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Sielita Ann Oller Portfolio

  1. 1. ObjectivesTeach students how to be on topwhile having the young age Outcome Students learned the styles and techniques to use when achieving their goals Role A very active delegate from our University. I love PJMA!
  2. 2. NEJMAYEAR-END BASH December 18,2011 KFCCongressionalObjective Treat the marketing students with a year end bash before the end of the yearOutcome The students bonded with their adviser, having a memorable year-end partyRole I joined the ‘pinakamaasim na face’ contest and ranked second best!
  3. 3. Objective Outcome Inform Over Marketing 3,000 students delegates with the attended different the businesses seminar today. Role Ever delegate of every seminar I could possibly attend  PICC CampFebruary 18 2011
  4. 4. M Objective IntroduceA the world of digital Outcome marketing Over 1000D to students from Metro students from different places came, learning andW outside NCR a lot from the credible speakersO RoleR I was one of the attendees and I got a free sample from one of the sponsors!LD2.0
  5. 5. RoleObjective OutcomeTo build The bonding and friendship of the I was a member ofcamaraderie the black team,among the sophomores strengthen and lucky enough, wesophomores by ranked the secondgiving them leadership skills poured out the team who finishedchallenges all the tasks! entire day
  6. 6. Objective OutcomeChallenge the students in The sophomore yeartheir media and advertising unleashed theirskills creativity in this week Role I joined the Metallic Fashion Show, wedding category. I was the bride with no groom!
  7. 7. The NEJMA 2011-2012 InterviewObjective:Have theincomingofficers beinterviewed by Outcome:the outgoing The oldofficers officers get to know the capability of Role: I am one of the each new new officers and officer got the position regarding of of VP for running the Linkages and organization Affiliations
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES OUTCOME ROLE• Build • NEB knew • I am the camaraderie each other very director for the among the well Green NEB Convention • Each officer got this coming• Brainstorming to give February 2012 of the events opinions for for SY 2011- the betterment • I am the 2012 1st sem of events director of the TriMedia Live for MarComm week 2012
  9. 9. Give NEJMA members an ice-breaker for the start ofthe school year. Introduce them to the past 18 years of NEJMA Inform the students about Agora Youth 2011 Gathered over 500 attendees including students with other majors Have David DeMuzio perform live for the audience Notify the students with NEJMA’s upcoming events Did the promotions; had RFM as one of the biggest sponsors of the event and ushered the special guest
  10. 10. L O V E F O RObjective: Outcome: Role: J A P A N
  11. 11. Role: I was a delegate from New Era University; I got the one out of 100 BDJ planners; and I got to take home freebies from Unilever Outcome: • Students from different schools met and had the opportunity to listen to the great speakers • PJMA successfully held the event as more than the expected number of delegates came Objectives: · Teach students how to make an effective marketing strategies that will fit today’s young market · Invite more than 300 students for the seminarPROFESSIONAL.FORUM .2011
  12. 12. OBJECTIVE:Treat the freshmen the NEJMA way OUTCOME: Freshmen Marketing students got to know each other and build friendship as early as today ROLE: I was the facilitator of the Black Team.
  13. 13. Objectives: Invite all the Marketing Outcome: Management students al-over the Metro. Had over 600 delegates Give students knowledge about Learned about the digital marketing and advertising different marketing Supplement each student with strategies of Sbux, Apple, every marketing strategies each and Jobstreet guest companies have to be Have met other successful delegates from other schoolsRole:Served as the treasurer and auditor for the tickets given to our university;I was a delegate of the event 
  14. 14. NAT’L MKTG WK 2011 part 1September 26-30, 2011 -ISPUP -Product Demo Objectives • Challenge Marketing students with their ability to crack jokes (ISPUP) and to demonstrate products (ProDemo) Outcome • Trained the students as the judges taught them with the do’s and don’ts in each field Role • Ushered the participants for ISPUP & I was the emcee of the ProDemo
  15. 15. NAT’L MKTG WK 2011 part 2September 26-30, 2011 -Opening -Mr. & Ms. NEJMA Objectives • Treat the Marketing students with a week-long activities with Mr. & Ms. NEJMA as one of the highlight events Outcome • Students participated in number of events and the Mr. & Ms. NEJMA pageant was a success! Role • One of the directors of the Nat’l Mktg Week 2011 and I was the emcee of Mr&ms NEJMA
  16. 16. • Look for the next possible MarkProf • Inform the representatives of each organizationObjectives about the MarkProf • Seniors passed their application for the MarkProf • Invited speakers which are related to the MarkProfOutcomes • Ushered the speakers  Role
  17. 17. PAPER DOLLS ON RAMP 2012Role:• Hosted the whole event
  18. 18. -Graduating Objective Outcome Role -Invite companie students has -Director of the event been able to s to participat look for - Invited possible jobs. JobsDB as e in job Exams and official partner hunt Interviews of the event were madeDIRECTORJobFair 2012 in Partnership with JobsDBCollege of Bus. Ad Week 11/5/2012 18
  19. 19. Role:•Hosted for the event•It was my 2nd year of hosting for thesame event
  20. 20. FEASIBILITY STUDY• The group is the top in the class• I got 1.00 as final grade 
  21. 21.  2nd place in the Amazing Race, New Era Marketing Association (Black Team) NEJMA National Marketing Week’s Model of the Year AY 2010-2011 Has attended seminars regarding Digital Marketing, Advertising, and in other fields of Marketing Has attended leadership training and seminars Asst. Director of the first Marketing and In-store Retail Plan Competition at New Era University Director, JobFair 2012, College of Business Administration AGORA 2012 representative