Desigo V5 Flexible and energy-efficient


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Sales introduction presentation Desigo V5

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Desigo V5 Flexible and energy-efficient

  1. 1. Desigo V5Flexible and energy-efficientSales introduction presentation Desigo V5 © Siemens Ltd 2012. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Desigo V5Introduction/Contents Contents  Desigo V5 overview/highlights 3  Desigo V5 Total Room Automation 8  Energy efficiency & monitoring 16  Ease of use 24  Investment protection 29 2
  3. 3. Desigo V5 overview/highlights 3
  4. 4. Desigo V5Overview Mobile Pager Fax E-mail BACnet compliance Desigo LibSet Tool extensions  Large site & multivendor  RoomOptiControl for TRA  Desigo XWP V5 support  Eco Monitoring library  DCM V5, DPT V5 Green Leaf display ADP / CC Desigo Desigo Sinteso FS20 for primary plants Web Client high Web Cerberus PRO Desigo availability fire panels Insight V5 Eco Viewer Ethernet BACnet/IP P-Bus extension PXX-PBUS LonWorks support PXX-L..New system functions Router PXM20-E 3rd-party Desigo Eco Monitoring PXG3.. PXC50-E.D Total Room Automation Building Tool Web extensions modular Automation (TRA) (ABT)Advanced sys. functions PX Web Power return PXC3.. Alarm suppression PX extensions BACnet/LonTalk BACnet MS/TP Room TX-I/O VISONIK Stepwise commissioning Setup & TXM1.. application size Service PL-LinkPX extensions Assistant Green Leaf UIO for PX (SSA) DALI display for room PXC50/100 / 200 - E.D compact PXC..D PXM10 PX KNX 3rd-party PTM-I / O DELTA i-system Multisensor RXM.. QXM3.. DELTA style UP258E11 GLB..1E/KN Controller for Interface UP220 / 31 GDB..1E/KN EC fan coils RXC..5 RXC39.5 RXB/RXL39.1 RXB/L.. S-mode RXC Controller for UP588/23 touch panel S-mode redesign EC fan coils New products/functionality Changed/additional functionality 4
  5. 5. Desigo V5Features & characteristicsTotal Room Automation Ease of use New modular room automation  Small modular PXC50..D controller for multiple disciplines  Universal I/O for PXC compact and rooms with new TX-I/O modules for room applications  Modular PXC100/200..D LonWorks New energy-saving function support RoomOptiControl with Green Leaf  Tools/Web update: XWP V5, DCM display for room user interaction V5, DPT V5, PX WEB Modern design room unit QXM3 for standard frames Automation Building Tool integrated in XWPEnergy efficiency & monitoring Investment protection New efficiency function  Features for service/migration Desigo Eco Monitoring business with Green Leaf display  Support of different I/O modules (PTM for operator interaction /TXM) on latest controller platform Building benchmarking with Desigo  BACnet router IP – LonTalk – MS/TP Insight Energy efficiency  Large site and multivendor support New EC fan coil controller  RXC redesign  Supported IT standards 5
  6. 6. Desigo V5HighlightsTotal Room Automation (TRA) Eco Monitoring Merging the disciplines lighting,  Real time efficiency function for shading and HVAC into an energy- primary plants that has direct influence efficient overall room concept on energy and maintenance costs. Reduced cost for engineering and  Meeting international standards commissioning (e.g. EN 15323, ISO 50001). High flexibility reduces life cycle  Detects inefficient plant operation and costs (easy adaptation to changing interacts with the building operator for room plans) direct intervention A EN 15232 B C D 6
  7. 7. Desigo V5HighlightsEase of use Investment protection All UIs and AOs on the compact  Simultaneous support of different PXC...D can be used as universal generations of I/O modules (PTM inputs or outputs and TXM) on latest controller New small modular PXC50...D to platform increase scalability and flexibility  Migration solutions for legacy Parallel use of RXC or LonWorks systems to protect installed base devices together with I/O modules on modular PXC...D 7
  8. 8. Desigo V5Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA) 8
  9. 9. Desigo TRAFlexibility and energy efficiency for every roomEnergy conservation Cost of engineering and maintenance High efficiency classes require  Efficient setup and change of rooms control of HVAC, lighting and reduces maintenance costs shading  Mass operations boost engineering Involvement of room user saves up efficiency to 25% energy Blinds Room 101 Radiator A EN 15232 Light 1 B Chilled Ceiling C Room Light 2 D 102 9
