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  • 1. Poetry Anthology by Sierra Miller
  • 2. I Miss SummerI miss summerThe hot weatherChildren playing on thelawnsGoing to the parkStaying up all night untildawnI miss summerTalking to himHe makes my heart poundWeakening my limbsI miss summerGoing to parties with mygirlsFeeling like I don’t have acare in the worldI miss summerI can’t wait for it to happenTill the last bell ringsTo feel the summer breeze
  • 3. Anxious I like you You like meCan’t you see it was meant to be? It was springThe flowers were blooming The feeling to kiss you Got my heart fusing We talk everyday Morning to noon I love you And I hope you love me too
  • 4. 30, 15, 69, 22, 4It says investigate new possibilities with a friend now isthe timeWhat does this mean?The dry air gives me a trickle down my spineDo I follow through?You tell me?Is it true?Oh God help me pleaseMy index finger and thumb gently stroking my chinDumbfounded out of my mindHelp meThis confusion is taking over meIt says investigate new possibilities with a friend now isthe timeDo I make it happen?Or pass the offer?My heart leaping out of my chestI will follow my instinctFor it will make me happy
  • 5. Oh That Danny Danny has an ugly fanny When he wears his massive pantyIt makes him look like a tranny So says the young girl named AnnieAlthough the young girl is manly
  • 6. Ode to Nature The broccoli I eat Looks like little tiny trees The buzzing of the bumblebee Makes me want to rumble free I want to smell the lovely sent Oh natures trees of peppermint Camping on the flat dirt ground Hearing only one good sound The picking of the woodpecker Waking up to play checkers Let’s go fishing for dinnerAnd for dessert let’s make some smores And look above the stars galore
  • 7. Ed, Dead, & Bloody There once was a teacher name EdAnd no one understood what he said The students had to laughWhile he talked to the staffSo he blew of his head bloody dead