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Xamtrex EMS Brochure

  1. 1. Technology Consultinghttp://www.xamtrex.com Helping Your Enterprise become Efficient & Agile • Business Process Improvement Service • Business Process Management (BPM) • IT Strategy Consulting (Product Focus) (Service Focus)
  2. 2. Enterprise Modelling System Blueprinting Professional ServicesEnterprise Management System (EMS) is a Web based Our Blueprinting Services can help CIOs save valuablecomputer application for enterprise users to perform time and money in doing Business Transformations inBusiness Transformations effectively. following ways:With EMS you can develop your Enterprise-Blueprint, itscurrent state and target state and share it with yourpeople to achieve enterprise goals, strategy and missionby drastically reducing the time and cost of BusinessTransformations.Any person in your company, vendor, customer canView, in an easy to use way, what are the BusinessProcesses in the company, who works on those businessprocesses and at what roles, what are the Applicationsand Data related to processes, the place where theseprocesses reside, the Business rules governing theseProcesses, the Business Requirements that are changingthe Processes, using which technologies.Xamtrex provides businesses with 80% cost reduction inProcesses Re-engineering and Optimisation. Xamtrexhas dedicated staff in India working at Customers Time-Zones. The expert-staff communicates with clients tohelp reduce their operational cost of synergising Shown below are the works that we do during theBusiness processes with IT Systems and People. The projects we executeservice is designed to give maximum cost advantage and • Work with local teams to develop capacity to sustainby leveraging its vast exposure in the Enterprise new and improved processes.Architecture to improve Synergy in your Enterprise • Train and share knowledge with teams to enable development of business transformation capabilities. EMS Benefits • Co-own responsibility for improving business performance through the use of key business metrics.With EMS Process Hierarchy and Processes-flows youknow what non-value adding activities you are doing • Provide change management leadership to ensureand you can (with Xamtrex assistance) remove/reduce achievement and continuation of targetedthe non productive processes. With EMS you know the performance levels.loading factor of each resource you know better how • Provide leadership and coaching needed to supportyou can optimally use the resource. Succession, cultural shift necessary to support business processImprovement and Capacity planning processes can be transformation.standardized across the organization. Xamtrex Provides You the best return on your Investment in people and IT Systems
  3. 3. Business Processes Excellence at work for you Get better control of your Processes, People, IT Systems and Policies, Competition BUSINESS PROCESSES We help CIOs engineer harmony among IMPROVEMENT their enterprises Business Processes, People, Locations, Data, Application and With Process excellence becoming Technology. We provide consultancy at more and more critical to success the IT Strategic planning level. For more of an enterprise you surely need information on what are the top seasoned experts to make your concerns of CIOs in 2010 and how every Processes Agile, effective and Xamtrex can help you win this optimised. We are here to help you challenge, please email us at reach your goals with minimum cost in the least time with best sales@xamtrex.com and in a 30 minutes quality. session our experts will provide you a Developing highly optimised glance of how you can benefit from our Business Processes by leveraging services to have lesser number of the experience of your People, sleepless nights as a CIO. Application and Technologies making them highly interoperable through open source technologies. You will have information at your fingertips to make quick decisions Xamtrex Process Improvement Model to get THE edge. Xamtrex’s Blueprinting Professional Services (BPS) 1. IT STRATEGY CONSULTING Baseline Existing 2. 8. Enterprise Strategise Entities Analyse performance Our IT Strategy Consultancy can help Enterprise of existing Entities Enterprise CIOs save valuable time and money in Roadmap Entities running IT Enterprise in following 7. 3. ways Take Continual Enterprise Improvement Management feedback on new Enterprise System one Enterprise • Reduce IT Costs (EMS) Entities Entity • Maximize ROI on existing assets 6. Share 4. • Drive Technology Strategy, BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT Enterprise Measure the Entities with 5. Business Principles and Standards TRAINING all Replicate Benefits improvements in other • Reduce Complexity We are here to train you staff to take IT Enterprise Entities • Enable Flexibility Challenges head-on in following • Enable Business Transformation domains: • Synergy – Reduction of • Pragmatic EnterpriseOptimizing the interface between Architecture (PEAF) Trainingfollowing Enterprise-Entities is the key Duplicationto a successful Enterprise • Simplify Vendor Management • IT Strategic Planning • Processes • Align IT Solutions with Business • Business Process Modelling • People Goals • Agile Business Transformation • IT-Systems • Reduction of Risk • Six Sigma • Location • Improved Services to Customers • Enterprise Architecture • Technology • Quicker Product Development • Business Analysis • Business Rules • Common Understanding, • Programme Management Common Language, Common • Solution Design • Requirements View • Shared Vision • Faster Response to Change • Better Strategic Decision Making
  4. 4. Business Process ImprovementINDIA OfficeAddress : MB-14,B-Block,Mansarowar Complex Near Habibganj Station, IT Strategy Consulting Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India 452006Email : sales@xamtrex.comPhone : +91 755 406 4182 Business Process Management (BPM)UK OfficeAddress : 27 Birchen Lee Enterprise Architecture Consulting Milton Keynes, MK4 2JX, United KingdomEmail : sales@xamtrex.comPhone : +44 1908 340 105 Customer Delight is our top priority. All processes work that we do for you will pave the way for your organisation to be able to deploy well known BPM Systems (BPMS) and orient your organisation to benefit from the benefits of SOA & Cloud Services to become a truly agile Enterprise