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The power of multidisciplinary thinking. Sid Lee Architecture is a partnership between Sid Lee, a global commercial creativity company,
and seasoned architects Jean Pelland and Martin Leblanc.Our core belief is that architecture can shape the
identity of companies, organizations and communities.
Our novel approach consists of leveraging the
power of multidisciplinary thinking by teaming
architects with artisans from different fields to
give rise to a completely new vision of architecture
as a vehicle to create immersive experiences
that go beyond form and function by integrating
rich narratives.Put simply, we mix architecture and branding.
Sid Lee Architecture’s uniqueness is rooted in the
understanding of this potent interrelation.

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  1. 1. sid leearchitectureArchitecture Meets Branding – Our Work
  2. 2. overview ServicesThe power of multidisciplinary thinking Sid Lee Architecture offers multidisciplinary expertise in the following fields :Sid Lee Architecture is a partnership between Sid Lee, a global commercial creativity company, •Architectureand seasoned architects Jean Pelland and Martin Leblanc. •Retail and interior design •Exhibition designOur core belief is that architecture can shape the Put simply, we mix architecture and branding. •Urban design and master planningidentity of companies, organizations and commu- Sid Lee Architecture’s uniqueness is rooted in thenities. Our novel approach consists of leveraging the understanding of this potent interrelation. One of our close partners is Ædifica, a solid professional firm that has been supporting Sid Lee forpower of multidisciplinary thinking by teaming close to five years. Other collaborations have included firms such as BIAD (China) and SOM (USA).architects with artisans from different fields togive rise to a completely new vision of architec-ture as a vehicle to create immersive experiencesthat go beyond form and function by integratingrich narratives.
  3. 3. Martin Jean leblanc pelland Architect ArchitectWith a degree in architecture from Université teams has helped create important urban projects Jean Pelland is a designer who breathes fresh life the Ordre des architectes du Québec excellencede Montréal, Martin Leblanc belongs to a new such as the Montreal Casino’s entertainment com- into his profession as an architect by systematically awards. He has also spearheaded a number of ma-generation of architects who include technology plex at Bassin Peel, the original planning for the adding an artistic touch to projects. Consequently, jor projects over the years for prestigious clientsin the creative process. He is thought to be one of Quartier des Spectacles and the development of the his work is always related to his environment. like Cirque du Soleil.the first to use 3-D tools in architectural design. ecotourist town of Suqian, China, to name a few. Before starting up Sid Lee Architecture with The creative dialogue that Jean begins with Martin was a founding member of the Renowned for his powers of innovation and Martin Leblanc and the Sid Lee multidiscipli- every project is the starting point for unique, poeticNomade architectural firm in 1999 and, along with communication, Martin is constantly beating nary creative group, he founded the Nomade architecture that provides new opportunities inJean Pelland and the Sid Lee multidisciplinary back the boundaries of architecture and urban architectural firm in 1999. a profession that is by its very nature disciplinedteam, helped set up Sid Lee Architecture. Creati- design and continually striving to drive the indus- His vision, talent and meticulous construc- and methodical.vity and innovation are central to his work, which try forward. tions have attracted admiring glances from well-includes development of the Society for Arts and known magazines such as Dwell, Wallpaper, AzureTechnology (SAT), design of “Translucide” at and Canadian Architect. In addition to the M9the Palais des congrès de Montréal in collabora- real estate project in Montreal, Balnéa Spa, andtion with Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, and social housing on Rachel Street, Jean was alsoa number of projects in Asia. Martin stands out behind the redesign of the Women’s Centre ofthrough his ability to develop new markets as part Montreal, which was given an Orange Award byof prestigious international projects. His ability Sauvons Montréal in recognition of the attentionto stimulate creativity amongst multidisciplinary given to architectural details, and was a finalist in
  4. 4. Portfolioarchitecture
  5. 5. bota bota - Old Montreal - Located on a boat in the Old Port of Montreal, Bota Bota provides an exceptional opportunity forour community to experience the leading-edge developments in health and well-being, while enjoying one of the most spectacular views of Montreal.
  7. 7. Golf île des sœurs - Montreal - The Golf Île des Sœurs project is composed of a series of places and spaces open to the public,celebrating a quality of life based on the game of golf while respecting the environment. The plan of Golf IDS is intended to represent the ideal sought by the promoter of sustainable development in both its services and its architecture.
  9. 9. préfontaine - Social Housing -Located in Montreal, this 120-unit project redefines the current affordable housing typology, allowing residents to personalize their apartment in a striking visual architectural whole inspired by natural and organic shapes. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 19 -
  10. 10. islamabad - Six Star Hotel & Living Centre - Islamabad is a city designed in accordance with the 1960’s modernist urban planning theories. Rigid geometry, imposing linear boulevards and concentric centres tend to dominate the luxuriousnatural environment of the city. Located at one end of one of these boulevards, this multi-program luxury centre plays with the geometry inherited by the cityscape in order to create a vibrant oasis of nature. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 21 -
  11. 11. m9 phase i - Prince-Duke - M9 is in the centre of a neighbourhood flowing with investments for the rejuvenationof both “nouveau” Montreal and the banks of the St. Laurent River. The M9 condominium project, set in Old Montreal, combines unbeatable location with bright, spacious and cutting-edge urban living to create perfect lofts and inspiring penthouses.
