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Email marketing newsletter


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Email Marketing – Email Newsletter Content that Will Trigger Action fromReaders1. Create a sense of urgency or scarcity: Making use of scarcity messages is a common psychological tacticthat is used to entice actions from the readers. Likewise, it is important to give a feeling of urgency to thecontent. Is your offer running for limited period only? Do the customers need to hurry before stock runs out?Use magic words that can invoke response: Limited Period Offer! Almost Gone! Only xx Left at This Price! Only xx in Stock! Supplies Are Running Out! Limited Seats! Limited Quantity! Everywhere Else Is Sold Out!2. Highlight the benefit of your product/service: This is basically the “what’s-in-it-for-me” factor. Attentionspan of readers is getting highly restricted. Therefore it is extremely important that the email newslettercontent very clear states the key benefits that the customer can receive. The language of the email contentcan be made to focus maximum on the customer rather than on your own company: Use more of “you” or “your” and less of “I”, “we”, “our” Tell in brief about the features of your product Highlight more how the *customer* benefits from those features Combine the above with that sense of urgency3. Specify a strong call-to-action: What is it that you finally want the reader to do after reading your story?Define that clearly. Call to actions in email can range from being asking the reader to “give a call for details”to “take a survey” to “visit your restaurant”. Some other examples of great call to action can be: Buy now! Donate a dollar today. Book your seat now! Call @91 080 4359 5960 Today! Read more to find out… Visit nearest Store Today! Note: Avoid cliché and vague CTA’s such as “click here” Instead use more emphatic and definite words like aboveConclusion: Follow the 80-20 rule. Keep your email content 80% information and 20% promotional. Creatingemail marketing content gets easy when you are clear about what you have got to offer to your customers.
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