SAPCLE DBA OnDemand Services


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End-to-end Database Administration
Performance Tuning
Proactive Monitoring
Database Installation, Patches, Upgrades &Refreshes
Oracle Applications Patching & Cloning
Oracle Tech Stack Management
Capacity Planning
Database Security Management
Backup and Recovery Solutions including RMAN  
High Availability Solutions including RAC & DataGaurd 
Database Migration 
Oracle Applications Upgrades

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SAPCLE DBA OnDemand Services

  1. 1. DBA On Demand A Size that Fits all.. SAPCLE  © 2011 SAPCLE Technologies l
  2. 2. SAPCLE DBA– Service Portfolio DBA On DemandDESIGN End-to-end DatabaseHealth Check AdministrationSupport ModelSLA Definition Design Performance Tuning Proactive Monitoring Trouble-shooting Database Installation, Patches, Manage Upgrades &Refreshes Oracle Applications Patching & Cloning Manage Oracle Tech Stack Management Maintenance & support Capacity Planning SLA Achievements Database Security Feedback & Management Constitute Re-definition Backup and Recovery Solutions including RMAN High Availability Solutions Constitute including RAC & DataGaurd Setup support Org Transition Database Migration Live desk Oracle Applications Upgrades Our DBA service model is flexible and can tailor based on customers needs and expectations SAPCLE  
  3. 3. DBASAPCLE DBA– Frame work On Demand Prac%ce     Reduced Cost  Derived from past experience  Proven Capability building COE  Specialized DBA Practices Process   SAPCLE DBA Services  Assessment of client needs  Well structured dedicated DBA team Proven Controls  Process oriented , quality Assurance  Work logically one team with the clients Deployment     Support Lower Continuity Risk Services    Deep industry knowledge  Fully SLA Based Live Desk  Focus on value creation and risk reduction  Fully customized model SLA  Delivery excellence  Routed through Live Desk Ticketing system SAPCLE  
  4. 4. DBA DBA services Stack On Demand Engagements •  End to End DBA , Oracle Apps and Non-Apps DBA, RAC & ASM DBA Consulting & •  SLA-driven, Fixed-price model Implementations •  Exclusive & Shared support •  One-stop-Shop for All DBA services •  Fully Customized support engagement to meet customer Training Pro-Active Monitoring expectations •  DBA on call, DBA on Demand Coverage •  24x7 , 24x5, 16x5 and 8x5 services DBARAC & ASM Service On Demand Performance Turning Versions Supported •  Apps: 10.7, 11i Series & R12 •  DB: 7i, 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g Live Desk Back up and Recovery Cloning & Patching •  Helpdesk tool – configure with customers expectation and needs •  Knowledge Base and Discussion Forum Upgrades & Migrations •  Support for multiple incoming channels (voice, email, Web) Support Staff •  Well experienced professionals for Oracle Apps DBA l Core DBA l Change Management l OS Monitoring Support Services SAPCLE  
  5. 5. DBARemote DBA Activities On Demand•  Initial configuration review and problem identification •  Real Applications Clusters (RAC) Services•  Oracle database schema modifications •  Administration and Deployment of RAC.•  Database reorganizations for performance •  Administering Oracle Clusterware•  User and security management components like voting Disk and cluster registry.•  Oracle data migrations and refreshing test databases •  Adding and deletion of Nodes.•  New database set-up and configuration •  Workload management, administering services.•  Oracle disk architecture and disk load balancing •  High Availability Using Oracle Clusterware.•  Oracle SQL Tuning •  RAC performance and tuning issues.•  Configuration of the Multi-threaded server •  RAC Backup and Recovery Solutions.•  Creation of Oracle standby database with •  Automated Monitoring data guard or scripts – Tuning Reports•  Installing and maintaining basic and – Trend Reports advanced replication•  Backup and Recovery – Capacity Planning Reports•  Building self-tuning database mechanisms – Automated Oracle Alerts•  Implement automatic segment space – Support for packaged applications management running on Oracle.•  Implementing new database features SAPCLE  
  6. 6. DBAPerformance Tuning On Demand The Oracle RDBMS is highly tunable and allows the database to be monitored and adjusted to increase its performance. SAPCLE DBA Team is expert in the techniques of Performance Tuning to scale and improve the performance of end user’s systems. To scale and improve the performance of the system, Predefined Procedures Attributes will be tested Activities •  Check for TAF and load •  Performance Analysis •  CPU usage balancing setup on RAC nodes. •  Performance Engineering •  I/O Usage •  Code Optimization •  Memory usage •  Tablespace I/O monitoring •  Caching Strategy •  Network usage •  Data file I/O monitoring •  Load Balancing •  Bottle necks •  Segment I/O monitoring •  Distributed Computing •  Database performance •  Self-Tuning •  Web Server –Request and •  Full table scan analysis •  Bottlenecks Response per seconds •  Index usage analysis •  Performance measurement with number of users •  Wait event analysis and monitoring •  Performance measurement with other interacting •  SQL trace implementation / SQL application statement tuning •  Response time…etc SAPCLE  
