9 Reasons To Quit Teaching & 10 Reasons To Stay


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9 Reasons To Quit Teaching & 10 Reasons To Stay

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9 Reasons To Quit Teaching & 10 Reasons To Stay

  1. 1. 9 Reasons to Quit Teaching and 10 Reasons to Stay<br />9 Reasons to Quit Teaching<br />Face it, you are not as good of a teacher as you could be. You’re not living up to your potential. Nobody is. There are many reasons to quit, here are 9:<br />1. Bad students2. Bad administrators3. Bad curriculum4. Too much paperwork5. Too much negativity6. Too much responsibility7. Not enough time8. Not enough credit9. Not enough PAY<br />Where am I?<br />Seth Godin says that you are in The Dip. What’s The Dip?. This is that place where it feels like nothing you do matters. Things were going so well until you hit The Dip. It’s when you get to that point where you realize that indeed, the honeymoon is over. When the tide has turned and things are not as easy as they once were? The Dip is where both champions and quitters are proven. The picture shows you where The Dip is.<br />I wrote about The Dip previously, but never really sat down and applied it to education directly. I was thinking about this today and realized that it would be a great thing to address.<br />So just how does The Dip apply to teaching?<br />Many teachers spend their entire career in The Dip. They say that most teachers quit before their sixth year of teaching. Those who quit felt that they were either in a Cliff or a Cul-de-sac, as demonstrated in this picture. I would suggest that most people who begin teaching are in The Dip. The question you must ask yourself is, Am I ready to get through this thing? If you are, then there’s some good news!<br />Bottom of Form<br />Teaching can be just as rewarding as it is frustrating. Getting your teaching degree doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be a good teacher. Whether you get your degree at a traditional university or online college, you still need to possess the intrinsic values of a teacher. But, in the end you’ll know the reason you got a teaching degree and not, say, a nursing degree.<br />You can get through it. It simply takes hard work, great classroom management skills, and a desire to be the best teacher in the world. Look around this site for some ideas of how to push through to success. I suggest going to My Top 10 List, or my Questions That Will Save Your Career series.<br />So why should we stick with this education thing anyway?<br />10 Reasons to Stay (or Become) a Teacher<br />1. Because children are worth it2. Because you are passionate about your subject matter3. Because there is more personal satisfaction in this field than any other4. Because giving of you are truly living5. Because you have something valuable to share6. Because you enjoy learning7. Because you need to make a difference in lives8. Because there are too many teachers who don’t want to be teachingIf you’re one of them, then maybe you should reread the list at the top and find a new profession that won’t allow you to make a negative difference in lives.9. Christmas Break10. Summer Vacation<br />