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Siegel+Gale Credentials

  1. 1. An Introduction to Siegel+Gale Relevant Credentials
  2. 2. Within this book, you will see emblematic examples of our nearly 40-year-old philosophy: Simple is Smart. But simple doesn’t mean simplistic. Simple allows for easy understanding. Simple enables evangelism. Simple is a platform for growth. By simplifying, we amplify. With Simple is Smart as our mantra, we help to build brands that are clear, credible, and relevant. Then, we allow these ideas to spring from the boardroom wall, and into life.
  3. 3. About Siegel+Gale Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo Da Vinci
  4. 4. Who We Are Siegel+Gale is one of the world’s premier strategic branding Siegel+Gale has full-service offices in New York, Los Angeles companies. Since it was founded by Alan Siegel in 1969, London and Dubai and strategic partnerships around the the firm has applied the art and science of simplicity to world. It is part of the Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE-OMC) create branding programs that have helped many of the (, a leading global marketing world’s best-known organizations excel. Driven by its and corporate communications company. Omnicom’s philosophy of Simple is Smart, Siegel+Gale has led the branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide way in bringing innovation to the corporate branding field, advertising, strategic media planning and buying, direct and including transforming complex, incomprehensible customer promotional marketing, public relations, and other specialty communications into plain English; helping clients create communications services to over 5,000 clients in more than distinctive brand voices across all their communications; 100 countries. transporting brands onto the Internet; and aligning the brand experience for customers with the brand promise. The firm has worked with an array of blue chip organizations, including American Express, Bayer, Lehman Brothers, Medtronic, Dell, Harley-Davidson, Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Yahoo!, Caterpillar, Sony, Motorola, the National Basketball Association, 3M, Dow, and The Four Seasons Hotel Group.
  5. 5. What We Do Brand Research Naming Design and execute research to inform and validate brand Develop corporate, product, and service names that clearly positioning and architecture. Assess brand elasticity. identify their purpose and adhere to the brand strategy. Measure the impact of how brands affect business results. Brand Evangelism and Training Brand Strategy Educate all members of the organization about the brand Uncover a company’s unique and enduring value. Identify promise, identity, and experience to foster a brand-aware opportunities for brand growth. Articulate the promise in a culture. Customized workshops and seminars supported by succinct and differentiating way. interactive and printed media show stakeholders how to live the brand day to day. Simplification Internet Strategy and User Experience Design Transform information-intensive customer interactions into positive brand experiences using communications analysis, Help our clients develop strategies that leverage the Internet information design, and plain-language writing. to drive their businesses. Create highly intuitive, usable, branded user experiences for the Web, kiosks, company Brand Architecture Intranets, and client Extranets. Determine the relationship of the corporate brand to all its Brand Collateral Development parts—business lines, partners, products, services—and provide a strategy for current and future branding and Offer content development, graphic design, production, and naming practices. motion graphics services to dramatize our clients’ brands in all communications for the brand launch and beyond. Corporate Identity Design Design systems—proprietary visual vocabularies that distinguish communications, environments, and experiences—to support the core promise of the company at every touch point.
  6. 6. Case Studies Our life is frittered away by detail... Simplify, simplify, simplify!... Simplicity of life and elevation of purpose. Henry David Thoreau, “Walden”
  7. 7. Comcast Triple Play Bundling The days of media companies providing their content on As Comcast set out on this journey in 2005 to develop its one platform are long gone. brand portfolio in a multi-platform world, it has been joined step by step with Siegel+Gale, to help the firm navigate As the United States largest cable company, Comcast has myriad product development and communications initiatives set the bar for “best practice” branding across a growing that have involved a confluence of subscriber and segment array of platforms spanning digital cable, high speed research, nomenclature development, brand architecture, Internet, digital telephony and, very soon wireless—the 4th and creative design. Among these Siegel+Gale has worked platform. to bring the Comcast Triple Play and its growing bundled and tiered product portfolio to life in the hyper competitive and converging media marketplace—the stakes could not be higher.
  8. 8. he Whole chilada from mcast!” RIGHT: “enchilada” concept
  9. 9. undle me...with able, Internet, nd Digital THIS PAGE: “bundle me” concept NEXT PAGE: “caboodle” concept hone”
  10. 10. ou odle?”
