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Mircea Ratiu Library

  1. 1. MIRCEA RATIU LIBRARY Autor Titles papers/books No. AASHTO AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF STATE HIGHWAY AND 1 TRANSPORTATION OFFICIALS - Bridge Fatigue Design 1 2 - Guide specifications fracture critical non-redundant steel bridge 3 members - Bridge Fatigue Guide Statistical Summaries Fatigue Data Design 4 Purposes- Attachments AISI AMERICAN IRON and STEEL INSTITUTE 5 - Cold-formed steel design manual 6 - Variation Product Analysis-Tensile Properties Carbon Steel 7 Plates/Wide Flange Shapes 8 ASM AMERICAN SOCIETY for MATERIALS 9 Metals Handbook –vol.8 - Mechanical Testing 10 Metals Handbook vol.11, Failure Analysis & Prevention 1987 11 Metals Handbook vol.17, Nondestructive Evaluation and Quality 12 Control Source book in failure analysis 13 Handbook Metals Properties 14 ANSI AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD INSTITUTE 15 B16.34 Valves – Flanged and But welded - - 1984 16 B 31.1 Power Pipingquot; 17 B 31.1G Manual Determining the Remaining Strength of Piping 18 B 31.3 - Chemical Refinery Piping 19 ANSI quot;Piping Design and Analysisquot; - Collection 20 B 46.1- Surface Texture Surface Roughness -Waviness and Lay 21 ANSI/API – Centrifugal Pumps for General Refinery Services 22 ANSI/AFBMA Std.9 - 1978 - Load Ratings and Fatigue life for Ball Bearings 23 ANSI/ASOQ Z1.4 quot;Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by 24 Attributesquot; ANSI/ASOQ Z1.9 Sampling Inspection Plansquot; 25 ASME The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 26 ASME BOILER AND PRESSURE VESSEL CODE 27 Section I Power Boilers 28 Section II Material Specifications 29 Section III Division 1 Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility 30 Components Subsectioin NCA General Requirements 31 Subsection NB – Class 1 Components 32 Subsection NC – Class 2 Components 33 Subsection ND – Class 3 Components 34
  2. 2. Subsection NF – Components Supports 35 Subsection NG – Core Support Structures 36 Subsection NH – Class 1 Components Elevated Temperature 37 Service p.1/11 - Criteria for Design - Short Course 38 Section III Division 2 Concrete Reactor Vessels Containments 39 Section III Division 3 Containment System and Transport Packaging 40 Spent Nuclear Fuel High Level Radioactive Waste 41 APPENDICES 42 quot;Stress Analysis quot; Appendix A/Section III, 1995 43 quot;Rules for Evaluation of Service Level D Limitsquot; 44 Applications Appendix F/Section III, 1995 45 Section IV Heating Boilers 46 Section V Nondestructive Examination, July 1980 47 Section VIII Pressure Vessels Division 1 48 Division 2 Alternative Rules 49 Division 3 Alternatives Rules Construction High Pressure Vessels 50 Stress Analysis High Pressure Components Section IX Welding and Brazing Qualifications 51 Section X Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels 52 Section XI Rules Inservice Inspection Nuclear Power Plant Components 53 CODE Cases N-31,N- 32, N48-1, N49-3, N50 , N-414; N- 456; N- 489 54 N- 47-25 Elevated Temperature Design, N-264 Metal Shell Buckling ASME quot;Testing and Analysis of Safety/Relief Valve Performancequot; 55 ASME quot;Vibration in Power Plant Piping and Equipmentquot; 56 ASME - Course: Remaining Life Evaluation Life Prediction Pressure Vessels 57 ASME - Manual for determining strength of corroded pipelines 58 ASME BPV Code Sect. III & XI -Course 36-Update – Edition 1989, 59 lecture notes Pressure Vessels and Piping: Design Technology 1982 60 Determination Permissible Lowest Metal Temperature LST Carbon 61 Steel Piping Application Appendix R/Section III, Appendix K/Section XI, 1995 62 Evaluation Flaws Ferritic Piping AppendixH /Section XI, 63 Cases : N- 463; N-494 ASTM AERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS 64 Standards section I - iron and steel products. 