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I am a Civil Project Engineer, educated in both Civil Engineering (Bachelor, recognized by IEAust) and Project Management (Diploma, Perth, Australia) with 11 years practical site experience in managing engineering, procurement and construction of gas, LNG and pipeline projects.
I live in Australia and I am open to the relevant job opportunities.

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  • I am a Civil Project Engineer, educated in both Civil Engineering (Bachelor, recognized by IEAust) and Project Management (Diploma, Perth, Australia) with 11 years practical site experience in managing engineering, procurement and construction of gas refineries, CSG, LNG plants and pipeline projects.
    I live in Australia and I am open to the relevant job opportunities.
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S nikkhah CV Oil Gas CSG LNG

  1. 1. Siavash NikkhahSenior Civil Engineer, Gas & LNG industry<br />Coal Seam Gas CSG CBM LNG water pond waste sewage oil<br />Morningside, Brisbane QLD, AU<br />(E)Siavash.Nikkhah@gmail.com<br />(M) +61410700703<br />
  2. 2. Key Skills<br />Oil & Gas Industry: Designed, supervised & constructed large scale projects in Gas Industry. Offered engineering services in concept, development and production stages. <br />Pumps & Equipment: Proficient in industrial structures for pumps, compressors, separators, dehydration units, desalination plants, storage tanks & required connections. Constructed foundations, supports, drainage systems & water ponds.<br />Pipeline & Piping: Installed piping and pipeline facilities; installed racks, supports, trenches, anchor blocks, pigging equipment, river crossing and cathodic protection.<br />Civil Structural Components: Designed and constructed steel and reinforced concrete structures, earthwork and landscaping in gas & LNG plants, water ponds and pipelines.<br />Multi-skilled Projects: Participated in design & supervision on civil works in multi-skilled industrial projects, provided technical instruction for construction teams, and made precious modifications when necessary.<br />Projects Engineering:Educated & experienced in project management, planning & controlling project scope, time schedules, budgeting, risk assessment & procurement. Delivered projects within time & budget <br />
  3. 3. CAREER SNAPSHOT <br />Civil Structural Engineer Patrobas Pty Ltd Oct 2009 - Apr 2010<br />Senior Civil Engineer (Oil & Gas) South Pars Gas Complex (SPGC) Co. May 2000 – Aug 2009<br />Head of Civil Department (Oil & Gas) SAZEH Consultant Engineering Mar 1998 – May 2000<br />Civil Structural Engineer Khuzestan Water and Sewage Co.Dec 1995 – Mar 1998<br />Site Civil Engineer Engineering Group No. 103 Nov 1993 – Nov 1995<br />Structural Design Engineer DEZAB Consulting Engineers Mar 1992 – Nov 1993<br />QUALIFICATIONS<br />Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Assessed and accepted by Engineers Australia<br />Diploma of Project Management Central Institute of Technology, Perth, Australia<br />FURTHER TRAINING <br />Oil & Gas Technology (by TOTAL):<br /> 450 hours (4 months) professional training about gas industry equipment, utilities, piping & pipeline<br />Construction Site Safety (by TOTAL):<br /> Medic First Aid, excavation safety, personal protective equipment, permits to work, working at height, cranes, chemical safety, accident reporting, fire fighting; theoretical and practical <br />PMBOK 2004 (Project Management Body of Knowledge):<br /> Project Management process groups (initiating, planning, execution, monitoring-control, and closing) within Project Management Knowledge Areas (scope, time, cost, quality … risk & procurement)<br />EPC & EPCM Projects Management:<br /> Management of Engineering, Procurement and Construction in ECP & EPCM projects, relevant technical, contractual, risks and financial aspects <br />Project Delivery Methods (by Engineers Australia)<br /> EPC, EPCM, turnkey and different Project Delivery Methods in the industrial developments<br />OTHER MEMBERSHIPS & LICENSES<br />Current member of Engineers Australia (IEAust), Professional Engineer: 2010<br />White Card: Work safely in Construction Industry: QLD 2010<br />Current Car Driver Licence (Class A): QLD 2010<br />Permanente Residency Visa<br />
  4. 4. Professional Experience<br />Civil Structural Engineer Oct 2009 – Apr 2010<br />Patrobas Pty Ltd – Queensland, Australia<br />My responsibilities included: <br /><ul><li> Supervised on landscaping and concrete pouring for Volvo Mack Truck Centre at Pinkenba QLD
  5. 5. Designed drawings for Yarrabbe mine (Washing Plant drainage and pathways)
  6. 6. Generated shop drawings for Freshwater Residential Development</li></ul>Achievements<br /><ul><li> Created project forms and worksheets for tendering and construction
  7. 7. Created documentation and filing structure according to PMBOK standard</li></li></ul><li>Professional Experience, continues<br />Senior Civil Engineer May 2000 – Aug 2009<br />South Pars Gas Complex (SPGC) Company , <br />16 phases of gas refineries and LNG plants<br />$40,000,000,000 ($40 billion) project <br />When I was employed in this reputable company (SPGC), I supervised on the fabrication and installation of huge steel structures, landscaping and concrete placement.<br /> 7,000,000m3 of earthwork<br />130,000m3 concrete pouring<br />25,000 ton piping, for<br />130,000 tons equipment<br /> Were executed in phase 2 & 3 which demonstrate the size and magnificent of the project .<br />
  8. 8. When I was promoted to Senior Engineer position, I conducted many projects inside and around the refineries.<br />I managed executive meetings with the contractors, consultants and project managers from concept to hand over, to facilitate the projects’ progress. <br />Safety has been an important, eternal & permanent agenda in my instructions.<br />
  9. 9. SPGC Accommodation Camps<br />I managed many infrastructure projects around the refineries, including two accommodation camps, their roads, potable water pipelines, storage tanks and reverse osmosis (RO) units.<br />
  10. 10. For those camps, I considered:<br />
  11. 11.
