,. The 4th series Sangeethosava Conducted on 3rd October and theplay back singer Badri Prasad, Smt. Anuradha Bhat inaugurated the function, 87students participated in the programme. The Kalautsava was conducted on 9thSeptember. Mr. Kishor Kumar, Vice Principal, Sri Ravindra Kalaniketan & Mr.Basavaraj Prabhu, Artist from Srusti Art Gallery were the guests – 145 studentshad participated. Hasyothsava was conducted on 31st October, Smt. SudhaBaragur, a noted Hasya Sahithi & Mr. Pattabhirama, Mimicry and Shadow playartist from Sulya were the guests.As a community service two days internet awareness programme “StudentInternet World-2009” was organised for rural High schools students during thirdweek of November 2009. About 1200 students were benefited.The overall performance of the students are conveyed through progress card forevery month to the parents. The students interact through teacher-studentcounselling for their overall development. The institute has issued smart card forall the students with E-campus concepts for hassle free administration. Theprocess will be completed in phases. The students & parents ID is provided toaccess the information online through internet for the student progress.The institution is eligible for the next academic year 2010-11 for the Accreditationprocess & the institution is already in the process of applying for the programme. 12
  13. 13. The institution strives hard to achieve academic excellence & overalldevelopment of the students. Further the students are encouraged & motivatedby rewarding cash prize for talented students in sports & cultural activities.In order to bring a sort of belongingness and get togetherness among theTeaching and Non Teaching staff members, a programme called “HAPPY DAY –Get Together” was organized on 1st August 2009 for our teachers and staff.We are happy to say that all our faculty members, non teaching staff, supportingstaff, administrative staff are actively involved in the activities and are committedto achieve the common goal, and each one of them is appreciated sincerely fortheir whole hearted support & efforts.In all the endeavors we are moulding the students under the able guidance of ourManaging Trustee Dr. M R Hulinaykar Sir and with the support of GoverningCouncil Members to make this institution to achieve the academic excellence inits own style and fashion. “Our Goal is to make Engineers with Human face” Thank you one & all (Dr. M. A. Venkatesh) 13