  7. 7. DBAPro-Active Monitoring On DemandSAPCLE DBA team’s Proactive Monitoring service is not a Tool centric – rather, it is Team centric. SAPCLE DBA team’s goal is to complement end user’s operation and productivity to the extent that they feel is necessary, whether that is to serve as a performance tuning, resource to an in-house DBA, as an Oracle resource to their System Administrator or as their complete production support capability. Monitoring and proactive maintenance are always a part of any Daily Review Plan. Pro-Active Monitoring includes, •  Proactive Maintenance •  Database instance availability on •  Monthly consulting hours RAC nodes. •  Fully customizable •  Listener availability on RAC nodes. •  Dedicated primary and secondary DBAs •  Alert log monitoring. Comparative Analysis: •  Archive log destination capacity •  SAPCLE DBA Team will do comparative analysis on Script based solution, Database control, Database Specialists whenever the •  Tablespace free space monitoring below criteria pop out. •  Technical Requirements •  Database file system capacity •  Staff Requirements •  Monitoring Archive log process in •  Health Check Capability Standby database •  Proactive Monitoring Capability •  ASM Disk group monitoring •  Availability of Metric Data •  General Effectiveness •  Daily review of backup logs SAPCLE  
  8. 8. DBAOracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) On Demand Our RAC experts can, •  Determine Oracle RAC Architecture •  Choose the best MPP RAC servers and hardware •  Configure the Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) •  Configure the raw disks for Oracle RAC •  Install Oracle RAC software •  Install and Test Oracle TAF (Transparent Application Failover) •  RAC performance tuning Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is remarkable but complex technology. SAPCLE provide consulting services on Oracle RAC’s •  Architecture •  Node partitioning •  OPS and DLM configuration •  Hardware configuration •  Software Installation and Configuration •  Transparent Application Failover SAPCLE DBA team consist of best RAC specialists in the world. All our RAC specialists are Oracle certified professionals and support consultants. SAPCLE  
  9. 9. DBAAutomatic Storage Management (ASM) On DemandAutomatic Storage Management (ASM) simplifies administration of Oracle related files by allowing theadministrator to reference disk groups rather than individual disks and files, which are managed by ASMSAPCLE’s Expertise lies on, The ASM functionality is an extension of the Oracle Managed•  Initialization Parameters and ASM Instance Creation•  Start-up and Shutdown of ASM Instances Files (OMF) functionality that also•  Administering ASM Disk Groups includes striping and mirroring to provide balanced and secure –  Disks storage. –  Templates –  Directories –  Aliases SAPCLE DBAs are effectively –  Files exploring their talent in new ASM –  Checking Metadata functionality as it can be used in•  ASM Filenames combination with existing raw and•  ASM Views cooked file systems, along with•  SQL and ASM OMF and manually managed files.•  Migrating to ASM Using RMAN SAPCLE  
  10. 10. DBAChange Management On Demand Change management is an essential part of the DBA support Services, improve the system stability and performance. As CM is important and its execution is also critical for it is time-bounded process •  Patching and upgrades strategies •  Patch impact Analysis SAPCLE has designed •  Change Management procure implementation the Change •  On time execution of Patching Management inline with •  Pre-patch and Post Patch Health Check ups Oracle On-Demand •  Cloning Change Management. •  Code Migration •  Cemil & Directory Creations •  Other Change Request for Planned Services Execution The execution of Change Management starts from Change request planning through approved CR template and it complete with customer feedback after the verifications CR execution SAPCLE  
  11. 11. Process flow chart of Change Management Ticket  Crea%on    process     Planning     Acknowledgement   More  Informa%on     Analysis     Analysis     Approval     Submit  :CR  Template  at  Live  Desk     Further  inves%ga%ons     Approved     Ac%on  plan  Schedule     Schedule     Periodic  Update     Ac%on  plan   Star  up   Pre-­‐Health  and  QA  Health  Check     Health  Check     Periodic  Update     Execu%on     Execu%on     Report  submission   Comple%on  of  Ac%on     Execu%on     Post  Health  Check  and  QA  Health   Health  Check     Report  submission   Check       UAT  Needed   UAT       UAT  Process     UAT  Confirma%on     Client SAPCLE Ac%on  plan  completed     Closure       INFO Ticket  Closure  process SAPCLE  