65 Standards - section 3 (metals test methods and analytical procedures) 66 ASTM DS-56 Unified Numbering System for Metals and Alloys 67 ASTM-Workshop on multiaxial fatigue, April 1990 68 ABB IMPELL quot;Suitability to Steady - State Vibration of Welded Supportsquot; 69 ABB IMPELL quot;Pump Shaft Fatigue Failuresquot; 70 ABB IMPELL ECE 3.26 quot;Statistical Sampling Plantsquot; 71 ABONDI J., ACHENBACK J.D. Transition from brittle to ductile fracture for 72 a rapidly propagating crack
  3. 3. AINSWORTH R.A. and GOODALL I.W. quot;Development of Procedure for the 73 Assessment of Defects at Elevated Temperaturesquot;, Journal Pressure Vessels and Piping, 37 (1989) pp.141-153 AKIN J. Ed. quot;Computer Assisted Mechanics Designquot; 74 AMIN M. & WANG P.Y. Sampling Procedures Reinspection Nuclear Power 75 Plants Componentsquot; AMITH/VAN LAAN Piping & Supports 76 ANDERSSON P.a.o. A Procedure for Safety Assessment of Components with 77 Cracks, 3d edition SAQ/FOU Report 96/08 SAQ KONTROLL AB , Sweden 78 ANG S.A. TANG W.H. quot;Probability Concepts Engineering Planning and Design 79 AYNE J.R. PVRC CentrifugalPump-Piping Interaction Experience Survey, 80 Aug.1986 BARAN M. Finite Elements Analysis on Microcomputers, Solid Mechanics 81 BARAN M.NICHOLS Finite Element Analysis on Microcomputers 82 BARSOM J.,ROLFE S. Fracture and Fatigue Control in Structures 83 BARSOM J., ROLFE S.. Fracture and Fatigue Control in Structures, ed 2, 1987 84 BATTELLE quot;Method of Analysis of the Remaining Strength of Corrosion 85 Defects for Buried Segments of the TRANS-ALASKA Pipelinequot; BLEVINS ROBERT Formulas for natural frequency and mode shape - 1984 86 BLEVINS ROBERT D. Flow-induced vibration, edition 2 Computer 87 solutions of fluid flow problems , LIQT - 386 Service Profile BLODGET R. Design of Welded Structures 90 BLOOM/EKVALL STP 798 - Probabilistic fracture mechanics and fatigue 91 methods ; applications for structural design and maintenance BORESI A. Advanced mechanics of materials 92 BORESI A.P. , SIDEBOTTOM O.M. Advanced Mechanics of Materials 93 BRACH R.M. quot;Mechanical Impact Dynamics-Rigid Body collisionsquot;, 1992 94 BROEK D. quot;Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanicsquot; 95 BROWN K.R. The chevron notched fracture toughness test 96 BURGREEN DAVID Elements of Thermal Stress Analysis 97 BUSHNELL DAVID Strength of Materials Notes vol.1/2 98 BUSHNELL DAVID Plastic Buckling pag.47-117 99 CADWELL ROBERT M. Deformation and Fracture of Solids 100 CHANDLER H.E. The quot;how to write what quot; book 101 CHAPMAN & HALL Mechanical Engineering, 1993 102 CHEN D.H.a.o. Stress Intensity Factors Internal Semi-elliptical Surface 103 Crack Cylindrical Pressure Vessel Journal Pressure Vessel Technology, vol.117, nr.3, 1995 CIARLET P. Mathematical Elasticity 104 CLINTOCK/ARGON Mechanical behaviour of materials 105 CONWAY JOSEPH B., SJODAHL LARS H. Analysis/Representation Fatigue 106 Data