  11. 11. Sony PlayStation Portable When Sony Computer Entertainment International (SCEI) In the face of increasing pressure from Xbox, and its online added a web browser to the PlayStation Portable (PSP)’s gaming service, Xbox Live, in particular, Sony Computer capabilities, they turned to Siegel+Gale for help in driving Entertainment America (SCEA) asked Siegel+Gale to name, loyalty among current and future PSP users. Through define and create a visual identity for the PlayStation online quantitative and qualitative research efforts, we explored community. key trends, behaviors, and expectations in the marketplace Future and existing PlayStation games would be branded among consumers, web publishers, carriers, manufacturers with the name and identity, so the mark had to both remain and licensors, to better understand the market’s unmet true to the PlayStation brand and work across all media needs in the category of wireless gaming. (console screen, print, packaging and online). How this Informed by our insights, we set out to design the official experience would be represented online, was a key issue website for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Since the PSP has addressed in our work. neither a keyboard nor mouse, we created new user interface As a result of this, and ongoing work, SCEA asked principles, taxonomy guidelines and standards for the site Siegel+Gale in the spring of 2006 to develop the brand that felt as intuitive to loyal users as web browsing on their strategy and positioning for the PlayStation 3, widely home PC. considered the most anticipated gaming console in history. Siegel+Gale, along with the dedicated team at PlayStation, began to define gaming, and entertainment, for the next decade.
  12. 12. ABOVE: user interface navigation BELOW: Siegel+Gale designed prototype screens
  13. 13. ABOVE: PSP interface for HDTV BELOW: day/night cycle interface schematic (morning, midday, and night)
  14. 14. HD Radio The year is 2006. Traditional radio is under attack. The ad- by over $200 million in radio advertising, the Alliance needed supported medium, beloved by generations and responsible to develop the right brand strategy, positioning, promise, and for many iconic moments in communications history, has messaging to launch and maintain the brand over the short- and found a serious rival in satellite radio. Still in its infancy, but long-term. rapidly gaining steam, satellite radio has successfully lured Siegel+Gale was called upon to develop an overarching strategy top-tier programming talent to its stable, while launching its and promise to define the brand and build awareness in the 100-plus digital channel offering to consumers worldwide. marketplace. Further, we were tasked with developing the This subscription-based industry, comprised primarily of XM supporting detailed messaging that would serve as the basis Radio and Sirius Satellite, boasted almost 10 million paying for over 10,000 radio stations to define, promote, and educate subscribers and was quickly transforming how the radio listeners about this exciting new, free technology coming industry defined its value proposition, programming formats, their way. technology expenditures, and its business model in general. Based on in-depth consumer research, we developed a brand Joined in battle to defend its industry, six of the nations largest story that appealed to a large, core target audience, enveloped radio station groups (e.g., CBS Radio, Clear Channel, Cumulus in a new positioning—Discover What’s Between the Stations, Media, Emmis Communications, Entercom Communications, accompanied by a trademarked tagline: HD Radio: Discover It! and Greater Media) came together as a consortium (the HD Digital Radio Alliance) to define HD Radio (high-fidelity digital Lastly, to provide real utility for station managers, programming programming across an expanded spectrum of radio channels) directors, and on-air talent at the station level, our consultants in the marketplace and to accelerate the rollout and consumer delivered HD Radio’s messaging within a message matrix that acceptance of this exciting, new medium through aggressive delineated priorities, communications strategies, tone, and risks joint-marketing efforts across multiple industries. Supported to avoid—all organized around granular target audiences.
  15. 15. ABOVE: brochure BELOW: message matrix
  16. 16. Dolce Romtelecom, Romania’s semi-state-owned fixed-line telecom The rich, colorful language stood out in the Romanian operator, decided in 2006 to launch a satellite TV offering in marketplace of mostly monotone brands, creating a clear the Romanian marketplace as a tool to enhance customer sense of excitement and celebration—which proved helpful retention and move towards a future quad-play offering. in gaining internal enthusiasm in the company and building fast awareness in the marketplace. With deadlines that allowed roughly half the time it usually takes to launch such a service, Siegel+Gale needed to move As a pay-TV brand, Dolce needed to live in electronic fast. We positioned the sub-brand as an “indulgent” service environments. We designed the programming guide interface bringing greater variety of content and functionality to TV that brought the brand to life while keeping it consistent with viewers, and named it Dolce—a Latin-based international its print design language. name that could appeal to Romanian speakers and reflect a Since the brand was sold primarily in retail outlets, we also “spoil yourself” attitude. designed a plasma screen-enabled product demo, literature The logo and tone of voice of Dolce celebrated variety and package display and promotional messages. The unit was richness of experience through strong use of vivid colors, used in both brand and dealer stores and helped capture coupled with soft rounded typography the implied a sense of customers’ imaginations with an entertainment-driven look indulgence, and a tagline “enjoy a richer life.” and feel.
