One Day community session Report                                               On                                    “Clim...
Agenda:Sr. No    Topic / contents                                 Time                Responsibility1         Welcome Note...
Welcome & Inaugural AddressTrainer Mr. Imran Raza welcomed to trainees on behalf of Sangtani Women Rural DevelopmentOrgani...
irregular now, and does not go along the seasons. Livestock plays an important role in thelivelihoods of the poor communit...
   Cultivation of land      Intensive agriculture practices      Use of chemical fertilizers      Use of Pesticides   ...
IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN WINTER ON SERVE ILL PERSONWith changing of climate a lot of new disease are spreading in women...
    Industry      Use Recyclable things      Ride bikes, walk and use less cars      Talk to Your Family and Friends  ...
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One day training session report on "Climate Change" Sangtani Organization


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Sangtani Women Rural Development Organization conducted 5 "One Day Community awareness session on Climate Change in District Rajanpur

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One day training session report on "Climate Change" Sangtani Organization

  1. 1. One Day community session Report On “Climate Change”Five sessions are delivered, location of sessions are mention below (Two male and Two female sessiondelivered in each location and one male session delivered in 3rd location)Training Venue: 1st Basti Wago war Union Council Noorpur Machiwala Tehsil and District Rajanpur 2nd Basti Taraywala Union Council Sakhaniwala Tehsil and District Rajanpur 3rd Basti Shekani Union Council Sakhaniwala Tehsil and District Rajanpur
  2. 2. Agenda:Sr. No Topic / contents Time Responsibility1 Welcome Notes 09:00am to Mr. Imran Raza 09:15am2 Recitation of Holy Quran 09:15am to Participant 09:20am3 Introduction of Sangtani Org and Led Pakistan 09:20am to Ms. Shahzia Faiz 09:30am4 Objectives of Sessions 09:30am to Mr. Imran Raza 09:45am5 What is climate change 09:45am to Mr. Imran Raza 10:00am6 Climate of Rajanpur 10:00am to Mr. Imran Raza 10:15am7 Climate Change Causes 10:00am to Mr. Imran Raza 10:30am8 Impact of Climate Change 10:30am to Mr. Imran Raza 11:15am8.1 Impact of Climate Change on Human Life 10:30am to Mr. Imran Raza 10:45am8.2 IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN WINTER ON 10:45am to Mr. Imran Raza SERVE ILL PERSON 10:55am8.3 IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON SERVE ILL 10:55am to Mr. Imran Raza CHILDREN 11:10am8.4 IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON WOMEN 11:10am to Mr. Imran Raza WORKING IN AGRICULTURE 11:30am9 What we can do about this burning issue 11:30am to Mr. Imran Raza 12:00am10 Community discussion on Climate Change 12:00am to Mr. Imran Raza (Causes, Impact etc) 12:20am11 Lunch Break 12:20am to Facilitator 12:45amTraining facilitation support:Admin and Finance Officer provide all (Admin and Finance) related support for the conduction ofcommunity sessions. This support was the glowing support provided by Admin and finance department.PARTICIPANTS:All the participants were from gross root community CBO’s. 74 male and 55 female participants haveparticipated in these 5 sessions on climate change. List of participants is attached
  3. 3. Welcome & Inaugural AddressTrainer Mr. Imran Raza welcomed to trainees on behalf of Sangtani Women Rural DevelopmentOrganization and its Donor Lead Pakistan. He said that this is a great opportunity for us and especiallyfor you to work under Climate change project, a unique approach which gives strength and self-respectto common people to eliminate solid wastes, eliminate dirty water ponds etcSession Objectives:  The main purpose of community sessions was to build the knowledge and capacity of local community on Climate change, its causes and its effects  Make to local community capable to reduce this burning issue  Realize to local community and activist that they give their inputs on this process  sensitization to local community on climate change its causes and effectsMethodology:  Lecture based methodology and participant participation  Time period of Question and answer  Experience sharing.Sessions Norma’s:  Mobile should be silent  Cross talking will be not allowed  Before talking raise Hands  Create learning atmosphere  Not talk without topic1. Definition of Climate changeClimate change as referred to in the observational record of climate occurs because of internalchanges within the climate system or in the interaction among its components, or because ofchanges in external forcing, either for natural reasons or because of human activities. It isgenerally not possible to make clear attributions between these causes. Projections of futureclimate change reported by IPCC generally consider the influence on climate of onlyanthropogenic increases in greenhouse gases and other human related factors (IPCC, 1995).Climate Change in RajanpurDistrict Rajanpur South Punjab of Pakistan lays in a “Semi-arid irrigated plain” zone, which iscountry’s food basket and is the main source of livelihood of the people. The whole zone is hot insummer and cold in winter. However in the recent past there are noticeable changes withsummers becoming long and extremely hot. According to the communities the rainfall is quite