  4. 4. Corrosion of Metals in Concrete American Concrete Institute ACI 222R-89 107 COSLOW/MAURER Evaluation thermal stratification Diablo Canyon units 1, 108 2 pressurizer surge line, nov.1989 CROSBY PHILIP Quality Education System - for the individual 1988 109 DAI DAEDALUS ASSOCIATES INC.1974, Generic 110 guidelines for the life extension of fossil fuel power plants p.3/11 DALLY J., RILEY W.P. quot;Experimental Stress Analysisquot; McGraw-Hill, 1991 111 DAVID P.WILHEM Fracture Mechanics Guidelines Aircraft Structural 112 Applications Engineering criteria and analysis methodology appraisal 113 of potential fracture resistant primary aircraft structure – dec. 1969; sept.1972 DIETER G.E. Mechanical Metallurgy, ed.a2-a, 1976 114 DODGE H.F. and ROMIQ H.G. quot;Sampling Inspection Tablesquot; 115 EPRI ELECTRICAL POWER RESEARCH IMSTITUTE 116 EPRI NP-1931 Engineering Approach Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics, 117 July 1981 EPRI NP-1921 Rationale Standard Requalification Nuclear Component 118 EPRI NP-5479 Application Guidelines Check Valves in Nuclear Power Plants 119 EPRI NP-4210 - Conceptual Study to Develop Revised Dynamic Code Criteria 120 for Nuclear Power Plant Piping EPRI NP-6301-D quot;Ductile Fracture Handbookquot; 1989 121 EPRI Application of Tearing Modulus 122 EPRI Guidelines: Fatigue evaluation for operating LWRS 123 EPRI Evaluation of the Toughness of Austentic Stainless 124 Steel Pipe Weldments, 1986 Effect of Stress-Related Pipe Cracking Remedies on Low-Temperature Sensitization, 1982 EPRI Good Bolting Practices-manual nuclear power plant 125 maintenance,vol.1&2 EPRI Crack Growth Kinetics in BWR Piping Welds 126 EPRI GUIDE “On-Line Sealing” 127 EPRI NP-6516/1990 Guide for Use of Valves in Power Plants; 128 EPRI GUIDELINES “Fatigue Evaluation for Operating LW reactors” 129 EPRI Rationale requalification nuclear class 1 pressure- boundary components EPRI Water hammer prevention, mitigation , accomodation 130 guidelines EXPANSION JOINTS Standards Manufactures Association-4 th edition, 1975 131 EWALDS H. Fracture Mechanics 132 FAILURE ANALYSIS, Inservice power plant components (courses) 133 FAILURE ANALYSES REPORTS Inservice Fitness Evaluation & 134 Qualification Power Plant Welded Joints Failures: 135 1.Drain Pipe Socket Welds Serviceability; 2. Control Tube Slip-on
  5. 5. Flange Welds Cracking; 3. Piping Branch Incomplete Welded Joints; 4. Pressurizer Instrument Nozzle Welds Failure; 5.Pressurizer Steam Space Nozzle Welds Cracking Components Failure 1Heat Exchanger Nozzle Cracks; 2.Feedwater Heater 136 Impingement Baffle Fracture;2.Vent Pipe Ruptured Joint; 4. Boiler Tube Overheating Burst; 5. Cooling Water Aluminum Bronze Welds Serviceability; 6. Condenser Gray Iron Casting Box Flange Fracture; 7. Reactor Coolant Pump- Potential Shaft Cracks Analysis; 8. Cast Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Imaging Evaluations; 9. Graphite Core Offset Mechanisms Failure Analysis Failures of Pipelines pp.694-706; Failures of Iron Casting pp.344-379 137 Carbon Steel Power Piping Serviceability: 1.Failure Root Causes Mitigation Vol.1 and vol.2, 1989 Mechanical Fasteners Serviceability: 1.Failure Root Causes Analyses; 138 2.Steel Quality Validation - Mismarked/Substandard Fasteners p.4/11 Fasteners Institute Advisory Report; 3. Steel Fitness for Service Components .Failure Root Causes Wear: 1. Wear Damage Evaluation: 139 Mechanism and Life Assessment; 2. Valve Trim Materials and design 3.Crosby Safety Valves: Disc Holder Lands Wear; 4. Wear Mitigation: Components Hard-Facing. Piping Systems Fitness for Service - Qualification/Validation: 1. Piping 140 Fracture Mechanics Procedures.2. Piping Flaw Analyses; 3. Inservice Failure Evaluation Of Piping Components; 4. Piping Failure Prevention Of Piping Components; 4. Piping Failure Prevention Approach; 5.Exhaust Pipes Operability - Intermitent Elevated Temperatures; 6. Piping Systems Vibrations- Serviceability