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Bizdom Quiz 2007
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Bizdom Quiz 2007

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Quiz I conducted at VAMNICOM, in year 2007. For more visit http://bizdom.blogspot.com

Quiz I conducted at VAMNICOM, in year 2007. For more visit http://bizdom.blogspot.com

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  • Well, nice presentation. But I have spend so much time to view this presentation. It will be a good idea to create such a flash quiz with these questions in your presentation. There are many free online quiz makers available: easytestmaker, classmaker and proprofs quizschool, you could make some small quiz with them. For make powerful multimedia Flash quiz, have a look at Quiz Maker.
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  • 1. Welcome To the final round of BiZ DoM@VamnicoM 2007
  • 2. Rounds
    • ClueQdoM
    • PiCQdOm
    • In the News
    • CoNnEctQdOm
    • BrandQdOm
    • MiXBaGqDoM
  • 3. ClueQdoM Set A
    • He was voted as ‘Man of the year’ by fortune magazine in the year 2003.
    • He is one of the very few foreign CEO’s who is respected in the intensely closed Japanese business culture.
    • When he joined Nissan, he earned the nickname 7-11 because of his grueling work schedule.
  • 4. ClueQdoM Set B
    • A school dropout and a beedi smoker, he prefers to be known as Karmayogi.
    • Born on Nov 30, 1950, at Adampur Mandi village in Hisar, Haryana.
    • In 1981, a visit to a packing exhibition led to the foundation of ___ Packing LTD.
  • 5. ClueQdoM Set C
    • His third wife was the Oscar winning actress, Jane Fonda.
    • He is said to be the largest private Landowner in USA.
    • Known as “the mouth of the south”, for making controversial statements, he founded CNN.
  • 6. ClueQdoM Set D
    • Born on February 4, 1947, he passed out of IIT Delhi and immediately joined his present organisation.
    • His company started India’s first private sector school for hotel management.
    • Credited with pioneering a concept[ Agri Business based] that went on to become Harvard case study.
  • 7. ClueQdoM Set E
    • He started his first business in 1976 with a capital investment of Rs 20,000, initially founded a number of trading concerns.
    • Was awarded “Business Leader of the Year”, Economic Times, 2005
    • Has a partnerships with Axa for insurance.
  • 8. ClueQdoM Set F
    • He was the third son of father Kaniram and  mother Birdibai, born in a village Kashi.
    • Later was adopted as a grandson by Seth Bachhraj and his wife Sadibai a Rajasthani merchant of Wardha.  
    • He had chosen to become the fifth son of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • 9. BiZ DoM @ VamnicoM Welcome To Second Round Brand Quest
  • 10. PiCQdOm-Ads
    • SeT !
    • SeT ! Founder
    • SeT ! Name Origin
    • SeT ! Brand Ambassador
    • SeT ! Super Brand
    • SeT ! Bingo! – Car Brands
  • 11. PiCQdOm-Ads 1 Back
  • 12. PiCQdOm-Ads 2 Back
  • 13. PiCQdOm-Ads 3 Back
  • 14. PiCQdOm-Ads 4 Back
  • 15. PiCQdOm-Ads 5 Back
  • 16. PiCQdOm-Ads 6 Back
  • 17. BiZ DoM @ VamnicoM Welcome To Third Round In the News
  • 18. Q1. In The NewS
    • Nike, the leading designer sports goods and accessories major, has launched Ronaldinho signature collection, football boot which would be available across the country. The price range would be between Rs 3,990 and Rs 8,900 for the collection. Name this newly launched product?
  • 19. Q2. In The NewS
    • Which famous brand celebrated its 48th Birthday on 9th March and decided to involve its target customer by allowing them to SMS on 6767222?
  • 20. Q3. In The NewS
    • Akshay Kumar will be featured in a TV commercial performing the extreme sport of Yamakasi, which means "strong body, strong spirit, strong person" popularised by the French. Yamakasi involves facing urban obstacles as efficiently as possible, which gained prominence in the latest Bond movie Casino Royale. Name the brand for which this Ad is being made?
  • 21. Q4. In The NewS
    • Cadbury is fighting a court case against Parle regarding the claim of exclusivity to a completely descriptive term. Which famous brand are we talking about?
  • 22. Q5. In The NewS
