Pharma Twitterama Redux (2014): LatAm Edition


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Slides from Shwen Gwee's May 2014 presentation at ExL's Digital Pharma LatAm conference on "Pharma Twitterama Redux (2014): LatAm Edition".

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Pharma Twitterama Redux (2014): LatAm Edition

  1. 1. Shwen Gwee (@shwen) Founder & Co-Host, PharmFresh.TV (Former) Chief Digital Officer, Chandler Chicco Companies Image  source:  h.p://­‐us-­‐interna>onal-­‐growth   PharmaTwitterama Redux (2014): LatAm Edition  
  2. 2. The  History  of  Pharma  Twi1erama  
  3. 3. History  of  BioPharma  Owned  Twi1er  Accounts  (2008-­‐2010)  
  4. 4. Twitter for Pharma
  5. 5. OpportuniAes  and  Challenges  of  Using  Twi1er  for  Pharma   -  140 character limit does not allow for ISI, legal disclaimers, etc. -  Requires constant monitoring/support and quick responses to be relevant -  Extremely competitive for visibility, but easy to track metrics/links, etc. -  Needs workflow, AE/escalation plan, and editorial plan to be effective -  Technical updates to Twitter platform may impact profile page layout/appearance +  High social engagement (retweets, etc.) and excellent “driver” of traffic to other digital/web properties +  Extremely conversational – acts as a powerful “backchannel” for events +  Hashtags allow for topical differentiation and finding/ joining memes +  Easy to get started and to get short messages approved; Establishing pharma regs and support team +  Promoted tweets/accounts can drive traffic Good Use High Risk!Proceed with Caution Promoted Tweets Corporate Account Unbranded Disease Awareness Branded/Product Good Use
  6. 6. EXAMPLE:  @Diabetes_Sanofi  (Sanofi)   à  CondiAon  Specific  Twi1er  Support  with  Community  Manager      
  7. 7. EXAMPLE:  @RaceWithInsulin  (Novo  Nordisk)     à  Sponsored  (Un/Branded)  Celebrity  Twi1er  Profile  for  Charlie  Kimball  
  8. 8. EXAMPLE:  @AZhelps  (AstraZeneca)     à  ProacAve  Social  Customer  Service  Support  
  9. 9. •  The objective of the live tweetchat were two-fold—AstraZeneca wanted to: –  Raise awareness of its Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) –  Interact with patients, healthcare professionals and industry advocates about the best ways to promote AZ&Me. •  During the time allotted to the live chat, there were nearly 400 tweets using the #RxSave hashtag. Even after the close of the event, tweeters continued to use the hashtag. •  Four days later, there were more than 1,000 tweets from more than 200 different people that used the hashtag. AstraZeneca also gained 73 Twitter followers the day of the chat—and this number has steadily increased. •  Read more at eMarketer. EXAMPLE:  #RXsave  via  @AstraZenecaUS  (Astrazeneca)     à  Live  Public  TweetChat  (to  raise  awareness  for  PAP)  
  10. 10. EXAMPLE:  @Anacin  (INSIGHT  PharmaceuAcals)     à  PromoAonal  Couponing  and  Live  Twi1er  Chat  (with  Prizes)  
  11. 11. EXAMPLE:  @GILENYAGoUSOnly  (NovarAs)     à  Branded/Product  Twi1er  Profile  (with  “US  Only”  Disclaimer)  
  12. 12. EXAMPLE:  Diabetes  Nest  (Roche  Accu-­‐Check)     à  Brand-­‐Sponsored  Twi1er  Network  with  Curated  Content  
  13. 13. EXAMPLE:  @Boehringer  and  @AstraZenecaUS  Vine  Videos     à  Unbranded  Disease  EducaAon  and  PaAent  Assistance  Support  
  14. 14. What’s New With Twitter?