Analysis. FRACTURE MECHANICS Analysis for Nuclear Power Plant Components- 141 course- Primer Fracture Mechanics Nuclear Power Industry,1990 FRACTURE MECHANICS- papers collection- convolut 1/422,407;2/426,501; 142 3/400,477 FREUD L.B.; DUFFY J.; ROSAKIS A.J. Dynamic fracture initiation in metals 143 and preliminary results; method of caustics crack propagation measurements 113 GALAMBOS T. quot;Guide to Stability Design Criteria Metal Structurequot; 115 p. 116 GEAP - 5279 quot;Reactor Coolant System Rupture Studyquot; 144 GERDEN quot;Critical Evaluation of Plasticityquot; WRC Bulletin 254 145 GERE J.M., TIMOSHENKO S.P. quot;Mechanics of Materialsquot; 3d Edition 1990 146 EVENSEN T.C.:quot;Mathcad Supplementquot;,IBM PC Engine 5.0 Window 3.1,1997 147 HAMILTON C.W. quot;Failure Rates for Bolted and Welded Anchorsquot; 148 quot;Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standardsquot; ITIT 149 HANG E.J. Mechanics of structures and machines - 1989 150 HAROUN M.A. quot;Vibration Studies of Liquid Storage Tanksquot; 151 HARRIS D.The influence crack growth kinetics on the integrity BWR piping 152 welds eeHARRIS D.O., FULLWOOD R.R An analysis the relative probability pipe 153
  6. 6. rupture HARVEY F.JOHN The theory and design of pressure vessels 154 HELLAN K. Introduction to Fracture Mechanics 155 HELLER W.R. Creep engineering materials 156 HERTZBERG R.W quot;Deformation Fracture Mechanics Engineering Materials 157 HETENYI M. Handbook of Experiments Stress Analysis 158 HICKS/MUELLER Standard Handbook of Consulting Engineering Practice 159 HONEYCOMBE R.W.H. quot;Steels Microstructure and Propertiesquot; 160 HOPKINS R.B. quot;Design Analysis of Shafts and Beamsquot;, McGraw Hill, 1970 IEEE STANDARDS Seismic Qualification of Nuclear Power Generating 161 Stations IEEE Std.323-1983; 344-1987; 382-1980; C37-98-1978 IIW Conference Proceedings quot; Fitness for Purpose of Welded Structuresquot; 1991 162 IMPELL Corporation - Maintenance engineering services 163 Engineering Consulting Services Managing tough in a though-to manage industry Applications for structural design and maintenance. Inservice evaluation-qualification power plant components experience IRWIN G.R. Basic concept for dynamic fracture testing 164 JASKE C.E.; T.V.NARAYANAN, quot;Remaining Life Evaluation and Life 165 Prediction of p.5/11 Pressure Vessel and Piping Componentsquot; 1987. ASME Course JEFFERSON P. & WOODS R. quot;Metals- How to Weld Themquot; 166 Journal Pressure Vessel Technology vol.110 nr.4, nov.1988 167 JURAN J.M. a.o quot;Quality Control Handbookquot;3dEd./4thEd. Mc.GRAW HILL 168 KANINEN V., POPELAR A. Advanced Fracture Mechanics 169 KANNIEN F.MELVIN Advanced fracture mechanics 170 KAPUR C.; LAMBERSON L.R. Reliability in engineering design 171 KENTISCH D.M. Industrial Pipework - Mc.GRAW-HILL, New-York 172 KLEINLOGEL A. Rigid Frame Formulas 173 LANSDOWN A.R./A.L.PRICE quot;Materials to Resist Wearquot; Pergamon Press 174 LEIS, KANNINEN ,BROEK - A critical review the short, crack problem in 175 fatigue LYSAGHT V. Handbook of Hardness Testingquot; 176 MARSDEN J., HUGHES T. Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity 177 MAYER/ROHRBACH Handbook fluidische Messtechnick, VDI Verlag, 1976 178 McCLINTOCK E., ARGON A. Mechanical Behavior of Materials 179 McWHORTER J.C.,WETENKAMP H.R “ Finite Deflections of Curved 180 Beamsquot;, Journal of the Engineering Mechanics, 1971 MICHAELSON quot;How to write&publish Engineering Reportsquot; 181 MILITARY HANDBOOK MIL-HDB -5D quot;Guidelines Presentation Test Dataquot; 182 MILLER A.G. quot;Limit loads of Structures Containing Defectsquot;, 2nd Edition 183 CEGB Central Electricity Generating Board, UK, Dec.1984 MILLER A.G. quot;Limit Loads of Structures CEGBquot; 184 Assessment Procedure for Defects in Plant Operating ,CEGB 185 MILLER C.D. quot;Research related to Buckling Design of Nuclear Containmentquot; 186