  17. 17. ABOVE: digibox and packaging BELOW: website
  18. 18. ABOVE: front and back of display kiosk BELOW: posters
  19. 19. ABOVE: on-screen user interface BELOW: user guide spread and cover
  20. 20. Intelsat Intelsat came to Siegel+Gale during the end-stages of its As you can see, Siegel+Gale designers crafted a compelling own Space Race with rival PanAmSat. Their merger created new visual language to signal the merger and expansion of the world’s largest commercial satellite network. More than services as well as to trumpet the exciting news about the that, the new Intelsat now offers Earth’s most technologically new Intelsat on the web, through email blasts, in advertising, advanced capabilities and its clients the prospect of success and with employee-facing posters and communications. that is now much closer, by far. Welcome to the new Intelsat. Siegel+Gale created a brand platform for the new Intelsat It’s a small world, after all. around the concept of “Zero Degrees of Separation,” shorthand for intimate, customer-focused service to television and content providers, corporate, government, and military entities and ISPs.
  21. 21. ABOVE: poster, front BELOW: poster, back
  22. 22. ABOVE: stationery system BELOW: book
  23. 23. ABOVE: internal messaging posters BELOW: website
  24. 24. Motorola Managing brand assets globally can be an arduous task. Motorola engaged Siegel+Gale to develop a comprehensive When you are Motorola and operate brands in myriad system of brands and guidelines for its global channel business sectors and regions around the world, having clear partners. These partners, who include value-added dealers, and compelling communications is imperative. resellers, software developers and systems integrators, needed to have a clearly articulated approach to applying the Thus, when Motorola approached Siegel+Gale to revitalize Motorola brand and expressing their channel relationships their global, business-to-business visual identity system, across all communications. it promised to be a very comprehensive undertaking. The scope of the engagement involved simplifying over 300 The system created by Siegel+Gale drastically simplified pages of visual guideline documents, refreshing the “look the expression of channel partner roles and responsibilities, and feel” of their existing visual system, and aligning their improving the partners’ ability to express their relationship new positioning across all communications. to the Motorola and help build the Motorola masterbrand. We developed a comprehensive set of guidelines including a First, our consultants streamlined and reorganized their proactive approach to co-branding and partnership branding, guidelines and visual system to make it easy to use, in which the Motorola brand lives alongside the channel free of redundancies, and useful for a variety of diverse partners’ brands. We also included detailed specifications internal audiences, including designers, marketers, and for product packaging, marketing collateral, web properties communications executives. and other communications materials. Next, our designers refreshed the “look and feel” for With a completely overhauled visual system in hand, we Motorola’s entire collateral system, by focusing on accompanied Motorola to regional kick-off sessions around streamlining the design elements to eliminate confusion and the globe to introduce the new visual system and guidelines complexity. Then, we created a unique graphic element— to internal audiences, in a series of implementation forums the motion mark—to replace the mobility pattern and and workshops. communicate the new brand platform. Finally, we applied the visual system to 15 prototypical collateral applications and created new templates.
