Positive Thinking Boosts Your Immune System


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Positive Thinking Boosts Your Immune System

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Positive Thinking Boosts Your Immune System

  1. 1. Positive Thinking Boosts Your Immune System! As He Thinketh In His Heart How to kill your negative thoughts... We are thinking beings, every moment we are thinking about something. Managing our thoughts and making a conscious effort to think positively will, over time, help us in changing our behaviour. There are some basic steps that you must follow to acclimatize yourself with the process and make it a habit: Analyze your thoughts How do you usually perceive any given situation? Are you an optimistic or pessimistic in your day to day behaviour? Note down events of the day and your specific responses to these events. Identify negative thought processes and patterns Once you are aware of your thoughts, with some effort you can identify the negative patterns you might be following knowingly or unknowingly. Do you use emotionally charged negative words or appropriate and positive words in your conversation? Ask your friends for a frank appraisal of your attitude. Kill your negative thoughts Once you have noticed your behaviour and identified a pattern, try to mentally stop yourself when your mind starts following the pattern while facing a situation. Consciously think of positive options in a stressful situation. If done on a regular basis these conscious attempts start mingling in your responses and you get in a habit of thinking positively. Reinforce Positive thoughts Positive visualization goes a long way in cultivating right breeding ground for success. Think about positive events, positive memories more instead of negative. Try to keep company of positive people and make sure to identify triggers that instigate negative reactions in you. You will start seeing positive changes in your behaviour when you start dealing proactively to change your negative behaviour and attitude towards people and situation. If you have decided to change, act today. Kill your negative thoughts! Positive thinking allows you to live longer and stay happier....
  2. 2. Yes, this is true, time and again researchers have proved that positive thinking has many benefits. This attitude allows you to overcome stress when you replace the 'can I?' attitude with as 'can do' attitude. Sure, you cannot do this overnight, like everything else you need to practice this behavior. Initially you have to deliberately do the 'positive thinking', which in time starts getting ingrained in your behavior and starts being a part of your natural thought process.. The major advantages of positive thinking are listed below.. Decreased negative stress • Greater resistance to catching the common cold • A sense of well-being and improved health • Reduced risk of coronary artery disease • Easier breathing if you have certain lung diseases, such as emphysema • Improved coping ability for women with high-risk pregnancies • Better coping skills during hardships • start practicing this art and see the benefits for yourself unfold...