  7. 7. MILNER I. a.o. quot;Assessment of the Integrity of Structures Containing Defectsquot; 187 CEGB Central Electricity Generating Board, Rev.3, 1986 188 MOODY W.T. Moments and Reactions for Rectangular Plates, ed.1978 189 MORRISON J.W. Strength of Materials and Structural Design, ed.1979 190 MUNSE W. quot;Fatigue of Welded Steel Structuresquot; 191 NEMA STANDARDS Motors/Generators/Steam Turbines/Cable Tray NEMA 192 MG 1-1987; SM - 23 - 1979; VE 1- 1984 NTIS- Investigation Evaluation Cracking Incidents Piping Pressurized Water 193 Reactors NUCLEAR REGULATORY DOCUMENTS Nuclear Regulatory Commission Research Programquot; 194 NUREG - 063 quot;Proceedings Statistical Symposium on National Energy Issues 195 NUREG/CR - 0261 quot;Evaluation of the Plastic Characteristics of Piping 196 Products in Relation to ASME Code Criteria NUREG - 0311 quot;A Treatment of the Subject of Tearing Instabilityquot; 197 NUREG/CR 0371 - quot;Stress Intensity for Girth Welded Jointsquot; 198 E.C.Rodabaugh, S.E.Moore quot;Stress Indices for Girth Welded Joints, 199 including Radial Shrinkage, Mismatch ,Tapered-Wall Transitionsquot; NUREG - 0554 quot;Single-Failure-Proof Cranes for Nuclear Power Plantsquot; 200 NUREG 0744 - Reactor Vessels Materials Toughness Safety Issue 201 NUREG/CR- 0833 Stability Analysis of Circumferential Cracks Reactor Piping 202 Systemsquot; p.6/11 NUREG 1211- Regulatory Analysis Resolution Unresolved Safety Issue A-46 203 Seismic Qualification of Equipment in Operating Plants NUREG CR-1783-Structural Integrity Reactor Pressure Boundary Components 204 ORNL-2913/9 Progress Report 205 NUREG/CR 2137 - Realistic seismic design margins pumps, valves and piping 206 NUREG/CR-2165 An Investigation of Buckling of Steel Cylinders with 207 Circular Cutouts Reinforced Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory NUREG/CR 2301 quot;Fracture Mechanics Models for Piping Reliability 208 Assessment in Light Water Reactorsquot; NUREG/CR 3137 51643 - Seismic and Dynamic Qualification of Safety 209 Related Electrical and Mechanical Equipment NUREG CR-3853 ORNL 6093/NUREG G.T.YAHR - Preloading of Bolted 210 Connections in Nuclear Reactor Component Supports NUREG/CR-4731/EGG-2469 Residual Life Assessment Reactor Feedwater 211 Piping NUREG/CR-4943; ORNL/TM-10425- Preparation of design specifications and 212 design reports for pumps, valves, piping and piping supports used in safety-related portions of nuclear power plants NUREG Stress Analysis Spent Nuclear Casks Flowcharting & Fortran 213 NUREG/CR 5860 Fracture Mechanics-Based Failure Analysis -1992 214 ORNL quot;Vessel Integrity Review Group Meeting December 1986 215 ORNL NRC-5 E.C.Rodabaugh and S.E. Moore quot;Evaluation of the Bolting and 216 Flanges of ANSI B16.5 ASME Code Design Rulesquot;
