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Credila 23rd feb 2010 final 2
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Credila 23rd feb 2010 final 2


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I enjoyed interacting with the CEO at that time. And I like that 'elpe'!

I enjoyed interacting with the CEO at that time. And I like that 'elpe'!

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Carat Fresh Integrated (A division of Carat Media Services India Pvt. Ltd.) Presented By 23rd February, 2010 Credila Brand Strategy Presentation
  • 2. Education loan market : 10,000 + cr. per annum disbursements Significant Players : SBI, PNB, OBC, Andhra, Corporation Banks, etc Dominant Player : SBI, 20% share Largest contributing region : South India Market Buzz
  • 3. Education loans operate in a commoditized market place Not much differentiation amongst brands Most brands focus on the ‘price strategy’ No brand is positioned on „Quick and Good/better Service‟ • (e.g. Door Step service) or innovative products (e.g. up to 100% finance, flexible security options etc) Competition Landscape of Positioning
  • 4. To generate awareness about Credila as the only specialized and expert education loan provider To reach out to all aspiring students who are planning to pursue higher education in 2010-11 sessions and their parents Credila: Marketing Objective
  • 5. Trustworthy, Modern, in tune with times Understands needs of modern day students and parents Partnering with students in their pursuit of successful careers and also for contributing to the society/country through higher education Credila’s desired Brand Image
  • 6. How do we achieve this? Gain market share from existing PSBs Expand the market by selling the concept of education loans to self financed segment Leverage HDFC Ltd’s brand equity to institute trust amongst all potential students and parents
  • 7. Target Audience Parents : Between 45 to 58 years of age Students : 18 to 30 years of age currently studying in graduation courses like Engineering, Medical, Science, Commerce & Arts and aspiring to pursue higher degrees SEC : A/B/C
  • 8. There is an inertia amongst parents/students to explore options other than PSBs A perception in consumer’s mind that education loans are being encouraged by the government and are EASILY available from the PSBs. A belief that “Admission ho gaya to loan bhi mil jayega”. Consumer Behavior
  • 9. ‘Trust’ (on the bank/lender) plays a major role in parents decision making, especially when they are supposed to share their property and financial documents Self financing through family/friends and borrowing for education are still a good chunk of the market Consumer Behavior (continued…)
  • 10. The only hope for improving the standard of life for the entire family is Quality Education to their children Hence they seek an education loan service that guides them to achieve their much relished dreams. So…what do consumers seek?
  • 11. Typical loan process Inquiry Follow-up Complete Documentation Application2 days Infinite 2 days Sanction7-10 Days
  • 12. Pain Point The stage from Follow-up to Documentation is a typical loan processing stage & is the major pain point. The process may take infinity to complete due to lack of proper documentation knowledge & no hand holding from the bank’s side. It may take weeks before one can get the education loan sanctioned. This may also negatively affect the admission process.
  • 13. Market Talk In a country like India, Where loan processing & documentation is the major pain point… Where people do not mind paying an extra % interest only to get a hassle free loan processing…. Are any Education Loan providers really talking about it? No
  • 14. ICICI Home Loans (Digital)
  • 15. ICICI Home Loans (Digital)
  • 16. ICICI Home Loans (Outdoor)
  • 17. HDFC Home Loans (Print)
  • 18. HDFC Home Loans (Print)
  • 19. HDFC Personal Loan (Print)
  • 20. Axis Home Loan (Digital)
  • 21. SBI Home Loans (Print)
  • 22. IDBI Education Loan (Print)
  • 23. PNB Education Loan (TVC)
  • 24. Hence the Position Consumers need education loans to be simple, hassle free and best to their benefits. Hence translating the need & the benefit offered to the position statement.. We position Credila as an….
  • 25. Edu-loan Processing Experts
  • 26. Credila as an Edu-loan Processing Expert • Quick loan sanction (within 7-10 days). • Education Loan at your door-step, no visiting bank branches multiple times. Credila visits you at your convenience. • Flexibility on collateral security. • Loan upto 100% of educational expenses. No margin money required. • Credila’s sanction letter demonstrates assured sources of funds for I-20 or Visa. • Online Loan application through web or SMS. Credila’s representative will get in touch with you immediately. • Credila representative will handhold you and guide you into getting your loan sanctioned. • 24x7 (phone based)helpline to clear all your doubts about the loan process and sanction. • Chat with experts to cater to your education loan requirements.
  • 27. Brand Campaign
  • 28. Outdoor Campaign
  • 29. Tactical Campaign Here we have chosen 7 day loan approval as a case, this shall change depending on the highlight of the campaign
  • 30. Route #1
  • 31. Route #1
  • 32. Route #2