A brand marketer looks at what it means to be Irish in business


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I asked a sample of my LinkedIn connections – located in New York, Ireland, London, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Madrid – a simple question:

What does it mean to be Irish in business?

The answers are as engaging and refreshing as these accomplished professionals themselves. As a global Irish person - and brand marketer – I’m proud to share them with you.

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  • A brand marketer looks at what it means to be Irish in business

    1. 1. A brand marketer looks at what it means to be Irish in business
    2. 2. 2 I asked a sample of my LinkedIn connections – located in New York, Ireland, London, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Madrid – a simple question: What does it mean to be Irish in business? The answers are as engaging and refreshing as these accomplished professionals themselves. As a global Irish person - and brand marketer – I’m proud to share them with you. Margaret Molloy Global CMO Siegel+Gale
    3. 3. Margaret Molloy Global CMO Siegel+Gale @MargaretMolloy “To me being Irish in business means a blend of grit, global, grace and gratitude.”
    4. 4. Stephen McIntyre Head of EMEA Online Sales & MD Twitter @stephenpmc “Many Irish people grow up with their feet in Europe and their heads in the US. Having an understanding of both sides is a great advantage for Irish people, especially in the tech industry.”
    5. 5. Kevin O’Sullivan Editor The Irish Times @KOSullivanIT “It means being able to meet adversity and unpredictability with resilience and creativity, deploying our unique traits as a people; the capacity to think differently and yet to display great teamwork.”
    6. 6. Ronan Dunne CEO O2 Telefónica UK @ronandunneo2 “The digital revolution is the greatest transformation of business since the industrial revolution. As an Irish person in business, I am especially excited about the unprecedented opportunity of this revolution to democratize access to global markets for small business and small nations – business will never be the same.”
    7. 7. Niall Gibbons CEO Tourism Ireland @NiallGibbons “Being Irish in business means being part of a global family that makes an impact.”
    8. 8. Kieran Hannon CMO Belkin @kieranhannon “Being in Irish in business is such a natural combination bringing an inquisitive mind, oratory prowess and perseverance that is a compelling force for success. Oh, and a wit to match all circumstances.”
    9. 9. Audrey Hendley Senior Vice President American Express “It means doors can open and I often get a hundred thousand welcomes.”
    10. 10. Connor Murphy Founder Datahug @ConnorPM “I believe that Irish people excel at the soft skills. And considering relationships are at the heart of business – especially at the early stages when clients have to really trust and believe in you – being skilled in these areas can be of huge benefit.”
    11. 11. “To be Irish in business means you are connected to a world wide network. If you access this network sensitively and with respect it can yield you amazing results.” Willie McCarter Consultant Cooley Distillery and Beam
    12. 12. Barry O’Sullivan CEO Altocloud @siliconbarry “Being Irish in business means being stubborn in the face of adversity, being absolutely relentless, never giving up.”
    13. 13. Jerry Kennelly Founder & CEO Tweak.com @jerrykennelly “Serendipity, location and history have empowered Irish entrepreneurs to enjoy unique insights into the view of European and US customers. Our can-do attitude, English as a first language and native cunning help us to punch above our weight in global business.”
    14. 14. Shane Naughton Managing Partner Inundata LLC @inundata “To be Irish in business means to be able to stand on the shoulders of the generations of Irish workers who have built for us a reputation for being hard, smart and innovative workers willing to face any challenges placed in front of us. The door for the modern Irish business person is always open.”
    15. 15. Una Fox VP of Enterprise Data The Walt Disney Company @unafox “To be Irish in business for me, is to be authentic in all I do and draw from three traits I see as quintessentially Irish: passion, courage, and faith. Be passionate about what you do, convey the passion with good storytelling. Be courageous to pursue the unknown, learn from mistakes, and have faith that all will come together in the end.”