  10. 10. Desigo TRAFlexibility and energy efficiency for every roomDesigo V5  TRA is an integral part of Desigo V5 / IP  Modular room automation station…  with BACnet/IP communication, daisy PXC3 TX-IO chain,  with onboard DALI and PL-Link, DALI  programmable, PL-Link  supporting multiple rooms.  Existing and new room-specific TX-IO HVAC, lighting, shading Presence detectors  PL-Link: plug & play peripheral devicesVAV Fan coil QMX3 GAMMA switches  Room units (QMX3) with Green Leaf I/O box  Presence detectors, GAMMA switches  VAV controller, fan coil I/O boxes 3rd KNX  Supports KNX 3rd-party devices 10
  11. 11. Desigo TRA sets new standardsRoom users save energy without loss of comfort Interaction with room user RoomOptiControl: Cross discipline and intelligently linked efficiency function automatically detects unnecessary energy consumption in the room. Green Leaf display: Room runs energy-optimized Unnecessary energy use Potential for energy savings Simply press the display to return to optimal operation. 11
  12. 12. Desigo TRA makes buildings more efficientIntelligent linking of room disciplines Daylight ConstantMinimize energy harvesting light controlconsumption forartificial lighting  Energy optimization due to intelligent linking of disciplines:Energy HVAC – lighting – shadingoptimization  Scene controlIntelligent  RoomOptiControl energy-saving function with Green Leaf displayroom operation 12
  13. 13. Desigo TRANext step into the future of room automation Central functions for all disciplines Room functions for shading Room functions for lighting Room functions for HVAC Room coordination functions 13
  14. 14. Desigo TRA ToolingEngineering, installation and commissioning XWP XWP with ABT / IP PX engineering/commissioning ABT New Automation Building ToolPX PXC3 Engineering/commissioning PXC3, TX-IO  In-room bus DALI, PL-Link  Global and project-specific DPT SSA libraries  Mass operations, groupingDPT SSA New  Download, online operationPoint test tool Setup & Service Assistant  Parallel working for Web based installer tool engineering/commissioning Setup PXC3 and  Documentation point test  subcontracting 14
  15. 15. Positioning of Desigo TRA vs. Desigo RX Desigo Total Room Automation (BACnet / IP)Flexibility Desigo RX (KNX, LonWorks) Functionality Standard HVAC Full HVAC, lighting, shading, ... Single discipline Multiple disciplines, integrated functions Individual room Multiple rooms 15
  16. 16. Desigo V5Energy efficiency & monitoring 16
  17. 17. Increase building efficiency by real-time interaction with building operatorIncreasing building efficiency How can the building operator keep his initially optimized plants performing efficiently over the entire life cycle and therefore save energy costs sustainably? How can the building operator save maintenance costs without affecting the building users comfort?Interaction with building operator Current and future international standards for energy- efficient BACS and ENMS 1) (e.g. EN 15232, ISO 50001) request systematic acquisition, online monitoring and supervision of procedures and processes aimed at achieving the best possible operation of a building1) Energy Management System 17
  18. 18. Increase building efficiency by real-time interaction with building operator Real-time detection of inefficient plant operation that adversely affects energy consumption and creates excessive wear and tear of plant components! No impact on the required comfort level! Dynamic interaction with the building operator to make real- time intervention possible! 18
  19. 19. Desigo Eco Monitoring for primary plantsOptimize energy efficiency/operation management Market’s first real time efficiency function for primary plants that …  detects inefficient plant operation and interacts with the building operator for direct intervention,  has direct influence on energy and maintenance costs!  supports new international standards (e.g. EN 15323, ISO 50001). Interaction with the building operator via the Green Leaf Plant runs optimized Optimization potential In-depth analysis by Desigo Insight Eco Viewer 19
  20. 20. Desigo Eco MonitoringComplete transparency!Real-time detection ofinefficient plant operation Interactive provision of real time, transparent information about the plant’s operating state Strong indication and visualization of the system-wide efficiency state at the Desigo Insight management station Choice of direct intervention with no negative impact on the required comfort level, but direct impact on energy consumption and wear and tear of plant components Direct impact on energy and maintenance costs! 20
