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Brand it like Santa
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Brand it like Santa

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Santa may sell many brands but out-values all of them. Is Santa the World's Strongest Brand?

Santa may sell many brands but out-values all of them. Is Santa the World's Strongest Brand?

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  • 1. Brand it like Santa
  • 2. Who’s Santa? Generous, joyous, white-bearded man, wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, leather belt and boots who carries a bag full of gifts for children
  • 3. Santa God Socialism Bliss BELIEF Spiritual Crisis Ethical Crisis Mid-Life Crisis AGE
  • 4. The jolly fat man with the white beard is a really strong brand.
  • 5. Santa FATINESS Hagrid Henry VIII 1976 Elvis Presley Albus Dumbledore 1956 Che Guevara Abraham Lincoln Kylie Minogue BEARDINESS
  • 6. You will always find him sporting the same look, no matter when or where you see him
  • 7. Even in the southern hemisphere where most people are wearing sandals and shorts in December,
  • 8. Santa can be found in his standard red suit, floppy hat and black boots
  • 9. In his limited period, Santa’s image is more visible than the red image of the world's strongest brand.
  • 10. The most valuable brand of 2013 was valued earlier at $87.3 bn.
  • 11. Brand Santa is worth $1.6 tn
  • 12. 1,000,000,000 1,000,000,000,000 One Trillion is One thousand times One Billion
  • 13. His mighty economics rivals that of many nations.
  • 14. So maybe Santa IS the world's strongest brand.
  • 15. I have been a good boy this year. Please give me some tips on personal branding. Other more free tools and resources to bring out the best out of me. Some guidance and advice over my career situations. And a thorough analysis of my strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we should take some branding tips from the man in the red suit
  • 16. Prepare well
  • 17. Stand out
  • 18. Be consistent
  • 19. Create an emotional connection
  • 20. Be adventurous
  • 21. Tell your stories
  • 22. Have others tell it too
  • 23. Be joyous and share the likes
  • 24. Most importantly, do something noble
  • 25. Santa is the model of brand that we all can strive to be
  • 26. Learn how to uncover your brand’s unique promise of value HERE
  • 27. MERRY CHRISTMAS Read the article here - Brand it like Santa Connect -
  • 28. MERRY CHRISTMAS Build a brand for Yourself @ Connect - RBUNIZE
  • 29. MERRY CHRISTMAS Build a brand for Yourself @ Connect - RBUNIZE Check out the SNOW