Who is a product manager


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This is my deck on Who a product manager is.

This is been built on the basis on my readings and finding of Product Management with 6 years of experience practicing in mid size and start ups

All content are not mine and have been inspired and taken from other posts in the social world.

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  • Neatly put.
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  • We are looking for people who:Are go-getters and self motivatedPassionate about what they doHave an eye for detail & strong analytical skillsAre creative geniuses Have an urge to create something on their ownAre smart and quick learners ready to take up new challenges
  • Who is a product manager

    1. 1. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Who is a Product Manager?
    2. 2. Why are we here?
    3. 3. • To build a successful product management team • Focused efforts towards building great products • Supporting the company’s cause to move towards being a Product Company • Building and empowering the team • Realizing ones potential as a Product Manager Purpose
    4. 4. What is……?
    5. 5. A Product? Anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a need or want.
    6. 6. 6- Level Product Hierarchy Product need to satisfy a need e.g. feet protection Product class a family of products having similar function e.g. all shoes Product line a group of products with closely related functions e.g. sports shoes Product type products within a line having similar form e.g. basket-ball shoes Brand a name representing a product or line e.g. Nike Item (sku) a unit item e.g. one pair of Nike basket-ball shoe
    7. 7. Product Development Life cycle
    8. 8. Product Management? Market Product Management Development Current & Prospective Customers Competition Analysis Analyst Reviews New Feature/Product Requirement New Product Strategy New Business Strategy New Product Development & Deployment
    9. 9. Product Management?
    10. 10. Takes to manage the entire cycle? Product Manager
    11. 11. • The Product Manager is the Product Owner or part of a team of Product Owners. • Responsible for shaping/or taking the product vision and turning it into a winning product. • The Product Manager owns the product from idea through to launch and retirement or replacement. • Articulate the vision across the company. • Relentlessly drives the vision through all stages to successful completion. Does a Product Manager do?
    12. 12. Does a Product Manager do? Collaborates with development teams: Run project estimation work shops Sprint planning meetings Explaining sprint goals & backlog items Sprint review meeting Sprint retrospective meetings Track team velocity Keep the team updated on commercial activities
    13. 13. Does a Product Manager do? • Bridges the gap between the customer needs and the product development process. • Alignment of all functions around the product vision. • Bridges the gap between business and technical teams.
    14. 14. Does a Product Manager do?
    15. 15. In other words
    16. 16. Time Activity 11.00 to 12.00 Reviewing & grooming the product backlog. 12.00 to 1.00 Attend daily scrum meeting (s) - follow up by clarifying any queries – interim review /testing of any completed items 02.00 to 05.00 Creating user-stories & product requirements for a future sprint 04.00 to 05.00 Meet with marketing and sales to discuss release plans and future functionality . 05.00 to 06.00 Discussion & review of roadmap/requirements with Manager 06.30 to 07.00 Study the technology space for innovation 07.00 to 08.00 Discuss with customers account teams & customers on products & functionalities Does a day of a Product Manager look like?
    17. 17. Product Road-mapping Requirements Management Release Planning Scrum Theme Identification Pre- Planning Planning Daily Stand- ups Sizing backlog Defining Sprint Goals Shaping-up backlog items Requirements gathering Brain storming Translating strategy/vision Communicatio n Release notes Release Plan Backlog & PRD Roadmap & MRD Sprint X + 8 Sprint X + 5 Sprint X Sprint X + 10 Vision doc & Innovation Backlog Vision Market research Idea Generation Sprint X + 15 Does the Product Management frame work look like?
    18. 18. Product Management Process