Cooking Terms In English & Hindi With Description


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Cooking Terms In English & Hindi With Description

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Cooking Terms In English & Hindi With Description

  1. 1. Cooking Terms in English & Hindi with Description English/Hindi Description of the Terms   Anise seed/SaunfAromatic seed from parsley family,related to dill,caraway,cumin & fennel.    Arrowroot/ArrowrootUsed as a thickening agent in soups,pie fillings sauces,and feels like cornstarch.   Asafoetida/HingBrownish colored resin spice used for seasoning   Almond/BadamMainly used in Desserts adn for certain curries and fried rice.   Apricot/KhumaniUsed in Desserts   Basil/TulsiHerb of the mint family used for flavoring.   Bay leaf/TejpattaDried green leaves used for flavoring rice and curries   Baby Corn/BhuttaUsed in soups, fried rice, mostly in Chinese dishes.   Buttermilk/LassiUsed as a drink, slightly sweet sour taste   Betel Leaf/PaanLeaf eaten with lime after heavy meal,also used for worshipping by Hindu.   Bottle gourd/LaukiGreen Vegetable used even for desserts   Cinnamon/DalchiniSpices used in curries, cakes, cookies.   Cardamom/ElaichiSpice used in Curries, desserts, and sweets.   Cummin/JeeraSpices used whole or powder in curries, for garnishing rice and vegetables.   Caraway Seeds /Shahijeera Spice used in soups, curries.   Cashewnut/KaajuDry nuts used for desserts and also for rice varieties as seasoning.   Coconut/NarialUsed extensively in Curries, desserts, and for garnishing   Cilantro/Coriander leavesHerb from Parsley family used for garnishing, chutneys and curries.   Coriander/dhaniaSpice used in Curries,vegetables,biriyani    Curry leaves/KadipathaAromatic leaves used for seasoning.   Clove/LavangAromatic spice dark brown in color, used for seasoning, curries and rice varieties    Cottage cheese/PaneerObtained from milk, used in breads, desserts and with curries.   Cream/MalaiUsed in desserts and curries for thickening and flavoring   Currants/KishmishUsed for fried rice and desserts.   Cream/MalaiUsed in desserts and curries for thickening and flavoring   Clarified Butter/GheeFat used instead of butter for all Indian cooking is done in ghee.   Cauliflower/Phool GobiVegetable, curries and for Gobi Manchurian   Dates/KhajoorUsed for Chutneys,cakes, filling.   Evaporated Milk/MawaUsed in desserts for thickening curries   Dates/KhajoorUsed for Chutneys,cakes, filling.   Evaporated Milk/MawaUsed in desserts for thickening curries   Fig/AnjeerUsed as fruit or dried for desserts, Good for the heart.   Flaked Rice/PohaUsed for snacks,savories and fried dishes   Flour/MaidaAll purpose flour used in many dishes.   Fresh Cream/MalaiUsed for snacks,savories and thickening in curries   Fennel Seeds/SaunfCummin and aniseeds family used as mouth refreshner and also for pickles.   Fenugreek seeds/methiUsed in curries and pickles   Garlic/LasanBulb the cloves and flakes are used in curries, chutneys and for seasoning.   Ginger/AdrakRhizome used along with garlic mostly for garnishing, chutneys, curries.   Gingely Seeds/Til Dried seeds used in curries and also in making sweets.   Green Gram /MoongLentils mostly sprouted used in salads, and side dish.   Gram flour/BesanDried chick peas powder used as a batter for frying.   Gram dal/channa dalLentil used for seasoning, snacks and savories   Green Chilli/Hari MirchUsed extensively in Indian cooking, for seasoning, curries, rice varieties.   Horse bean/Urad DalLentil used as a rising agent for rice cakes and also for making savories   Horse Radish/MuliUsed for making flat bread/parathas, and also cooked as vegetable.   Indian Gooseberry/AmlaUsed for pickles,chutney,preserves and dried powder used for beauty treatment.    Jaggery/GoodUnrefined sugar from sugarcane, used in desserts for sweetening.   Kidney Bean/RajmahLentils used in lot of dishes.    Kashmiri Red Chilli/Red pepperUsed for curries.   Mace/ JavitriSpice-bark, used in making spicy rice and curries.    Millet/BajraUsed for making breads.   Maize/ MakaaUsed for making breads and chapatis.    Minced Meat/ KheemaUsed for making cutlets, ball curry etc.   Mint/PudinaUsed in curries, chutneys for garnishing.    Mustard seeds/RaiUsed in pickles, seasoning, for fish curry.   Meat Grilled/SeekhMeat used for making kababs.    Nutmeg/ JaiphalSpice used for curries, rice.   Oil/TelOil/Vanaspati/Fat used for cooking.    Okra/BhindiVegetable also known as lady finger.   Olive Oil/ Jaitoon Ka TelUsed for cooking.    Onion/PyaazBulb used in all cooking, either chopped or ground.   Onion Seeds/ KalonjiUsed for sambhars, curries.    Parsley/ AjmodaSimilar to Cilantro, used as garnishing or salads.   Poppy seeds/Kus KusUsed for desserts, biriyani, non veg curries.    Papaya/ PapitaFruit rich in Vitamin A and C.   Poppy seeds/Kus KusUsed for desserts, biriyani, non veg curries.    Pepper/ Kali MirchSpice used in Curries   Pickle/ AchaarMade with vegetables, fruits, fish and meat preserved with salt and oil used as a side dish.    Pomegranate/AnarFruit used in Desserts, making yoghurt rice and seeds are used in some receipes.   Rock Salt/ Kala NamakUsed for taste.    Rind/ ChilkaRind is used for flavoring in cakes and also for cake decoration.   Semolina/RavaCream of wheat used in making desserts, snacks etc    Spring onions/Hara pjayAlso known as Scallions used in salads, rice varieties or even as side dish.   Semolina/RavaCream of wheat used in making desserts, snacks etc    Soya curd/Tofu Used along with vegetables, in soups.   Vermicilli/SeviyanAngel hair made out of wheat used for desserts, or snacks   Sesame seeds/TilUsed in curries, chutneys,sweets.   Saffron/KesarDried flower strands,Used in pulao rice, desserts   Tumeric powder/HaldiRhizome like ginger used in curries, meat varieties also in rice.   Tamarind/ImliUsed in curries, chutneys, sauces   Whole Wheat Flour/Atta-GehuFlour used to roll parathas,Chapatis,puris.   Walnuts/AkrotDry fruits, used in desserts, rice varieties, salads etc   Yam/SuranJust like potatoes used for binding, cutlets, as a vegetables, even for making purees.   Zucchini/ToriEaten raw in salads, or used in sambhars, vegetables  <br />Home | 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