  21. 21. Desigo Eco MonitoringOverview Siemens offering CC EMC ADPPricing Desigo energy reports Desigo Eco Monitoring (V5) DI trend and EE genie Reporting-oriented Event-oriented 21
  22. 22. Desigo V5 – energy efficiency Building benchmark with Desigo Insight Energy efficiency Features & characteristics Use Desigo Insight V5 to quickly and easily display energy-related information Analyze and rate the energy consumption and CO2 emission compared to performance indexes Compare with other buildings by efficiency coefficient (in kWh/m2/year) Correlation analysis including heating or cooling degree days for the building’s location Benefits  No additional applications and licenses Report printing functionality including  Aids in indicating potential for energy performance graphics savings No additional application and licenses  Quick analysis to show potential of required (included in graphic library) further energy business 22
  23. 23. Desigo V5 – energy efficiencyRX room controller for EC fan coilsBenefits Speed XPFanH OfsFanH OfsFanC XPFanC Fan Htg Valve Clg Valve 100% = = Significant energy savings (up to 70%) compared to 3-stage fan coil installations SmaxC Support of LonMark, KNX and low cost SmaxH proprietary bus communication SminC Easy configuration (e.g. RXL with QAX SminH 0% handy tool) SpHCmf SpCCmf TRFeatures & characteristics Introduction of RXL39.1, RXB39.1 and RXC39.5 for fan coil applications in the Desigo system Application specific hardware with DC 0...10 V outputs for energy-efficient electrical commutated (EC) fans and valves Based on RXC3.. housing Power supply: RXB / RXL39.1 AC 230 V RXC39.5 AC 24 V 23
  24. 24. Desigo V5Ease of use 24
  25. 25. Desigo V5 – ease of useUniversal I/O for PXC compactFeatures & characteristics All UIs and AOs on the compact PXC12/22/36…D can be configured as Universal universal inputs or outputs (UIO): input/output  PXC12…D: 8 UIO (V4.x: 4 UI/4 AO)  PXC22…D: 16 UIO (V4.x: 12 UI/4 AO)  PXC36…D: Benefits 24 UIO (V4.x: 18 UI/6 AO)  Increased scalability and flexibility for smaller size plants  Lower costs on compact and therefore increased competiveness 25
  26. 26. Desigo V5 – ease of useSmall modular PXC50.D and PXC50-E.DFeatures & characteristics PXC200..D Max. 52 physical I/Os (TX-I/O and PTM) 3rd integration with up to 5 TX Open PXC100..D modules Up to 200 DPs (incl. TX Open) PXC50..D Automation stations for IP and LonTalk Support of PX Web via PXA40-.. PXC36..D Support of up to 10 LonWorks devices via PXX-L11 PXC22..D Support of PTM I/Os via PXX-PBUS PXC12..D expansion module Competitive price (about 30% lower than PXC100...D) Benefits Cost reduction thanks to increased Replacement of PXC52 scalability and flexibility for medium size plants (30 to 50 I/Os) with 3rd integration 26
  27. 27. Desigo V5 – ease of useModular PXC supports LonWorks devicesFeatures & characteristics Web Client PXC50/100/200..D supports LonWorks PXC50 / 100 / 200..D + TX-IO devices PXX-L11Use case: TX Open Air conditioning plant and data LonWorks acquisition with 120 physical I/Os 5 meeting rooms controlled by RXC.. Modbus Integration of chiller plant via LonWorks RXC (e.g. 20 DPs) Variable speed drive for fans Benefits (via TX Open Modbus) Cost-optimized approach (less hardware) M-bus counter for small to medium size plants with (e.g. 50 DPs via TX Open) multiple 3rd-party devices (e.g. LonWorks, Optional operation via PX Web Modbus, M-Bus etc.) and physical I/Os in parallel with Web operation. 27
  28. 28. Desigo V5 – Ease of useDesigo Xworks Plus (XWP) V5 PM: Enhanced usability with aligned grids and save windows layout functionality in Desigo Xworks Plus XWP tools Project manager NC: Batchjob for AS compile, download, readback provides efficiency gain. Better Network configurator control with alarm suppression Point configurator PC: Faster I/O handling (moving I/Os, maximized window), user-defined enumerations CFC and combo field devices fully supported, parallel T- and P-bus I/O support for migration BIM tool TX Open tool CFC: New filter parameter utility (system ver. sensitive) Hierarchy viewer Report viewer HV: New with free designation support and individual object name assignment of TD, UD, FD per object Data Point Test Tool RV: Many improved reports and save windows layout RXT-Plug-inLNS Tool RXT10 DPT: Connection type dialog with PTP for readout of trend logs. Discipline I/Os and trendlog multiple support Over 100 improvements result in  better efficiency and usability 28
  29. 29. Desigo V5Investment protection 29