  15. 15. 78%  of  Twi1er  Users  are  Outside  USA   Source:  Sta>  (OCT’2013):  h.p://www.sta>­‐user-­‐growth  
  16. 16. Engagement  on  Twi1er  (2014)  
  17. 17. Twi1er  Users  Are  Highly  Mobile  
  18. 18. Twi1er    ConversaAons  Are  Very  Cyclical  
  19. 19. Twi1er  ConversaAons  Are  Also  “Seasonal”  
  20. 20. 2014:  Change  to  Twi1er  Profile  Page  Layout  
  21. 21. New  Profile  Page  Features   Larger  Profile  Picture   Filtered  Tweets     Pinned  Tweets   Best  Tweets  
  22. 22. “Expandable”  Tweets  Allow  Inline  Viewing  of  Content   •  See  #  of  Retweets   •  View  Image/Video   •  View  ConversaAon  Stream  
  23. 23. Twi1er  Cards  Allow  for  Inline  InteracAon  
  24. 24. Twi1er’s  (Built  In)  AnalyAcs  Dashboard   Source:  Internal  Data,  “Men>ons  of  MS  related  terms  on”.  Comscore  Data,  user  behavior  metrics,  2013.  Experts  via  Topsy.   Track  Ac(vity,  Interests,  Geography,  and  Data  
  25. 25. PaAents  and  Caregivers  Are  On  Twi1er   comScore Plan Metrix February 2014 2.1M Healthcare Professionals 3.7M Bought an allergy medicine in March ’13 8.0M Caregivers 18.9M Visited doctor in last 6 months 4.6M Searched online for OTC drug information 7.9M Arthritis patients or caregivers 4 Patients and caregivers are on Twitter @TwitterAds | Confidential
  26. 26. EXAMPLE:  The  MS  ConversaAon  is  Happening  on  Twi1er   Twitter, Inc. | Confidential 0" 2000" 4000" 6000" 8000" 10000" 12000" 14000" 16000" 18000" 20000" 14(May(12" 14(Jun(12" 14(Jul(12" 14(Aug(12" 14(Sep(12" 14(Oct(12" 14(Nov(12" 14(Dec(12" 14(Jan(13" 14(Feb(13" 14(Mar(13" 14(Apr(13" Mentions of MS related terms on Twitter (in the past year) 225K+ 9 339K+ 446K Twitter users have MS Twitter users bought an MS prescription drug in Mar The multiple sclerosis conversation is happening on Twitter @PositiveAboutMS 2.3K Followers 190 MS Tweets 67 RT @MSTrust 17.7K Followers 168 MS Tweets 69 RT Twitter Internal Data, “Mentions of Flu related terms on Twitter”. Comscore Data, user behavior metrics, 2013. Experts via Topsy THE SOURCE Lead the conversation along with your audience and community thought-leaders JuneMay July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar April May 2000 6000 10000 14000 18000 @GilenyaGoUSOnly 1.2K Followers 59 MS Tweets 167 RT Source:  Internal  Data,  “Men>ons  of  MS  related  terms  on”.  Comscore  Data,  user  behavior  metrics,  2013.  Experts  via  Topsy.  
  27. 27. State of Pharma Tweets: What Really Matters?
  28. 28. If  @JohnPugh  Were  Here…   h1p://    
  29. 29. Highest  #  of  FOLLOWERS  by  Twi1er  Account   Source:  Pharma  Can  be  Social  by  @JohnPugh  –  h.p://  
  30. 30. Highest  #  of  TWEETS  by  Twi1er  Account   Source:  Pharma  Can  be  Social  by  @JohnPugh  –  h.p://  
  31. 31. EsAmated  #  of  TWEETS  Published  by  Company   Source:  Pharma  Can  be  Social  by  @JohnPugh  –  h.p://  
  32. 32. EsAmated  #  of  Tweets,  Retweets,  and  MenAons  by  Company   Source:  Pharma  Can  be  Social  by  @JohnPugh  –  h.p://  
  33. 33. Reach  vs.  Followers  –  QuanAty  vs.  Quality   Source:  Pharma  Can  be  Social  by  @JohnPugh  –  h.p://    
  34. 34. Golden  Rules  of  Corporate  TweeAng   Source:  Pharma  Can  be  Social  by  @JohnPugh  –  h.p://  
  35. 35. Social Media in LatAm
  36. 36. LaAn  America  Internet  PopulaAon  is  Fastest  Growing  in  The  World   Source:  IMS  (2013)  –  Infographic  -­‐  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐american-­‐digital-­‐consumer-­‐infographic   -  Nearly  64%  of  the  LatAm  Internet  populaAon  is  34  or  younger.   -  97.5%  of  LatAm  Internet  users  are  on  social  media,  including  Twi1er,  Google+,  and/or   Facebook.   -  There’s  been  a  60.5%  increase  in  ecommerce  between  2011  and  2013  in  LaAn  America.   USA   LatAm  
  37. 37. LatAm:  Age  DistribuAon  and  What  They  Are  Doing  Online   Source:  IMS  (2013)  –  Infographic  -­‐  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐american-­‐digital-­‐consumer-­‐infographic  
  38. 38. LatAm:  High  Usage  of  Social  Media  and  eCommerce   Source:  IMS  (2013)  –  Infographic  -­‐  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐american-­‐digital-­‐consumer-­‐infographic   USA  LatAm   LatAm  USA  
  39. 39. LatAm:  Increasingly  Using  Mobile  To  Go  Online   Source:  IMS  (2013)  –  Infographic  -­‐  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐american-­‐digital-­‐consumer-­‐infographic   USA   LatAm  
  40. 40. What  Can  Twi1er  Do  in  LatAm?  
