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Advantages, Disadvantages and Challenges of implementing Smart School
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Advantages, Disadvantages and Challenges of implementing Smart School


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. PBL- Malaysian TBC 3013 Information and Communication Technology in Biology
  • 2. What are the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of implementing Smart School? How to overcome those challenges?
  • 3. Advantages
    • Interactive learning was improved
      • Contact other student through email
      • Using smart board
        • Give students a hands-on approach to classroom concepts
    • Equipped with the latest technology
      • Provide a range of education software for teacher, school and colleges
      • Various methods of teaching and learning are use
    • Curriculum is more flexible and open (More on self-evaluation)
      • Learning lesson are student –centered
      • Promote self-learning to creative and independent
      • Can be learn in variety way as they like
  • 4. Disadvantages
    • Higher cost
      • Government spend a lot of electronic facilities and new book
    • Not much democratization in education
      • Student have no choice on what to learn and when to sit for exam
      • They don’t have enough time to study and understand the lesson as they have different ability to learn
    • Lack of technological infrastructure and teaching materials in school in rural area.
      • Don’t have much chance to be expose to technology
      • Limited internet connectivity
  • 5. Challenges and method to overcome
    • 1. To have affective e-learning in classroom
    • - Students bored with old time learning method
    • Using more effective materials and technology
      • Smart board
      • Educational TV (ETV)
      • Hardware and courseware (and all new courseware developed will be web-enabled)
  • 6.
    • 2. Awareness of society
      • -They feel Smart School are same with normal school
      • -Doesn’t know much about Smart School
      • -Many people had the notion that the smart school was a school for smart students only
    • Have “Smart School Promotional Programme”
      • To put it in the right perspective
      • Increase awareness of society
      • Familiarity of Smart School toward public
      • Gain confidence from public
  • 7.
    • 3. Effort to prepare teachers as catalysts
      • - They are the core pillar of the nation’s education system thereby acting as agents of change for the nation
      • Rigorous training course for teachers and administrators
      • Teachers undergoing retraining in FIVE skills
        • Learning Skills
        • Creative and Critical Thinking
        • Fasilitating
        • Assessement and Evaluation
        • Techologically competent
  • 8.
    • 4. Limited internet coverage
    • - especially in rural school
      • SchoolNet Project
        • To provide internet broadband facilities
  • 9.