  12. 12. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 25 -
  13. 13. m9 phase ii - Wellington -The project has already received critical acclaim with Phase I sold out and a cover piece in themagazine Canadian Architect. Phase II is now in construction, and the program includes both commercial and residential functions. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 27 -
  14. 14. m9 phase iii - Duke -Evoking the spirit of the new city, M9 will become a centrepiece of the prestigious redevelopment of theBonaventure Highway. The clean lines of Phase III will redefine the urban landscape and will become an imposing visual landmark in the Cité du Multimédia area and the Cité du Havre areas. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 28 -
  15. 15. NaNShaN cuLturaL aND SPOrtS cOMPLeX - Shenzhen - Five teams from five different countries competed in this project to create a new cultural landmarkfor the Nanshan district. The project espouses the three main programmatic volumes by uniting them under an artificial landscape integrating the concept into the existing urban environment. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 30 -
  16. 16. square benny - Montreal - Square Benny brings a more intelligent living environment to Montreal. This residential projectembraces the values of sustainable development and healthy living. Ecological practices and materials are fused with efficient, bold and contemporary urban design. The project will receive LEED and Novoclimat certification. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 33 -
  17. 17. couvent outremont - Montreal - Turning a convent into a residence is one thing. A cathedral is a whole other matter. Integrating itsunique geometry into the design was an architectural feat. The original brick was sourced to maintain continuity with the structure’s past. Yet to the naked eye, the visual language of the extension’s lines spoke of more modern times. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 35 -
  18. 18. caverhill - Montreal -What was once a port hardware store, Caverhill, was to be converted into condominiums with two additional penthouse floors. To respect the building’s heritage, these were set back so that fromstreet level the structure appears untouched. In fact, a narrow row of windows was added, which accentuates the building’s original character. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 36 -
  19. 19. spa balnéa - Natural Symbiosis -Balnéa Spa’s architectural concept seeks to engage itself with the surrounding nature by creating a symbiotic experience between the user, the lake and the mountains that compose the southern horizon. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 39 -
  20. 20. les bassins du nouveau havre - Montreal - Project implemented by the Canada Lands Company with the objective of disposing of the surplus landleft by Canada Post. Our proposal focuses first and foremost on the harmonious integration of its context: the omnipresence of water, the heritage values of the site, the proximity to the city centre, the green and blue spaces within the basins, the axes of movement and the anchoring of the site to the neighbourhood. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 41 -
  21. 21. PortfolioiNteriOr aNDretaiL DeSiGN
  22. 22. videotron - Flagship Store - The Videotron Flagship store was the launching pad for the company’s new mobility services. This experience marks the coming together of the various services offered by Videotron, taken to a new level by video andinteractivity in store. Our main objective was to pique the interest of potential customers through the use of new, dynamic channels designed to immerse customers in Videotron’s products. Although non-traditional, this approach successfully integrated brand identity into the business architecture.
  23. 23. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 47 -
  24. 24. attraction media - Office -This project consisted in creating an office space that would house the six divisions of Attraction Media Group. Our biggest challenge was to regroup the various divisions under one roof without dissipatingtheir respective identities. We came up with a clever city metaphor, which saw the office transform into a small-scale metropolis, complete with neighbourhoods, plazas, streets and perspectives.
  25. 25. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 51 -
  26. 26. red bull - Headquarter -The new home of Red Bull Netherlands in North Amsterdam is a star in its surrounding communityof hip brands and raw talent. Dominating a prominent spot off the Amsterdam IJ, its striking design stands out among the ordinary and reinvents the office space. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 52 -
  27. 27. Stylexchange - Store Concept -Sid Lee created this new store concept to heighten Stylexchange’s position as Canada’s cutting-edge cult fashion boutique. True to the brand, this store feels like an innovative fashion playground. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 55 -
  28. 28. SaQ signature - Concept Design - SAQ was looking to create a distinctive experience for its higher-end store conceptcalled SAQ Signature. By integrating craftsmanship and innovative use of design and materials, Sid Lee created a space that appeals to the needs and values of the store’s patrons. IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  29. 29. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 59 -
  30. 30. aDiDaS - Originals Atelier -We recently unveiled a new retail store concept for adidas Originals in New York and Berlin. A model so successful that it’s set to launch worldwide, the atelier encourages discovery and self-expression—the essence of originality. IN COLLABORATION WITH æDIFICA
  31. 31. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 63 -
  32. 32. adidas - SLVR Store Concept - adidas needed a retail concept to tangibly bring their SLVR brand to life.Sid Lee created a store experience that is the intersection of street life and high fashion, with different facets of design that combine activeness and style. SID LEE ARCHITECTURE - 65 -
  33. 33. cONtAct iNfOrmAtiONAteliers: Montreal 75 Queen Street, Suite 1400 Montreal, Quebec H3C 2N6 Canada Phone: +1 514-282-2200 Amsterdam Gerard Doustraat 72 1072 VV Amsterdam The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 206 623030 Paris 12 rue du Sentier 75 002 Paris France Phone: +33 (1) 44 88 83 90 Toronto 55 Mill Street Building 5 , Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4 Canada Phone: +1 416 - 421-4200 Austin Suite D-102 3601 South Congress Austin, Texas 78704 United States Phone: +1 512 - 444-3533Websites:
  34. 34. Another fanzine