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Best Practices in Improving Customer Experience by Focusing on Overlooked Touchpoints
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Best Practices in Improving Customer Experience by Focusing on Overlooked Touchpoints


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Siegel+Gale's Executive Director of Simplification Irene Etzkorn presented "Best Practices in Improving Customer Experience by Focusing on Overlooked Touchpoints." In this session, attendees learned …

Siegel+Gale's Executive Director of Simplification Irene Etzkorn presented "Best Practices in Improving Customer Experience by Focusing on Overlooked Touchpoints." In this session, attendees learned how simplifying the interaction between customer and company can improve the customer experience.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 2. Why are things so complicated? •  Companies speak to themselves •  Mergers and acquisitions create duplication •  The mystique of Systems and Legal •  Adherence to old processes; slow conversion to new technology •  Lack of expertise in plain language writing, information design and information architecture All rights reserved 2012.
  • 3. The stranglehold of legalese Using the word “not” three times and “included” twice in onesentence creates a brain twister. All rights reserved 2012.
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  • 8. “Philips is touching the coreof people through simplicity.” Andrea Ragnetti,former Corporate Marketing Officer, Philips All rights reserved 2012.
  • 9. It’s the blend of art and sciencethat simplicity requires whichtouches people viscerally. All rights reserved 2012.
  • 10. Unheralded touchpoints Bills Disclosure Applications Policies Proposals Correspon- dence Interfaces Statements Deeply Branded Customer Experience All rights reserved 2012.
  • 11. The elements of simplification Brand Information strategy architecture Plain Simplified Information language Experiences design Technology Customization All rights reserved 2012.
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  • 18. Insurance Score—clarifying a key concept acrossmultiple channels (After) Call Center Web Printed Communications “Allstate uses a number of factors to How do we determine your rates? How we determine your premium calculate insurance rates. The factors, To determine your premium we would In [State, Company] uses a secure computer program to pull information fromtaken together, allow us to apply consider such factors as: your credit history and produce an insurance score. Your insurance score is just one component used in determining your auto tier. As the diagram show, Allstaterates based on the likelihood that a •  What type of car you drive: How old considers your auto tier along with other information, such as [driving record/loss may occur—similar to the way a is it? What safety features does it location of home/etc] to determine your premium group. health questionnaire helps a life have? insurance company predict losses and •  Who drives the car: What is the age, set rates. Over the years, we have driving record and gender of each learned that certain credit driver? information allows us to predict the •  How you use the car: How far do you likelihood of loss with great accuracy. drive? Do you use the car to commute It is this group of loss-related factors or for pleasure? Where do you keep that we consider from a credit report, (garage) your car? Some of the items we consider in a typical customer’s credit history include thenot the credit score, nor a person’s We also consider your insurance score, number of credit accounts and the length of time you’ve maintained your creditcredit-worthiness.” a calculation based on elements from accounts. We also consider your payment history and how often lenders have your credit history. Over the years we’ve made inquiries into your credit report other than to make promotional offers. found that including insurance scores These specific aspects of an individual’s credit history have been shown helps us better predict the likelihood of by research and experience to indicate the likelihood of experiencing an experiencing an insurance loss. This insurance loss. helps us match our rates to the risk we’re assuming. All rights reserved 2012.
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  • 20. Trend Governmental influenceSEC rulings on simplified prospectusesand disclosure of fees All rights reserved 2012.
  • 21. 1in10taxpayers receives a notice
  • 22. Heatmap indicating areasof confusion: CP2000 No confusion High confusion Source: Siegel+Gale SimplicityLab
  • 23. Confusing 42-step, 10-page notice 37 34 35 4 8 31 33 11 5 Start 1 3 7 36 18 38 40 20 22 26 30 42 24 28 2 9 10 23 32 27 6 12 15 14 16 25 13 17 29 19 39 21 41 All rights reserved 2012.
  • 24. All rights reserved 2012.
  • 25. Results: Respondents are more likely to pay 31% 37% Original Source: Siegel+Gale SimplicityLab Revised Difference is statistically significant at the 95% level of confidence All rights reserved 2012.
  • 26. What does simple mean? +  simple is clear. +  simple is fresh. +  simple is honest. +  simple is useful. +  simple is inspiring. +  simple is smart. All rights reserved 2012.