    16. 16. Stephen Colvin Executive in Residence Lerer Ventures “Being Irish in business means working hard, not at all taking success for granted, maintaining a sense of humility and showing a deep respect for your partners with the objective of building long-term business relationships.”
    17. 17. Kieran McLoughlin President and CEO The American Ireland Fund “It means being able to benefit from the extraordinary support and connections of perhaps the most widespread and accepted diaspora community globally.”
    18. 18. Darren Ryan Head of Engagement Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Dublin Ambassador Sandbox @ryandarren “Being Irish in business means having access to a global community of incredible support. Whether you are looking to change Ireland or change the world, there are millions of people behind you who just want you to succeed.”
    19. 19. Kim Knowles Director & Co-Founder Coldlillies Ltd. @burleighk “In business, as in life, being Irish for me means being part of a very special community. One’s status or perceived successes are secondary, and support and mentorship is given freely without a second thought.”
    20. 20. Pat Phelan Co-Founder & CEO Trustev @patphelan “To be Irish in business means I have a pre-built network wherever I go. The Irish diaspora are everywhere, especially in the Valley where we are welcomed with open arms.”
    21. 21. Kevin Abosch Co-Founder Kwikdesk @kevinabosch “Today, especially with respect to tech, people I deal with around the globe understand that I’m part of a formidable ecosystem in Ireland that not only exceeds expectations, but with increasing frequency, is leading the way.”
    22. 22. Joe Haslam Chairman Hot Hotels Executive Director OEMP at IE Business School @joehas “The perception of the Irish as likable and easy to get on with does open a lot of doors. I think the Irish are better underdogs than top dogs. We much prefer to be plucky number two trying to dethrone the established leader. Or to be an exciting new entrant into a long neglected market space.”
    23. 23. Dr. Rory O’Shea Visiting Assistant Professor MIT Sloan School of Management @ent_net “Raised in a typical household in Ireland, I was taught the importance of hard work and determination, the value of family and friendship, and the importance of integrity and loyalty. Being Irish has provided me with that value system.”
    24. 24. John Hartnett Founder & CEO SVG Partners Board Director Aer Lingus @cjhartnett “They always quote the ‘luck of the Irish’ but when it comes to business, ‘we win our luck’ on our competitive, hardworking passion for what we do. Our heritage and history is steeped in creativity and today in the 21st century our creative minds are winning in technology here in Silicon Valley.”
    25. 25. Pauline Turley Vice Chair Irish Arts Center @paulineturley “Irish people are known for their creativity and their ability to communicate. Incredibly thought-provoking, soulful and innovative Irish work is being developed, both in the contemporary and traditional areas.”
    26. 26. Colman Lydon Vice President Everwise @ColmanLydon “The Irish business identity in a global economy is about culture, personality, attitude and integrity. In business, one must assimilate the best ideas globally and innovate to succeed – assimilation of ideas and innovation has existed in Ireland since the Stone Age.”
    27. 27. Kealan Lennon Founder & CEO Cleverbug @kealanlennon “Maybe it’s the size of our small country, maybe it’s all the years of political and economic oppression, maybe it’s our ability to tell a story, but everywhere I travel, the Irish are the most hard working, ambitious nation of fighters, punching way above their weight, with an ability to befriend so many nationalities.”
    28. 28. Kingsley Aikins Founder & CEO Diaspora Matters @kingsleyaikins “A mixture of nous, networking, cop-on, a nose for the deal, perseverance, hard work, decency, humor, consideration for others, high tech AND high touch, a keen sense of the ridiculous – topped off with the occasional dose of total insincerity – an unbeatable global combo.”
    29. 29. Peter Ryan Deputy Consul General Consulate General of Ireland “I am always conscious of the wonderful phrase 'ar scáth a chéile a mhairimid'— we all live in one another's shadow —which reminds me how inter-connected we are, and why we should bring the same values to business as to every aspect of our lives.”
    30. 30. I hope you enjoyed reading these perspectives as much as I did compiling them. Made your smile? Inspired you to reflect on your experience? Please share your take on what it means to be Irish in business – we’d love to hear from you. er to Tweet me @MargaretMolloy Margaret Molloy Global CMO Siegel+Gale
    31. 31. 31 Simple is smart. www.siegelgale.com