  25. 25. Channel identifiers premier premier premier premier premier development solution resale distribution service partner partner partner partner partner development solution resale distribution service partner partner partner partner partner Authenticity Compatibility compatible ABOVE: channel identifier, authenticity, and compatibility mark system
  26. 26. ABOVE: distribution partner identifier on storefront BELOW: resale partner identifier on partner website
  27. 27. ABOVE: distribution partner identifier on yellow pages ad BELOW: authenticity mark on Motorola phone battery
  28. 28. ™ Sprint: Pivot Picture this: A mom walking through the aisle of the grocery Here, Siegel+Gale was tasked with creating an easy-to- store watching CNBC’s Closing Bell on her Sprint cell comprehend and compelling naming system and visual phone as she hunts for last minute groceries. A college identity for the venture’s product brand, its feature set, student watching her school’s basketball team in the NCAA and each layer of the individual products offerings. Both Final Four on her cell phone, while at the same time text the naming system and visual identity had to allow for messaging her three friends, who are at the game! A doctor each partner company to market the product within their in the operating room, remotely coordinating his phone respective footprints, while still being tethered to the calls between his cell phone and home phone. Sounds like parent brand. a scene from the future right? Well, not exactly. In fact, for To accomplish this we created a new name, Pivot, naming Sprint and some of the nation’s top cable operators—that architecture guidelines, and a graphic identity that brought future is possible, and that future is now! the names to life and helped each partner manage how the This vision, of bringing digital cable programming and other Pivot brand was launched commercially and applied across services to mobile devices, was presented to Siegel+Gale both internal and external audiences. by Sprint and its joint venture partners, cable operators Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, and Bright House Networks and hinged upon a long-term goal of going to market with an evolving array of product choices that communicate value and quality to consumers, while being relevant to their increasingly digital lifestyles.
  29. 29. Pivot style guide ™ 3.6 imagery style 3.0 Brand elements Pivot style guide June 2006 Imagery should tell a story about the Pivot full bleed positioning and attributes. It is important to choose imagery that implies motion, particularly in a circular or pivotal manner. Or, choose imagery that relates to the services you can get on your phone from Pivot (i.e., sports, entertainment, music). Shown here are examples of full-bleed imagery and silhouetted imagery. Use large, full bleed images for impact. Use white backgrounds with silhouetted images to communicate a simple and modern feeling. silhouette on white 6.12 endorsements 6.0 Pivot communications Pivot style guide June 2006 It is important to show the relationship Pivot is a new service of the MSO companies and Sprint in the from Comcast and Sprint. Pivot joint venture. This is shown with the endorsement, which must appear on all Pivot communications. The endorsement should always appear on a white background. Note the white Pivot is a new service endorsement area at the bottom of the example shown here. On two sided communications, from Cox and Sprint. such as a brochure, the endorsement area can appear on the back. The endorsements shown here are for Pivot- focused communications. In Pivot-focused communications, Pivot is the central message, Pivot is a new service from and the local MSO and Sprint logos appear Time Warner Cable and Sprint. as shown, with the description “Pivot is a new service from local MSO and Sprint.” The MSO logo should always be on the left, and the Sprint logo on the right. Visually make endorsement in use the two logos appear equal, and align the baselines. The description appears to the Pivot is a new service from ss right, on two lines, as shown. Do not re-create Bright House and Sprint. ce link this art. Art work for the endorsements can ac tch be downloaded along with Pivot brand mark art at surf wa On MSO-focused communications, the endorsement changes. See page 7.15 for co send specifications. ec nn t talk rec eiv e your world of information and entertainment wherever you turn ABOVE: visual identity guidelines
  30. 30. ABOVE: posters BELOW: brochure
  31. 31. ABOVE: service on handheld device BELOW LEFT: service on handheld device BELOW RIGHT: webpage
  32. 32. tru2way The future of television has arrived. To reinforce this promise, OCAP needed a new name and visual look and feel that captured both the short-term In 2007, Siegel+Gale was tasked with developing a brand needs and long-term vision of the technology. Siegel+Gale positioning, name, and visual system for the OpenCable conducted testing around different name and design options, Platform (OCAP), a revolutionary technology that unleashes deciding on tru2way™ matched with a fluid, modern logo the power of two-way, interactive television. Developed whose integrated arrows and name give it a streamlined, by a multi-industry consortium of major cable operators directional feel. As a stand-alone trademark and technology including Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, symbol, the tru2way™ logo signifies the purity of the and Bright House Networks; electronics manufacturers interactive experience. Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and Microsoft; cable industry trade organizations CTAM and NCTA; and CableLabs®, Formally announced in January at the Consumer Electronics OCAP delivers an interactive viewing experience that all but Show by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, the tru2way™ eliminates installation hassles and the need for equipment technology will be integrated into digital television, hitting the such as the set-top box, wires and remotes. retail shelf in time for the 2008 holiday season. Impressed by the positive marketplace reception to the tru2way brand, In conducting a thorough analysis of the current CableLabs President and CEO Dr. Richard Green exclaimed, environment, organizational, and consumer perspectives, “tru2way™ appears to have really nailed it for cable’s Siegel+Gale learned that the brand opportunity centered interactive video future.” around enhancing choice, process, and the interactive experience facing consumers. Out of this clutter came the A future that looks very bright indeed. brand promise: OCAP’s ability to streamline how you choose, use, and enjoy your TV.
