O futuro do cloud deployment


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O futuro do cloud deployment

  1. 1. O futuro do cloud deployment(e qual o papel do Python nele)Presentation bySidnei da Silvasidnei.da.silva@canonical.comSetembro 2011
  2. 2. Agenda● A evolução do deployment● Problemas comuns, soluções extraordinárias● E o futuro?2 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  3. 3. Texan style “We only have a couple servers and use VMware snapshots heavily. We dont need to automate our deployments.” Alan Runyan Enfold Systems3 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  4. 4. Different stages Development Staging Production● Local machine, single user ● Controlled environment ● Stable, tested code● Runs tip of everything ● Sometimes auto-rollout from tip ● Minimal downtime● One instance of each service ● A few machines ● Many more machines ● A few instances of each service ● Many more services ● Must be easily scalable4 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  5. 5. How much can it scale? Manual deployment procedures ● Very error-prone ● Waste precious human resources ● Hard to reproduce ● But can be fine on small scale Provisioning ● Lengthy acquisition process ● Repetitive, boring task5 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  6. 6. From metal to running services Hardware ● Firmware updates ● Cabling ● Power supply Operating system ● Ready to use images ● PXE booting ● Installer seed ● Packages, VCS checkouts Applications and configuration ● Picking port numbers ● Across multiple machines ● Machine-targeted See the term sheet for more detail6 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  7. 7. Cloud7 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  8. 8. What problems does it solve?Hardware Provisioning● One time setup for the controller ● Quick and easy● Easy partitioning for each individual ● Homogeneity is a plusOperating system Affection● Ready to use images ● Short term relationship● Easy to create new ones ● No emotional attachment● Hard to manage their scale (updates and security)8 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  9. 9. What problems does it create?Configuration● Manually reconfiguring is boring● Not knowing the machine name upfront makes everything harder● Fact-based rules nearly impossible due to homogeneity9 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  10. 10. Shifting the focus to services10 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  11. 11. Meet Juju Provisioning ● Pluggable provisioning backends ● (soon) Both local-machine development and large scale deployments Event-based ● React to changes in the environment ● Self-configuring services ● Hooks can be written in any language ● Service templates are designed to easily scale by simply Scalable adding more units ● juju add-unit <service> See the term sheet for more detail11 Presentation by Sidnei da Silva
  12. 12. Perguntas, por favorObrigado!Sidnei da Silvasidnei.da.silva@canonical.com