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There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom PPT There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom PPT Presentation Transcript

  • This presentation By: Joe Gambino
  •        Bradley Chalkers Jeff Fishkan Mr. Chalkers Mrs. Chalkers Melinda Lori Carla the school counselor
  •      Bradley's house School Girls bathroom Recess Lunch
  •  The book is about a boy named Bradley Chalkers. He sits In the Last seat last row. No one likes him but Jeff Fishkin. Jeff Fishkin is a boy who likes Bradley, until they become enemies. When Bradley and Jeff break up as friends Jeff has eight new ones and Bradley has none.
  •  Jeff Fishkin is a very good student. He does all of his work and gets gold stars. When he came into the school he didn’t know anybody so he became friends with Bradley. Then people started staying away from him because of Bradley. Bradley then got a black eye and said it was Jeff who did it but it wasn’t. Then Jeff got one and blamed it on Bradley.
  •  Bradley used to be a mean bully and everyone was scared of him. Once everyone had heard the lie about how Jeff punched Bradley they became un afraid of him. After this everyday at recess people would make fun of him and chase him to get him back for all that he did when people were scared of him.
  • Bradley always said “Give me a dollar or i’ll spit on you.”
  •  Carla is the school counselor. She helps people that have something to say but cant trust anyone. She also talks to kids about their personal life and who they like and who they dislike.
  •   Louis Sachar is a very famous writer. He has written a lot of books that are funny for middle school readers. Louis Sachar lives in Austin Texas with his wife and daughter.