  33. 33. ABOVE: brochure
  34. 34. ABOVE: Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO, introduces tru2way at 2008 CES BELOW: tru2way compliant TV
  35. 35. ABOVE: billboard BELOW: reversed color logo
  36. 36. Tony Awards The biggest award show on Broadway, upstaged by a little Not to knock revivals – who can hear enough Al Dubin and golden celluloid hero? Harry Warren, much less Cole Porter or the Gershwins, after all? – but did you happen to glance at the 2006 nominees? We didn’t think so. Nor did the American Theatre Wing, The History Boys, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, The Color which sought to commemorate the Tony Award’s 60th Purple and talent like Ralph Fiennes, Lynn Redgrave, Harry Anniversary in accustomed high style with a new identity Connick Jr. and Chita Rivera, to name a few… replete with a complete makeover of its logo, collateral and website. … I mean, Come on, people! Not just cosmetics, but the health of the Great White Way itself drove the Tony Awards into the arms of Siegel+Gale (you know how these romances happen). The American Theatre Wing sought to reach out to that wide swathe of America whose conception of the live theater was limited to a musical like 42nd Street.
  37. 37. LEFT: poster RIGHT: website
  38. 38. THIS PAGE: posters LEFT PAGE: Times Square billboard
  39. 39. CNBC The convergence of the recession, the bear market, terrorist To help CNBC make this transformation, Siegel+Gale created attacks, and the war on the Middle East, had precipitated a a compelling new brand promise, personality, and tagline, decline in CNBC’s ratings, audience, time spent viewing, and Make it Your Business, which positioned CNBC in the advertising revenue. personal finance market vs. stock selection. In this new environment, CNBC needed to transform itself We also identified the attributes that a business news network from the “stock market channel” into a vitally interesting should possess, and developed a strategic plan to help business news network, build awareness for this broadened CNBC evolve into this new model over time. offering, and restore trust in their brand.
  40. 40. THIS PAGE: print ads
  41. 41. Eurotel As the first mobile operator in the Czech Republic, Eurotel The retail experience we created encompassed three dominated the market in the 1990s, but by the end of different types of stores: dealer stores (of which there were the decade realized it needed to reposition the brand in 300 across the country), brand stores (64), and the flagship the face of new competition. We refined Eurotel’s existing experiential store. In all environments, the key driver behind brand strategy, reinforcing the company’s vision that people the new design and components was education: Eurotel everywhere should view themselves as every day achievers. wanted to teach new and existing customers how to use its products and services as tools that allowed them to achieve Having conducted a thorough competitive analysis and in- more. The components and merchandise in the stores were depth customer interviews to understand what made Eurotel designed to allow customers to experience and trial new special, the results, combined with the core strengths of the services through ‘touching’ and ‘experiencing’, thereby giving Eurotel brand, helped define the desired brand positioning them the means to interact with the brand with key values that would shape every touch-point in the relationship between the brand and its customers. In order to communicate the idea of ‘achieving more out of life’ we built an image library using real life people from The new brand promise reinforced the company’s vision that different walks of Czech life who represented the concept everyone should be able to get ‘more out of life’ – reflected of “everyday achievers”. The combination of this unique through the design of a unique and ‘energetic’ wordmark for imagery, with a fresh new visual language used consistently the name Eurotel. Having clarified their brand architecture, across all touch-points, conveyed the notions of energy we developed a browser-based tool to ensure that the new and inspiration allowing Eurotel to generate impact and model would be easy to understand and could be used distinctiveness in the marketplace, while maintaining their internally. We further simplified their communications by long standing reputation of a solid, reliable company. rationalizing more than 20 separate marketing and billing materials into just 3 literature editions resulting in significant cost savings for the organization.