  8. 8. ORNL TM 3520 E.C.Rodabaugh and S.E. Moore quot;Comparisons of Test Data 217 with ASME Code Methods for Fatigue Evaluationquot; ORNL-TM-4929 quot;Stress Indices ANSI Standard B16.11 Socket Welding 218 Fittingsquot; PANONTIN T., HILL M. quot;Proof-Test based Life Prediction High-Toughness 219 Pressure Vessel Steelsquot;,Journal Pressure Vessel Technology, vol.118, nr.1, Febr.1996 PARIS P. Concepts in Fracture Mechanics, Summary Course 220 PEERCE R. quot;Structural Steels in the 80'squot; 221 PETERSON R.E. Stress concentration factors, ed.John Wiley&Sons, 1974 222 PINNIE I./HELLER W. Creep of Engineering Materials quot;Plastic Bucklingquot; 223 Lockheed Research Laboratory 224 PIPING Design and Analysis, Parts A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H 3 day course 225 Attachments ANSI Standards POPOV E. quot;Engineering Mechanicsquot; 226 PRESSURE VESSELS and PIPING Conferences PVP - vol.58 227 Aspects of fracture mechanics in pressure vessels and piping 228 Computational Fracture Mechanics AMD vol.61 and 3-D Problems 229 PVP vol.92 quot;Advances Probabilistic Fracture Mechanicsquot; 230 PVP vol.98-1 Residual-Life Assessment, Nondestructive Examination, 231 Nuclear Heat Exchanger Materialsquot; p.7/11 PVP vol.98-9 quot;Piping, Feedwater Heater Operation, and Pumpsquot; 232 PVP vol.103 quot;Fatigue/Fracture Assesment by Analysis & Testingquot; 233 PVP vol.265 quot;Design Analysis Robust Methods, and Stress Classificationquot; 234 PVP vol. quot;Technology in a global societyquot;1993 235 PVP - vol.103 - Computational Fracture Assessment by Analysis and Testing 236 ASME - Pressure Vessels Piping Design Technology-1982 Decade Progress 237 5-th International Conference on Pressure Vessel Technology vol.III 7-th International Conference Pressure Vessel Technology , 1992 238 RATIU M. quot;Engineering Elasto-Plastic Fracture Mechanicsquot; Course, 1988 239 RATIU M. quot;Failure Prevention Seminarsquot; Diagnosis of Corrosion , Fatigue 240 Failures and Overload Fracture and Corrective Actions. RATIU M. quot;Design by Stress Analysis of Pressure Retaining Componentsquot;: 241 branch connection ,curved pipes, torus spherical headsquot; RATIU M.Serviceability qualification reactor containment liner insert plate 242 welds RATIU M. Suitability for steady - state vibrations of piping fillet welds - A 243 fracture mechanics approach RATIU M. Protection against Nonductile Failure PANF Computer Program 244 RATIU M. Aplicarea conceptelor fiabiliste in calculele de rezistenta pentru 245 constructia de maşini RATIU M. Cercetari uzura -- frecare - colectie publicatii 1964-1978 246 RATIU M., MOISIDIS N. quot;Seismic Load Rating Procedure for Cold-Formed 247 Steel Framequot; Attachments Test Data Reports RATIU M., MOISIDIS N.T. Steel Containment Safety Qualification to a Post- 248 Accident Overcooling Thermal Shock Event
  9. 9. RATIU M., MOISIDIS N. , Proceedings 7th International Conference Pressure 249 Vessel Technology, Dusseldorf, Germany, vol.2, 1992 RATIU M.,MOISIDIS N., QualityAssurance In-Situ Inspection Ultrasonic 250 Hardness Testing Proceedings, Nondestructive Testing Conference Seattle, WA, Octomber 1996. RATIU M., MOISIDIS N., Elevated Temperature Tensile-Creep Strength 251 Transactions ASME,118,4,1996 Attachments: Booker M, Booker B Fracture Toughness Properties, Proceedings 4th Nat.Congress,1983 Vassilaros M.a.o. David Taylor Naval Ship Research Center, Report DTNSRCD/S83-101,983 Functional Capability Criteria for Mark II Piping 252 Engineering Criteria Analysis for the Appraisal of Potential Fracturequot; 253 Pumps Seismic Design; Pumps Operability Validation Course. 254 Power Plant Valves Life Extension 255 Service Life Extension Recirculation Piping. 