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so this is me trying to convince my mother that i need to go to a concert

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sup guys

  1. 1. Why I should go to the all time low concert by your loving daughter Tara
  2. 2. They’re my favorite band (duh) I mean really look at them How can you say no to perfection
  3. 3. Inspirational lyricsI might be able to hear the most inspirationallyrics ever written by man (take a listen here)
  4. 4. No but seriouslyThis song is beautiful and I will cry if I don’t getto hear it live
  5. 5. TimeIts been 10 months since I’ve seen them headline a show and I’m dying
  6. 6. Remember when I met alex gaskarthIn case you don’t here’s a picture to jog your memory
  7. 7. i’m crying just thinking about it okif you don’t let me go I may never get to meet them again This is me if I never get to met atl again
  8. 8. Literally kyle burns is me I have pcd for warped tour ok
  9. 9. lookHis teeth are so white if you don’t let me go I will never be able to hug chip skylark
  10. 10. I get to see another one of my favorite bands too The summer set is opening for atl (pictured here)
  11. 11. i may be able to meet my favorite girl singer omfgOk so alex’s girlfriend will be in charlotte on the13th and atl will be in carrboro on the 14th somaybe she will be at their show and she’sperfect (insert pic of her here)
  12. 12. I will get a job ok I willLiterally ok I’m not even joking i will get a job topay for my own concert tickets as long as its not something retarded. (I would baby sit children from ages 5 and up ok)
  13. 13. Are you convinced yet? Jack barakat thinks you areHe knows what you’re thinking he knows you’ll say yes
  14. 14. costlyThe ticket is only 21 bucks ok you can’t beat that you can’t
  15. 15. transportation Dean will do anything if I ask him to so checkBtw that is not our van lol its some random picture I found on google images
  16. 16. AND WAIT THERE’S MORE If you act right now, they’ll throw in a preorderfor all time low’s new album, a shirt, a meet andgreet pass for the concert, AND an AP magazine all for ONLY LIKE 14 DOLLARS EXTRA. WOW THAT IS UNBELIVABLE
  17. 17. Ok I’m running out of reasonsHere is a picture of lindsay lohan to distract you from my lack of creativity
  18. 18. All in allThe entire world knows that its my favorite bandand if I miss out on this opportunity I will die ok.This is my closing statement and I’m adding aclip of this song because it fits oh so well (bc itsobvious that I must go to this concert)