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Facility Booking and Office Reservation System provides web based reservation of office facilities like conference room booking, providing features for inviting internal and external attendees, visitor registration, space management etc

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eFACiLiTY Facility Booking System

  1. 1. Introduction eFACiLiTY  is a modular facilities management system  allows day-to-day management of the processes  automates operations  provides a management dashboard for critical analysis  enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way
  2. 2. Modules
  3. 3. Multi Site Multi Organization Concept  Site wise concept for multiple sites implementation using a central server  Facility managers being able to view any location data quickly by selecting the location/Site on top  User privileges can be set defining the sites to be viewed and restricted to each every user and in each and every site.
  4. 4. Facility Booking System  eFACiLiTY’s Facility Booking system helps streamlining of reservation and usage of common and individual facilities by businesses within a facility or building complex.  The internet/intranet enabled facility booking, approval and billing operations across organizations enhances operations efficiency.  Meeting rooms, conference halls, desk space, office space auditoriums, high cost equipments, training facilities etc. can be booked via the system.
  5. 5. Facility Booking System  Facilities Directory  Online/Offline booking requests  Visual booking using graphical interface  Confirmation, rejection, suggestion of alternate facilities  Re-allocation, cancellation  Email / SMS notifications on requests, approvals and cancellation  Utilization analysis  Billing of reservations & cancellations  Inviting internal & external attendees for meetings  Scheduling of refreshments orders to catering  Switch on/off HVAC and lighting automatically with BAS/BMS integration  Active directory integration  Pre-registration of attendees with visitor management  Car park booking
  6. 6. Post Login FBS User  After the FBS user Log in , Post login screen appears where the user can Book a facility using Quick booking or Detailed Booking method.
  7. 7. Quick Booking  Quick booking allows user to book the facilities under any single facility type for any single date.  This type of booking does not require more details from the user.  Default time slots for full day booking can be set in the Global Settings.
  8. 8. Advanced Booking  Advanced Booking facilitates the user to book single or multiple facilities for single or multiple dates.  The current user can place the booking request on behalf of the other user in the active directory.  Scheduling of Refreshments Orders to Catering for the meeting is possible .  Addition of the facility belongs to various facility types is possible.
  9. 9. Visual Floor Plan Booking Screen
  10. 10.  Floor Plan Booking is the easy way of booking using the graphical interface.  Floor Plan Booking makes the booking very easier just by displaying any required floor plan and selecting the required facility.  For a single day booking, accessing the floor plan booking link through quick booking.  For recursive booking, accessing the floor plan booking through advance booking  Selecting location of the floor plan using drop down.  Displaying of available facilities are in green and not available facilities in red.  Display of Facility icons on the floor plan according to the date / time and availability status specified.  Display of facility details under the description column.  Zooming the floor plan by moving the slider to left and right. Visual Floor Plan Booking
  11. 11. Visual Floor Plan Designer Screen
  12. 12.  Creation of facility icons based on floor plan within a site.  Drag and drop of facility icons into the floor plan  Resizing of facility icon  Linking of facility icon to the desired floor plan  Provision to delete or change a particular facility in a floor plan  Zooming of floor plan to left or right using the slider Visual Floor Plan Designer Features
  13. 13. Confirmation of Booking  Once the booking has got approved by the Facility Administrator, an email will be sent to the booking person asking for the confirmation for booking.  2 remainders will be sent to the booking person, one through mail and another through SMS  This reminder will have intimation for the user that the booking would be cancelled automatically unless it was not confirmed before 10 minutes before starting.  Booking person can open the booking details can confirm his booking.
  14. 14. Screen of Confirmation of Booking
  15. 15. Booking Status  The booking details can be viewed / edited.  Cancellation of Approved booking or cancellation of request (Before getting approved it is only a request)  Updating the information in the booking  Extending the approved booking  Ending the booking before the scheduled end time  Making the similar booking from the existing booking
  16. 16. Meeting Request  The person who books a conference hall for a meeting or an auditorium for a cultural program needs to invite the attendees for the same.  FBS facilitates the booking person to mail his invitations.  The Invitees or the Attendees are of two types namely the External and Internal Attendees. Internal Attendees External Attendees
  17. 17. Ordering Of Refreshments  Booking the refreshment if required.  Serving time is selected from the date picker.  Rate for the selected refreshment will be displayed automatically.  Cost calculation is controlled by the parameter in the Global settings.
  18. 18. Extend Booking  Facility Booking System facilitates the user to extend the time of booking for any approved booking.  The booking selected for extension may be for the single day or for multiple days.
