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The presentation is mainly focused on "Trickster's" in Technological-Advertising (Context: Clever Advertiser's) who to create "Pulse" in the market, misrepresent or create an illusion using technology …

The presentation is mainly focused on "Trickster's" in Technological-Advertising (Context: Clever Advertiser's) who to create "Pulse" in the market, misrepresent or create an illusion using technology to represent something superior which is actually "Not real" & "A Common Man" at end feels just -- "Thought something -- felt something- bought something & use nothing".

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  • 1. .
  • 2. INTRODUCTION Information is power if and only if you have the knowledge to know what it means, the will to use it, the communication. A character from a far older tradition helps explain many problems in society Today with technology: Trickster, the mythical character who confuses fact with fiction.
  • 3. conti…Technoism-to denote suppressed disbelief and blind compliance with the chaotic and uncontrolled progression of technology in our lives that leads to a dangerous split between the “haves” and “have-nots” of the technology world.Technology has good and powerful uses, particularly with respect to information processing and it will continue to affect our lives in a positive manner.
  • 4. conti… Its impact when exploited by clever marketers reminds us of the dark side of the proliferation of information and an increase in the use of technological gadgets to try to gain a sense of control. Consumers are been given a wrong sense of power and control over their lives when in fact they are being duped into a financially motivated campaign of consumer exploitation.
  • 5. TECHNOISM leads those who “Have” of the latest technological gadgets to look down of those who “Don’t have” of the gadgets.The role of the Trickster is to convince the public is that if they do not purchase the latest technology they will be left behind.
  • 6. Conti…Atmosphere of social cascade is created where a “few people initiates certain acts & others follow the initiators either in an effort to be right or simple to gain social approval” .Trickster with a great tool of “Technoism” makes people believe that they can transfer their life’s from chaotic to normalizing & comforting illusion.These are not the bombast of technology, as in the age of complex information processing ,technology is the necessity in our lives.
  • 7. Conti…The work of the trickster can be seen in what marketing professionals have taught us to accept as normal:poor product quality, Unreadable instructions, excessive packaging, non-recyclable components, non-interchangeable parts, and a pathetic lack of customer service.The marketers using the format of different sources of advertisements, how we can carryon the work with reduced time, efforts & resources thus convey that these make “life easy” but in realty because of this chaos they make “life complicated”.
  • 8. The Trickster with effective utilisation of advertisements makes us believe that only by the usage of technological products we can satisfy our wants without which there will be no survival.
  • 9. TRICKSTER TACKLES PRODUCT LIFE CYCLEAs consumers became better educated, knowledgeful the companies went on an continuous innovation by the use of R&D.Trickster introduced personal computer which became an boon to life-style improvement.
  • 10. Conti…It also has brought us to a state where we frequently are unable to function it. people’s increasing lack of ability to do basic arithmetic skills because of the electronic calculator [and the plane that can no longer be landed when its high-level systems fail.Traditionally people usually received better quality, more focus on improvement, and more value for our their money yet technological innovation seems to violate these principles as Trickster and Marketer continue to sell us newer, faster, more complicated products
  • 11. Conti…This has brought down the average age of the durability of most of the products & as newer products are been introduced consumers tend to discard and replace goods.The product life cycle never ends as trickster keeps on developing & updating newer versions.
  • 12. The products are been seen meet the requirements for early adopters & the trickster uses the techonism phenomenon to make the late adopter who wait for proven product quality & lesser price to purchase the products with little value and quality that are out-dated as soon as they leave the store.Facing the threat of being left behind Late Adopters jump on board without considering proven functionality, quality issues, or value.
  • 13. TRICKSTER AND TECHNOLOGICAL BEDLAMHere the trickster makes employees believe that in the new economy it is vital to provide 24/7 services to the customers yet customer service is at an all-time low.It makes people who are dependent on technological advances, accepts poor service as a fact of modern life and assumes that any problems in its use arise from their own lack of expertise.
  • 14. NORMALIZING, CHEERING ILLUSIONSThe feeling of loss of control over circumstances can be frightening. Marketers promoted Personal Data Assistants, Automated operator systems or laptops to organise and gain control over life.In the knowledge era where information is in our finger tips at all times still a black transformer is necessary to connect these devices to a source of electricity and not able to plug in as of limited space.
  • 15. Trickster working with Marketer to create an illusion of gaining control by acquiring more goods, by using Technoism to put fear into the hearts of anyone who might question.Faster technology is the answer to the stress in their lives, silencing critics and tricking the public into faster lifestyles.Faster technology convinces any wary consumers that they will be seen as techno-phobic if they do not buy those goods
  • 16. NEED FOR EVALUATION OF TECHNOLOGYTechnology has enriched the life’s of the people in large ways: the technological benefits of communicating globally in seconds, accessing the world through the Internet, or being able to process the amount of information required for day-to-day operations.Technology becomes a chaotic intrusion in our lives offering us only an illusion of control and normalcy and fooling people by making them believe
  • 17. Even when industrial era began and employees or union labours demanded for better quality of life though were promised , though measures were taken it was never actually existed.Issues which were never known such as computer stress, incredible invasion of private life were are an bitter reality.