256 quot;Serviceability for Intermittent High Temperaturesquot; 257 Protection Nonductile Failure, papers collection 258 quot;Seismic Qualification by Testing and Analysisquot; papers collection 259 quot;Probabilistic Fracture Mechanicsquot; Papers Collection 260 quot;Strength of Materialsquot; Papers Collection 261 quot;Computer Aided Design Power Shaft Fatigue Analysisquot;,papers 262 collection Computer Analysis for Plasticity p.8/11; Brittle Cast Iron Strength 263 Design; Curved Structures Strength Analysis. Failure Prevention & Reliability 264 Aplicarea conceptelor fiabiliste calcule rezistenta pentru constructia 265 de masini RELIABILITY Handbook NSC National semiconductor corporation vol.I 266 Failure Prevention and Reliability 267 REDY J. quot;Finite Elements Methodsquot; 268 ROARK R., YOUNG W. Formulas for Stress and Strain, 1975 269 ROBERTS J.T.ADRIAN Structural materials in nuclear power systms 270 RODABAUCH and MOORE Statistical Sampling Inspection 271 RODABAUGH E.C. quot;Area Replacements Rulesquot; 272 RODOBAUGH E.C, quot;Functional Capability Criteria for Essential MARK II 273 Piping General Electric- NEDO - 21985 SAI 001-PA quot;Analysis Relative Probability Pipe Rupture at Various Locations 274 Primary Cooling Loop Pressurized Water Reactor Including Effects periodic Inspectionquot; SEISMIC DESIGN manual, Duke Power Company; Nuclear generating stations vol.I 311 - vol.II 312 - vol.III SHIGLEY J.E. & MISCHKE C.R. Machine Design Fundamentals 275 quot;Spring Design” SAE J795 HANDBOOKquot; 276 SHIGLEY J.E., MISCHKE C.R. Distortion and Stress 277 SHIGLEY J.E. Mechanical Engineering Design 261 SHIGLEY J.E.,MISCHKE C.R. GEARING -mechanical designer's workbook 278
  10. 10. SHIGLEY J.E.,MISCHKE C.R. Machine Design Fundamentals 279 SHOEMAKER A.K., ROLFE S.T. Static and dynamic low-temperature Kic of 280 steels SMITH PAUL Piping and pipe support systems 281 SOBEL L.H. quot;Non-linear Bending Collapse Anlyses Pocked Cilinder PVP 76quot; 282 SOCIAL STYLE SALES STRATEGIES (2 vol.) 283 STANDARDIZATION NEWS - 1990 -1993 284 Systematic Prevention Approach General Electric Report P-620, 1983 285 TADA H.; PARIS P. The stress analysis of cracks handbook ed.a2-a, 1985 286 TAYLOR W. quot;Artificial Intelligencequot;, 1990 287 TIMOSHENKO S. quot;Vibration Problems in Engineering 288 TIMOSCHENKO P., WOINOWSKY-KRIEGER quot;Theory of Plates and Shellsquot; 289 TIMOSHENKO, YOUNG, WEAVER M. Vibration Problems in Engineering 290 TIMOSHENKO S.P.; GOODIER J.N. Theory of Elasticity .Mc. Graw-Hill 291 Book Third Edition, New-York, 1970 TANK Large Welded Failure Modes and their Consequences Attachment: 292 Design Rules American Petroleum Institute API Standard UGURAL & FENSTER Advanced Strength and Applied Elasticity 293 UGURAL A. Stresses in Plates/Shells 294 WELDING RESEARCH COUNCIL WRC Bulletins vol.1; 2; 3 295 Publication Catalog 1993, vol.2 296 NRC pressure vessel research program, Dec., 1986 297 Progress reports - vol.XLV no.7/8 p.9/11 298 Convolut 1 quot;PRESSURE VESSEL DESIGN 299 Bulletin 107 Local Sresses in Cylindrical Shell due to External Loadings on Nozzles,By K.B. Wichman.A.G.Hopper,I.Mershon August 1965, March 1979 Bulletin 297 Supplement to WRC 107 - by J.L.Mershon, K.Mokhtanan, G.V.Ranjan, E.C.Rodabaugh Aug.1984, 300 rev Sept.1987. Bulletin 254 (1)A Critical Evaluation of Plastic Behavior Data- 301 Unified Definition of Plastic Loads for 302 Pressure Components by J.C. Gerdeen (2) Interpretive Report on Limit Analysis and Plastic 303 Behavior of Piping by E.C. Rodobaugh (3) Interpretive Report Limit Analysis Flat Circular 304 Plat by W.J.O’Donnell Bulletin 308 Verification and Application inelastic Analysis Method 305 fot LMFBR Piping System, by H.D.Hibbit and E.K. Leung Bulletin 314 Bolted Flange Connections with Full Face Gasket, by 306 A.E. Blach, A.Bazergui and R.Baldur Bulletin 325 Further Gasket Leakage Behavior Trends, by 307
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