  42. 42. THIS PAGE: brand value posters
  43. 43. ABOVE: employee brand value poster LEFT: consumer brochures BELOW: SIM cards
  44. 44. ABOVE: business brochure BELOW: website
  45. 45. Qore: Presented by the PlayStation Network Loosely organized around the premise of a “digital magazine,” Siegel+Gale assembled naming and design teams on both PlayStation launched an interactive content program on coasts to garner the widest array of names and identity June 5, 2008, that serves as the gamers’ version of explorations. Working from a common creative brief, we 60 Minutes or Access Hollywood. The subscription-based focused on themes ranging from ‘purity’ to ‘exploration,’ program provides packaged interactive video that is refreshed the ‘center of the universe’ and the ‘heart of the game’. and distributed on a monthly basis. Qore episodes can be Ultimately, the team focused on the idea of the program as a purchased individually ($2.99) or by annual subscription of representation of the center of the gamer universe. 13 episodes ($24.99). The format for each edition includes “Qore is the first step in providing original content dedicated up to four feature segments, a video download, recurring to the PlayStation community and evolving the network into editorial content, behind-the-scenes exclusive footage, a place where our customers can gather, share and discover game downloads and beta tests, add-on game content, and new forms of entertainment,” said Peter Dille, senior vice integrated advertising pods. president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment Initially targeting hardcore gamers (males, between the ages America. Plans are to enroll 100,000 subscribers in 30 days; of 18–34), but eventually expanding to include casual gamers with a target goal of acquiring 3-6% of the installed base. and entertainment enthusiasts, the name and identity needed And there is long-term interest in extending this brand name to convey the edgy nature of the content while invoking a to a broader content banner in the vein of MTV Films. This sense of accessible aspiration among casual gamers. name could become an imprimatur for PlayStation-generated entertainment content of many different formats.
  46. 46. ABOVE: first episode of Qore LEFT: digital magazine images spread BELOW: brand voice book spread
  47. 47. Yahoo! Yahoo! approached Siegel+Gale to help them better handle The My Yahoo! property had high visibility in the new their rapid growth. They had grown from a directory to information architecture but the sign-up page had low click- the largest website on the Internet. An engineering based though rates. We needed to explain: What is My Yahoo! and environment and siloed culture had resulted in a confusing determine what messages would resonate with potential user experience, and undefined value propositions and users. We proposed a comprehensive test of multiple cumbersome registration processes were barriers to entry messages each running for two weeks’ time and testing both for consumers. As a result, registration had grown in length rich media and HTML versions of the registration pages throughout the years due to different properties needing based on either personality or functionality. Conversion could different information. Managing that information was difficult be improved by breaking up the registration process and and confusing—a great deal of information can be managed providing contextual help. only by going through the individual properties. Since the beginning of our engagement, Yahoo! has seen Yahoo! approached Siegel+Gale to assist with overall strategy, some significant results. There was an increase in My Yahoo! brand and information architecture, and user interface sign-ups for every test case with the Personality message design. Through the process, Siegel+Gale learned that the resonating the best and resulting in a 51% increase in sign- Yahoo! brand needed to work just as hard at migrating users ups and a 61% increase in sign-ins. In addition, it has been from property to property as drawing them in. Naming of positively received among the business community. properties needed to be descriptive for increased ease of use “Yahoo!’s tack differs from many of its Net competitors. The and understandability. Many of the property benefits were company attaches its moniker to virtually everything it does not clearly explained to consumers. Siegel+Gale developed and intertwines its various services with links throughout its a decision tree strategy for naming brands related to their sites.” — Business Week relevance to the master brand.
  48. 48. ABOVE: brand architecture decision tree RIGHT: decision tree close-up BELOW: my Yahoo! registration
  49. 49. Other relevant work: Siegel+Gale American Express The New School Comcast U.S. Air Force Dolce SunTrust Sony PSP Harley-Davidson Lexus AARP Allstate NBA Agility Tony Awards Motorola Port of Long Beach
  50. 50. Siegel+Gale Timeline
  51. 51. New York 625 Avenue of the Americas 4th Floor New York, NY 10011 United States T +1 212 453 0400 Los Angeles 10960 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 400 Los Angeles, CA 90024 United States T +1 310 312 2200 London 1 Riverside Manbre Road London W6 9WA United Kingdom T +44 (0)208 735 8950 Dubai Burj Dubai Square Building 1, 6th Floor P.O. Box 40604, Dubai United Arab Emirates T. +971 4 425 8841