  4. 4. irregular now, and does not go along the seasons. Livestock plays an important role in thelivelihoods of the poor communities. The increasing temperatures have increased waterrequirements for livestock that will significantly reduce livestock productivity and increase theincidence of livestock diseases and deaths. Farmers have complained of early summers and latewinters, and the increasingly unusual weather patterns that are now affecting their crops andlivelihoods.District Rajanpur South Punjab area of Pakistan falls under the climatic zone that is prone toflooding, especially after heavy rains during the summer. The soils are silt loam and gully erosionis common. Heavy and intensive monsoons due to climatic variability may be increasing the landerosion in these zones. Flash flooding especially in Rajanpur has significantly increased in recentyears, inflicting heavy losses to crops, livestock and houses (including stored food). Theagriculture in this area is more dependent on irrigation water; it is believed that climate changewill reduce water resources in the long run. At the same time, intensive monsoons upstream willincrease the risk of flooding in these areas. Temperature increases will affect crop yields andquality of production. The decline in yields has already been noticed because of increases intemperature in this zone.Climate Change CausesCarbon dioxide is one of the major greenhouse gases contributing to the problem of climatechange. It is released from the burning of fossil fuels for power generation and fromdeforestation. That means our increasing use of electricity and the burning of wood and otherfossil fuel are releasing more carbon into the atmosphere, which may lead to disastrous penalty,including the rising of sea levels, species disappearance, diseases, flooding or drought,agricultural diseases associated with abnormal climatic changes.We send greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.  Industrial practices; cars, planes, factories, electricity, and solid trash.  Environmental practices; deforestation, and pollution.  Cultivation of land  Industrialization  Automobile revolution  Urbanization  Fossil fuel combustion  Population Explosion  Refrigerators  Chlorofluorocarbons (CCl3F, CCl2F2)  Rockets, Jets sent into space (Each rocket releases 75-150 tones of Chlorine).  Emission of green house gases from crops
  5. 5.  Cultivation of land  Intensive agriculture practices  Use of chemical fertilizers  Use of Pesticides  Respiration activities  Burnings of straws, stubbles etc.  Decomposition of Organic Matter  Anaerobic rice cultivation  Livestock activitiesImpact of Climate ChangeClimate change is not only effecting the environment of Union councils Noorpur Machiwala,Sakhaniwala, Morgahi, Fatehpur, Noorpur Manjoowala of District Rajanpur but also thesevere impacts on the people, livestock and agriculture in shape of diseases on agriculture, lowproduction, diseases on livestock and low production of milk and meat, and the severe diseaseson human beings.Climate Change is already affecting the nation’s public health, according to a new multi agency,Change in climate can be a primary for disease migration, but even so, such diseases do notrepresent the broadest range of the possible, or even likely, human health effect of the climatechange.Understanding how climate change is going to affect our health, we should have to develop suchtype of adaptation, strategies and mitigations that not only alleviate or prevent some effect ofclimate change, but will also potentially enhance human health. In these days the role ofweather in human health cannot be understand, that how climate is affecting on human health,agriculture, environment and livestock etc. This change in climate is observing from 10 to 15years. It can be a change in the average weather. The climate change was the biggestenvironmental threat in the modern times and was likely to have profound consequences for thesocio-economic sectors such as health, food production energy consumption and security andnatural resources management. A change in climate can affect many related aspects of whereand how people, plants and animals live, such as food production availability and use of waterand health risks. The impact of climate change is also affecting the disable and ill person, resulting in damages tolife, even to death.Impact of Climate Change on Human LifeIt was discussed with the community and community give inputs that Climate change is badlyimpacting the human life in shape of dangerous diseases. Many of these diseases are no longerpresent mainly because of change in land use, agriculture methods, residential pattern, andhuman behavior. Peoples with allergy say that in summer season allergy spread like farcy.Specially face and eyes allergy spread very much in summer season, eyes allergy spread due tothe hotness and fire and blood start to flow in eyes.If someone has stone in his kidney then in summer season, he feels sever pain in his/her kidneyas compared to winter. Similarly asthma problem in summer, breathing becomes difficult.Hypothesis problem is very high because in this condition hysterics start to the patients andblood start to shrink in his body.
