How To Create A Jewelry Brand?


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Now I am disclosing a little recipe for creating a jewelry brand. No it isn't rocket science. But I don't see these simple principles applied in real life jewelry business (barring a few exceptions). One might discount this presentation for its simplicity but at his/her own risk. Jewelry brands struggle to create 'brands'!

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How To Create A Jewelry Brand?

  1. 1. Which brand have you bought? Or your friends? Or your friends’ friends? Don’t remember! Can’t say!
  2. 2. Which brand of earrings are these?
  3. 3. Which brand of jewelry is this?
  4. 4. Or this? Critical Question If a brand communicates something about the status or tastes of a person, the wearer of this piece of jewelry can only hint, “This is expensive.” But can’t convey that this is Nike or Arrow or Swarovsky. Why do jewelry brands don’t lend themselves easily to communication or WoM marketing?
  5. 5. In spite of the heavy spending by big jewelry houses, it is doubtful their brands have the desired awareness. More importantly, it is a certainty that most brands trigger no recognition when the products are worn by consumers. Why?
  6. 6. A brand connotes ‘status’ and jewelry also connotes ‘status’ (apart from its function of amplifying beauty). However, most jewelry brands have created products which seem status symbols but have failed to make their brands recognized as status symbols. And therefore, when it comes to jewelry there doesn’t seem to be any preference/popularity (except for extremely expensive luxury brands) among consumers for any particular brand.
  7. 7. Which brand of shoes are these?
  8. 8. Which brand of t-shirt is this? Key Observation # 1 For a person to recognize a brand, he/she should be able to identify and see the symbol clearly. And clarity necessitates enough space for a symbol to be placed on the product.
  9. 9. Where is the space to put any symbol on these? Key Observation # 2 If there is no space to place the symbol on the product, then the product itself should be the symbol!
  10. 10. Example#1: PARKER
  11. 11. Example#2: MONT BLANC
  12. 12. Example#3: Dior Key Observation # 3 In the business of jewelry, brands should own a shape and stick with the shape to facilitate recognition of the brand. In short, product itself should be the symbol of the brand.
  13. 13. BRIEF PROFILE OF THE PRESENTOR Name: Siddharth Soni Profession: Business Strategist / Marketing Communications Specialist Professional Experience: > 6 years Education: PGPCM (2002-04) @ MICA, PGDBEM (1999-2000) @ Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, B.Com (1996-99) @ HA College of Commerce, Ahmedabad Passion: Earrings Hobbies: Cycling, Running, Reading, Writing