  30. 30. Desigo V5 – investment protectionNew migration opportunities – for Visonik Visonik Desigo InsightMigrating your existing It is still possibleequipment to a state- to migrate into Management Migratedof-the-art system the state-of-the- level art systemallows you toaccess the latesttechnology while stillworking within your Optimize PX ofbudget constraints. Desigo V5 for Migrated Visonik controllerRunning equipment applicationscan be migrated today, Desigo V5< Automation levelupgraded tomorrow. These modules were installed in 1991 and are still running with Desigo V5 Desigo V5 1990s Today 30
  31. 31. Desigo V5 – investment protectionModular PXC support for PTM modules and LonWorksFeatures & characteristics PXX-BUS PXC50 / 100 / 200.. D+TX-IO P-bus extension module allows the connection of PTM modules (for migration support of Visonik, Unigyr, PXX-L.. PXC64/128-U) to PXC50/100/200..D LonWorks  Support of PTM, PTK and PTE modules  Use TX-I/O modules in parallel PTM I/O modules RXC Migration of (limited) number of existing RXC/LonWorks devices to PXC50/100/200..D via extension module PXX-L.. Benefits Investment protection for installed base of One of each module PXX-Lxx and Visonik, Unigyr or Nides by enabling PXX-PBUS migration to Desigo. 31
  32. 32. Desigo V5 – investment protectionNew router PXG3 for BACnet communicationFeatures & characteristics Ethernet/IP Optimized for replacement of existing BACnet/LonTalk router PXG80-N (backward compatible) 10/100-Base-T Ethernet, autosensing Integrated Ethernet 2-port switch LonTalk MS/TP Connection for tool and PXM20 Configuration via XWP V5 or Web browser Three-way BACnet routing: PXG3.L Ethernet/IP – LonTalk – MS/TP Product no.: PXG3.L Benefits Also available for BACnet routing of  Three-way BACnet routing: Ethernet/IP – MS/TP only Ethernet/IP – LonTalk – MS/TP (product no.: PXG3.M)  Cost optimization thanks to 2-port switch 32
  33. 33. Desigo V5 – investment protectionDesigo RXC redesignBenefits No node license fees for RXC if standard LNS tools are used Still no node license fees for RXC and 3rd- party devices if RXT10.3 is usedFeatures & characteristics Replacement of LON chip in RXC10.1, RXC2x.1, RXC3x.1, and QAX5x.1 by new RXCxx.5 and QAX5x.5 RXT10.3 tool still supports new redesigned devices Same housing and functionality (including terminal connections and LonWorks interface) Special applications available on request RXCxx.5 devices are prepaid for standard LNS tools based on LNS 3.27 33
  34. 34. Desigo V5 – investment protectionMicrosoft software dependenciesWindows client PCs Desigo Insight database Notes:Operating system 32 bit 64 bit Database 32 bit 64 bit  Vista dropped SQL server 2005 Only for Windows 7XP Yes Yes No Express/Standard for  Still 32 bit OSProfessional stand- SQL server 2008 R1  Office 2010* Yes alone Express/Standard7 DI supported Yes No SQL server 2008 R2 data-Prof., Ultimate Yes  ADP/CC V5.0 Express/Standard base supports the sameWindows server PCs (=DI) Microsoft Office databases andOperating system 32 bit 64 bit Microsoft Office 32 bit 64 bit OS as Desigo Insight V5Server 2003 R2 Yes No Office 2003 Yes N.a.Standard, EnterpriseServer 2008 R1 Yes No Office 2007 Yes N.a.Standard, Enterprise(Server 2008 R2 1) N.a. Office 2010 Yes* NoFoundation)1) Only for standalone database server * XWP: according Release Notes 34
  35. 35. Desigo V5 – Investment protectionBACnet compatibility = Upgrade Clients!Good to know: Backward compatibility is always done by the BACnet operating clients! Therefore, as soon as at least one automation station or system controller is used with Desigo V5 FW, all clients (PXM20/-E, PX Web and Desigo Insight) must be upgraded to Desigo V5 The same applies when a 3rd-party device with BACnet revision ≥1.10 is used! DI must be upgraded to V5 to use TRA or Eco Monitoring (Eco Viewer) PX Web upgrade triggers upgrade of respective controllersDesigo PXM20-E (Note: release B PX Web V5 "If FW = 4.x,Insight FW V5 of PXM20 not then PX is V5 upgradable) V upgradable. 5 If FW <4.0, then see V5 caption 26 of the Desigo Technical PrinciplesDesigo FW V2.35 Desigo FW V2.37 Desigo FW V4.x V5 Desigo V5 CM110664" 35
  36. 36. Contact Siemens Switzerland Ltd Infrastructures & Cities Sector Building Technologies Division International Headquarters Control Products and Systems Gubelstrasse 22 CH-6301 Zug Tel +41 41 724 24 24 Fax +41 41 724 35 22 36
  37. 37. Thank you very much for your attention! © Siemens Ltd 2012. All rights reserved.
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