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Published in Health & Medicine , Technology
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  • 1. HUMAN REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Celeste Roderno - Desingaño
    • Testosterone
    • Hormone responsible for stimulating the development of the secondary sexual characteristics of the male which normally begin during puberty.
    • 1. growth of beard and pubic hair
    • 2. deepening of the voice
    • 3. widening of the shoulders
    • 4. narrowing of the hips
  • 3.
    • 1. Testes
    • Also known as testicles
    • Ovoid structures that develop in the abdominal cavity and descend to the scrotal sac at the time of birth
    • Seminiferous
    • tubules
    • Produce the sperm cells
    • Sperm cell production begins at the age of puberty
    Male Reproductive System
  • 4.
    • Interstitial cells
    • Secrete male sex hormone (testosterone)
    • Scrotum
    • Sac that held testes outside the abdomen
    • Provides cooler environment than in the body, which sperm require to live
    Male Reproductive System
  • 5. Male Reproductive System
    • 2. Duct System
    • a. Epididymis
    • where sperm is stored until they are released
    • b. Vas Deferens (Ductus deferens)
    • main sperm duct
    • Pass through the inguinal canal and enters the pelvic cavity where it loops over the urinary bladder and joins the urethra.
  • 6. Male Reproductive System
    • 4. Penis
    • Becomes erect and increase in size during sexual excitation due to blood that fills the spaces of the spongy tissue that make up the penis.
    • Erection – enables the penis to be inserted into the vagina during copulation
    • Ejaculation – The releasing of sperm cell.
  • 7. Male Reproductive System
    • 3. Glands
    • Seminal fluid + sperm cell = semen
    • 3 Glands producing Seminal Fluid
    • 1. Seminal vesicle
    • 2. Prostate glands
    • 3. Cowper’s gland/ Bulbourethral gland
    • Estrogen
    • Hormone responsible for stimulating the development of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female which normally begin during puberty.
    • 1. growth of pubic hair
    • 2. development of breasts
    • 3. widening of hips
    • Progesterone
    • Hormone responsible for maintaining the endometrium in case the egg inside is fertilized.
  • 9. Female Reproductive System
    • 1. Ovaries
    • Found in the pelvic cavity and are held in place by the ligaments.
    • Produce egg cells or ova
    • Secrete female hormone, estrogen
    • Female produces one mature egg per menstrual cycle.
    • Ovulation – mature egg is released from an ovary
  • 10. Female Reproductive System
    • 2. Fallopian Tube
    • or Oviduct
    • Duct where egg travels from the ovary to the uterus
    • 3. Uterus
    • Has a very thick muscular wall richly supplied with blood vessels.
    • Houses the implanted fertilized egg where it develops and grows
    • Endomethrium – mucous lining of the uterus
    • Cervix – lower portion of the uterus which connects it to the vagina. Also a common site of cancer.
  • 11. Female Reproductive System
    • 4. Vagina
    • Opens into the external genitalia called vulva
    • The opening is partially closed by a thin membrane – hymen
    • 5. Vulva
    • Composed of labia majora and labia minora
    • Encloses the vaginal opening.
    • Labia minora – encloses a highly sensitive tissue, the clitoris