  6. 6. IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN WINTER ON SERVE ILL PERSONWith changing of climate a lot of new disease are spreading in women such as their healthcondition is becoming poor day by day and skin disease are becoming very common in people. Inthis season TB spread among the people. Muscles shrink and health become damage day by day.In winter season hypothesis problem increase very much, in this condition patient face and eyesseem yellow, and involve in fever all the time. Asthma problem is very high in winter among thepeoples.IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON SERVE ILL CHILDRENSome diseases are very common in children like elders. Children which are disable and weak intheir childhood, winter season shows a great effect on their health but in summer season theyfeel relax. Due to Hypothesis problem liver stop to circulate the blood in the body. In apoplexycondition children feel hysterics in day time. In summer season children become weak and lean,allergy problem increase in this season, and face allergy convert into farcy, and fever increase.In some cases we find that, the growth of children also affected in result of weight, height andbelly diseases.IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON WOMEN WORKING IN AGRICULTUREThe agriculture sector is extremely sensitive to climate variability. Rising temperature and morefrequent floods can compromise food security and many other problems. Changing temperatureand pattern of rainfall are expected to alter distribution of insect vector that spread infectiousdiseases, of these diseases malaria and dengue virus are of greatest public health concern.Women, who work in agriculture, became weaker day by day because when they work in fieldthen they affected some diseases due to pesticide and fertilization. Before ten to years agosummer and winter season was normal and every one work in field easily but now summerseason is very long and hot, so they are not able to work efficiently. Due to extreme summerproduction and quality of crops is also low day by day. ..some scientists predict, plants and animals may not be able to react quickly enough to survive.What we can do about this burning issue  Plant Trees.  Recycle things  Walk, ride bikes instead of cars and buses.  Save electricity and other sorts of energy.  Read and Spread Awareness of Climate Change among people.  Use cars that save energy.  Find safe energy sources like the solar energy, to replace the fuel.  Use Energy Star machines; those machines save energy.  Reduce Green house gases emission  Reduce our demand of energy in  Our homes  Transport
  7. 7.  Industry  Use Recyclable things  Ride bikes, walk and use less cars  Talk to Your Family and Friends  When You Buy, Buy Cool Stuff  Use less water, save it  Use less lights in household  Water wise cultivation  Less intensive cropping  Breed new heat tolerant and water saving crop varieties  High efficiency irrigation systems  Minimum tillage  Avoid burning of fossil fuels  Use water efficiently  Be green in your yard  Seal and insulate your home  Use Renewable Fuels  Act globally, eat locallyParticipants led DiscussionAt the end of sessions twenty mints are given to participant for discussion and during discussiontrainer checked the conceptual clarity of participant of climate change and in this sessionstrainer has observed that before this sessions people was not aware about climate change andits causes and its effects but after the sessions they were clear about climate.Recommendation of Participant: