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Show and Tell pitch by Ivo Gormley and Mark Herbert for The Good Gym, presented during Bethnal Green Ventures pilot, Dec 2010

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  • 1.) problem - really straight forward for you - make sure you put in some of your stats on both gym use and older people What’s even worse is that these things don’t even work. 42% of men and 32% of women are overweight. There is an appetite and a aneed for physical activity and gyms don’t cut it. 80% of NHS budget goes on long-term coniditions. Another problem: the death of our communities. 1/10 older people only see
  • £3.5 billion of gym memberships . 6,801740 people with gym memberships. Aging population. £2/visit. 433 Local authorities in the UK.
  • 5.) what you've done so far - as you were saying, talk about how much you've achieved with very little cash So circle to cost £680,000 for a three year plan to become self-sustainng blimey.
  • The Good Gym

    1. 2. WE NEED TO PUT MORE ENERGY INTO OUR COMMUNITIES 1/10 people over the age of 65 only see family or friends once a month. 50% of us speak to neighbours less than once a week. over Health club/ gym Iindsutry is worth about 3.5 billion a year. 11% of people are members of gyms. 11% of people say that they were gym members. Health club/ gym indsutry is worth about 3.5 billion a year. About 6000 health and fitness clubs in the UK. 50% more people would like to use a health and fitness club than use one right now. 40% of private club users believe their membership is too high of people in the UK are members of gyms. 11% GYMS ARE DESIGNED TO WASTE ENERGY 1/3 People in the UK is overweight.
    2. 4. “ Because I run anyway and it would be good to make a contribution to my local community at the same time.” “ Because I ditched my gym membership long ago in favour of parks. Outdoors trumps sweaty machines anyday. And doing some good while outside exercising sounds like it'll just add to the endorphin fix.” “ Do lots of running already and often use it for own errands and would be great to put it to good use to help others eg deliver library books to housebound or other helpful tasks.”
    3. 10. 3.) business model bit - all your 'franchising' stuff and multiple revenue streams etc comes in here What it costs: What you get: Local authorities/ PCTs (split budgets) 30-40k per local authority region Who pays: Local authorities/PCTs Corporate sponsors Runners 150 runners 150 coaches Preventative health outcomes Low-level Social care for 150 most vulnerable Increased well-being/reduced isolation 150 people in sustained exercise 7,500 visits Increased community cohesion Group runs
    4. 11. Doing things: Ivo Gormley - founding director Worked a lot in health, creative director of thinkpublic, film maker Mark Herbert - project coordinator Years of experience running community projects - a years experience of running good gym. Chris Thorpe - technology lead Lots of exciting big web projects, Guardian stuff, games stuff. Helping with things: Robin Murray Industrial economist, Twin Trading founder. Andrew Dick Chief exec of Envision and volunteering expert. Jacques Mizan Actual doctor and health innovation expert. A bit of the good gym team:
    5. 12. Prove the concept Hit target of 50 members Develop cost-efficient operational model Develop member offering Making a difference: Qualitative evaluation underway. Cost efficiency: Total number of visits 450 and expenditure to date £3,650 Appetite: We've proved that there's an appetite: minimum of 3 signups a week for last 6 months in Tower Hamlets. Extensive media coverage: With zero PR we’ve been approached/ covered by: BBC Guardian Telegraph Sustained exercise: 100% of CRB checked runners retained for 3 month minimum, all lasting at least 6 months. Year 1 plan: Year 1 activity: Developed membership: Members 65 - runners 46, older people 19
    6. 13. What we need now: Get it going in your area: If you’re from a council or NHS organisation we can run the Good Gym in your area for 30-40k. This includes full setup costs and employment of a local project manager. This will reach 300 members and aim for 10,000 visits per year. Invest in our tech: We want to develop the site to track runs more accurately and provides more of the benefits of a gym. Things like showing off to friends and providing you with feedback on your fitness. This will allow us to increase our numbers, increase efficiency and build in evaluation. We are looking for 50k of investment to develop and test a run tracking element of the site. This will position us to expand into other local authorities and maintain a consistent user experience.
    7. 14. Q+A @goodgym [email_address]