Gowardhan ghee activation idea 14th july 2010


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Gowardhan ghee activation idea 14th july 2010

  1. 1. ‘Tell & Sell’ Activation Idea By Carat Fresh Integrated 13th July 2010
  2. 2. The Brief • Parag Milk Foods is coming up with a new campaign for its brand, Gowardhan Ghee. • The campaign highlights the importance of Cow Ghee. It starts with a teaser talking about ‘Vitamin G’ (G – Stands for Ghee) • Need some ‘tell & sell’ activation ideas, to convert Buffalo Ghee eaters to Cow Ghee eaters, targeting women. • Campaign will start with a test run in Gujarat, followed by an all-India campaign.
  3. 3. Buffalo (Ghee) vs. Cow (Ghee) A Comparo Buffalo’s Side • Buffalo is more heavily muscled; it is a denser animal in its makeup • The Ghee of a Buffalo is still slightly solid • Buffalo will eat almost any food, even spoiled food Cow’s Side • Cows have a moderate make-up of fat • The Ghee of a Cow is in liquid form at body temperature • Cows in their natural environment, will turn away from such fare Continued…Comparison based on an article @ http://www.amritaveda.com/
  4. 4. Buffalo (Ghee) vs. Cow (Ghee) A Comparo Buffalo’s Side • Buffalos are often quite dirty and smell more strongly than Cows. • Buffalos are comparatively more stubborn and aggressive. • Because of these qualities (and may be more), Buffalo milk and Ghee are considered more dulling. In other words, ‘tamasic’. Cow’s Side • Cows tend to be cleaner and do not smell as strong. • Cows are far gentler in nature. • Cow milk and Ghee are considered more pure and purifying. In other words, ‘sattvic’. Comparison based on an article @ http://www.amritaveda.com/
  5. 5. As depicted above, there could be many more significant differences which make Cow’s Ghee preferable to Buffalo’s. Are consumers aware? Are women who take care of the entire family’s nutrition needs aware?
  6. 6. It is unlikely that consumers, especially women, are aware of these significant differences. We will seek to bring out these differences and induce sales through the Activation Idea.
  7. 7. And it seems, these are the very differences which form the essence of VITAMIN G The Activation Idea will work to establish the same
  8. 8. Activation Idea This articulation can be changed depending on the language needed in different states. Read it “Ghee Maa Gyaan”
  9. 9. about what? about: Cow’s Ghee Gowardhan Ghee Qualities of Gowardhan Ghee, etc.
  10. 10. Where it will be done? Modern-format Retail Outlets Supermarkets Fruit and Vegetable Markets
  11. 11. How it will be done? • A set-up, which seems as if it’s a face-off (dummies of the two animals will be placed facing each other) between a Buffalo and a Cow, will be created at the spots. • The big question will be “Who’s got Vitamin G?” FACE-OFF Continued…
  12. 12. How it will be done? • Promoters will try and engage the prospects by handing them a simple form. • The form will contain 10 statement-like questions with answer options. Promoters will ask the prospects to tick the right answers to the best of their knowledge and submit the form. “Who’s got Vitamin G?” FORM Continued…
  13. 13. How it will be done? • Creates less fat • Helps better in digestion • Feels lighter • Creates less cholesterol • Xyz • Abc Sample of “Who’s got Vitamin G?” FORM Buffalo’s Ghee Cow’s Ghee
  14. 14. How it will be done? • Depending on the number of right answers ticked in the form, prospects will be offered a certain reward (e.g. discount) on immediate purchase of Gowardhan Ghee. REWARD