    • Who is setting up six new radio stations in the North East Region as per the announcement of Minister of State for Human Resource Development D Purandeswari in Lok Sabha earlier this week. These radio stations will be at Agartala, Aizwal, Gangtok, Imphal, Itanagar and Kohima.
  • 23. Q6. In The NewS
    • This company will offer its trousers, cargos and tshirts in India, in association with the denim designer brand Evisu, besides its footwear range.
  • 24. BiZ DoM @ VamnicoM Welcome To Fourth Round BrandQdOm
  • 25. Q.1 BrandQdOm
    • The brand came into existence in 1934 and over these 73 years has successfully built a space for itself in the consumer's mind. The brand has successfully fought the competition and the changed environment. It was owned by Tata Oil Mills (TOMCO) and later became the HLL brand when HLL acquired Tomco.
  • 26. Q.2 BrandQdOm
    • It is positioned on the platform of beauty with health. The tagline of the Mother brand is “Beauty with Care”. The liquid soap segment of late has been witnessing intense competition from the likes of Dettol and Lifebuoy. The brand comes with fragrances like Lemon, Peach etc.
  • 27. Q.3 BrandQdOm
    • It is one of the regional players in the Indian Beedi market. Being manufactured from the district of Kannur in Kerala. It is the product of the largest "worker owned cooperative” in the world.
  • 28. Q.4 BrandQdOm
    • It is an interesting brand from a very interesting company. A niche product created by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co (3M). The brand which was born in 1958 was launched in India in 1990. The product comes under the Kitchen Tools market which is estimated to be around Rs 30 crore.
  • 29. Q.5 BrandQdOm
    • In 2006 a big change in the marketing strategy for this brand happened. The campaigns showed Saif Ali Khan (in North) and Madhavan (in south) in the TVCs. The TVC's shows these celebrities along with the Mother and child in the usual mistaken identity theme.
  • 30. Q.6 BrandQdOm
    • It was a modest beginning -- from a roadside stall in the 'Moti Bazar' of the heart of the walled city. The Delhiwallas relished their Bikaneri Bhujia and Rasogollas and they fast grew to a regular sweets shop in the historic Chandni Chowk. Soon the love and affection of Delhiwallas earned them the name
  • 31. BiZ DoM @ VamnicoM Welcome To Fifth Round Visual connection
  • 32.
    • Visual connection 1
    • Visual connection 2
    • Visual connection 3
    • Visual connection 4
    • Visual connection 5
    • Visual connection 6
  • 33. Q -1 Back
  • 34. Q - 4 Back
  • 35. Q- 2 Back Making Tomorrow Brighter
  • 36. Q - 3 Back
  • 37. Q - 5 Back
  • 38. Q - 6 Back
  • 39. BiZ DoM @ VamnicoM Welcome To Sixth Round MiXBaGqDoM
  • 40. Q.1 MiXBaGqDoM
    • Who said “It should not be the business of government to be in business”. This Tory legend was the only British Prime minister in last 170 years to won 3 terms of Prime Ministership?
  • 41. Q.2 MiXBaGqDoM
    • Some might call him a robber. But the truth is, he is a ‘Modern-day Robin Hood’ i.e. he rob the rich to invest in the poor countries of Eastern Europe and Russia . Name this billionaire investor?
  • 42. Q.3 MiXBaGqDoM
    • This US economist shared the Nobel Prize for his contributions to financial economics. His theory explains that the market value of a firm is measured by its earning power and the risk of its underlying assests. Though famous more amongst B-school grads, his theory did help many CEO’s to choose capital structures that maximised the value of their firms.
  • 43. Q.4 MiXBaGqDoM
    • The introduction of ____ in 1949 gave chewing tobacco an identification and respectability that this segment of tobacco never enjoyed. A new adage got coined in the 60s “ Chandni Chowk ka chana bhatura, barfi aur____ nahin khaya tau kuchch nahi khaya”
  • 44. Q.5 MiXBaGqDoM
    • He was known as ‘King maker’ for his backing of N.T. Rama Rao and later N.Chandrababu Naidu. He always wears while (shoes included) and was an active member of the communist party during his university days.
  • 45. Q.6 MiXBaGqDoM
    • Who is used to say that, “Do not affix your signature on paper before reading it”, “ Do not take monetary risks in anticipation of profits”, “ Do not hesitate to say no”, “Be cautious while dealing with unkown persons”