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  1. 1. PressreleaseFor immediate releaseABSOLUT VODKA ADDS SID LEE TO ITS LEAD GLOBAL AGENCIESThe new partnership will accelerate growth, recruit new consumers and once again rewrite the rules ofspirit marketing.Montreal, December 7, 2012 - Sid Lee is pleased to announce that it has been appointed among the leadglobal agencies for ABSOLUT VODKA. The multidisciplinary consumer experience shop will be chargedwith developing a new communication platform that seeks to recruit new consumers from around the worldthrough experiences — real and virtual. Sid Lee will lead the development of creative work acrossadvertising, branded content, digital and a significant body of experiential work.“We look forward to working with Sid Lee, a trail-blazing agency specialising in creating holistic innovativebrand experiences,” says Jonas Tåhlin, Vice-President of Global Marketing at the Absolut Company. “SidLee shares our view on marketing, anchored in experiences. We want the brand to express itself throughactions rather than words. It’s extremely important to us to constantly evolve and push our boundaries", headded.“ABSOLUT VODKA has built a reputation as one of the world’s most creative brands, constantly pushingboundaries in the world of contemporary culture”, declared Mathias Westphal, Global Brand Director atABSOLUT VODKA. “From collaborating with artists to supporting the LGBT community, ABSOLUTVODKA has always dared to be among the first. Sid Lee’s work will amplify that leadership, moving fromthe world of telling stories to creating experiences at the bleeding edge of culture that inspire and engage itsconsumers”, he added."It is an incredible privilege to help guide the future of one of the worlds most daring, transformativebrands. Our mission is to build on that heritage in a way that engages legions of consumers around theworld," says Bertrand Cesvet, Chairman of Sid Lee. "We know that in a world in which advertising is all 1
  2. 2. too often wallpaper, we need to do something different; we have to engage the consumer in experiences anddemonstrate the purpose of the brand."Mr. Cesvet further explains how Sid Lee’s multidisciplinary approach is the key to creating value for clients:"Since before it was fashionable, Sid Lee has been at the forefront of developing holistic consumerexperiences that tell one coherent story across touchpoints. Were thrilled that ABSOLUT VODKA hasshown its commitment to this ideal and we look forward to bringing it to life to aggressively grow thebrand’s business." This approach has led to partnerships with globally renowned brands such as adidas, TagHeuer, NIVEA, Ubisoft and Cirque du Soleil, the latter also being a stakeholder of the agency.The account will be led by Chairman Bertrand Cesvet and Vice-President & Partner Eric Alper and staffedprimarily out of Sid Lee Amsterdam. Leading the work with ABSOLUT VODKA is also great news for ournewly established New York atelier, which will join in the effort to develop global work for the brand.In the coming weeks Sid Lee will be seeking additional world-class artisans for certain roles —see details. A further announcement will describe the new brand platform tolaunch.About The Absolut CompanyThe Absolut Company has the worldwide responsibility for the production, innovation and strategicmarketing of ABSOLUT VODKA, Malibu, Kahlúa, Wyborowa, Luksusowa and Frïs. ABSOLUT VODKAis the world’s fourth largest premium spirits brand. Every bottle of ABSOLUT VODKA is produced inÅhus in southern Sweden. MALIBU is the number one coconut-flavoured rum in the world, sold in morethan 150 countries. KAHLÚA coffee liqueur is the world leader in its category. As of July 2008, TheAbsolut Company is a company within the Pernod Ricard group, which holds one of the most prestigiousbrand portfolios in the sector. The ABSOLUT VODKA head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Formore information about the Absolut Company, visit 2
  3. 3. About Sid LeeSid Lee is a team of 625 artisans from 27 countries working together to create innovative consumerexperiences that drive value for top-tier brands. From our digital roots, we grew into one of the mostmultidisciplinary firms in the world, creating holistic brand platforms that span advertising, architectureand retail design, branded content and entertainment, digital and social media, branding, and reputationmanagement. We work for clients in over 20 countries from our ateliers in Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris,Toronto, and New York. Our firm has been named "Agency of the Year" three years in a row and has beenranked one of top performing agencies in the world by Forbes. Find us on Facebook/MeetSidLee andTwitter @SidLee or visit www.sidlee.comfor more information.-30-Information:Yanik DeschênesVP Global CommunicationsSid 3