  12. 12. As an Engineering member, I participated in design, supervision and hand over of multi-disciplined industrial modifications on the operating plants, to ease production and create safer, cleaner and more economic gas complex.<br />
  13. 13. On these projects:<br /><ul><li> I designed civil structural components
  14. 14. Provided Contractual documents
  15. 15. Inspected on construction,
  16. 16. Made technical modifications to reduce cost, time and hazards
  17. 17. And later on, supervised the designs and services provided by the consultant engineering companies.</li></li></ul><li>The projects which I participated in design, supervision and deliver:<br />Executing a new Nitrogen Unit, execution of interconnection pipeline (8km, 32” onshore), installation new transformers, pig launcher, dehydration TEG pumps and the relevant foundations, civil work and structures. Renewing offshore pipeline for the sea water intake plant (2.6 km offshore), and participating in commissioning and hand over of the new refineries <br />The projects which I managed from feasibility to hand over:<br />Permanent accommodation camps for staff and families (two camps of 4 SPGC camps), development new roads between the refineries, camps and offside utilities; developing potable water pipelines, water storage tanks and reverse osmosis (RO) units for the camps, design & development of landscaping, drainage systems, retaining walls and slope protections.<br />
  18. 18. I applied my knowledge in Project Management in initiating, planning, development and delivery of the company’s projects.<br />
  19. 19. I believe my following experiences can be immediate benefit to the company:<br />Managing projects from concept to hand over and supporting operation<br />Working in multi-disciplined environments in gas fields development & LNG plants<br />My success in reducing cost, time & hazards and in project risk management <br />My expertise in HSE, either in construction and production<br />My proficiency in both technical & business aspects of projects<br />My precious 450 hours training on Oil & Gas Technology (TOTAL, 2001) and Project Management (since 2003)<br /> And<br /><ul><li>My exclusive experience in managing construction activities on both developing andoperating gas refineries</li></li></ul><li> My<br />Responsibilities<br />In South Pars Gas Field Development<br />Managed industrial and infrastructure projects from concept to hand over and supported operation, <br />Provided basic designs and detailed designs for civil structural elements in the industrial projects, inside or around the gas plants<br />Supported Contract Department during and after tenders (achieved recommendations)<br />Inspection on site construction activities, ensured projects meet engineering design, ensured about HSE and OH&S observance and quality of works.<br />Supported Construction Managers by corrective/preventive advices, technical instruction and engineering modifications when necessary<br />Trained and mentored new employees of the company.<br />Liaised and negotiated with senior managers, consultant engineers, contractors, local farmers and key internal & external stakeholders of the projects. <br />
  20. 20. My<br />Achievements<br />In South Pars Gas Field Development<br />Successfully implemented HSE and OH&S procedures resulting in the Complex ISO14001 recertification.<br />Reduced $5,7000,000 of cost in a construction contract, during tender. I convinced the Company Managing Board by an effective successful presentation.<br />Achieved certifications as the first grade in the courses of Leadership, Advanced Leadership and PMBOK2004 (written certifications and financial prizes)<br />Praised by HSE department for execution the projects without accident (written certification)<br />Promoted to Senior Civil Engineer Position<br />6 years experience in water treatment plants and 11 years in gas plants and pipeline.<br />
  21. 21. Thank you<br />For your time<br />and with the curtsy to TOTAL and SPGC Companies.<br />Siavash Nikkhah<br />Senior Civil Engineer<br />Morningside, Brisbane QLD, AU<br />(E) Siavash.Nikkhah@gmail.com<br />(M) +61410700703<br />