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Most businesses require high levels of brand recall to increase customers and commercially propagate their business. Recall is achieved through increased demographic engagement. Effective engagement is very expensive using traditional media and ineffective in small amounts on traditional media.

We increase brand recall using social branding and internet based, targeted engagement.

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Brands At Large - Social Branding Agency India

  1. 1. The world has moved on from traditional media to the Internet and social media. Where is your brand?
  2. 2. Why are trends shifting? The reason for the shift is quite simple. When most people were avid newspaper readers, radio listeners and television watchers, companies needed to focus their brand propagation efforts on these mediums. Today however, people have begun reading their news online and are spending more time than ever on the Internet, especially on social platforms. It logically follows that businesses therefore need to shift a part of their brand propagation activities to the Internet.
  3. 3. Many would have you believe social branding involves a fair bit of magic. It’s about engagement. Period.
  4. 4. No magic. It’s all scientific and measurable. All the way! 1. We analyze your brand in terms of the target audience demographics and identify sub segments too. This information is used to figure out where your target audience spends time i.e. on various social platforms and other Internet based areas. 2. Customer segments are then split further into vocations and types. 3. With the help of your marketing team, we design messages that not only propagate your brand values, but also appeal to the segment in question. 4. After calculating optimum message densities, delivery frequencies and timings we’re all ready to engage with your customers and help propagate your brand. In that a nutshell that would be it… in an ideal world. There’s also the small matter of commercial interest.
  5. 5. What do your accountants and business managers feel though? Is engagement enough? Where are the targets and RoI?
  6. 6. Propagation with Targets and RoI! Your propagation efforts will in most part have a commercial cause. You want more people to visit your restaurant or buy your product perhaps. We take on your commercial targets and work with you to build an effective and efficient online propagation strategy that not only increases your brand’s recall values, but also helps achieve your commercial objectives. The good news is, that it’s all measurable. Every step of it. That’s the advantage of a digital world – one way or the other, every entity can be tracked and RoI determined.
  7. 7. Social Branding Social Intelligence With Commercial Target Achievement |