  41. 41. LatAm:  The  Majority  of  Companies  Are  Now  AcAve  on  Social  Media   Source:  Burson-­‐Marsteller  La>n  America  Social  Media  Check-­‐Up  2013  –  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐america-­‐social-­‐media-­‐checkup-­‐2013  
  42. 42. LatAm:  %  of  Companies  Using  Twi1er  Have  Skyrocketed   Source:  Burson-­‐Marsteller  La>n  America  Social  Media  Check-­‐Up  2013  –  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐america-­‐social-­‐media-­‐checkup-­‐2013  
  43. 43. LatAm:  Twi1er  Catches  Up  To  Facebook  As  Platorm  of  Choice   Source:  Burson-­‐Marsteller  La>n  America  Social  Media  Check-­‐Up  2013  –  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐america-­‐social-­‐media-­‐checkup-­‐2013  
  44. 44. LatAm:  %  of  Companies  with  Twi1er  Accounts  has  Increased  Faster   than  Global  Rate   Source:  Burson-­‐Marsteller  La>n  America  Social  Media  Check-­‐Up  2013  –  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐america-­‐social-­‐media-­‐checkup-­‐2013  
  45. 45. LatAm:  %  of  Companies  with  Twi1er  Accounts  More  Than  Double  in   ArgenAna,  Peru,  Puerto  Rico,  and  Venezuela   Source:  Burson-­‐Marsteller  La>n  America  Social  Media  Check-­‐Up  2013  –  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐america-­‐social-­‐media-­‐checkup-­‐2013  
  46. 46. LatAm:  Average  Number  of  Followers  per  Company  Account  Have   Skyrocketed  in  Brazil  and  Mexico   Source:  Burson-­‐Marsteller  La>n  America  Social  Media  Check-­‐Up  2013  –  h.p://­‐la>n-­‐america-­‐social-­‐media-­‐checkup-­‐2013  
  47. 47. The Twitter Opportunity: Targeting Your Audience
  48. 48. Twi1er  “Pharma  Regs”   Reminder Ads Promoted Tweets (and URLs) containing the name of the drug are permitted with the following restrictions: • Cannot reference the condition or disease the drug treats. May use phrases such as ‘learn about treatment here,’ or ‘get more from your doctor’ • Must reference both the brand and generic drug names • The ad itself does not need to provide Fair Balance info as it does not discuss the condition it treats or its efficacy • The Promoted Tweets can lead back to the manufacturer’s website • These ads are not considered appropriate (and, therefore, cannot be promoted) for drugs that come with serious health warnings (Boxed Warnings), such as death or serious injury Help-Seeking Ads Promoted Tweets (and URLs) containing information about a condition or disease, and directing users to more information, are permitted with the following restrictions: • Cannot reference the drug or treatment(s). May use phrases such as ‘ask your healthcare provider for more info’, ‘get help’ (the disease or condition may also be mentioned: ‘cholesterol facts and info’)   • Cannot use a branded drug @username. For example, Crestor may not promote tweets using the @crestor handle. They may, however, use something like @cholesterol where the content of their tweets relates to education about lowering cholesterol. In the US (but not Canada) they can use the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s brand such as @AstraZeneca • Cannot include a branded drug name display URL in their bio or the ad itself. For example, Crestor may not point users directly to the site. They may, however, use a non-branded display URL such as that redirects to, or redirects to • In the US (but not Canada) they can include the drug company’s name, provided there is no reference to the drug Within the US/Canada, pharmaceutical manufacturers may run the following ads without combining:Within  the  US/Canada,  pharmaceuAcal  manufacturers  may  run  the  following  ads  without  combining:  
  49. 49. Suggested  Best  PracAces  for  Pharma  (by  Twi1er)   - Scenario  Planning   •  Prepare  for  adverse  responses  from  users  with  template  response  tweets   for  an(cipated  user  responses.     - Sufficient  Pre-­‐Approved  Content   •  Ensure  there  is  content  approved  for  op(miza(on  and  campaign  strategy.     7  Tweets  per  week  should  be  approved  by  legal.     - Campaign  Management  Approval   •  Allow  team  managing  campaigns  approval  to  adjust  targe(ng,  bids,   budgets,  etc.  as  required  to  achieve  campaign  objec(ves.    
