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This Warehouse Management System application takes care of the inventory management needs of medium / large Warehouses and helps in complete automation. The system allows automatic / manual stack allocations for the incoming inventory, prints the barcode labels for easy / accurate identification, checks the positions of items once stacked, displays the positions automatically while issuing and provides Stock taking features for periodic inventory checking.

Cross functional reporting to make timelier and better informed decisions. Supports Multi–language.

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Warehouse Management System – WMCentral

  1. 1. WMCentral  Warehousing Management System primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including Purchase Order, Good Receipts, Issues, Put Away, Stick Label and Pick List Printing. The systems also direct and optimize stock put always based on real-time information about the status of pallet utilization.  Inventory management, inventory planning, IT applications & communication technology to be used are all related to warehouse management  Multiple levels of warehouses can be created through the system  Warehouse Management System enables you to reduce costs by empowering you to track and control the movement of inventory across your warehouses  Warehousing Management System has a flexible stack location management. Introduction
  2. 2. Introduction  Our Warehouse Management System improves visibility into the quantity, location, and age of inventory and provides you with a current, accurate picture of stock availability
  3. 3. WMCentral – Features Technical Features  Stock count  Inventory moves and transfers  Multiple units of measure  Physical inventory  Staging
  4. 4. WMCentral – Features Functional Features  Inventory items receiving, storage and picking  Manufactured items receiving, storage and picking  Stock put away, Stock issue and Stock take  Stock transfer between warehouses  Items are tracked to a location  Prints barcodes, invoices and picking slips  Forecast stock shortages.  Provides first hand information on quantity and stock availability  Import and export to Excel  Track both check in/out items and consumable items  35+ Reports  Web based application  Supports unlimited locations, and items
  5. 5. Modules  Purchase Order  Receipts  Issues  Transfers  Stock Count  Reporting  Printing  Administration  Masters
  6. 6. Purchase Order  Purchase orders can be generated through the system  Selection of items can be done based on item number , supplier Item number or description  PO raised based on items going below minimum stock level  Provision to search pending purchase orders based on item, item type, owner, transaction dates.
  7. 7. Receipts – Features  System automatically updates and adjusts stock-levels received thereby maintaining up-to- date inventory control information  Receive by purchase order, by product, or without a purchase order (blind receipt)  Store products in unique or multiple locations based on bin/inventory characteristics  Feature to display the available system stack locations for the user to select the stack location for storage of goods received.  Provision to set default stack location for an item to be stored  Automatically assign inventory to a location for put-away  Update inventory levels automatically upon receipt  Provision is available for holding the items for QA reason.  View all receipts or customize views by filtering on selected criteria  View or export receipt details and history with a click of a button
  8. 8. Receipts – Features Cont. The following types of receipts are supported  Receipts From Supplier  Production Return  Return from Samples  Export Sales Return  Finished Goods Receipt types can be developed/ customized as per the client needs
  9. 9. Receipt Screen – Sample  Provision to quarantine received items on hold due to quality issues
  10. 10. Issues – Features Store the details of all goods or materials issued out of the Warehouse Pallet selection can be manual or automatic based on user preference System automatically updates and adjusts stock-levels issued thereby maintaining up- to- date inventory control information Issue against internal/external requests can be done Store products in unique or multiple locations based on bin/inventory characteristics View all issues or customize views by filtering on selected criteria View or export issue details and history with a click of a button The following types of issues are supported Issues to production Issues to Export / Sale Return to Supplier Write Off Issue to Samples Finished Goods The Issues can be developed / customized as per the client needs
  11. 11. Issues Screen – Sample
  12. 12. Transfers – Features  System records transfer of items from the current location to another location  QA Hold Status of the items can be changed based on the result of the inspection.  Stock can be adjusted from one pallet to the another pallet The following types of transfers are supported  Adjust Stack Position  Move items in QA Hold Status The transfers can be developed/customized as per the client needs
  13. 13. Transfer Screens – Samples
  14. 14. Stock Count  System aids to Cyclic stock count by location wise, item wise listing  stock quantity manually and to record the stock adjustment entries Stock Count Entry  Stock count is entered manually here location wise  List physical stock quantity against each pallet Stock Count Adjustment  Variance between system and physical quantities will be listed  Manual Adjustments to regularize the stocks will be done here.
  15. 15. Reports  Report filter / group fields and column description for ease of specific report generation  This part generates the MIS Reports and can be printed in formats like HTML, CSV, Excel and PDF
  16. 16. Reports Types  Item Stack Location Report  Item Usage Report  Item Usage Report – Regular  Item Usage Report – Costing  Item Usage Report – Summary  Item Usage Report – Receipts  Item Usage Report – Finished Goods  Historical Transactions Report  Historical Transaction Report – Item  Historical Transaction Report – Stack Position  Item on Hold Report  Item Inventory Variance Report  Item Availability Report  Item Availability Report – Location  Item Availability Report – Item  Item Availability Report – Location wise