  19. 19. Car Park Booking  Users can book car parking slots for them as well as other visitors.  Vehicle details are captured  Full day and Interval time car parking booking facility.  Booking confirmation to the booking persons and security by e-mail and SMS  Automated cancellation if the conformation mail was not received from the booking person and the facility will be released for booking. The cancellation information mail will be sent to the booking person.  End Time Reminder to booking person and copy to the security
  20. 20. Colleague Finder  In the same organization having multi-floor building, the colleagues may use various facilities in various floors.  This function facilitates the current user to find his Colleagues by highlighting the facilities used by them in various floors.
  21. 21. Accessing FBS From Outlook  FBS facilitates Quick Booking from one’s individual Microsoft outlook interface.  Separate installation setup is used to enable the Quick Booking shortcut in the outlook.
  22. 22. KPI & Reports  KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a feature of FBS which monitors the Key Performance of any defined facility in the scheduled timings.  The reports generated from Key Performance Indicator are known as KPI Reports  Following Reports can be generated • Booking Status Report • Facility Utilization Report • Meeting Request Report  The reports can be printed and exported in to the formats like HTML, Excel and PDF.
  23. 23. Facility Booking History  Upon selecting booking history tab the list of records are displayed for the selected facility.
  24. 24. Options for Advance Booking  In the Advance Booking form the user can book the Facility for Department/Account/User.
  25. 25. Display of calendars via MS Exchange Server  When user acount is integrated with the MS exchange server the calendar will be displayed and appointments can be viewed .
  26. 26. Refreshment Order Report  The refreshment order report will provide the order details like Booking id, date, name of the order, quantiy and cost details.
  27. 27. Software Specifications  Microsoft’s .NET Framework  Browser based thin-client interface  Supports Oracle/MSSQL/MSSQL Express  Email, SMS, MMS Messaging  Cross browser compatible  Language of your choice  Supports MS Exchange, LDAP  Building Management Systems (BMS) Integration  Ready for integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle Single Sign-on  PDA extension with Microsoft Pocket PC  Table, Field, Activity wise Audit Trail  Security Policy Management
  28. 28. Synergetic Partners Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (ISV)–Product Development Tridium Asia Pacific, Singapore Metronic Global Berhad, Malaysia & China Pinnacle Computer Systems Dubai, U.A.E.Wave Front, Japan Infocon Technology, Malaysia Global Trade S.A.R.L., Saudi Arabia Sequential IDS, Nigeria
  29. 29. eFACiLiTY End Users Intelligent Building Management System – Federal Government Buildings, Putrajaya, Malaysia Enterprise Facilities Management System Implementation – Ministry of Health, Kuwait Enterprise Facilities Management System Implementation – Tidel Park, Coimbatore, India Government eFACiLiTY - Enterprise Facility Booking System – Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Malaysia Enterprise Facilities Management System Implementation – Ministry of Health, Bahrain Enterprise Facilities Management System Implementation – Saudi Arabia National Guard, Saudi Arabia
  30. 30. eFACiLiTY End Users Corporates Enterprise Visitor Management System – Japan Tobacco International, Malaysia Enterprise Facility Management System – British Aero Space, Saudi Arabia Enterprise Facility Management System – Saudi Catering and Contracting, Saudi Arabia Enterprise Facilities Management System – Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Enterprise Facilities Management System – Sodexo, India Enterprise Facilities Management System – For Vodafone through Honeywell
  31. 31. eFACiLiTY End UserseFACiLiTY End Users Corporates Enterprise Facilities Management System – Trade Coast, Australia Enterprise Facility Management System – Alghanim Industries, Kuwait Enterprise Facilities Management System – Embassy Services Private Limited, India Enterprise Facilities Management System – Airmaster, Australia Enterprise Facilities Management System – Millennium Hilton, Bangkok
  32. 32. eFACiLiTY End Users Corporates eFACiLiTY Module Implementation – Prestige IT Park, India eFACiLiTY - Enterprise Facility Management System – CoreLogic, India eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facility Management System – Wadhwa Group, India eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facility Management System – Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facility Management System – Pacific Controls, UAE
  33. 33. Corporates eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facility Management System – Albhukary, Malayasia Tenant Billing System – GVK Mall, India Tenant Billing System – Value Mall, India Enterprise Facilities Management System Implementation – Sheraton Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia Facility Booking System – DiGi, Malaysia eFACiLiTY End Users
  34. 34. eFACiLiTY End Users Corporates eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facilities Management System – Saudi Arabian Trading & Construction Co. (SATCO), Saudi Arabia eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facilities Management System – Godrej Properties, India eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facilities Management System – CRISIL Limited, India eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Visitor Management System – Electronic Card Services Ltd, Kenya eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facilities Management System – For Societe Generale via CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd eFACiLiTY – Enterprise Facilities Management System –GPX (India) Private Limited, India
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  42. 42. Key Clients & End Users
  43. 43. Key Clients & End Users
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