  50. 50. Social  PromoAon:  Twi1er  Ads  
  51. 51. Twi1er’s  TargeAng  CapabiliAes  itter’s targeting capabilities Look-a-likes Target users similar to your followers Location Target users by country, state or Metro area Followers Target your followers Device Target users by device & platform TV ads Target Twitter users who were likely to have seen your ad on TV Search Target users searching relevant keywords Keywords Target users who Tweet or engage with Tweets that contain specific keywords Interests Reach users with specific interests or who follow specific accounts Gender Target male or female users using contextual signals
  52. 52. New:  TargeAng  by  Language  
  53. 53. New:  Tailored  Audiences  for  Re-­‐TargeAng   •  Using  Web   Browser   Cookie  ID  with   Ad  Partner   •  Using  Email   Lists  and/or   CRM  Database  
  54. 54. Twi1er  Drives  Social  TV    
  55. 55. ConAnue  the  ConversaAon  with  TV  Ad  TargeAng  
  56. 56. Extend  TV  Commercials  on  Twi1er:  TV  Ad  (Re)TargeAng     h1p://    
  57. 57. Aligning  Twi1er  Ads  with  TV  Drives  Impact   Aligning Twitter Ads with TV has an outsized impact +58% higher purchase intent +95%
 stronger message association TV x Twitter campaigns increase purchase intent and message association compared to just TV Source: Twitter Internal, TV ad targeting beta performance - 2013
  58. 58. The Future of Twitter… Real Time Engagement and Social Command Centers
  59. 59. The  Healthcare  Hashtag  Project  
  60. 60. What  is  a  Social  Media  Command  Center?   60   “A social media command center is a dedicated area where a company can monitor and engage in social conversation around their brand and market... it allows for real-time monitoring of social media trends that can inform business decisions and enhance the social health of your brand.*”
  61. 61. Examples  of  “Live”  Social  Media  Command  Centers   61  
  62. 62. Super  Bowl  XLVII:  Oreo  Real-­‐Time  Engagement   Confiden>al   62   6 2 5/10/1 4   Oreo Super Bowl Tweet Retweets:     >  15,000   Facebook   “Likes”:   >  20,000   New  Followers     on  TwiNer:   >  8,000   The company decided that it would do something in social media every day rather than just occasionally: The company eventually set up a war room to figure out what was meaningful to its followers -- who include some 32 million individuals on Facebook and about 80,000 on Twitter. So when the lights went out at the New Orleans Super Dome during the Ravens v. 49ers game, Oreo had a well-oiled machine in place that was used to interacting live in social media every day.
  63. 63. Engage  and  Respond  to  Social  ConversaAons  in  Real  Time   - Empowers  companies  to  listen,  react  and  respond  to  audience(s):   - At  “Live”  Events  (e.g.  Medical  Mee(ngs/Conferences)   - During  Corporate/Product  Milestones  (e.g.  Product  Launch,  FDA  Ad  Comm)   - When  Issues  Arise  (e.g.  Crisis  Management)   - For  Real-­‐Time  Content  MarkeAng   - Allows  companies  to  track  brand  men(ons  or  keywords,  monitor  key   influencers,  and  detect  conversa(on  trends   - For  crisis  management,  real-­‐(me  monitoring  helps  detect  and   prevent  escala(on  of  issues,  allowing  clients  to  react/respond  where   appropriate   63  
  64. 64. Real  Time  MarkeAng  Workflow   Source:  David  Armano  –  Edelman’s  SICC  (Social  Intelligence  Command  Center)  –  h.p://­‐sicc-­‐social-­‐intelligence-­‐command-­‐center  
  65. 65. Real  Time  Social  Command  Center  to  Monitor   “Backchannel”  ConversaAons  at  Live  Events   65  
  66. 66. Twi1er  ConversaAons  Are  ExponenAally  Increasing  at  Medical  MeeAngs   66  
  67. 67. Monitoring  #ASCO13     67   Top Influencers:Social Conversation Channel Distribution Competitor Mentions #ASCO13   Primary Keyword Mentions
  68. 68. Genentech  Tweets  @  #ASCO13   68   Even  awer  the  meeAng,   @Genentech  conAnued  to  engage   their  audience  with  interesAng  and   humorous  tweets/videos   RT’ed  by  @adamfeuerstein,   leading  to  many  more  RT’s  for   @genentech   Links  to  their  ASCO  microsite,   where  they  have  “handy   #ASCOIQ  flashcards”  –  added   value  
  69. 69. How  Genentech  Leveraged  Real  Time  MarkeAng  @  #ASCO13   69 Dedicated Microsite @Genentech Twitter Handle @Gene_Antibody Twitter Handle ASCO Media Team ASCO Tweet Stream Thought Leadership Articles from Genentech leadership Infographics Tweeting and “gene antibodies” live at meeting YouTube Videos Proactive Tweets to “entertain” people, even those in line at airport Retweets (RT/MT) @ Responses
  70. 70. Thank You @shwen PharmFresh.TV