  17. 17.  Item Inventory Variance Report  Item Availability Report  Item Availability Report – Location  Item Availability Report – Item  Item Availability Report – Location wise  Empty Stack Position Report  Write Off Reports  Item Expiry Report  Month to Date Report  Graphical Display of Stacks Reports Types Cont.
  18. 18. Reports Types Cont.  Receipts / Issues Reports  Receipts / Issue Reports – Receipts from Suppliers  Receipts / Issue Reports – Issue to production  Receipts / Issue Reports – Issue to Export/Sale  Receipts / Issue Reports – Issue to Suppliers  Receipts / Issue Reports – Issue to Write Off  Receipts / Issue Reports – Issue to Samples  Receipts / Issue Reports – Returns from production  Receipts / Issue Reports – Export Sales Return  Receipts / Issue Reports – Finished Goods Receipts
  19. 19. Reports Types Cont.  Item Standard Cost Report  Item Standard Cost Report  Expired Material List Report  Item Reorder Report  Pending Purchase Order Report  Purchase Order Report  Location Mismatch Report
  20. 20. Administration Functions – Features  Users can be associated with one or more user groups for privileged access control  Data Archive  Global Settings,  Stick Label Design  Pick List Label Design  Suppliers and Manufacturers Details
  21. 21. Administration Functions – Stick Label Designer  Stick label Design  Provision to design your own Stick label  Option to set one format as the default format for printing in the application  Tool bars to assist users to customize the look of the Stick label  Auto retrieval of fields used in the application
  22. 22. Administration Functions – Pick List Designer  Provision to design your own Pick list  Option to set one format as the default format for printing in the application  Tool bars to assist users to customize the look of the Stick label  Auto retrieval of fields used in the application
  23. 23. Administration Functions – Data Archive Data Archive  Data Archive operation- Old transaction data will be archived to a separate database.  Data Archive will ensure that the unnecessary processing / handling of the old data are eliminated from the live database.  Data Archive enhances performance of the application.  User will be having the provision to specify a date till which records need to be moved to archive Reversal of Archived Data  Restore the data archived back to the live database works as a separate process. Purge Archive Data  Data can be deleted from the archive database up to the specified date.
  24. 24. Printing Stick Label Printing  Transaction details of any transaction type for any item can be reprinted Pick List Printing  Pick list for any issue transaction can be printed  Filtered records selection
  25. 25. SIERRA ODC Private Limited * Founded in 1998 * Based out of Coimbatore, INDIA * Providing Software Development & Support Services * STPI Registered Unit * 75+ Strong workforce * Clients and Outsourcing in Malaysia, USA, UK, Middle East and Africa * Satisfied Multinational Clients * Specialization in Microsoft .NET Framework
  26. 26. Advantages with SIERRA  Good number of implementation with National and Multinational Clients  Excellent Domain Knowledge in Ware housing and Sales & Distribution  Ready to any amount of Customization  Integration with JD Edward can be done as a part of Customization
  27. 27. Key Projects – Completed Supply Chain Management – Novartis, Sandoz, Syngenta BioCAP - National Ids / E-Passports Solution – Avalon Biometrics, Spain Facilities Management System – Sheraton Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System – Data-FM, Malaysia Management of Change (MOC) – Shell Refining Company, Malaysia Vehicle Sales Portal – motormall.com.my, Malaysia Contracts Closeout Data Administration System – Alrazaq Computing Services, USA B2C Shopping Mall with Order Processing – Peacock Crafts, Canada Intelligent Building Management System – Federal Government Buildings,Putrajay&Malaysia Tobin Land Suite – P2 Energy Solutions, USA Jobs / Recruitment Portal – Utusan Group, Malaysia Tobacco Leaf Information System – JT International Tobacco, Malaysia Loss Adjustors Claims Management System – Zama Adjustors and Investigators, Malaysia SMS News Portal – Utusan, Malaysia Facility Booking System –DiGi, Malaysia Non Tobacco Material Warehouse Management – JT International Tobacco, Malaysia, Korea Materials Management System – Syngenta, Novartis, Clariant Enterprise Resource Planning – Novartis, VIP Group Customs, Ports, Free Trade Zone Affairs - Automation Project – Kingdom of Bahrain Warehousing & Logistics Management System for Nike – Exel Logistics, India
  28. 28. Key Projects – Ongoing Facilities Management System Implementation – Sodexo, India Airport Automation, Cargo Handling, Point of Sales Systems – Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda B2B Integration Application – DHL, India Enterprise Facilities Management System Implementation – Ministry of Health, Kuwait Sales & Distribution Management – Novartis, India Enterprise Facilities Management System Implementation – Alghanim, Kuwait Supply Chain Management System – Malaysian Agri Food Corporation, Malaysia Perishable Cargo Automation System – Cochin International Airport, India SAP Integration & Online Reporting Application – Syngenta, India CRM & Sales Force Automation System – Sandoz, South Asian Region
  29. 29. Key Clients and End Users
  30. 30. For more information please contact us at info@sierratec.com Thank You! SIERRA ODC Private Limited w w w . s i e r r a t e c . c o m INDIA SIERRA ODC Private Limited 188/1,Varadharaja Layout-1 PN Palayam Road, Ganapathy, Coimbatore - 641 006. Tel: +91-422-2567596 Fax: +91-422-2567445 USA/Canada +1 408 239 4819 USA Sierra Infosys Inc. 6001 Savoy Dr, Suite 210, Houston TX 77036, Tel: +1-713-747-9693 Fax: +1-509-351-6682 MALAYSIA SIERRA ODC (M) SDN. BHD. 96-1, Biz Avenue, 2, Neo Cyber Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat 63000, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603-8320-2080 Fax:+603-8320-2082 SINGAPORE SIERRA ODC (S) Pte. Ltd. #20, Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza Singapore 049705 Tel: +65 97334623