  12. 12. Application DBAApplication DBAs are responsible for the application tasks pertaining to a specific application. Thisincludes the creation of database objects, snapshots, SQL tuning, etc.SAPCLE Application DBA responsibilities are,•  Concurrent Monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), also•  Work Flow Mail Notification commonly known as Oracle Applications, is a suite of business applications made up•  Patching and Rapid Cloning of a large number of distinct software•  Upgrades and Migrations modules. Some of the modules are:Oracle Financials, Oracle Marketing, Oracle•  Application Maintenances Supply Chain Management and Human•  Monitor application related jobs and data replication Resources. activitiesDay to Day Tasks Weekly Database Tasks Monthly Tasks Monthly Application Tasks– Verify Applications – Verify scheduled scripts are – Monitor for harmful growth services are on-line completing successfully rates – Concurrent Manager– Concurrent Request – Look for objects that “break the rules” – Performance and Tuning Tuning Management – Look for Security Policy violations – User maintenance – Patches– Purge Obsolete Workflow – Verify remote-access tools are on-line – Patches Definitions – Synchronize “Test” and/or – Prediction “Development” instances with “Production” SAPCLE  
  13. 13. DBABack Up & Recovery On Demand Backup and recovery is one of the most important aspects of a DBAs job. Hardware and software can always be replaced, but our data cannot be irreplaceable!SAPCLE’s Niche Skillsets are SAPCLE’s strategies are available for backing-up an Oracle database•  Implementing RMAN catalog and configuration parameters •  Export/Import•  Setting up and size flash recovery area •  Cold or Offline Backups•  Designing, writing, and implementing •  Hot or Online Backups backup/recovery strategy •  RMAN Backups•  Recovering DatabaseNormally one would schedule a hierarchy of daily, weekly and monthly backups, however consultwith our DBAs before deciding on a backup schedule.The backup, recovery policies are SAPCLE’s responsibility and tape maintenance will be customers responsibility. SAPCLE  
  14. 14. DBATransition–Execution Model On Demand Transition planning Transition execution Dry Run Service Delivery   Preparation of TP and  Document the current   Identify existing issues  Real time execution of Approval landscape (SID) and resolve support  Documentation  Connectivity Plan and  System Health Check  SLA achievements planning, Templates Testing and Approvals  Monitor response and  Escalations and  KT ( Monitoring, planned solutions time (SLA) resolutions  KT Plan actives & Service Execution )  Identify the support  Feedback and  Definition of support requirements performance monitoring team  Support model definition   support Cut over plan  Client handshaking   Define role and responsibilities  Live Desk – Config, test and go live  Task assignment  Support Execution Client Management DBA Centre of Excellence Project Management Technology     Process     People SAPCLE  
  15. 15. DBASAPCLE Steady state support Model On Demand Ticket Creation process L1 Support Escalation Process High  Serv   Ticket Assignment L2 Support Process Ticket Assignment Process L2, L3 Support System   Change Request Process change   request         Solution Development L2, L3 Support Process UAT   UAT Process Needed   Solution Implementation L2, L3 Support Process Client SAPCLE Ticket Closure process L1, L2 Support SAPCLE  
  16. 16. DBALive Desk “ Online Ticketing System” On Demand SAPCLE  
  17. 17. Top Ten SAPCLE Remote DBA Services Differentiators Fully customized solution to meet customer requirement and expectations#1#2 A Decade of Industry Exposure enable to provide right solution at right time#3 SPOC driven comfort and dedicated team for each activities and process#4 Well defined frame works for Support process & “Live Desk” – Online Ticketing systems#5 Minimum experiences of L1 team is 2 - 3 Yrs & L2 team is minimum 5 – 6 Yrs#6 Fully SLA based DBA support services#7 Effective retention and talent management#8 Capabilities to serve 24/7 support services#9 Fully owned end to end DBA support services engagement#10 Flexible , accessible and easy to work with.. SAPCLE  
  18. 18. Maintenance & Support Models  SLA Based Support Engagement Onsite Support  24/ 7 support Capabilities  Support Routed through Live Desk ( Ticketing System) Offshore Near shore  Customized Support Engagement to Support Optimize the maintenance cost  Well Defined Support Frameworks Shared Or Combo Support  Cost Effective Support Model  Maximum Benefit to the Customers  Reportingbased on customer requirements Customized    Status review and feedback sessions support  model    Extended Arm of the EnterprisesDeliver Maximum Cost Advantages to the Customers SAPCLE  
  19. 19. SAPCLE – Value Proposition Customer Focus Delivery Focus • To be customer centric on  SPOC based delivery everything that we do..  Fully Aligned team Quality & • Flexible, Accessible and Easy to  Maximum transparency Cost Savings Delivery work with …  Well defined frame-work Value     Support Focus Proposi%on   Employee focus• Fully customized model  Entrepreneurship culture• SLA driven Enabling Support   Accountable and ownership Innovation• Route through ticketing system team & Evolution  World class facility and 24/7 support capabilities Flexible, Accessible and Easy to Work with …. SAPCLE  
  20. 20. Contact : Thank SAPCLE